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28 Apr 16

Montenegro Grants Citizenship to “Office Manager” of Abu Dhabi Sheikh

Montenegro’s government handed honorary citizenship in 2014 to a Libyan-born “office manager” and his wife in what appears to have been an as yet unsuccessful attempt to lure investment from an Abu Dhabi sheikh, Balkan Investigative Reporting Network can reveal.

22 Apr 16

Serb Fighters’ Mercenary Path from Ukraine to Syria

Serb paramilitary veterans of the Bosnian war are reported to have been part of mercenary units aiding Russian troops in Syria, after also being paid to do battle for pro-Moscow rebels in Ukraine.

15 Apr 16

Montenegro Probes Investigative Reporter for Drug Trafficking

Montenegrin investigative journalist Jovo Martinovic, work has exposed crime networks, war criminals and the Pink Panthers jewel thieves gang, is facing indictment for allegedly aiding a drug-trafficking gang.

30 Mar 16

Scale of Balkan Jihadist Extremism ‘Underestimated’

The scale of online radicalisation and Islamic extremism in key Balkan states is likely underestimated, warn experts, as the refugee crisis and heightened security after the Paris and Brussels attacks stretch resources.

25 Mar 16

Montenegro Security Services on ISIS Alert

The Montenegrin government has drawn up a new national strategy to counter a “high risk” of violent extremism and deter would-be jihadists from leaving for Syria and Iraq.

22 Mar 16

Karadzic Remains a Hero in Montenegrin Home Village

For his relatives in his home village of Petnjica in Montenegro, Radovan Karadzic is not a war criminal but a local boy who made good and strived to protect the Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

21 Mar 16

Violent Ideology is Luring Young Sandzak Men to Battle

Bekir Makic, an Islamic scholar from Serbia, says a false ideology is seducing lost youngsters from the Sandzak region.

07 Mar 16

Montenegro Square in Line for Fourth Name

Move to rename square in Podgorica - for the fourth time in 70 years - draws mixed response from locals who have seen it all before.

04 Mar 16

Balkans Brace for Migrant Crisis Shifts

As northern Europe changes it policies towards migrants, Balkan countries cooperate and prepare for new challenges.

26 Feb 16

Turkey’s 'Soft Power' Risks Backfiring in Balkans

Turkey has long sought to strengthen its position in the Balkans through political, economic and cultural means, but the strategy has limits and is attracting growing criticism.

16 Feb 16

Balkan Politicians Jostle For UN Hot Seat

While several high-profile Balkan politicians want to step into Ban Ki-moon’s shoes, there is no guarantee that the next UN chief will come from Eastern Europe.

04 Feb 16

Communist Ruin’s Fate Weighs on Montenegro

For many Montenegrins, the abandoned – and lethal – ruins of the House of Revolution in Niksic symbolise the failure of the Yugoslav communist experiment

22 Jan 16

Montenegro PM Eyes Benefits of Early Election

Montenegro's veteran leader is mulling the potential advantage of a no-confidence vote and early elections - which would enable him to avoid more stringent future election rules.

13 Jan 16

Veteran Leader Eyes Fresh Mandate in Montenegro

Vote will take place against a backdrop of continued rows over NATO membership and amid concern about whether new, fairer election rules will be in place.

31 Dec 15

NATO Invite Deepened Montenegro’s Divide

Long-awaited invitation to join the Western alliance added further fuel to almost non-stop opposition protests against the government of Milo Djukanovic.