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Montenegro Press Review - March 5, 2015

Health authorities urge people to get vaccinated against the flu. Prevlaka border dispute could be an obstacle for the EU. Montenegro expects an invitation for membership in NATO by the end of this year, the prime minister says.

Bosnia Press Review - March 5, 2015

Suspect for Salcin murder arrested. Sarajevo Canton abolishing advisor positions. Democratic Front suggests every party gets five ministries.

Romania Press Review – March 05, 2015

Ploiesti mayor arrested for abuse of office, Romanian frigate to join NATO exercise, Romania begins shipping gas to Moldova

Montenegro Press Review - March 4, 2015

Comercial banks had 23 million profit in 2014. Montenegro is not afraid of the French veto on NATO enlargement. Montenegro could face bankrupt if it does not agree with the Russians, the EU top official says.

Croatia Press Review – March 4, 2015

Croatian entrepreneurship minister Gordan Maras: HDZ is really a party “of dangerous intentions”. Croatian president and PM meeting for the first time. HDZ secretary Milijan Brkic: Josipovic asked us to help him overthrown Milanovic.

Bosnia Press Review - March 4, 2015

SIPA arrested five persons in Rogatica for war crimes. Causevic accused Spiric of taking bribe. Ashdown said Bosnia is going backwards for a decade now.

Romania Press Review – March 04, 2015

Romania to host NATO troops, FBI director visits Romania, Bucharest seeks EU money for transportation projects

Romania Press Review – March 03, 2015

SRI has a new director, ANRP leadership resigns over activity gridlock, CSAT to discuss security issues related to Ukraine

Montenegro Press Review - March 3, 2015

US Congressman warns Bosnia for Sutorina border dispute.We remain against NATO, pro serbain party claims. Media urged not conduct parallel investigations.

Bosnia Press Review - March 3, 2015

Blagovcanin asks the EU to demand information about Al-Shiddi. Causevic accused Covic. Federation officials to eat food worth more than 400.000 euro.

Bosnia Press Review - March 2, 2015

Urgent sessions of SDA after breakup of coalition with DF. Academy held in Parliament over Independence Day. Slavko Pejic arrested for stabbing his mother with a knife.

Romania Press Review – March 02, 2015

MAE concerned by an incident in Rome involving Romanians, PNL launches its own governance program, Asian migrants rescued on Black Sea

Bosnia Press Review - February 27, 2015

Hrustanovic is a difficult condition. Gornja Maoca locals do not support ISIS. Dodik and Nikolic on celebration of Day of Srpska.

Romania Press Review – February 27, 2015

President Iohannis asks Romania to join Scengen area, Romanian millionaire found dead, Telekom reports less revenues

Montenegro Press Review - February 27, 2015

Parliament adopted new lawa on courts and the prosecution. There are no conditions to declare flu epidemic, the health authorities claim. Montenegro already set to join NATO

Montenegro Press Review - February 26, 2014

Germany backs Montenegro's EU and NATO bid. We are ready to offer the shadow government, the opposition says. Economic Forum in Hamburg: Montenegro excellent destination for investing.

Bosnia Press Review - February 26, 2015

Bihac judge arrested over taking bribe. Increase of mayor's salary off the agenda. Komsic was skiing on state money?

Romania Press Review – February 26, 2015

EC opens new procedure against Romania, President Klaus Iohannis in official visit in Germany, The government approves the Transport Master Plan

Croatia Press Review – February 25, 2015

Former presidential advisor Zrinka Vrabec Mojzes explains her for duties and obligations. Protesting war veterans holding a special press conference at noon. Sisak refinery continuing with its work in April.

Bosnia Press Review - February 25, 2015

Woman sold narcotics bringing a baby with her. Expert said Rastoder drove between 97 and 109 km/h. Mali and his gang got arrested.

Romania Press Review – February 25, 2015

Klaus Iohannis vists Moldova, Eduard Helvig to become SRI director, Prognosis Commission upgrades estimation on GDP growth

Romania Press Review – February 24, 2015

Parliament approves request for placing former minister in preventive detention, IMF asks for better analysis of proposed changes in Tax Code, Hidroelectrica doubles profit

Bosnia Press Review - February 23, 2015

Unseen tragedy in Dubrave near Tuzla. Workers still waiting payments from Qatar. New plans for employment in Republika Srpska.

Montenegro Press Review - February 23, 2015

The consensus in the transitional government will expedite obtaining an invitation to join NATO. The smaller the ruling Social Democratic Party decides whether to support the opposition technical government. The government sets a deadline for the appointment of a special prosecutor.

Romania Press Review – February 23, 2015

Chevron ends its exploration activities in Romania, Bucharest is to pay 162m euro to IMF, Halep wins Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships

Croatia Press Review – February 20, 2015

Former finance minister Slavko Linic: I was a victim PMs intrigues. Protesting war veteran: if there will be a contact with protesters, we’ll retaliate. Croatian academy for science and arts organizes a conference to determine the date of Croatia’s birth.

Montenegro Press Review - February 20, 2015

The USA is a strong supporter of Montenegro, the ambassador said. Montenegro and Italy to fund 6 joint scientific projects in next two years. Montenegro takes first steps to gas industry.

Bosnia Press Review - February 19, 2015

Ante from Mostar subject of Internet jokes. Dodik said he is a man of peace. Tadic and Dunovic are not legitimate representatives of Serbs.

Montenegro Press Review - February 19, 2015

Former health minister appointed as the new advisor for PM Djukanovic. The transitional government is not an obstacle for a referendum on NATO. Home detention is still awaiting implementation.

Romania Press Review – February 19, 2015

Government plans to cut major taxes, Prosecutors detain PM brother-in-law, Moldova's parliament vote new government

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26 Feb 15

My Secret Service ‘Diploma’ Shows What Macedonia Has Become

The folder I received containing my own wiretapped conversations doesn’t just show somebody is messing with our lives; it shows we are seen as enemies of the state in our own country.

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09 Feb 15

Ten rules by a 21st-century Machiavelli for the Balkan Prince

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03 Feb 15

Overdue Justice for Srebrenica

Almost 20 years after Bosnian Serb forces slaughtered more than 7,000 Muslim men and boys in Srebrenica, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) upheld the convictions of five men for genocide for what is considered the worst atrocity in Europe since World War II.

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08 Jan 15

Time to End Serbia’s Culture of Secrecy

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