Each Thursday we take a look at the week behind us through our selection of Balkan Insight Premium articles
europe-s-balkan-hour-03-23-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR MARCH 17 – 23

Europe’s Balkan Hour

As EU officials seek to rediscover and re-engage with the Balkans, we bring a series of articles on what the EU should and should not be doing in the Balkans, along with a variety of stories picked from across the region, not least one about Bosnia’s ‘pyramids’.  

smell-of-desperation-03-16-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR MARCH 11 - 16

Smell of Desperation

While our stories from Kosovo and Macedonia reflect the rising temperature in both, many of our other stories this week provide a mix of both the positive and the quirky in the Balkans. 

winners-and-losers-03-09-2017-1 WEEKLY ROUNDUP MARCH 3 – 10

Winners and Losers

Elections in the Balkans often seem to generate at least as many problems as they resolve – this week we look at upcoming electoral contests in Serbia and Bulgaria, as well as the post-election crisis in Macedonia. 

fake-news-and-controversial-coups-03-02-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR FEBRUARY 24 – MARCH 2

Fake News and Controversial Coups

Fake news, tabloids, media freedoms (or lack of them) and the right to adequate air time are all common themes in this week’s selection of articles from Balkan Insight, along with the continuing controversy which surrounds claims of a foiled coup in Montenegro.

reality-check-02-24-2017-1 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR FEBRUARY 18-23

Reality Check

Political crises frequently crowd out economic problems from the news agenda in the Balkans, but this week we bring a number of important economic and business themes to the usual mix of political and diplomatic intrigue from the region. 

a-family-feud-02-17-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR FEBRUARY 10-17

A Family Feud

As the power struggle between Aleksandar Vucic and Tomislav Nikolic which blew up this week spectacularly reminds us just how unpredictable politics can be even when it might seem otherwise, we look at this and many other issues which have left their mark on our region this week. 

people-power-02-09-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR FEBRUARY 3 - 9

People Power

While in Romania the power of the people makes itself felt at protests on the streets of Bucharest, in other corners of the Balkans politicians are vying to surf to power on the back of popular votes. 

twists-and-turns-good-and-bad-02-02-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR JANUARY 27 – FEBRUARY 2

Twists and Turns, Good and Bad

From Macedonia’s ever-evolving political crisis, via Bosnia’s ethno-political machinations, to the battle against corruption in Romania, this week’s collection of articles from Balkan Insight once again highlights the unpredictability of twists and turns, good and bad, in political life. 

illiberal-winds-01-26-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR JANUARY 20-26

Illiberal Winds

With Donald Trump installed in the White House, will the illiberal winds blowing across the Atlantic be wind in the sails of Balkan illiberals?

trump-and-trepidation-01-19-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR JANUARY 13-19

Trump and Trepidation

Our selection of articles from Balkan Insight this week reflects what a turbulent start this year has got off to in the Balkans, as well as how global fears and expectations of the Trump Presidency are manifesting themselves in this region. 

starting-with-a-bang-01-12-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR JANUARY 1-12

Starting With a Bang

The excitement of the holiday season may be subsiding, but political life in the Balkans is only just heating up. 

of-crises-and-cool-heads-12-22-2016 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR DECEMBER 15-22

Of Crises and Cool Heads

A look at a rich mix of themes from this week’s premium articles finds both worrying signs of crisis, some signs of calm thinking, as well as new winds in some of the different corners of the Balkans.