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Bosnia Press Review - September 15, 2015

Around 8.000 citizens cannot read and write. Prosecutor complains about Bosnalijek case suspects being free. DF is a reason behind a call to SBB to enter the power.

Romania Press Review – September 14, 2015

Romania pays all its debts to the IMF. Thousands of people protest in Chisinau. Oltchim is to lay off 225 people.

Bosnia Press Review - September 14, 2015

Croatian president to back Bosnia on EU membership path. SDS will not allow new judicial institutions. Advisers cost more than Bosnia's ministers.

Macedonia Press Review – September 14, 2015

Reuters misquoted Macedonian Foreign Minister. Junior ruling party shaken by corruption scandals. Gruevski’s “machinery” will crumble like a house of cards.

Serbia Press Review – September 11, 2015

Serbian Prime Minister knew about incriminating videos; Albanians in south Serbia announce formation of Union of Albanian Municipalities; Serbia urged to follow EU foreign policy.

Romania Press Review – September 11, 2015

Romania opposes EU migrant quotes; prices of food products decrease; bad weather during the weekend.

Bosnia Press Review - September 11, 2015

Former agriculture minister suspected of giving incentives irregularly; Finance Minister dismissed stories of raising taxes; Banja Luka and Sarajevo stock exchange markets register drops in trade.

Macedonia Press Review – September 10, 2015

Junior ruling party refreshes its ranks; firms hope to boost exports to Russia; Telecom bribery affair should be investigated by the special prosecution.

Romania Press Review – September 10, 2015

Commission asks Romania to take in more refugees; criminal file opened in connection with kidnapping of a Romanian citizen; Hidroelectrica to invest in upgrading.

Bosnia Press Review - September 10, 2015

HDZ and SDA will hold all-day meeting; Bosnia entity premiers agree reform steps; state government does not want to pay for Ugljevik mine.

Serbia Press Review – September 9, 2015

Belarus wants to invest in Serbia; Tomislav Nikolic sides with Ivica Dacic; New donations from EU for the refugee crisis.

Romania Press Review – September 09, 2015

The investigation into PM's criminal case is almost completed, Investment fund to start share buyback program, Many Romanians on local seaside resorts.

Bosnia Press Review - September 9, 2015

Situation in the Federation entity budget is not good. Bosnia Minister expects good news over milk export. Republika Srpska airport company dependent on the entity government.

Bosnia Press Review - September 8, 2015

Woman dies in fire in Sarajevo. PDP will boycott Zeljka Cvijanovic. Property of judges and prosecutors not transparent.

Romania Press Review – September 08, 2015

Romania opposes any compulsory quotas on migrants, Romania has the highest VAT collection deficit among EU states, Newspapers on descending track

Romania Press Review – September 07, 2015

Bucharest mayor detained for alleged bribe taking, Huge protest in Chisinau, Romania gets one point in the 2016 European Championship qualifiers

Bosnia Press Review - September 7, 2015

US urged speeding up reforms in BiH. Pay off of salaries and pensions in question. Sarajevo imam calls on attacks on Republika Srpska.

Serbia Press Review – September 07, 2015

Lack of funding main problem for Serbian NGO’s; Turkey finances reconstruction of a 15 century castle in Serbia; Aleksandar Vucic meeting with Angela Merkel.

Romania Press Review – September 04, 2015

Parliament approves VAT cut from January 2016; NATO unit in Bucharest activated; net investments up.

Serbia Press Review – September 4, 2015

Serbian president visits the Vatican; second chance for Tanjug sale; reforms in Serbian Socialist Party.

Serbia Press Review - September 03, 2015

Chinese stock market crisis affects Serbia; Serbia will not build a “counter-wall”; Another air bomb found in Belgrade.

Romania Press Review – September 03, 2015

Drought affects harvest of vegetables and fruits; meeting of Romanian diplomats; Zubin Mehta to chair music festival.

Romania Press Review – September 02, 2015

Senate approves changes to fiscal code; former officials detained for bribery; DIY company files for insolvency.

Serbia Press Review - September 1, 2015

Serbia will take in a number of migrants; Former monarch Petar II Karadjordjevic rehabilitated; Serbian monastery reclaims its property. 

Macedonia Press Review – September 1, 2015

Elections set for April 24 will not be postponed; no warm welcome for Social Democrats from the former colleagues; fresh refugee wave panics Macedonian government

Romania Press Review – September 01, 2015

Senate Committee adopts Fiscal Code; air traffic controllers cancel strike; BCR has a Romanian CEO.

Serbia Press Review - August 31, 2015

New malaria patients arrive at the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade. No 15 million euro donation for Uzice. Serbia invested 5.8 million euros in unnecessary cow vaccine.

Romania Press Review – August 31, 2015

Foreign ministry checks information about kidnapped Romanian. Ilie Sarbu steps down from ruling PSD position. The George Enescu classical music festival starts in Bucharest.

Macedonia Press Review – Aug 31, 2015

Opposition leader does not allow his partners separate MP groups in parliament. Experts to be added to Election Commission. Opposition threatens to resume releasing surveillance tapes.

Bosnia Press Review - August 28, 2015

Fall in religious tourism;l Around 50 Tuzla workers slept in front of government building; entity budgets endangered without the IMF loan.

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