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Serbia Press Review – September 1, 2014

Belgrade satisfied with the appointment of Mogherini. Serbian police to have fewer restrictions. Tadic might join Serbian government.

Montenegro Press Review - September 01, 2014

New capital elections would be voter fraud and spending taxpayers' money, the opposition says. Montenegrin Movement for Neutrality supports anti-NATO rallies in the UK. Montenegro has invested 30 million euros in the reconstruction of the Belgrade - Bar railway.

Romania Press Review – September 01, 2014

Many Romania to benefit from food aid, Four people arrested in corruption case, Bad weather negatively influenced beer sales

Macedonia Press Review – September 1, 2014

Macedonia marks decline in number of first graders in schools; Berlin wants political dialogue in Macedonia

Bosnia Press Review - September 1, 2014

In areas of Doboj and Teslic 13 arrested for war crimes. Sarajevo ministry marks 22nd anniversary of forming the war-time army. Islamists from the west instructed to rest in Bosnia and Serbia.

Serbia Press Review – August 29, 2014

Selfie blamed for tragic car accident; Balkan countries to scrap custom fees; New law allows advertising of alcoholic beverages.

Romania Press Review – August 29, 2014

Romania is alarmed by the volatile situation in Ukraine; Government approves controversial emergency ordinance; Ford to temporarily stop production at its plant in Craiova.

Montenegro Press Review - August 29, 2014

Mobile operators are not enthusiastic about abolishing roaming charges in the region; Sanctions against Russia do not represent the will of the Montenegrin people, Metropolitan Amfilohije says.

Macedonia Press Review – August 29, 2014

Macedonia should pursue EU reforms on its own; Berlin is not giving up on the Western Balkans.

Serbia Press Review – August 28, 2014

Serbs fails to pay debts to public companies; Russia's Gazprom to buy Serbian football club; Croatia wants its investment in Nikola Tesla power plants back.

Montenegro Press Review - August 28, 2014

PM Djukanovic attends opening of Regent Hotel; CEAC calls on German Chancellor Merkel to insist on Montenegro fully respecting EU laws; Government surprised by Qatari Diar's decision to pull out of resort plan in Montenegro.  

Romania Press Review – August 28, 2014

Darius Valcov named as budget minister; NATO is to deploy forces at new bases in Eastern Europe; Nuclearelectrica looks for private investor in nuclear plant.

Serbia Press Review – August 27, 2014

Serbia to seek funds for Belgrade-Bar railway. Serbian Orthodox Church sets trial of Macedonian archbishop; Belgraders less and less keen to vaccinate their children.

Macedonia Press Review – August 27, 2014

Opposition silent on details about their new strategy; mass fight between DUI and DPA legislators in parliament.

Romania Press Review – August 27, 2014

Some 44m euro to be spent for next elections, Romania to put on hold plans to increase natural gas prices for households, Twitter Ads comes to Romania

Montenegro Press review - August 27, 2014

"Qatari Diar" Fund suspended 350 million euro worth deal. Extremely difficult position of the etnic Serbs in Montenegro. There are no new projects without the capital government, the rulling DPS says.

Montenegro Press Review - August 26, 2014

A high radon concentration in some schools in Podgorica. Adriatic - Ionian highway is priority for the region, the Prime Minister said. Standing ovation for the film "Boys from the Marx and Engels street" in Nis.

Serbia Press Review – August 26, 2014

Albanian PM Rama to visit Serbia this autumn; parliament to adopt new Code of Ethics; secret service is to open its archives.

Macedonia Press Review – August 26, 2014

Macedonia will attract foreign capital "like Luxembourg"; Latvia will push forward EU enlargement.

Romania Press Review – August 26, 2014

The Senate adopts bill for CAS reduction; Romania had 5.1 million pensioners at the end of April; the number of new company registrations is decreasing

Macedonia Press Review – August 25, 2014

Parliament starts work after summer vacation. Jaundice epidemic registered in Skopje.

Romania Press Review – August 25, 2014

Romania does not recognize presidential elections held in Abkhazia; Three regional hospitals to be built with EU funds; Gothaer Romania insures state carrier Tarom’s fleet

Serbia Press Review – August 25, 2014

Jeremic awaits Vucic’s support to run for UN's highest post; Progressives bid to take over Vojvodina in September; Murdered teen allegedly was not the first victim of Dragan Djuric.

Montenegro Press Review - August 25, 2014

From Montenegro illegally taken out  4.3 billion dollars, the Global Financial Integrity's report said. Montenegro needs a radical reconstruction of the police, the intelligence agency and the prosecution, the opposition claims. Ministry of Education and the Union to continue talks on teachers' salaries.

Bosnia Press Review - August 22, 2014

Protesters persistent after February. In two months 10.000 passports. Dodik convinced he wins.

Montenegro Press Review - August 22, 2014

Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic at the conference on the Western Balkans in  Berlin. Unblock the work of the national commission responsible for the language curriculum, the opposition says. The town of Herceg Novi heads towards the new elections.

Romania Press Review – August 22, 2014

No political future for former PM, Record rape seed crop this year, National Geographic to promote Romania

Bosnia Press Review - August 21, 2014

Radoncic spoke about his youth in Interview20. Bilino Polje stadium to be reconstructed. Bad weather ahead of Bosnia.

Romania Press Review – August 21, 2014

President Traian Basescu supports Elena Udrea in presidential elections, Unemployment rate rose to 5.09% at the end of July, Bank of Cyprus sells its stake in Marriot hotel

Montenegro Press Review - August 21, 2014

The government is preparing privatisation of several hotel companies. Protect us from the violence of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Montenegrin Metropolitan Mihailo says. The number of drug addicted rises.

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27 Aug 14

Croatia, Land of Consumption, not Production

The world-famous Swedish furniture retailer IKEA opened its doors in Croatia last Thursday.

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13 Aug 14

Croatia Referendum Ruling Less Clear Than it Seems

The Croatian Constitutional Court ruling, vetoing the so-called ‘anti-Cyrillic referendum’, has left room for future conflicts.

11 Aug 14

Real Lives Offstage at the Hague Tribunal

It was more than a decade ago when I first had the impression of a theatre stage at the heart of the tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

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01 Aug 14

Open Letter to the People of Belgrade

We are a group of 50 international scholars and experts on urban development and planning, visiting the city of Belgrade for our 24th annual conference. We have expertise on waterfront developments in London, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Barcelona, Boston, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Sydney and Melbourne.

31 Jul 14

Why Constitutional Reform Will Not Solve the Bosnian Blockade

At a meeting at the German Foreign Ministry in Berlin on the future of Bosnia with senior international officials and experts, I have had a chance to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of constitutional reform, a perennial topic for Bosnia. Here are some of the considerations I had the chance to present and discuss on why I remain skeptical of the need to prioritise constitutional reform.