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Serbia Press Review - August 31, 2015

New malaria patients arrive at the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade. No 15 million euro donation for Uzice. Serbia invested 5.8 million euros in unnecessary cow vaccine.

Romania Press Review – August 31, 2015

Foreign ministry checks information about kidnapped Romanian. Ilie Sarbu steps down from ruling PSD position. The George Enescu classical music festival starts in Bucharest.

Macedonia Press Review – Aug 31, 2015

Opposition leader does not allow his partners separate MP groups in parliament. Experts to be added to Election Commission. Opposition threatens to resume releasing surveillance tapes.

Bosnia Press Review - August 28, 2015

Fall in religious tourism;l Around 50 Tuzla workers slept in front of government building; entity budgets endangered without the IMF loan.

Bosnia Press Review - August 27, 2015

New era in the Balkans; Miro Lazovic is one of the SDP presidential candidates; Vienna conference to talk about traffic networks in Western Balkans.

Macedonia Press Review – Aug 27, 2015

Parties may break deadlines on talks for key issues before early elections; opposition prepares to end parliamentary boycott; Vardar River may flood Skopje due to construction in it.

Macedonia Press Review – Aug 26, 2015

Parliament prepares for the return of the opposition; Economic migrants may be using the refugee crisis to reach Western Europe; Political parties mull new election model

Bosnia Press Review - August 26, 2015

Radoncic said SBB will not enter government; Bosniaks from Republika Srpska to talk to Izetbegovic; Islamic State members moving among migrants.

Bosnia Press Review - August 25, 2015

Former interior minister files lawsuit over 1993 case accusations; court confirms indictment against Defence Minister; Sarajevo-Belgrade railway reconstruction to cost 105 million euro.

Macedonia Press Review – Aug 25, 2015

Macedonia is coping alone with the refugee crisis; Austria’s Foreign Minister Urges EU to Help Macedonia over Refugees; Prime Minister’s proposal for ‘bonus MPs’ reveals his weakness

Bosnia Press Review - August 24, 2015

Bosnian businessman getting better after surgery. Hidrogradnja might construct the upmarket Nova Ilidza settlement. SDA to analyse coalitions on state level and in Federation.

Macedonia Press Review – Aug 24, 2015

Macedonia gets only symbolic help from EU for refugees. Macedonia opened its southern border for migrants. Refugee crisis on the border with Greece cleared in just a few hours.

Bosnia Press Review - August 20, 2015

The new Labor Law enters into force. Witness said Bilal Bosnic trained his son to go to Syria and die. Bosnia's best university far behind the qualitative universities.

Bosnia Press Review - August 18, 2015

Bosnia proud of its young basketball players. New power transmission lines to connect Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro. Lack of money cemented development of construction of apartments.

Bosnia Press Review - August 17, 2015

Young basketball players, the heroes of Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are 160 BiH citizens with red Interpol warrants. West to try to weaken Republika Srpska, sources say.

Bosnia Press Review - August 14, 2015

Bosniaks in Prijedor seek justice after attacks; workers of FIS company pray for owner Pero Gudelj to recover; armed Forces involved in extinguishing the fires in Herzegovina.

Bosnia Press Review - August 13, 2015

Exports to EU offers salvation to Bosnian milk producers; parliamentarian committee prepares to name new SIPA director; thousands of plastic toys withdrawn from market.

Bosnia Press Review - August 12, 2015

SDA and SBiH coalition in danger; Senad Softic named as governor of Central Bank; For every 115 pensioners there are only 100 employed people.

Macedonia Press Review – Aug 04, 2015

Graves of Tsar Samuil’s parents destroyed. Complicated political situation in focus during national day celebration. Leaders use national day speeches for political marketing.

Bosnia Press Review - July 29, 2015

Radoncic will not support the proposed labour law. The SDA and SBiH agreed to work together in the Federation parliament. No threat to visa liberalisation for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia Press Review - July 27, 2015

Army veterans protest against SDA in Buzim. Niksic said that the new premier is a victim of the ruling parties. Dodik said there was still time to talk about problems in the judiciary.

Macedonia Press Review – July 27, 2015

Macedonia holds the record for the most mosques compared to the number of Muslim believers. Firearms have spoken in politics. Skopje 2014 pricetag reached fantastic €560 million.

Bosnia Press Review - July 24, 2015

National Museum might reopen this year; Ivanic says presidency visit to Belgrade visit was warm and honest; Naser Oric's attorney may sue RS leader Milorad Dodik.

Bosnia Press Review - July 23, 2015

Reform agenda agreed in Bosnia; potential investors are running away, Finance Minister said. DF, SBB and SDP parties mull new parliamentary majority in Federation entity.

Macedonia Press Review – July 22, 2015

Macedonian girl joins ISIS in Iraq; Climate changes have boiled the temperatures; Government intends to treat country’s crisis deal as ‘toilet paper’

Montenegro Press Review - July 22, 2015

Ruling party elects new leadership; Montenegro honours Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic; government calls for dialogue on NATO membership.

Bosnia Press Review - July 22, 2015

Bosnian Presidency visits Belgrade; parties in Mostar demand local elections; Serbian PM Vucic announces joint government session of Bosnia and Serbia.

Bosnia Press Review - July 21, 2015

New fight erupts within Party of Democratic Action, SDA; search for siblings might end in tragedy; Presidency member Ivanic said he feels like home in Belgrade.

Montenegro Press Review - July 21, 2015

Montenegrin parliament accuses Russian ambassador of 'interference'; well known Russian athlete supports anti-NATO movement in Montenegro; PM Djukanovic praises highway construction project.

Macedonia Press Review – July 20, 2015

Macedonian priests undecided about banning work on Sunday; Half of Macedonians still yearn for Socialist Federative Yugoslavia; Macedonia on the brink of humanitarian crisis

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