Each Thursday we take a look at the week behind us through our selection of Balkan Insight Premium articles
new-realities-and-old-temptations-07-28-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP JULY 20 - 27

New Realities and Old Temptations

Amidst the high summer heat, we look at how the EU is dealing with authoritarian challenges, the myths and realities or Russia’s presence in the Balkans and much more, including interesting places to discover during the holiday season. 

the-power-of-time-07-20-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP JULY 14 - 20

The Power of Time

In a region with such a tumultuous history as the Balkans, sudden developments are common, but as this week’s roundup from our Premium articles shows, some current situations and recent events have been years in the making.

boom-bust-and-deadlock-07-14-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP JULY 7 - 13

Boom, Bust and Deadlock

A patchwork of premium articles from Balkan Insight reveals, among other things, that while the politics of the region are often deadlocked, some sectors of the economy are booming nonetheless. 

rocking-the-boat-07-07-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP JUNE 30 – JULY 6

Rocking the Boat

Our selection of articles this week looks at Turkey’s growing drift away from the West, the rough seas in which Romania has suddenly found itself, how Bosnia’s left can be saved from drowning and much more. 

triumphs-and-tumbles-06-29-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP JUNE 23 - 29

Triumphs and Tumbles

The recent spout of elections and political appointments in the Balkans has resulted in a number of momentous triumphs in the region, but for those who floundered in the polls, it’s now a matter of dealing with how the chips have fallen and surviving in the wake.

all-aboard-the-china-express-06-22-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP JUNE 16 - 22

All Aboard the China Express

This week we look at the opportunities and risks associated with Chinese investments in the region, as well as the mix of election-related politics, economic and security stories. 

unexpected-twists-and-decaying-gems-06-15-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP JUNE 10 – 16

Unexpected Twists and Decaying Gems

As some governments look on the brink of collapse and others pull back from the same edge, we bring you a series of articles on some unexpected twists and turns, meddling spies and forgotten gems. 

unpredictability-versus-indifference-06-09-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR JUNE 3-9

Unpredictability versus Indifference

Our Premium articles this week analyse Great Power politics in the region as well as local electoral dynamics – all spiced up with an interesting story of how rakija brewing has crossed the Atlantic Ocean!

power-plays-and-payback-06-02-2017 Weekly Roundup for May 26 – June 2

Power Plays and Payback

With more elections looming across the region, this week politicians were jostling for strategic positions, with some faring better than others in the political playoffs.

the-calm-after-the-storm-05-25-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR MAY 19-25

The Calm After the Storm

No Parliaments being stormed, few protests and little incendiary bilateral rhetoric between Balkan countries makes for a calm, but never dull, news week. 

comic-coups-and-early-elections-05-18-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR MAY 12-18

Comic Coups and Early Elections

Falling governments and pivotal elections seem to be the themes of the week, spiced up with the seemingly never-ending coup saga in Montenegro, which, for some, appears to have a comic edge!

the-winding-road-05-11-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR MAY 6 - 11

The Winding Road

From gun running to the collapse of yet another government in Kosovo, we look at a range of themes from the Balkans, including the story of the region’s modern-day ‘kings’…