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Latest Business News from Romania

06 Jul 15

Balkan States Weigh Impact of Greece’s ‘No’

Officials in the Balkans are weighing up the potential impact of the Greek referendum result on their countries amid warnings that a deepening of the crisis could damage economies in the region.

03 Jul 15

Greek Crisis Delays Romania's Eurozone Plans

Romania will have to further postpone its plans to join eurozone as the crisis in Greece tests the solidity of the single currency, experts say.

25 Jun 15

US Toasts Sweet Success of Romanian Entrepreneur

A young woman who turned her passion for pancakes into a small but thriving business has seen her achievement recognised by the US embassy in Bucharest.

16 Jun 15

German Company to Build Plant in Romania

The German cleaning equipment producer Kaercher is to invest 20 million euro in a new plant in southern Romania.

10 Jun 15

Romanian Court Rejects Oil Company's Insolvency Request

Rompetrol SA’s request to be declared insolvent was rejected by a court in Bucharest for reasons that have yet to be divulged to the public.

08 Jun 15

Romania Seeks Partners for Struggling Tarom Airline

Government says it has started negotiations with several companies to buy a stake in the loss-making airline - and is ready to sell a majority stake if the partner is from Europe.

04 Jun 15

Austrians Buy Majority Stake in Romanian Lender

In one of the largest transactions in the Romanian banking sector in years, UniCredit Bank Austria has increased its stake in an important Romanian lender.

29 May 15

Romanian President Urges Consensus on Euro

After meeting government leaders, President Klaus Iohannis called for a political consensus on the strategy needed to ensure Romania's membership of the single currency area.

28 May 15

Canadians Lead New Gold Rush in Romania

Two new Canadian projects for gold exploitation have been announced in Transylvania, Romania, and both are likely to draw strong opposition from many quarters.

22 May 15

Romania, Bulgaria Back New Gas Pipeline

Four ex-communist countries have signed a declaration of support for the construction of a gas pipeline across all four states that will ease dependence on energy coming from Russia.

13 May 15

Romania’s Economic Recovery Gathering Speed

New statistical stata appear to show that the country's economic recovery is gathering pace.

06 May 15

Romanian Bank Offers Lifeline to Franc Borrowers

Borrowers with franc loans in Volksbank may be able to convert them into cheaper loans in the national currency as of July.

04 May 15

Romania to List New Companies on Stock Exchange

Romania will try to attract much-needed cash with the public listing of more state-owned companies starting from this autumn.

28 Apr 15

Romania Lists Fund in London to Lure Investors

The Romanian investment fund Fondul Proprietatea is planning a secondary listing on the London Stock Exchange, in a bid to attract fresh investors to the country.

23 Apr 15

Balkan Countries Sign Gas Pipeline Agreement

Bulgaria, Greece and Romania are planning the construction of a new gas corridor in order to reduce dependence on Russian energy deliveries.

Politics and Society

06 Jul 15

Romanian Premier Defends VAT Cut Decision

Prime Minister Victor Ponta said the government supports the planned VAT rate cut aimed at boosting the economy, despite opposition from international lenders.

Culture and Lifestyle

03 Jul 15

Corvinus Castle Hosts Opera Festival in Romania

The former home of the great warrior king Matthias Corvinus in Hunedoara in southern Transylvania is hosting one of the largest open-air opera festivals in Europe.