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23 Apr 14

Balkan Gems Surface in British Video Archive

Among the rare old video clips published recently by British Pathé are many recording key moments in Balkan 20th-century history.

08 Apr 14

Balkans Weigh Impact of Russia-Ukraine Gas Feud

If Russia cuts or curbs the gas supply to Ukraine, some Balkan countries, especially Bosnia and Serbia, could be hard hit, as they lack alternative supply routes.

02 Apr 14

Montenegro’s Hopes Rise as NATO Summit Looms

Ahead of NATO’s September summit in Wales, the government is sounding confident that the alliance is close to admitting it to membership.

27 Feb 14

Politics By Other Means: Balkan NGOs Breed MPs

Foreign-funded civil society organisations are serving as a launchpad for political careers, provoking debate over their true function.

25 Feb 14

Anti-Red Fresco Gives Montenegrins the Blues

The controversial fresco in a Podgorica church depicting Communist leaders in hell is an unprecedented blend of an ancient art form and modern politics.

20 Feb 14

Is Ukraine the Next Yugoslavia?

Parallels between the situation today in Ukraine and the former Yugoslavia in the early 1990s are disturbing and real.

23 Jan 14

Smooth Operators: T-Mobile’s Macedonian Adventure

BIRN reveals how an investigation into a telecoms deal yielded a $95 million corruption settlement in the US – while the politicians involved escaped scrutiny in Macedonia.

10 Jan 14

Montenegro: Tough Choices Face Divided Society

Local elections, exacting EU chapters and bridging the deficit will be among the main challenge in the coming year.

06 Dec 13

Brussels Gets it Wrong on Balkan Asylum Seekers

The EU’s new ‘suspension clause’ is the latest in a series of misguided measures that will not resolve the problem of the flow of Balkan asylum seekers.

06 Dec 13

Djukanovic Visit Heals Breach With Belgrade

The Montenegrin leader’s visit may promote the new atmosphere of goodwill between the two countries – but major areas of disagreement remain.

20 Sep 13

Black Trio Affair Haunts Montenegro

Montenegrin leaders and opposition are at loggerheads over whether a police hit squad targeted anti-government activists some years back.

30 Jul 13

Montenegro: Politicised Judiciary Delivers ‘Slow Justice’

The first half of 2013 in Montenegro saw attempts to reform a politicised judiciary but the country’s few war crimes trials seemed to make little progress.

10 Jul 13

Montenegro Fails to Find Truth About War Crimes

Wartime atrocities committed in Montenegro are going unpunished because of poor indictments, flawed prosecutions and a lack of political will, say human rights activists.

25 Jun 13

Balkans Gripped by Chaotic Monument-Building Boom

Hundreds of war memorials have been built since the Balkan conflicts, but some governments exert no control over how much public money is spent or whether new monuments provoke ethnic tensions.

25 Jun 13

Ethnic Divisions Set in Stone

‘Hero’ fighters, massacre victims and alleged war criminals are being commemorated with new monuments across the former Yugoslavia, many of them reinforcing the disputes that originally led to the conflicts.