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Romania Press Review – January 28, 2015

ECHR sentences Romania, Romania a bit higher on economic freedom rank, Competition Council has applied 41.5 m worth fines

Bosnia Press Review - January 28, 2015

Sarajevo saying last goodbye to Kemal Monteno. Going to village of Djogazi only by foot. Still no results over Banja Luka aircraft deaths.

Montenegro Press Review - Janauary 28, 2015

Police filed charges against the head of the Croatian National Council for threats to the journalist. Montenegro's leading bishop accuses the state for destroying Serbian language. Russia offers billions of dollars for military base in Montenegro, the US official claims.

Croatia Press Review – January 28, 2015

Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic announces competing on next parliamentary elections. Did Croatian banks made a profit on Swiss franc loans? Negotiations with Croatian highway monetization bidders start on Wednesday.

Romania Press Review – January 27, 2015

Romania spend too munch on food, Millennium Bank cuts interest rate for CHF loans, Simona Halep ousted from Australian Open

Bosnia Press Review - January 27, 2015

Srdjan Aleksic killed on this day in 1993. Sutorina not an open question for Vucurevic. SIPA investigating travels to football championship.

Montenegro Press Review - January 27, 2015

Montenegro is just a few steps away from NATO, the Hungarian diplomat claims. The opposition leaders agree a national unity government.The Privatization Council approves the privatization plan for 2015.

Croatia Press Review – January 27, 2015

Croatia ranks low in public administration cuts and creating working places. Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic’s inauguration three days earlier due to Barack Obama’s global summit. 100 days of war veterans protest in Zagreb.

Romania Press Review – January 26, 2015

President Iohannis preffers a government led by opposition Liberal party, Protests against high repayments for CHF, Moldova has a minority government

Croatia Press Review – January 26, 2015

Swiss franc exchange rate fixed from Monday. More than 90 per cent of Ploce citizens vote against a thermal power plant. Economic expert Ante Babic: Croatia is slowly getting out of recession.

Bosnia Press Review - January 26, 2015

Tanja Fajon regrets Bosnia's failure. We earn the same as a driver in South Africa. Younger population in Sutorina want to become part of Republika Srpska.

Montenegro Press Review - January 26, 2015

The government rejects claims that 300 citizens are under surveillance over terrorism suspicions. The opposition requires concrete results in the fight against corruption. Montenegro begins meetings with oil companies interested in research in the Adriatic Sea.

Montenegro Press Review - January 23, 2015

Sutorina requires international arbitration, the Bosnian official claims. Herceg Novi to get a new city government. Economy growth joint interest of both government and the banks.

Croatia Press Review – January 23, 2015

Croatian parliament votes on Friday on fixing the Swiss franc exchange rate. Ultimatum of Croatian bankers: if there are no housing loans in euro, there will not be any loans at all. NGO Association Franak announced planning a massive protest against the Croatian national bank, government and foreign business banks.

Romania Press Review – January 23, 2015

Judge under investigation, Unemployment inches up in December, Bucharest to invest in sport facilities

Bosnia Press Review - January 23, 2015

NTF to demand return of money from Deltagrip. Lack of parking places in Sarajevo. Bosnia and Montenegro to talk about Sutorina.

Montenegro Press Review - January 22,2015

The Committee will interrogate Foreign and Interior Ministers on Sutorina border dispute. Families of killed Montenegrins demand the truth about the railway accident in Bioce. Hospitals to get containers for preparing food according to Islamic religious practices.

Romania Press Review – January 22, 2015

Former minister arrested on bribery charges, IMF mission to come to Romania, Bucharest to launch fiscal receipts lottery

Croatia Press Review – January 22, 2015

SDP presidency: Ivo Josipovic lost the elections due to bad PR. Croatian parliament will discuss fixing Swiss franc exchange rate. Newly elected Croatian president Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic: there were mistakes in my speeches.

Montenegro Press Review - January 21

Smaller ruling party requires a new approach of appointing a special prosecutor. The opposition agreed to form a "national unity government." The Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina still has no common position on the border dispute with Montenegro.

Bosnia Press Review - January 21, 2015

Wife of state prosecutor illegally took a position. Parties to continue government talks. New rainfall could activate landslides.

Romania Press Review – January 21, 2015

Gabriel Resources asks for solution on Rosia montana gold mine, IMF revises upwards economic forecast for Romania, End of disputes at Dacia carmaker

Bosnia Press Review - January 20, 2015

Police sealed premises of NTV 101. Council of Ministers gives miserable grants for sports. Council of Ministers might not await Federation government.

Croatia Press Review – January 20, 2015

Monetization of Croatian highways has failed? Chaos on Croatian courts due to implementing old law on family. Ex Croatian foreign minister Mate Granic welcomes Grabar Kitarovic’s move to write to UN Secretary General.

Romania Press Review – January 20, 2015

Volksbank freezes CHF exchange rate for its clients, Romania reopens dissident's case, Romanian movie selected at Berlin festival

Montenegro Press Review - January 20, 2014

Journalist Mihailo Radojicic was not the victim of mobbing in the state television, the court ruled. Informer case in the annex agreement of the ruling coalition. Bosnian bishop Grigorije seeks international arbitration on Sutorina.

Bosnia Press Review - January 19, 2015

New floods threaten Bosnia. Federation premier candidate promises new measures. Many alleged criminals walk free.

Romania Press Review – January 19, 2015

Swiss franc rise worries officials. NATO leader praises Romania for raising military spending. Number of children falling as a percentage of population.

Croatia Press Review – January 19, 2015

Will the government fix the Swiss franc exchange rate at 6.39 Croatian kuna? The state election committee presented final results of presidential elections. Croatian ambassadors hope that the new president will prolong their terms.

Montenegro Press Review - January 19, 2014

The tabloid Informer is targeting women in particular, an opposition MP said. The Montenegrin Army cannot defend the country's airspace. Killers in the name of Islam are not my brothers, a chief imam claims.

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28 Jan 15

Pupil in Hijab Causes Storm in Montenegro

As a teen’s decision to don a hijab in class causes controversy in Montenegro - pitting arguments about religious freedom against worries about Islamic militancy - BIRN has spoken to her father.

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