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Bosnia Press Review - July 1, 2015

British ambassador in UN said they will not withdraw resolution. SDA'a Sarajlic attacked Ahmetovic. Payment cards for flood reconstructions in Republika Srpska expired.

Croatia Press Review – July 1, 2015

Keeping people in the country and forbidding them t move freely is a sign of dictatorship, Croatian foreign minister warns. Croatia 28th on the integration index. After two years, Croatia on the bottom of the EU.

Bosnia Press Review - June 30, 2015

Bosnia yet to agree new arrangement with IMF; prosecutor demanded restriction measures remain for Miletic, Brkic and Sabic; prosecution probes Defence Minister Marina Pendes.

Romania Press Review – June 30, 2015

MPs to vote on new chief of intelligence service; mayor of Brasov arrested for corruption; more farmers register for business to get EU funds.

Montenegro Press Review - June 30, 2015

Russian Duma proposes radical measures if NATO invites Montenegro to join; Montenegro has not recognised terrorists in Syria as legitimate combatants, Foreign Ministry says; significant progress claimed in implementing integration agenda.

Montenegro Press Review - June 29, 2015

Montenegro expects more Chinese tourists. Latest terror attacks in Tunisia raise concerns in Montenegro. NATO praises Montenegro's contribution to ISAF mission in Afghanistan.

Bosnia Press Review - June 29, 2015

Court might decide on restriction measures for Naser Oric. Bosic does not believe there will be a referendum on the judiciary. Srebrenica resolution not damaging for Serbs, German ambassador said.

Macedonia Press Review – June 29, 2015

PM challenges opposition leader on local elections. PM accuses opposition leader of obstructing the crisis talks. Crisis talks face collapse.

Romania Press Review – June 29, 2015

PM Victor Ponta to return to Bucharest in mid-July. Brasov's mayor investigated for abuses of office. Romania records consolidated budget surplus.

Montenegro Press Review - June 26, 2015

Montenegro names six special prosecutors for organized crime; miners block roads, locals require traffic normalisation; Prime Minister Djukanovic did not call for NATO bombing in 1999, cabinet says.

Macedonia Press Review – June 25, 2015

Trial of opposition leader starts; 'reserve' opposition would oversight work of the secret police; Prime Minister's tactics of buying time are no longer working

Bosnia Press Review - June 26, 2015

Bosnia definitely without IMF money; political leaders agreed on distribution of positions; exports to Russia rose by 30 per cent.

Romania Press Review – June 26, 2015

European Commission does not support Romania's new fiscal code; former media owner released from jail; Romanians over 55 have problems finding a job.

Montenegro Press Review - June 25, 2015

US Navy ship visits Montenegro. Results expected by EU will be achieved, new prosecutor claims. Cooperation between government and civil society significant for successful negotiations.

Romania Press Review – June 25, 2015

President Iohannis nominates new spy chief, Parliament approves new Fiscal Code, EC adopts Romania’s Regional Operational Programme

Bosnia Press Review - June 25, 2015

Bosnia and Herzegovina needs 300.000 jobs to reach the worst in EU. RS Interior Ministry wants armored transporters. Bosnia and Herzegovina without an approval for Peljesac bridge.

Macedonia Press Review – June 24, 2015

For every problem there is a solution, Greek FM says; Syrian engineer cycling as refugee trough Macedonia; who might the first Macedonian lady with Swiss bank account be?

Romania Press Review – June 24, 2015

International lenders reticent over Romania plans to reduce VAT, EC opens 21 infringement proceedings against Romania, unemployment rate increased in the first quarter of the year to 7.4%

Bosnia Press Review - June 24, 2015

Heath care system in Bosnia is in deep problems; Federation enrity coalition cannot move on without SBB; monument of Gavrilo Princip is a gift of Republika Srpska to Serbia.

Macedonia Press Review – June 24, 2015

Government to study the EU list of urgent reforms; Macedonia strengthens border control amid influx of migrants; trust in the ruling party shows decline.

Bosnia Press Review - June 23, 2015

SIPA arrested seven persons for organized crime and human trafficking. Accused of death of workers said they do not feel guilty. Talented children without support of institutions.

Macedonia Press Review – June 23, 2015

Macedonia, Greece discuss steps to rebuild trust; Medical doctors flee Macedonia; Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski will leave office in October

Montenegro Press Review - June 23, 2015

Montenegrin Central Bank claims country's financial system is stable. Smaller ruling SDP wants out of governing coalition. Slovakia to assist Montenegro EU-NATO bid.

Romania Press Review – June 23, 2015

Romania has an interim prime minister, Parliament commission approves VAT reduction, Old jawbone discovered in Romania challenges human history

Bosnia Press Review - June 22, 2015

Vucic showed that Oric "would not have a fair trial in Serbia". Independent committee did not dismiss SIPA director. Dan Preda said there was no need for a European parliament Srebrenica resolution.

Romania Press Review – June 22, 2015

Romanian banks with Greek capital have good solvency ratio.  Vienna plans to reduce allowances for children of Romanians working in Austria. TVR asks for financial support.

Romania Press Review – June 19, 2015

Bucharest mayor investigated for graft, New delay for highway to Transylvania, EC asks Romania to cancel bilateral investment treaties

Bosnia Press Review - June 19, 2015

No legal basis for concession in Trnovo. New project of Bosnian-American artist. Chinese to built RS motorway.

Montenegro Press Review - June 19, 2015

The miners refuse to meet minister in Podgorica. A well organised hunter association can occupy Montenegro, the opposition leader claims. OSCE praises Montenegro's commitment to security in Europe.

Montenegro Press Review - June 18, 2015

Foreign Minister invites Pope to vist Montenegro. Montenegro's Jaz beach tops best in Europe list. Security of investment environment strong argument for NATO membership.

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19 Jan 18

EU Green Leader Condemns Threat to Bulgarian National Park

The European Greens co-president Ska Keller tells BIRN of her grave concerns for the future of the UNESCO-protected Pirin National Park, after Bulgaria's government approved plans to expand the ski resort there.

19 Jan 18

Vucic Visiting Kosovo to Profit Politically, Experts Say

Saturday's planned visit to Kosovo by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic – following the assassination of Kosovo Serb leader Oliver Ivanovic – is being seen as a point-scoring exercise.

18 Jan 18

Murder Puts Serbia-Kosovo Dialogue in Doubt

17 Jan 18

How Rich Are the Balkans’ Top Politicians?

Latest News from the Balkans

20 Jan 18

Romanians Resume Anti-Corruption Protests

19 Jan 18

Russia Slaps New Ban on Bosnian Apples

19 Jan 18

Duma Slates Moldova's Ban on Russian TV Shows

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For Viola, Elena and Katya – Post-mortem

The recent brutal murders of several women by their partners in Bulgaria provides fresh, grim evidence of the way domestic violence has reached epidemic proportions in the country.  

15 Jan 18

Vucic is no ‘victim’ of the Serbian media

A letter to Mogens Blicher Bjerregard, president of European Federation of Journalists, on the eve of his visit to Serbia.

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