Each Thursday we take a look at the week behind us through our selection of Balkan Insight Premium articles
the-calm-after-the-storm-05-25-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR MAY 19-25

The Calm After the Storm

No Parliaments being stormed, few protests and little incendiary bilateral rhetoric between Balkan countries makes for a calm, but never dull, news week. 

comic-coups-and-early-elections-05-18-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR MAY 12-18

Comic Coups and Early Elections

Falling governments and pivotal elections seem to be the themes of the week, spiced up with the seemingly never-ending coup saga in Montenegro, which, for some, appears to have a comic edge!

the-winding-road-05-11-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR MAY 6 - 11

The Winding Road

From gun running to the collapse of yet another government in Kosovo, we look at a range of themes from the Balkans, including the story of the region’s modern-day ‘kings’… 

dangerous-waters-05-05-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR APRIL 29 – MAY 5

Dangerous Waters

As political crises exploded across the Balkans, the region appeared to be sailing into dangerous waters over the last week. 

sketches-of-the-balkans-04-28-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR APRIL 21-28

Sketches of the Balkans

A tycoon in trouble, a (not so) frozen conflict, political and diplomatic drama sparked by a mine, a dubious referendum and competing orbits of influence – this week’s selection of articles are a gripping collection of sketches of the Balkans.

stability-versus-protest-04-20-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR APRIL 14-20

Stability versus Protest

While protests in Serbia continue, much of the international community seems to be opting for the ‘devil it knows’, while in Montenegro controversy over last year’s coup rumbles on… 

student-power-04-13-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR APRIL 7 - 13

Student Power

Yet another Balkan country is swept by a wave of popular – and unexpected - protests, while the theme of authoritarian progress across the region continues to be a dominant one among this week’s articles.  

bumpy-ride-ahead-04-06-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR MARCH 31 – APRIL 6

Bumpy Ride Ahead

A growing political crisis in Albania, fears over foreigners buying up land in Serbia and problems of youth radicalisation are among the top stories on Balkan Insight this week. 

electoral-suspense-03-30-2017-1 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR MARCH 24-30

Electoral Suspense

As Serbia heads into an electoral showdown between government and opposition, Bulgaria struggles to cobble together a new government, while Europeans ponder how to tackle the region’s problems. 

europe-s-balkan-hour-03-23-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR MARCH 17 – 23

Europe’s Balkan Hour

As EU officials seek to rediscover and re-engage with the Balkans, we bring a series of articles on what the EU should and should not be doing in the Balkans, along with a variety of stories picked from across the region, not least one about Bosnia’s ‘pyramids’.  

smell-of-desperation-03-16-2017 WEEKLY ROUNDUP FOR MARCH 11 - 16

Smell of Desperation

While our stories from Kosovo and Macedonia reflect the rising temperature in both, many of our other stories this week provide a mix of both the positive and the quirky in the Balkans. 

winners-and-losers-03-09-2017-1 WEEKLY ROUNDUP MARCH 3 – 10

Winners and Losers

Elections in the Balkans often seem to generate at least as many problems as they resolve – this week we look at upcoming electoral contests in Serbia and Bulgaria, as well as the post-election crisis in Macedonia.