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Croatia Press Review – November 21, 2014

Milan Bandic’s lawyer makes 2.6 million euro annualy. Croatian Highwas should have been monetized before. What has Hague tribunal replied to Josipovic?

Bosnia Press Review - November 21, 2014

What 19-year-olds know about Dayton. Woman could (not) lead the SDP. Children have children.

Romania Press Review – November 21, 2014

Top prosecutor detained for alleged corruption, Investigation on poor organisation of presidential elections abroad, EC allots more money for Romanian highways

Montenegro Press Review - November 21, 2014

Top police officers arrested over corruption. Montenegro seeks to boost ties with diaspora. Dynamics of implementing priorities from EU package exceeds our expectations, the miniser says.

Croatia Press Review – November 20, 2014

Released Zagreb Mayor has his first morning exercise. Car insurance policies reduce prices radically. Foreign Minister Vesna Pusic makes mistake after mistake.

Romania Press Review – November 20, 2014

King Michael meets incoming president Iohhanis, Ford lays off 20 pct of workforce in Romania, Money for Transylvania highway

Montenegro Press Review - November 20, 2014

Anti-NATO activists protest over allied ship in the Montenegro's bay. Italian employer’s organization to open branch office in Montenegro. Montenegro's citizens donate 260,000 euros to Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Romania Press Review – November 19, 2014

Mihnea Motoc named Foreign Minister, PM asks for urgent budget approval, EBRD aquires stake in BVB

Montenegro Press Review - November 19, 2014

Baby's death showes the failure of the health system, WHO says. Russia Bans Meat Imports from Montenegro. Parliament to interrogate top health officials over baby's death.

Croatia Press Review – November 19, 2014

Croatian GDP falling in 2015. Decision on releasing Zagreb mayor comes today. Croatian president and other politicians reply to Seselj’s comments.

Montenegro Press Review - November 18, 2014

I will not make the SNP closer to the Front, Andrija Becic says. Ruling DPS asks for urgent parlamentary hearing of the health minister. Company Media Nea is the new owner of daily Pobjeda.

Romania Press Review – November 18, 2014

Klaus lohannis is officially the new President, PM Victor Ponta not to resign, Romania was the fifth largest net beneficiary of EU funds in 2013

Croatia Press Review – November 18, 2014

Witnesses point to former Transport Minister for corruption. Vukovar receives thousands of people paying their respects. Vukovar deputy mayor claims Vukovar is becoming a big village.

Croatia Press Review – November 17, 2014

Former police chief accuses President and state attorney; questions over  who paid for the accommodation a minister’s trip to South Korea; Croatia needs no fans like these ones.

Montenegro Press Review - November 17, 2014

The effectiveness of legal institutions is the most important in the fight against corruption. Parliament speaker to discuss the NATO membership with US senators. Montenegro has the capacity to build bridges.

Montenegro Press Review - November 14, 2014

Montenegro records rise in cancer mortality rate; EU helps gasification of Montenegro; Podgorica journalism forum aims to raise professional standards.  

Romania Press Review – November 14, 2014

Victor Ponta is expected to win presidential elections; the government denies leaking document on taxes; FDI reaches 1.5bn euro

Bosnia Press Review - November 14, 2014

Halilovic made tamburitza of mine wires. Post-election war of parties in Bosnia. Fourteen old lawmakers will have a salary for a year.

Bosnia Press Review - November 13, 2014

SDA and HDZ to meet in Mostar; Tuzla workers protest again; Republika Srpska not mentioned in parties' agreement.

Romania Press Review – November 13, 2014

New TV debate between the two presidential hopefuls; gas consumption down by 4.1 per cent; Romania to open new part of Transylvanian highway

Montenegro Press Review - November 13, 2014

Lobbying need to be legally defined as activity in Montenegro. From the anti-grey economy campaign half a million euro for socially beneficial projects. Montenegro's government launches 4.5 million agriculture project.

Croatia Press Review – November 13, 2014

Zagreb County Court “suggests” for Zagreb Mayor to be released. State budget rebalancing brings divisions among ministers. Rijeka Mayor dissatisfied with Government’s tax reform.

Bosnia Press Review - November 12, 2014

Director of fund to be elected six months after the floods. Ivankovic Lijanovic will not be suspended as minister. OHR could go after this term.

Romania Press Review – November 12, 2014

TV debate between presidential hopefuls, IMF urges Romania to keep public spending under control, Problems for people with bank loans

Croatia Press Review – November 12, 2014

Metkovic Mayor claims to be tapped. Croatian cities undergoing serious cuts, due to tax reforms. Morning of Governments Q & A in the Parliament.

Montenegro Press Review - November 12, 2014

Representatives of 11 governments condemn attacks on human rights activist Vanja Calovic.  Konik camp refugees to get a permanent accomodation. Western Balkan's integration into EU crucial for stability of Europe

Bosnia Press Review - November 11, 2014

Higher prices for students. Ivanic said Serbia will not interfere in Bosnia politics. Potatoes and apples suspicious over fungicide treatment.

Montenegro Press Review - November 11, 2014

The Government of Montenegro adopts 2015 Budget Bill. The ruling parties to sign the annex of the coalition agreement. The growing insolvency is a key issue of the Montenegrin economy, the Central Bank says.

Romania Press Review – November 11, 2014

PM names new FM, Trade deficit stands at 4.3 bn euro, Pascu to be named EP's vice-president

Bosnia Press Review - November 10, 2014

People in Bosnia and Herzegovina buy less food. Tensions between the Court and Prosecutor. Minority deciding in the elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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22 Nov 14

EU’s Albania Delegation Probed Over Justice Tender

The EU’s anti-fraud office, OLAF, is investigating claims that the EU Delegation in Albania offered a major tender to a German company for corrupt reasons, BIRN can reveal. 

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21 Nov 14

The Constitutional Court Failed Kosovo – Again

Refusal to hear case challenging the effective reappointment of international judges placed convenience over what was right.

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20 Nov 14

The Strange Persistence of Mythology in Serbia’s Politics

It is time for Serbs to stop confusing centuries’ old poetic mythology with the reality of today.

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08 Nov 14

What’s the Point of Šešelj's 11 Years?

Vojislav Šešelj leaves the scene as he entered it, a monument to other people’s failures.

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04 Nov 14

In Croatia, Locked Up and No Way Out

We drove up a narrow, winding road, with trees on both sides for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, at the top of the hill, there it was: a three-building complex with a sign on the gate that read “Psihijatrijska bolnica Lopača” (Psychiatric Hospital “Lopača”).

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30 Oct 14

They Live Among Us

It is interesting how different cultures deal with death and the issues of loss and remembrance.