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Bosnia Press Review - May 22, 2015

Bosnia accepted to UN 23 years ago. Mehmedovic to run for SDA president for changes. Kosarac said that Council of Ministers does not have the strength to fight terrorism.

Romania Press Review – May 22, 2015

Romania to support Moldova in energy interconnection projects, Former PM confirms the US drops visa to those convicted for corruption, Romania hikes taxes for mining activities

Montenegro Press Review - May 22, 2015

Italy honors Montenegrin science minister. State offers for lease alleged drug baron's seized property.

Bosnia Press Review - May 21, 2015

A heavy present arrives to Sarajevo for Pope. Gligoric said the government is misusing even the natural disasters. Lukac said security situation is tense.

Romania Press Review – May 21, 2015

Parliament adopts Forestry Code, The Army remains the most trusted institution in Romania, Most banks consider making layoffs

Montenegro Press Review - May 21, 2015

Montenegrin opposition calles smaller ruling party to form "crisis government". Former Bosnian Muslim leader criticizes Sutorina resolutuion rejection. Montenegro celebrates Independence Day.

Romania Press Review – May 20, 2015

President Iohannis approves new DIICOT chief, Romania must support full implementation of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, Voltaj band gets Eurovision final

Bosnia Press Review - May 20, 2015

Bosnia needs a billion KM from the IMF. Man who sexually abused his daughter detained. Salkic to submit a declaration on Srebrenica genocide in Republika Srpska.

Romania Press Review – May 19, 2015

Possible kidnapping of a Romanian citizen in Burkina Faso, PSD postpones decision on Dragnea’s resignation, Petrom reports less Q1 profits

Bosnia Press Review - May 19, 2015

Sebo out of custody despite admitting rape. Trial over Energopetrol postponed again. Lawmakers in Republika Srpska in session.

Romania Press Review – May 18, 2015

Plans to tax tips cancelled. Protesters in Moldova back reunification with Romania. Sculpture by Brancusi sells for millions in New York.

Bosnia Press Review - May 18, 2015

The 'Sarajevan Romeo and Juliet' died 22 years ago. The Srebrenica genocide was the most documented in history. Graduated agriculture engineers shun grants for farming projects.

Montenegro Press Review - May 15, 2015

Kumanovo violence raises concern in Montenegro. Pro-Serbian parties welcome the rehabilitation of Draza Mihailovic. Slovenian FM promotes NATO Invitation to Montenegro.

Romania Press Review – May 15, 2015

Minister sentenced to jail with suspension, US military convoy passes through Romania, EBRD improves economic forecast for Romania

Bosnia Press Review - May 15, 2015

Bosnian anthem booed in Mostar. Live people on the list of Tuzla column victims. Brussels demands weaker ties of Belgrade to Banja Luka.

Montenegro Press Review - May 14, 2015

Montenegro welcomes rejecton of Sutorina resolution. Montenegro lawmakers warns plans afoot to revive "Greater Albania". NATO will not go wrong if it invite Montenegro to join the alliance, Foreign Minister says.

Romania Press Review – May 14, 2015

Parliament asked to keep anti-graft course, Planned emergency ordinance banning the export of unprocessed wood, Telekom reports less profits

Bosnia Press Review - May 13, 2015

Shocking statistics show Bosnians and Herzegovinians are among most stupid people. Bosnia has the cheapest labor force. Izetbegovic said coexistence has no alternative.

Romania Press Review – May 13, 2015

Parliament's commission rejects Forestry Code reexamination, Government official arrested in corruption case, Less bureacracy for Romanian companies

Croatia Press Review – May 13, 2015

18,000 companies entering bankruptcy procedure. Five cities and towns with low quality air in Croatia. Labour Party wants to enter the governing coalition.

Bosnia Press Review - May 11, 2015

Russia does not support separatism in Republika Srpska. Some of the arrested Bosniaks were war crime witnesses. Dodik said RS will decisively fight against terrorism.

Romania Press Review – May 11, 2015

Romanians continue to trust the EU, BNR cuts inflation forecasts for this year, CEC Bank to have new president

Montenegro Press Review - May 11, 2015

Macedonia proves that regimes can produce violence if they are in danger. The unidentified gunmen fired shots on the military security.  Respect for difference leading value of Montenegro’s multiethnic society, DPM Markovic says.

Montenegro Press Review - May 8, 2015

Putin's bikers come to Montenegro to V-Day celebration.  European Commission increases Montenegro's GDP growth projections. Montenegro to boost economic cooperation with Germany.

Bosnia Press Review - May 8, 2015

Korac said Vucic is distancing from Dodik. Mirza Hatic and others put in one-month detention. Doboj was repaired, but living is still hard.

Romania Press Review – May 08, 2015

Former minister detained following corruption investigation, Romanians are afraid the most of war and economic crisis, Discussion over new law on access to personal data

Bosnia Press Review - May 7, 2015

Covic said there can be no coalition without a unique stand. Two persons arrested in Srebrenica. Republika Srpska Government stable.

Romania Press Review – May 7, 2015

BNR cuts monetary policy interest rate, Constitutional Court rules against a Parliament decision, Students protest against underfunding

Montenegro Press Review - May 7, 2015

We would like to see more examples like Montenegro, German FM says. The government hides research because of low support for NATO. German bank pledges support for Montenegro's development potentials.

Bosnia Press Review - May 6, 2015

Desperate woman selling her kidney. Nearly five years since Bugojno attack. Four persons reported for supporting terrorist attack.

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08 May 15

Macedonia’s Politics of Victimhood Cheat Citizens

If the latest protests mark an end to the old politics of ethnic victimhood, we can all finally become citizens.

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29 Apr 15

Look, man, I’ve got certain information

If he hasn’t done so already, Heikki Wendorf should watch “The Big Lebowski.” The Cohen Brothers’ 1998 film is not just an American comedy classic, it has a lot of lessons for the rule of law in Kosovo, which can be a tricky business.

02 Apr 15

How to make EU mediation work in Macedonia

Since Macedonian Prime Minister Gruevski accused the opposition of plotting the overthrow of the government and espionage and opposition leader Zoran Zaev began regularly releasing “bombs” of wiretapped calls that suggest corruption, abuse of office, electoral fraud and a range of other crimes by the prime minister and his associates, tensions in Macedonia have been increasing steadily. 

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27 Mar 15

Bitter-sweet Impressions of the Balkans

Bosnia and Serbia are both taking steps backwards as well as forwards – but their future prospects look bright.

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25 Mar 15

Albania’s Nationalist Show: All Bark and no Bite

The pompous ‘joint meeting’ of the Kosovo and Albania governments may suggest nationalism is in the air – but it’s all petty politics designed for domestic consumption.