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Romanian Plastic Bridge Seeks Guinness Accolade

A bridge made of over 100,000 plastic bottles in western Romania - said to be the largest in the world - contains a wider message about the enviroment.

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http://fellowship.birn.eu.com/en/file/show/Lina%20Vdovii_140x140.jpg A son’s story Lina Vdovîi

Britain’s Mindless New ‘Bulgarian Agitation’

The media campaign against Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants plumbs new depths each week. Who would have guessed this country once put Bulgaria on a pedestal?


Romania to Sue Italy's Enel Over Failed Sale

The Romanian government is to sue Italian group Enel at the International Court of Arbiration over the collapse of the sale of an energy company.

Romania Press Review – July 25, 2014

PM Ponta will run in the presidential elections, A Romanian citizen among passengers of the plane crashed in Africa, Agricultural production increases