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Montenegro Press Review - April 23

Lekic on Ukraine and NATO. beauty pageant for miss Albania in Montenegro criticised. Kaludjerovic on NATO and youth.

Kosovo Press Review- April 23, 2014

Kosovo MPs to vote on war crime tribunal. Political parties financed secretly. Minister accuses KEDS for reductions in electric energy.

Bosnia Press Review - April 23, 2014

Two returnees beaten near Kakanj. A returnee to Kozluk killed on Easter. Dodik praised Banja Luka development.

Romania Press Review – April 23, 2014

No trains run in Romania on Wednesday morning, Companies must will receive subsidies from European funds, The Swedish Minister for European Affairs is criticising Bucharest

Bosnia Press Review - April 22, 2014

Minor Croatian behind naked girls' group. Government mulls recapitalization of Aluminij Mostar. Elektroprenos buying cars worth 200.000 euro.

Romania Press Review – April 22, 2014

Romania hit by severe floods, Bad weather affected tourists during the Easter break, Romanians working abroad send less money at home

Kosovo Press Review- April 17, 2014

Kosovo ex-fighters against tribunal. New law on elections excludes reserved seats for minorities. PDK remains strongest party.

Romania Press Review – April 17, 2014

MAE worried by situation in Transdniester, Famous poet Nina Cassian passes away, The tax exempt on reinvested profit set to be enforced starting July

Romania Press Review – April 16, 2014

Court rejects appeal against suspension of mining project, TVR posts small profit, Romania adopts insolvency law

Albania Press Review -April 15, 2014

Former US ambassador in Kosovo hired by Bechtel, Ex-prosecutor sues HCJ, new report calls on Albania and Kosovo to intensify military cooperation.

Bosnia Press Review - April 15, 2014

High-ranked official of OSA sentenced for war crimes. Lawmakers to limit their salaries. Prijedor investigates 15 of its policemen.

Kosovo Press Review- April 15, 2014

Tribunal changes the constitution. Experts call for investments in existing power plant. Trade deficit-over 573 million euro.

Romania Press Review – April 15, 2014

Romanian military in joint exercises with US warship, PM vows to file criminal complaint against president, Classifieds website Mercador.ro rebranding

Montenegro Press Review - April 14, 2014

Montenegro says no to McDonalds. NATO membership poses no risk to the Montenegro environment.

Bosnia Press Review - April 14, 2014

Fahrudin Radoncic won most support in a TV poll. Entity citizenship not obligatory in Brcko. US ambassador to Bosnia waits for 143 days.

Albania Press Review -April 14, 2014

Asset disclosure agency failed to probe officials’ wealth, justice minister accuses HCJ of blackmail, detained protestors claim police abused them.

Macedonia Press Review – April 14, 2014

Incumbent president takes lead in Macedonia election; 120,000 votes difference between Ivanov and Pendarovski

Kosovo Press Review- April 14, 2014

National elections to be held in autumn. Political leaders have to harmonize stands on national elections. Special Court against the KLA damages Kosovo’s image, ex-UNMIK high officer says.

Romania Press Review – April 14, 2014

Impressive Palm Sunday pilgrimage in Bucharest, UK Ambassador praises Romania's fight against corruption, Romania needs money for improving infrastructure

Romania Press Review – April 11, 2014

Tens of localities are either in insolvency or have filed a petition to begin insolvency procedures, Laszlo Tokes on FIDESZ list for European elections, Retailer Emag plans expansion in the Balkans

Bosnia Press Review - April 10, 2014

Federation Government increased debts. Workers of destroyed companies demanded 23 salaries. Doctor said he was afraid for his safety.

Romania Press Review – April 10, 2014

Constanta’s mayor released from custody, Actor Mircea Diaconu can run for a seat in EP, Romania to tender contracts for the construction of 375 kilometres of motorways

Macedonia Press Review – April 9, 2014

Opposition presidential candidate wants duel with the Prime Minister after losing at the televised presidential face-to face; Macedonia should seek alternatives for the Russian gas.

Romania Press Review – April 09, 2014

Mayor of Constanta detained for 24h, PM Ponta says it is possible to run for presidency, Start for 2014 Cash-for-Clunkers program

Bosnia Press Review - April 8, 2014

Makljenovac de-mining will take decades. Sarajevo police awaits Rastoder blood test. They offered 40 in stead of 500 euro for a plait.

Kosovo Press Review- April 8, 2014

EULEX mandate and the tribunal on war crimes to be voted in a package. Political show on Kosovo’s visa liberalization with the EU. Smuggling increases in northern Kosovo.

Macedonia Press Review – April 8, 2014

Human rights and dignity in focus for Macedonian president; Macedonia threatened by previously eradicated diseases

Romania Press Review – April 8, 2014

Still unclear if PM Ponta will run for presidency, Several F-16 aircrafts will arrive in Romania for a military exercise, The average net salary was just 0.1 percent higher in February

Romania Press Review – April 7, 2014

PM considers Romania needs shale gas, EC to claim back unduly spent agricultural funds, Daimler starts new plant in Sebes

Kosovo Press Review- April 7, 2014

Government pressures parliament on establishment of war crime tribunal. Kosovo officials violate constitution. Kosovo moving towards Greek crisis, experts warn.

Premium Selection

23 Apr 14

Albania-Kosovo Highway Costs Soar To 2 Billion Euros

Cache of official documents detail for first time how lobbying, poor-planning, “uncompetitive tenders”, failure to set cost caps and “inflated” prices left Albanian and Kosovan taxpayers with a two billion euro bill for just 137km of road.

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14 Apr 14

On being American Asian woman in Kosovo

After seven months living in Prizren, Kosovo, I still have trouble answering one of the questions I hear most often: “Do you like Kosovo?”

/en/file/show//Images/Images.New/People 2/Erwan Fouere/Erwan Fouere SQUARE by Robert Atanasovski.jpg
21 Mar 14

Snap Elections in Macedonia: More of the same or new beginnings?

It is Macedonia’s turn to hold early parliamentary elections on 27th April, to coincide with the second round of the regular presidential elections, the first round of which take place on 13 April.

21 Mar 14

Crimea, Kosovo, Hobgoblins and Hypocrisy

One of the more remarkable aspects of the whole unfortunate Ukraine episode is the rampant hypocrisy on part of all of the major players involved in the dispute.

18 Mar 14

Serbia’s New Old Master

With all eyes on the referendum in Crimea, few fellow political buffs outside the Balkans have taken note of the general elections held in Serbia last Sunday.

16 Mar 14

The Authoritarian Temptation

The Serbian elections 16th March end a year of political speculation.