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Latest News from Montenegro

01 Nov 17

Tirana Brokers Deal Uniting Montenegro's Albanian Parties

Albania has hailed an election deal, which it helped to mediate, between four ethnic Albanian political parties in Montenegro – designed to strengthen the community's hand in the neighbouring country.

26 Oct 17

Key Witness Says Russia Funded Montenegro Coup Plot

The key witness in the election coup plot trial, Sasa Sindjelic, said he was hired by a Russian intelligence officer to organise the overthrow of the government to stop Montenegro from joining NATO.

25 Oct 17

Balkan States’ Passports Rank as Average in Global Survey

An online index that ranks states' passports based on how many countries people can enter with them has placed most Balkan states somewhere in the middle - with the exception of Kosovo.

25 Oct 17

Key Witness in Montenegro ‘Coup’ Trial to Testify

The most anticipated hearing in the coup trial in Montenegro is set for Wednesday when the main witness in the alleged Russian-backed plot is expected to give his version of the last year's incident.

24 Oct 17

Montenegrin Opposition Rallies to Mark Protest Anniversary

Montenegro’s opposition Democratic Front will take to the streets to mark the second anniversary of mass anti-government protests and demand that those responsible for alleged police brutality are punished.

17 Oct 17

Church Offer to Guarantee Coup Suspects Divides Montenegro

An offer by the Serbian Orthodox Church to accommodate Serbs charged in the coup plot, if they are released from custody, has drawn a mixed reaction in Montenegro.

11 Oct 17

Montenegro Army to Retire Ex-Yugoslav Army Officers

The Montenegrin defence ministry confirmed to BIRN that it plans to retire dozens of mid-career officers who once served with the Yugoslav People’s Army, saying it needs to “rejuvenate the troops”.

09 Oct 17

Montenegro Coup Defendant Slates 'Rigged Anti-Serbian' Trial

A Montenegro opposition leader, Milan Knezevic, on Monday pleaded not guilty to charges of involvement in a failed coup attempt, telling the court it was a 'rigged process against the Serbs'.

02 Oct 17

Catalan Clashes Expose Usual Splits in Balkans

The heavy-handed attempts of the Spanish police to stop a Catalan referendum on independence on Sunday from taking place exposed predictable divisions in the Balkans.

23 Sep 17

In Pictures: Montenegro Gays March to End Violence

Dozens of people marched the streets of Podgorica in the fifth Montenegro Pride parade,  urging the state to impose stricter penalties for violence against LGBT people.

22 Sep 17

Montenegrin Capital Set for Gay Pride Parade

The fifth annual Podgorica Pride parade takes place in the Montenegrin capital with activists urging the state to impose tougher penalties for violent offences against LGBT people.

22 Sep 17

Ex-Yugoslav Leaders Urged to Back Truth Commission

The presidents of all ex-Yugoslav countries have been urged to sign an agreement to set up the RECOM regional commission to establish the facts about war crimes and other rights violations between 1991 and 2001.

19 Sep 17

Montenegro Asks Libya to Return Detained Sailors

After the seizure in Libya of a cargo ship with Montenegrin sailors aboard, Podgorica asked Tripoli to ensure the safe return of the crew of the vessel, which is suspected of involvement in smuggling.

19 Sep 17

New Killing in Troubled Kotor Rattles Montenegro

The ability of the police in Montenegro to deal with gangster-style assassinations in the crime-hit resort of Kotor is again in question after another killing last weekend.

14 Sep 17

Balkan Citizens Still Trust 'Corrupt' Police, Survey Shows

Well over half of all citizens of the Western Balkans trust their police forces – despite feeling that they are corrupt institutions – a new survey shows.


17 Jan 18

How Rich Are the Balkans’ Top Politicians?

Senior politicians in the region may earn far more than the average citizen – but the biggest earners are rarely those occupying the highest state posts. 

26 Dec 17

Balkans in 2017: Two Cheers for the Economy

25 Dec 17

Balkans Heroes – People Who Saved 2017


11 Jan 18

China’s Stealthy Advance in Balkans Should Worry EU

While Europe focuses on the threat of Russian penetration in Eastern Europe, it is neglecting the subtler dangers than come from China’s growing influence in the region.

19 Oct 17

EU Mulls Lower Roaming Charges for Balkans