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Latest Profiles from Montenegro

16 Oct 17

Long-Running Coup Drama Still Has Montenegro Gripped

A year after the alleged coup attempt, countless media reports, official statements and an ongoing trial have failed to resolve doubts about what happened on October 16 last year in Montenegro.

08 May 17

Balkan Rulers Who Just Won’t Say Goodbye

Kings may have departed from the Balkan stage but many of the region’s current leaders weild power in monarchical style - clinging to office for decades. Here is the selection of ten politicans who think it is never the right time to bow out.

27 Apr 17

Ivica Todoric: Croatia's Tycoon Who Wanted Too Much

Ivica Todoric, the man who transformed his flower company into one of the Balkans' biggest business empires, Agrokor, now faces the possibility of seeing the debt-ridden firm go under.

27 Feb 17

Milivoje Katnic, Montenegro’s Tarnished Coup Investigator

The Montenegrin prosecutor may have been lauded in the foreign media for exposing a Russian-backed coup plan – but at home his reputation is being torn to shreds.

09 Dec 16

Oleg Deripaska, Montenegro’s Saviour Turned Enemy

The Russian billionaire who now claims hundreds of millions of euros from Montenegro was only ten years earlier welcomed as a friend and life-saving investor.

31 Oct 16

Dusko Markovic: Keeper of Montenegro’s Secrets

Former intelligence chief Dusko Markovic could become Montenegro's new PM, in what looks like a manoeuvre to strengthen the shaken power of the current elite.

21 Oct 16

Bratislav Dikic: Alleged Mastermind of Montenegro's ‘Coup’

Controversial retired Serbian general Bratislav Dikic is at the centre of a mass of conflicting theories over the background - and reality - of the alleged coup attempt in Montenegro.

11 Oct 16

Montenegro: Key Political Parties

Profiles of the main political players in Montenegro.

11 Oct 16

Montenegro Elections 2016: Profile

Elections in Montenegro are scheduled for October 16, with 17 coalitions and parties fighting for positions in the 81-seat parliament.

11 Oct 16

Milo Djukanovic: Montenegro’s Prime Minister for Life

A master of metamorphosis, who morphed from Serbian nationalist into NATO advocate, Montenegro’s veteran leader faces a tough challenge in the coming election to win a seventh term.

10 Oct 16

Miodrag Lekic: Driven by Dream of Uniting Montenegro Opposition

The ex-foreign minister still clings to the belief that he can unite Montenegro’s divided opposition and finally overthrow Milo Djukanovic.

20 Jul 16

Filip Vujanovic, Montenegro’s ‘Mint Tea’ President

Although one of the most trusted politicians in the country, Vujanovic has long ceased to wield political power - which is why his decision not to run for the presidency again has caused little stir.

07 Jul 16

Ranko Krivokapic, Djukanovic Ally Who Switched Sides

After years spent as Milo Djukanovic’s close political ally, former speaker Ranko Krivokapic now advocates a united front among the opposition – but some question the sincerity of his defection.

08 Jun 16

Goran Danilovic: Montenegrin Journalist Turned Police Minister

Former journalist Goran Danilovic is in the hot seat as Montenegro’s new police minister; as opposition representative, he’s expected to expose alleged electoral fraud, stymie attacks on the media and hasten a showdown with criminal gangs with only four months remaining until a new election.

18 Dec 15

Montenegro's Anti-Graft Drive Claims Marovic’s Scalp

The former president’s arrest has resounded around Montenegro – but does it mean the drive against high-level corruption is finally being taken seriously?