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Latest Views from Montenegro

06 Nov 09

Montenegro's Hidden Historical Treasures

In 2003, archaeologists Louise Schofield and Sean Kingsley described Montenegro as both a “dream and a nightmare”.

30 Apr 10

The F Word

Social networking has become a part of the daily lives of many people across the world and Serbia and Serbians are amongst the most active participants, spawning the launch of websites about websites and even events related to websites. What the F is it all about?

16 Nov 11

Peak district

With 18 lakes, the deepest gorge in Europe and beautiful landscapes, the Montenegrin mountain resort of Durmitor offers opportunities for relaxation and adventure.

13 Mar 13

Montenegro’s Container Camp Refugees Survive Winter Freeze

In the Balkans’ biggest refugee camp, Roma who fled the Kosovo war have spent months without electricity in metal containers after the huts they used to live in burned down.

14 Mar 13

Montenegro’s Last Sworn Virgin Has No Regrets

Stana Cerovic took an oath of virginity, swapped skirts for trousers and ‘became a man’ decades ago – a decision she has never looked back on.

04 Jun 13

Where Naturists Meet Mother Nature

Located where the Bojana flows into the Adriatic, the island remains a Garden of Eden - though one less favoured by nudists than in former times.

25 Jun 13

Interview: A Different Kind of Remembrance

Balkan countries need to develop a culture of memorialisation where different ethnic groups recognise others’ suffering as well as their own, says Sarajevo-based researcher Nicolas Moll.

25 Jun 13

Politicians Take Control of History in Albania

A hasty spending spree motivated by political ambition ahead of this year’s election in Albania created a series of monuments to controversial historical figures with questionable aesthetic value.

25 Jun 13

Balkan Monuments: The Weird and Wonderful

From Bob Marley in Serbia to George W. Bush in Albania, the Balkans are full of unusual monuments to celebrities and political giants as well as memorials to past conflicts.

25 Jun 13

Yugo-Nostalgia Thrives at Tito Memorials

Monuments to Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito were installed all across the Balkans, and in some places they are still cherished by those who fondly remember the old state.

25 Jun 13

Ethnic Divisions Set in Stone

‘Hero’ fighters, massacre victims and alleged war criminals are being commemorated with new monuments across the former Yugoslavia, many of them reinforcing the disputes that originally led to the conflicts.

25 Jun 13

Balkans Gripped by Chaotic Monument-Building Boom

Hundreds of war memorials have been built since the Balkan conflicts, but some governments exert no control over how much public money is spent or whether new monuments provoke ethnic tensions.

10 Jul 13

Montenegro Fails to Find Truth About War Crimes

Wartime atrocities committed in Montenegro are going unpunished because of poor indictments, flawed prosecutions and a lack of political will, say human rights activists.

30 Jul 13

Montenegro: Politicised Judiciary Delivers ‘Slow Justice’

The first half of 2013 in Montenegro saw attempts to reform a politicised judiciary but the country’s few war crimes trials seemed to make little progress.

24 Sep 13

A Road Trip Across the Frontlines

The young people featured in BIRN’s new Balkan road-movie documentary The Majority Starts Here are disturbed by the ethnic hatred of the past but uncertain about their own futures.