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Latest Business News from Romania

04 Sep 14

Romania Hits ‘Technical Recession’ Despite Annual Growth

Despite year-on-year growth, the Romanian economy contracted in the first two quarters of 2014, putting the Balkan country in technical recession.

03 Sep 14

Balkan Economic Competitiveness Makes Uneven Progress

The latest World Economic Forum report on global competitiveness ranks Bulgaria as the best in the Balkans and Albania as the worst, just behind Serbia.

30 Jul 14

Romanian Seaside Suffers Drop in Tourist Numbers

Unven weather, poor services - and the chance of snatching a bargain trip to Greece - are just some of the factors behind this year's disappointing tourist figures on the Romanian Black Sea coast.

25 Jul 14

Romania Moves Forward With New Nuclear Reactors

Two new nuclear reactors are to be built up in Romania under a deal inked on Thursday with Canadian and Chinese investors.

24 Jul 14

Romania to Sue Italy's Enel Over Failed Sale

The Romanian government is to sue Italian group Enel at the International Court of Arbiration over the collapse of the sale of an energy company.

16 Jul 14

Romania Raises Indirect Taxes to Fill Budget Gaps

The centre-left government is proposing hikes in indirect taxation to cover a likely budget deficit created by reductions in the levies on employers.

12 Jun 14

Romania Hopes for Windfall From Power Producer Sale

Romania hopes to raise up to 435 million euro by the sale of a majority stake in the power distributor, Electrica.

11 Jun 14

Romania To Axe Almost Half its Railways

Romania has anounced plans to close almost half of the country's entire railway network in order to cut costs.

05 Jun 14

Romania, Bulgaria Not Ready to Adopt Euro

Seven EU member states, Romania and Bulgaria included, do not meet the requirements to join the eurozone, a new European Commission report says.

12 May 14

Romania Keeps Inflation Under Control

Despite price increases for petrol and cigarettes, inflation in Romania remains at just over one per cent, well inside the central bank's targets.

30 Apr 14

Germany’s Draexlmaier Opens New Factory in Romania

German car parts manufacturer says it will hire 500 more people at its new factory opening in southern Romania.

14 Apr 14

Romania Takes Fresh Look at Closed Mines

New law may lead to the reopening of some of the 500-plus mines that have been closed in Romania recent years.

08 Apr 14

Romania to Repay EU for Misspent Agriculture Cash

Romania must return over 4 million euro in agricultural funding that was deemed inappropriately spent.

02 Apr 14

Frustrated Gold Mine Company Axes Romanians

Canada’s Gabriel Resources says it will lay off 80 per cent of its employees in Romania as a planned gold mining project remains stuck in parliament.

28 Mar 14

EBRD Finances Solar Project in Romania

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EBRD, is to lend 20 million euro for a solar energy project in Romania, following its earlier investment in wind farms.

Politics and Society

17 Sep 14

Romanian Election Raises Kosovo’s Hope of Recognition

If Victor Ponta wins the presidential poll in Romania, Kosovo will be waiting to see if he acts on his pledge to rethink Romania’s opposition to Kosovo’s independence.

Culture and Lifestyle

25 Jul 14

Romanian Plastic Bridge Seeks Guinness Accolade

A bridge made of over 100,000 plastic bottles in western Romania - said to be the largest in the world - contains a wider message about the enviroment.