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Bosnia Press Review - March 27, 2015

First donkey farm in Bosnia near Zavidovici. DF suggested Financial Police to check public companies in Sarajevo. SNSD factor of stability, Raspudic said.

Montenegro Press Review - March 17, 2015

Montenegrin public debt higher than 2 billion euros. Lekic continues as an independent MP in the parliament. Taxes increase unacceptable, we have to reduce existing ones, PM Djukanovic said.

Bosnia Press Review - March 26, 2015

Russian Cossacks in Banja Luka again. Kandic said Vucic might come to Srebrenica. Colak hopes for a consensus in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Montenegro Press Review - March 26, 2015

PM Djukanovic claims public support for NATO is rising. There is no evidence that the Tabacki bridge was protected monument. Better infrastructural connectivity to accelerate Western Balkan's development.

Bosnia Press Review - March 25, 2015

Dodik said Srebrenica killings were cowardliness. Government to adopt a new budget. There are 20 indictments for crimes against Serbs.

Bosnia Press Review - March 24, 2015

Police arrested Tauber's attacked. Search on after person who shot at Karkelja. Council of Ministers awaits over an incomplete law.

Montenegro Press Review - March 25, 2015

The Ministry of Agriculture has filed criminal charges for killing a bear. Intelligence agents will get 17,000 severance. An invitation for NATO to end the year, PM Djukanovic claims.

Croatia Press Review – March 24, 2015

Around 100 activists set barricades for stopping Zagreb family eviction. Merkel resents Croatia for enabling the monopoly of Croatian Telekom. If HNS does not remove the culture minister, the PM will.

Montenegro Press Review - March 24, 2015

Montenegro one step ahead of Albania in EU ambitions. Opposition demands free health care for war veterans. Montenegro is the first new NATO member.

Montenegro Press Review - March 23, 2015

Analysts claim that the regrouping witin the opposition is completed. For Montenegro's is better to be militarily neutral. For misleading advertising up to 40 thousand euros penalites.

Croatia Press Review – March 23, 2015

Croatian railways laid off 8,000 workers in three years. Andro Vlahusic beat HDZ for Dubrovnik elections. Grabar Kitarovic’s possessions revealed to the public.

Bosnia Press Review - March 23, 2015

Alarming statistics show prices growing. Investigation against BHMAC director still on. Bosnian mission in UN in financial problems.

Bosnia Press Review - March 20, 2015

Complex system is just an excuse to politicians. Opposition MPs to be deciding on conflict of interests. OHR to close when Bosnia is closer to EU.

Montenegro Press Review - March 20, 2015

Former opposition leader tries to unite anti-Djuaknovic forces. Montenegro urged to tackle war crimes. No member of the family Marovic has an account in a Swiss bank HSBC, their legal representative claims.

Croatia Press Review – March 20, 2015

Zagreb pimps for celebrities: offered young girls to professional athletes, singers and journalist for 100 euro. Zagreb court president advocates a legal ban on questioning the character of the war in 1990s. Grabar Kitarovic still did not submit the list of her personal possessions.

Bosnia Press Review - March 19, 2015

German ambassador warned of Bosnia living on foreign loans. SNSD blocking the parliament because of Nikola Spiric. Number of vehicles in Republika Srpska above world average.

Croatia Press Review – March 19, 2015

Croatian criminal code to be amended. HDZ president Tomislav Karamarko: vote for Vlahusic is an act of masochism. Today is the appeal for Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic.

Montenegro Press Review - March 19, 2015

Five players arrested in match fixig investigation. players for rigging matche. Ex-opposition leader Miodrag Lekic to form its own party. Montenegro deserves an invitation to NATO, the Slovak diplomat says.

Bosnia Press Review - March 18, 2015

Nedjo Kasapin among the arrested for Srebrenica genocide. Law on public peace and order called 'the Putin law'. Around 155 citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina in foreign battlefields.

Montenegro Press Review - March 18, 2015

AmCham suggests new jobs for more budget revenues. Serbia to begin work on railway to Bar. Montenegrin soldiers returned from a NATO mission in Afghanistan.

Croatia Press Review – March 18, 2015

Gas prices lower for 7 per cent in Rijeka and Zagreb from the next month. Grabar Kitarovic: Tito was a dictator; his bust in my office will end up in a appropriate place. These are 48 rights demanded by war veterans.


Bosnia Press Review - March 17, 2015

Ivanic said Bosnia's image generally bad. Hayat TV will boycott Dodik. Bojan Furtula died after shootings in Pale.

Montenegro Press Review - March 17, 2015

Montenegro is not ready for NATO yet, the parliamenet's speaker says. Serbia and Montenegro to boost security cooperation. The opposition needs a rational and pragmatic attitudes.

Croatia Press Review – March 17, 2015

Croatian bank owners received 1.5 billion euro of dividend in six years. Grabar Kitarovic visiting Germany, meeting with Merkel. Transport minister Hajdas Doncic claims that monetization of public debt will go on.

Montenegro Press Review - March 16, 2015

Russia considers NATO enlargement "pointless". The highway loan is already more expensive for 164 million euro. PM Djukanovic presents new ministers.

Bosnia Press Review - March 16, 2015

Leutar's murder 16 years ago was politically motivated. Gordana Katana replied to Dodik's insults. Montenegro lobbies in US Congress over Sutorina.

Montenegro Press Review - March 13, 2015

The opposition leader Miodrag Lekic leaves the Democratic Front. European Investment Bunk approves 70 million euro loan to support Montenegro's small and medium-sized business. Montenegro and German Baden Württemberg region to boost economic cooperation.

Romania Press Review – March 13, 2015

Mayor placed under remand, Romania and Poland strenghten ties, IMF suggests higher fiscal transparency for Romania

Croatia Press Review – March 13, 2015

Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic testified on witness Vida Demarin and arts collection.  Croatian railway cancels train lines for the lack of locomotive engineers. Tomislav Karamako claims that the national security is at risk.

Bosnia Press Review - March 13, 2015

Zenica miners demand resignation of management. Trial to Budimir ended. Area of Malinjak to be disputed along with Sutorina.


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27 Mar 15

Serbia Keeps Downed US Stealth Bomber on Show

Sixteen years after it was shot down by Yugoslav air forces during the NATO bombing, the wreckage of a US stealth plane is still proudly displayed at the Belgrade Museum of Aviation.

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My Secret Service ‘Diploma’ Shows What Macedonia Has Become

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Two Cheers For Kosovo Independence Day

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09 Feb 15

Ten rules by a 21st-century Machiavelli for the Balkan Prince

What would Machiavelli say about the Balkans today?, wonders Florian Bieber. In this letter for a modern Balkan Prince, he outlines ten rules that would allow the Prince to keep the power whatever the conditions. ‘Ruling is like dancing on the edge of a volcano’, he warns, suggesting, however, there are still ways to stay safe.