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Montenegro Press Review - October 21, 2014

Austrian police arrest alleged drug lord Safet Kalic. Democracy to fight against Balkan nationalism. Montenegro makes significant progress in strengthening rule of law, the Bundestag’s offical says.

Bosnia Press Review - October 21, 2014

SDP to get a new leader soon. SNSD to form parliamentary majority. Wahhabi buying lands near Velika Kladusa.

Romania Press Review – October 21, 2014

Investigation starts against important ruling PSD members, CFR Marfa is to see profit shrinking this year, Finance Ministry raises some 300m lei

Serbia Press Review – October 21, 2014

National broadcaster B92 closes. Serbian public enterprises mark higher profits. Prosecution files charges against police officials for embassies attacks.

Bosnia Press Review - October 20, 2014

Zlatko Lagumdzija might be the first Bosnian Sanader. CIK ordered re-counting at 19 polling stations. Cvijanovic said SNSD is the winning party.

Montenegro Press Review - October 20, 2014

Retirement of older intelligence officers will not bring prosperity, the analyst says. If the opposition does not unite, back to the nineties threatens Montenegro. Online shopping has increased.

Romania Press Review – October 20, 2014

New MPs risk losing their immunity, Summit on SE Europe starts in Bucharest, Russian embargo on food imports affects Romanian producers

Romania Press Review – October 17, 2014

Prosecutors carry out new searches in Microsoft corruption case; government plans to sell 1 billion euro of Eurobonds; national football team's coach quits.

Montenegro Press Review - October 17, 2014

When we celebrate, we do not invite representatives of other countries, PM Djukanovic says. Montenegro has always been a part of someone's plan. Montenegro marks 520th anniversary of printing the first South-slavic book.

Bosnia Press Review - October 16, 2014

Year since death of Krajina fans. There will be no divisions of Bosnia, Izetbegovic said. Lagumdzija is leaving, shifts in SDS possible.

Romania Press Review – October 16, 2014

Investigation on alleged illegal restoration of properties seized by Communist regime, Gazprom reduces gas deliveres to Romania again, More than 500 people monitored for Ebola in Romania

Montenegro Press Review - October 16, 2014

Countries of the region to spend more for armies, NATO official says . Positive Montenegro MP Dritan Abazovic resigned from membership in the party. Montenegro ready for the fight against the Islamic State.

Bosnia Press Review - October 15, 2014

Ivanic still leading according to CIK. SDA and DF could make a coalition in Una-Sana Canton. Politicians' posters remained all over streets after the elections.

Romania Press Review – October 15, 2014

Romania cannot accept threats from Russia, Romania remains unbeaten in football campaign, FDI increased in the first eight months of 2014

Montenegro Press Review - October 15, 2014

EU Progress Report could have been sharper and more specific, the NGOs say. World kick boxer champion Ivan Strugar has been shot. Montenegro to deserve NATO invitation through reforms.

Montenegro Press Review - October 14, 2014

Opposition criticises failure to appoint new Minister of Culture; Montenegro to jail fighters in foreign wars; Lustica Bay luxury resort is going according to plan, government says.

Macedonia Press Review – October 14, 2014

Debt write-off campaign ends with good response; October expected to bring new developments in the crisis in parliament.

Romania Press Review – October 14, 2014

Romania gives nod to MP's corruption probe; Pensions will increase by 5 per cent next year; Romania bans live cattle and sheep exports to the EU.

Romania Press Review – October 10, 2014

President wants Romania to take over Lukoil refinery, Bank of Cyprus exits Romania, Gica Hagi in support for former team-mate

Montenegro Press Review - October 10, 2014

Montenegro set to advance public peace and order. UN War Crimes Prosecutor praises Monetengro's "positive role." Montenegro committed to raising level of digital literacy of its citizens

Montenegro Press Review - October 9, 2014

Neo-ottomanism rising in Balkans, Metropolitan Amfilohije says. IMF Revises Montenego Growth Predictions. Montenegro advances in justice, freedom and security, needs to strengthen anti-corruption policy, EU report on Montenegro says.

Romania Press Review – October 9, 2014

Lukoil to decide closing refinery in Romania, Antena 3 headquarters goes into state property, Many Romanians say drinking more beers is a sign of masculinity

Bosnia Press Review - October 9, 2014

Citizens of Zenica supported Radoncic. Motorcyclist and his wife died in an accident. Dodik is the only politician who can save Republika Srpska, said analyst Miroslav Lazanski.

Montenegro Press Review - October 8, 2014

EC progress report on Montenegro would point out some failures, the Foreign Minister says. Ivica Stankovic is the new Supreme State Prosecutor. Montenegro to sighn grant agreements on resolving housing issue of refugees.

Montenegro Press Review - October 7, 2014

Montenegro's Capital Finally Gets New Mayor. Lets respect each other, the opposition NOVA says. Montenegro's vital interest is NATO memebership.

Romania Press Review – October 7, 2014

The average total income of a household was of 545 euro/month, State guarantees mortgage lending program for Romanians abroad, Astra Film Festival starts in Sibiu

Bosnia Press Review - October 7, 2014

SBB visited Novi Travnik and Travik. A teenager murdered in Velika Kladusa. Milorad Dodik stands for South Stream.

Macedonia Press Review – October 6, 2014

Bulgaria displays taken artifacts from Macedonia; Former Prime Minister enters construction business

Montenegro Press Review - October 6, 2014

Opposition party SNP supports former judges for Supreme State Prosecutor's election. Balkan states to establish a fund for resolving the climate changes issues. Around 365,000 Montenegrins use the internet.

Romania Press Review – October 6, 2014

President approves criminal investigation against former ministers, Ruukki to shut down its factory in Romania, Romania exports more agricultural food

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20 Oct 14

Albania Power Utility Accused of Fixing Tenders

BIRN can reveal that the competition authority is probing claims that Albania’s power utility, OSHEE, colluded with two electricity traders - EFT A.G and GSA - to rig the outcome of import tenders.

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15 Oct 14

On the seemingly perpetual football-related violence in the Balkans

Football hooliganism and the physical violence associated with it have been a major political and social issue in the region for quite some time.

15 Oct 14

Elections in Bosnia—Business as usual?

The Bosnian elections last Sunday brought change, but it seems unlikely that they will make a difference.

14 Oct 14

Bosnia – Voting for The Devil You Know

The Bosnian electorate failed to make a choice that would bring real change, in spite of signs throughout 2014 that the discontent for the current political set-up was about to reach a tipping point. Their behaviour, though, is not irrational.Voting for moderate parties is simply too risky. People opt for the devil they know rather than the devil they don’t.

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10 Oct 14

The EU has its ‘envelope moment’

As legend goes, Atifete Jahjaga’s presidential career began abruptly in 2011 when the then US ambassador, Christopher Dell, produced her name from an envelope at a meeting of the big political parties.

/en/file/show//Images/images/Marcus Agar.jpg
07 Oct 14

No price is too high for pride in one’s country

As rumours and half-truths spread about the claimed cost of policing the Belgrade Pride parade, it would seem to be inevitable – and even embraced in some quarters – for people to be up in arms about the amount of money allegedly spent to protect the people and their city.