Each Thursday we take a look at the week behind us through our selection of Balkan Insight Premium articles
tough-nuts-and-new-winds-11-16-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR NOVEMBER 10 - 16

Tough Nuts and New Winds

We look at hopes that some old disputes in the region could be resolved as the odd gust of fresh thinking blows in different corners of the region, as well as reflecting on issues of good governance and peoples power. 

comeback-controversy-and-comedy-11-10-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR NOVEMBER 2 – 9

Comeback, Controversy and Comedy

Our selection of stories this week includes the case of an unlikely comeback, some difficult choices and controversies, seasoned with a pinch of comedy. 

maintaining-control-11-02-2017 Weekly Roundup for October 27-November 2

Maintaining Control

With current events in Spain showing how quickly a situation can slip out of control, internal and external political players in the Balkans have been working to keep their own issues in the region in check, knowing full well that, like Spain, the Balkans still has its own ghosts it hasn’t fully put to bed. 

change-and-predictability-10-26-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR OCTOBER 20-26

Change and Predictability

Our collection of articles this week analyses changing political and economic dynamics in much of the region, but also some good old predictables – such as early elections in Serbia.

winds-of-change-10-20-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR OCTOBER 13-19

Winds of Change

Our stories this week reveal some interesting strategic shifts and winds of change blowing across the region, along with disconcerting reflections on the state of democracy. 

ripples-and-fakes-10-13-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR OCTOBER 5-12

Ripples and Fakes

We follow the continuing fallout from Catalonia’s referendum, look at the challenges and disarray facing governments in the region and tickle your interest with some unique local fraudsters. 

spain-s-balkan-echoes-10-06-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP SEPTEMBER 29 – OCTOBER 5

Spain’s Balkan Echoes

As Spain’s dispute with Catalonia escalates, we offer the perspective from the Balkans, along with analysis of the latest political and economic developments from our region. 

rocky-road-09-28-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP SEPTEMBER 22-28

Rocky Road

Whether writing about the implications of the German elections for the Western Balkans, regional relations or the integration of migrant children into local schools, rocky road seems to be the phrase that springs to mind.

imagining-eastern-europe-09-22-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP SEPTEMBER 15 - 21

Imagining Eastern Europe

As friction grows between East and West Europe, we look at just how monolithic the East is, a potential new migrant wave as well as the opportunities and challenges posed by elections and government formation. 

making-a-killing-09-14-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP SEPTEMBER 8 – 14

Making a Killing

Our stories this week reveal the scale of the Pentagon’s Syrian arms buying efforts, in which the Balkans are yet again a key plank, as well as more locally pressing issues, from Bosnia’s turbulent politics to Croatia’s far-right. 

casablanca-09-07-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP SEPTEMBER 1 - 7


Spy scandals and affairs are a staple of Balkan politics, whether domestic or regional, as several of our chosen stories from the region this week illustrate. 

stuck-in-the-mud-08-31-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP AUGUST 25 - 31

Stuck in the Mud

Across the Balkan region, many governments, societies and individuals find themselves balancing along political and historical tightropes.