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Bosnia Press Review - July 27, 2015

Army veterans protest against SDA in Buzim. Niksic said that the new premier is a victim of the ruling parties. Dodik said there was still time to talk about problems in the judiciary.

Macedonia Press Review – July 27, 2015

Macedonia holds the record for the most mosques compared to the number of Muslim believers. Firearms have spoken in politics. Skopje 2014 pricetag reached fantastic €560 million.

Bosnia Press Review - July 24, 2015

National Museum might reopen this year; Ivanic says presidency visit to Belgrade visit was warm and honest; Naser Oric's attorney may sue RS leader Milorad Dodik.

Bosnia Press Review - July 23, 2015

Reform agenda agreed in Bosnia; potential investors are running away, Finance Minister said. DF, SBB and SDP parties mull new parliamentary majority in Federation entity.

Macedonia Press Review – July 22, 2015

Macedonian girl joins ISIS in Iraq; Climate changes have boiled the temperatures; Government intends to treat country’s crisis deal as ‘toilet paper’

Montenegro Press Review - July 22, 2015

Ruling party elects new leadership; Montenegro honours Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic; government calls for dialogue on NATO membership.

Bosnia Press Review - July 22, 2015

Bosnian Presidency visits Belgrade; parties in Mostar demand local elections; Serbian PM Vucic announces joint government session of Bosnia and Serbia.

Bosnia Press Review - July 21, 2015

New fight erupts within Party of Democratic Action, SDA; search for siblings might end in tragedy; Presidency member Ivanic said he feels like home in Belgrade.

Montenegro Press Review - July 21, 2015

Montenegrin parliament accuses Russian ambassador of 'interference'; well known Russian athlete supports anti-NATO movement in Montenegro; PM Djukanovic praises highway construction project.

Macedonia Press Review – July 20, 2015

Macedonian priests undecided about banning work on Sunday; Half of Macedonians still yearn for Socialist Federative Yugoslavia; Macedonia on the brink of humanitarian crisis

Bosnia Press Review - July 20, 2015

Collective burial in Prijedor. New Sarajevo Canton prosecutor to push old and long cases. Former RS minister not under US sanctions.

Romania Press Review – July 17, 2015

Romania supports Serbia's EU drive; Romanians work the most per week in the EU; Swedish IKEA buys forests in Romania.

Croatia Press Review – July 17, 2015

Slovenia changes mind about taking participate in ‘Storm’ anniversary parade; Zagreb court to rule on indictment against Milan Bandic; polls show that voters focus on jobs and health.

Croatia Press Review – July 16, 2015

Government adopts decision on receiving refugees; people trust Church and military the most; Serbian businessman Andrija Draskovic disappeared in Split before extradition to Belgium on murder charges.

Romania Press Review – July 16, 2015

Prime Minister Ponta names new Transport Minister; Romania to monitor the safety of flights; Romanian MEP joins right-wing group in European Parliament

Bosnia Press Review - July 16, 2015

Around a hundred taxi drivers got into a fight in Sarajevo; farmers again giving away their produce; Izetbegovic said he is ready to go to Belgrade.

Macedonia Press Review – July 15, 2015

West prefers money over democracy; parliamentary supervision over secret police faces hiccups; polls show Prime Minister’s popularity is falling.

Romania Press Review – July 15, 2015

ECOFIN supports Romania's agreement with international lenders, AFI to build up new mall in Brasov, Less turnover for Ford Romania

Bosnia Press Review - July 14, 2015

More than 200 miners protest in Tuzla. Izetbegovic said Vucic was not replying to him. Naser Oric's son Amar suspected of involvement in Potocari incident.

Macedonia Press Review – July 14, 2015

Ruling parties halting lustration process; US representative urges for a solution of Macedonian crisis; US Assistant Secretary clears way for a political crisis deal in Macedonia

Romania Press Review – July 14, 2015

President Iohannis in official visit in Spain, Romania's precautionary agreement analised by ECOFIN, Housing prices up in most cities

Macedonia Press Review – July 13, 2015

State Audit Office has neither authoritiy nor staff to implement OSCE election remarks; Decisive week for Macedonian crisis talks; Fresh effort to kick start Macedonia crisis talks

Bosnia Press Review - July 13, 2015

SIPA raided several sites over organized crime case. Bosnia investigates Vucic attack. Agriculture in Republika Srpska threatened by droughts.

Romania Press Review – July 13, 2015

PM Ponta spets aside as PSD leader, People ask Moldova to reunite with Romania, Tecau wins doubles' Wimbledon tennis championships

Montenegro Press Review - July 13, 2015

Montenegro marks National Day. US ugres Montenegro to fight orgnanize crime. NATO membership only choice for Montenegro, president Vujanovic claims.

Romania Press Review – July 09, 2015

Government postpones the rise of top officials' salaries; Lukoil denies accusations of money laundering; Romanians bought almost 34,500 new cars in the first six months of the year.

Macedonia Press Review – July 10, 2015

Ruling parties dare opposition to publish material on Skopje mass murder case; Brussels breaks silence over Macedonia crisis; US and EU to try to save Macedonia crisis talks.

Croatia Press Review – July 9, 2015

'Captain Dragan' returns to Croatia; HDZ leader Tomislav Karamarko announces that 'engines are starting' and vows a 'new Homeland War for a better future for Croatia'; Forum starts in Dubovnik on Thursday.

Romania Press Review – July 09, 2015

High temperatures delay trains; Romania has absorbed 51 per cent of EU funds; average monthly income per household is 575 euro.

Macedonia Press Review – July 08, 2015

EU wanted to sacrifice Macedonia to keep Samaras as Greek PM; Greek economic crisis spells trouble for the Balkans; Prime Minister Gruevski is in no hurry for a deal with the opposition.

Premium Selection

27 Jul 15

Seeds of Street Art Sprout in Banjaluka

Banjaluka’s street art scene is small and under pressure, but local artists are trying to make graffiti and murals more acceptable both to the authorities and the community. 

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24 Jul 15

Migrants Are Just Like the Rest of Us

As Europe struggles to deal with the migrant crisis, it risks ignoring the fact that migrants are human beings, just like us - only born in less stable countries.

15 Jul 15

Life in Serbia

Despite the kind words that international financial institutions are addressing to the Serbian government, the people fail to see much result - on the contrary.

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14 Jul 15

Hard Times for Bulgaria's Old Arms Hub

Late last year, rumours spread through the historic Bulgarian town of Sopot that its most famous landmark, a statue of the great writer Ivan Vazov, might be sold off. The debt-laden local council was unable to pay its creditors so its property was appraised and put up for sale. As it turned out, the statue survived, although the mayor’s chair didn’t – it was sold for 74 levs (about 37 euros).

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13 Jul 15

An American Student’s Experience Marching in Mars Mira

On Friday I marched the last leg of the Mars Mira, or the Peace March, that began many days before in Tuzla.

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13 Jul 15

A Degree of Hopelessness

Blerim Cakolli has both a bachelor's and a master's degree from the Faculty of Law at the University of Pristina. Since he graduated with his advanced degree three years ago, he has been working full-time - not as a lawyer, but as a waiter in a restaurant.