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Romania Press Review – October 02, 2015

Air strikes in Syria; agriculture to record a decline this year; budget deficit will reach 2.2 per cent of GDP next year.

Romania Press Review – October 01, 2015

Romania delays deadline for joining eurozone; new train route links Romania and Moldova; Romania up in economic competitiveness rankings.

Macedonia Press Review – October 01, 2015

The new special prosecution will be the third largest in the country; Macedonia counts 236 homeless children; prosecutor who detained journalist Kezarovski is part of the new special prosecution.

Macedonia Press Review – September 30, 2015

Opposition narrows down ministers proposals; Meshed potatoes and a goulash for the refugees; Big money have been pumped out trough privatized state owned companies

Bosnia Press Review - September 30, 2015

Electricity to become pricier in Federation entity; five working days for religious holidays; rise in petrol excises will take months.

Romania Press Review – September 30, 2015

Government survives no-confidence vote; Romania has the biggest oil production in the region; number of employees excedes number of retirees.

Macedonia Press Review – September 29, 2015

Party talks focus on the implementation of Ohrid peace accord; Special Prosecutor awaits office space; Macedonia will take 50 years to reach EU economic standards.

Bosnia Press Review - September 29, 2015

Government is to sell 100 million euro worth of companies; Shell withdraws from Bosnia oil explorations, constitutional court debates Republika Srpska law on holidays.

Romania Press Review – September 29, 2015

President Iohannis met US Vice President Joe Biden; two opposition politicians face corruption trial; gross monthly wage up last year.

Bosnia Press Review - September 28, 2015

Ex-agriculture minister arrested. Naser Oric's trial starts. Old meat imported to Bosnia.

Macedonia Press Review – September 28, 2015

Albanians do not need ten parties; opposition says it has audio tapes of government minister’s sex scandals; Overemployment of public servants is kept secret

Romania Press Review – September 28, 2015

President Iohannis speaks at the UN. Liviu Dragnea to run for PSD chairmanship. EBRD to approve new strategy for Romania.

Romania Press Review – September 25, 2015

Parliament approves identification data law; situation in prisons worries Council of Europe; Romania might join the eurozone by 2023.

Macedonia Press Review – September 25, 2015

DPA leader threatens to leave ongoing inter-party talks; Macedonia gets additional help for refugees; political 'bombs' have entered parliament.

Romania Press Review – September 24, 2015

Romania to allocate 300,000 for food programme for refugees; parliament dismisses TVR's board of directors; Commission starts infrigement procedure against Romania.

Romania Press Review – September 22, 2015

Romania is to shelter 2,475 refugees; unemployment rate was 6.8 per cent in second quarter of this year; Romania to grant 150 million euro to neighboring Moldova.

Romania Press Review – September 22, 2015

Trial of PM Victor Ponta starts; ruling Social Democrats to hold extraordinary congress in October; France Faurecia to open production unit in Romania.

Macedonia Press Review – September 22, 2015

Second law case against opposition Social Democrat leader stalls; identity of Macedonians with Swiss bank accounts remains a mystery; former mayor forms new civil movement.

Romania Press Review – September 21, 2015

Three soldiers slightly injured in Afghanistan. Romania tests its response capacity to a possible inflow of refugees. Nuclearelectrica to approve partnership with Chinese company.

Macedonia Press Review – September 21, 2015

Special prosecutor trusts the opposition’s word. Special prosecutor in search of a “dream team”. Macedonia discriminates against migrants with higher train ticket prices.

Romania Press Review – September 18, 2015

The centre-left ruling coalition faces difficulties; new US Ambassador to Romania; UEFA hits Romania with stadium ban.

Romania Press Review – September 17, 2015

Romania summons Hungarian ambassador to Bucharest; President Iohannis asks Parliament to work efficiently; privatisation of Posta Romana fails again.

Romania Press Review – September 16, 2015

Romania will not become a destination for refugees; Bucharest mayor suspended from office; Romania sees drop in employment

Romania Press Review – September 15, 2015

Extremist politician dies at 65; Bucharest mayor remains in prison; school drop-out rate in Romania remains high.

Bosnia Press Review - September 15, 2015

Around 8.000 citizens cannot read and write. Prosecutor complains about Bosnalijek case suspects being free. DF is a reason behind a call to SBB to enter the power.

Romania Press Review – September 14, 2015

Romania pays all its debts to the IMF. Thousands of people protest in Chisinau. Oltchim is to lay off 225 people.

Bosnia Press Review - September 14, 2015

Croatian president to back Bosnia on EU membership path. SDS will not allow new judicial institutions. Advisers cost more than Bosnia's ministers.

Macedonia Press Review – September 14, 2015

Reuters misquoted Macedonian Foreign Minister. Junior ruling party shaken by corruption scandals. Gruevski’s “machinery” will crumble like a house of cards.

Serbia Press Review – September 11, 2015

Serbian Prime Minister knew about incriminating videos; Albanians in south Serbia announce formation of Union of Albanian Municipalities; Serbia urged to follow EU foreign policy.

Romania Press Review – September 11, 2015

Romania opposes EU migrant quotes; prices of food products decrease; bad weather during the weekend.

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02 Oct 15

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25 Sep 15

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25 Sep 15

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I love all the great religious holidays in Bosnia but Bayram has a special place in my heart – if only for food-related reasons. 

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We meet in a café, after work. She welcomes me with a big smile.  As the topic is very sensitive, she asks me not to publish her real name. So we decide to call her Radmila.