Each Thursday we take a look at the week behind us through our selection of Balkan Insight Premium articles
making-a-killing-09-14-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP SEPTEMBER 8 – 14

Making a Killing

Our stories this week reveal the scale of the Pentagon’s Syrian arms buying efforts, in which the Balkans are yet again a key plank, as well as more locally pressing issues, from Bosnia’s turbulent politics to Croatia’s far-right. 

casablanca-09-07-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP SEPTEMBER 1 - 7


Spy scandals and affairs are a staple of Balkan politics, whether domestic or regional, as several of our chosen stories from the region this week illustrate. 

stuck-in-the-mud-08-31-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP AUGUST 25 - 31

Stuck in the Mud

Across the Balkan region, many governments, societies and individuals find themselves balancing along political and historical tightropes. 


Unpredictable Dynamics

This weeks collection of articles from Balkan Insight takes a look at the changing and often unpredictable dynamics that are driving events around us, from political crises in neighbouring countries to acts of nature. 

boom-and-bust-08-17-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP AUGUST 11-17

Boom and Bust

While things may be looking up for governments and armed forces in some corners of the Balkans, there is a definite sense of bust in other parts of the region. 

back-and-forth-08-11-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP AUGUST 4 - 10

Back and Forth

In our collection of texts from Balkan Insight this week, the common theme seems to be of people and societies moving backwards and forwards, either in the form of migration or when it comes to their attitude towards the past. 

decision-time-08-03-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP JULY 28 – AUGUST 3

Decision Time

Across the Balkans, it seems to be time to make some hard decisions, from Serbia’s relations with Kosovo, to Bosnia’s deadlocked politicians and all the way back to Kosovo where a government must be formed in order to avoid another election. 

new-realities-and-old-temptations-07-28-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP JULY 20 - 27

New Realities and Old Temptations

Amidst the high summer heat, we look at how the EU is dealing with authoritarian challenges, the myths and realities or Russia’s presence in the Balkans and much more, including interesting places to discover during the holiday season. 

the-power-of-time-07-20-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP JULY 14 - 20

The Power of Time

In a region with such a tumultuous history as the Balkans, sudden developments are common, but as this week’s roundup from our Premium articles shows, some current situations and recent events have been years in the making.

boom-bust-and-deadlock-07-14-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP JULY 7 - 13

Boom, Bust and Deadlock

A patchwork of premium articles from Balkan Insight reveals, among other things, that while the politics of the region are often deadlocked, some sectors of the economy are booming nonetheless. 

rocking-the-boat-07-07-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP JUNE 30 – JULY 6

Rocking the Boat

Our selection of articles this week looks at Turkey’s growing drift away from the West, the rough seas in which Romania has suddenly found itself, how Bosnia’s left can be saved from drowning and much more. 

triumphs-and-tumbles-06-29-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP JUNE 23 - 29

Triumphs and Tumbles

The recent spout of elections and political appointments in the Balkans has resulted in a number of momentous triumphs in the region, but for those who floundered in the polls, it’s now a matter of dealing with how the chips have fallen and surviving in the wake.