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04 Feb 16

Communist Ruin’s Fate Weighs on Montenegro

For many Montenegrins, the abandoned – and lethal – ruins of the House of Revolution in Niksic symbolise the failure of the Yugoslav communist experiment

22 Jan 16

Montenegro PM Eyes Benefits of Early Election

Montenegro's veteran leader is mulling the potential advantage of a no-confidence vote and early elections - which would enable him to avoid more stringent future election rules.

13 Jan 16

Veteran Leader Eyes Fresh Mandate in Montenegro

Vote will take place against a backdrop of continued rows over NATO membership and amid concern about whether new, fairer election rules will be in place.

31 Dec 15

NATO Invite Deepened Montenegro’s Divide

Long-awaited invitation to join the Western alliance added further fuel to almost non-stop opposition protests against the government of Milo Djukanovic.

29 Dec 15

Montenegro’s War Crimes Failings Continue in 2015

The country’s new special prosecutor admitted there have been no satisfactory outcomes from war crimes cases in Montenegro, while the authorities faced yet more criticism for their failings in 2015.

28 Dec 15

Hearts and Minds: The Battle for Montenegro’s Mamula Fortress

Plan to convert island fortress into a high-end resort angers families of locals imprisoned there during WW2, as experts warn Podgorica’s focus on tourism could undermine heritage preservation.

18 Dec 15

Montenegro's Anti-Graft Drive Claims Marovic’s Scalp

The former president’s arrest has resounded around Montenegro – but does it mean the drive against high-level corruption is finally being taken seriously?

15 Dec 15

Balkans Better Off without Tsar or Sultan

The row between Moscow and Ankara may not lead to proxy contests in countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina, but Balkan states should be wary of potential consequences.

11 Dec 15

Montenegro Shrugs off Russia Threats Over NATO

The Podgorica government is relaxed about Russian warnings that it could terminate all joint projects if Montenegro joins the Atlantic alliance.

02 Dec 15

Good for NATO - but for Montenegro?

Signing up Montenegro will benefit the Atlantic alliance, but whether it will do Montenegro much good is less clear.

30 Nov 15

Biden Remembers Tito

The US is not ‘rediscovering’ its interest in the Balkans – it never lost it.

29 Nov 15

Barring Refugees From Balkans is Discriminatory

The new policy of barring people on the basis of nationality violates refugees’ and asylum seekers’ basic rights.

26 Nov 15

Anti-Schengen Clamour Holds Dangers for Balkans

Growing calls to scrap a border-free Europe - in the wake of the Paris attacks – are a real threat to stability in the Western Balkans.

13 Nov 15

Abuse Charges Tarnish Montenegro's Special Police

Faith in the Montenegrin special police unit has been further shaken by videos showing them assaulting anti-government protesters.

22 Oct 15

Montenegrin Art Group Spurs Cultural Revival

Meet the young artists challenging the status quo by promoting new talent and revitalising the local arts scene in Niksic.