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Latest News from Montenegro

19 Jul 17

'Russian Coup Plot' Trial to Open in Montenegro

The trial of two Montenegrin opposition leaders and 12 others over an alleged coup attempt starts on Wednesday, but two Russian military intelligence officers who are also accused are still at large.

18 Jul 17

Blazes Expose Montenegro’s Firefighting Deficiencies

With two outdated planes and a lack of manpower and firefighting equipment, the blazes that have erupted across Montenegro have shown up the weakness of the country's emergency response system.

18 Jul 17

In Pictures: Blazes Engulf Montenegrin, Croatian Coastline

Hundreds of forest fires in Montenegro and Croatia continued to rage overnight, spreading rapidly towards towns and cities along both countries' coastlines.

17 Jul 17

Blazes Threaten Croatian, Montenegrin Coastal Cities

Wild forest fires burning across the Croatian and Montenegrin coast from the weekend spread to the edge of bigger cities on Monday, forcing some inhabitants to flee their homes.

17 Jul 17

Montenegro Vows to Remove Memorial to Assassin

The Montenegrin authorities have vowed to remove a controversial monument to Punisa Racic - the Serb nationalist MP who assassinated Croatian leader Stjepan Radic in the Yugoslav parliament in 1928.

12 Jul 17

Special Police Action Sparks Controversy in Montenegro

Rights watchdogs have called on Montenegro's government to dismantle the police special force unit, the SAJ, accusing it of once again grossly exceeding its powers.

12 Jul 17

Balkan-EU Summit to Discuss ‘Common Market’

Collaborative economic projects will be high on the agenda at the Trieste Summit of leaders from the EU and Western Balkan countries, as well as the prospects for EU expansion in the region.

08 Jul 17

Pressure Rises on Journalists in the Balkans

Weakening EU and US influence in the Balkans and increased Russian influence, as well as growing political and economic pressures on journalists, have created a harsher environment for Balkan media, BIRN’s biennial meeting heard.

05 Jul 17

Montenegro Gets Tough on Sports Hooligans

New measures to tackle hooliganism in sport are being brought forward by the government - but some believe that it will take more than just a new regulation to curb violence.

03 Jul 17

Montenegro Backs Down Over Opposition Leader's Arrest

After opposition MPs in Montenegro spent a fifth night in parliament, vowing to prevent the arrest of an opposition leader, the President has intervened with prosecutors.

03 Jul 17

Border Disputes Still Bedevil Ex-Yugoslav States

More than 25 years since Yugoslavia dissolved, the borders between many of the former states remain contentious and unresolved.

21 Jun 17

Russia’s Strategic Plans Failing in Balkans, IISS Says

London-based think tank says Moscow’s bid to establish bloc of four neutral or pro-Moscow Balkan states has experienced major setbacks in Macedonia and Montenegro.

12 Jun 17

Vucic Set to Skip Opening of Montenegro’s Serbian House

Serbian leader Aleksandar Vucic is unlikely to attend the opening ceremony of Serbian House in Podgorica despite Belgrade authorities backing the 3.5 million euro project.

09 Jun 17

Montenegro Opposition Leaders to Stand Trial in Coup Case

Two pro-Russian opposition leaders in Montenegro will go on trial over their role in an alleged coup plot, although they continue to insist that the case was staged to discredit them.

08 Jun 17

ISIS Threatens Terror Campaign in the Balkans

So-called Islamic State has vowed to decapitate ‘infidels’ and kill Serbs, Croats and Muslim ‘traitors’ in the Balkans in a new threat to the region published in the Bosnian version of the jihadists’ magazine.


22 Jan 18

Europe’s New Balkan Strategy Gets Dynamics All Wrong

The Commission’s new enlargement strategy for the Balkans is ambitious - but fundamentally misreads the serious nature of the challenges to democracy in the region.

17 Jan 18

How Rich Are the Balkans’ Top Politicians?

26 Dec 17

Balkans in 2017: Two Cheers for the Economy

25 Dec 17

Balkans Heroes – People Who Saved 2017


11 Jan 18

China’s Stealthy Advance in Balkans Should Worry EU

While Europe focuses on the threat of Russian penetration in Eastern Europe, it is neglecting the subtler dangers than come from China’s growing influence in the region.

19 Oct 17

EU Mulls Lower Roaming Charges for Balkans