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Pro-Russian Separatists in Moldova Alarm Romania

After Moldova’s breakaway Transnistria region on Wednesday sought to join Russia, Romania's President repeated that Romania firmly upholds Moldova's territorial integrity.

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/en/file/show/Images/fellowship2013/Vlad-Odobescu.jpg Sporting Chance Vlad Odobescu

Britain’s Mindless New ‘Bulgarian Agitation’

The media campaign against Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants plumbs new depths each week. Who would have guessed this country once put Bulgaria on a pedestal?

Romania Press Review – April 17, 2014

MAE worried by situation in Transdniester, Famous poet Nina Cassian passes away, The tax exempt on reinvested profit set to be enforced starting July


EU Funds Makover of Romanian 'Painted' Monastery

The 15th-century 'painted' monastery of Putna, which a long-ago prince founded in the Bukovina region of northeast Romania, is in line for an EU-funded renovation.