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Latest News from Montenegro

29 Jul 16

Montenegro PM Faces Grilling for Attacking Prosecutors

The opposition wants to question Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic over a leaked security report which accused the Special Prosecution Office for organized crime of acting too independently.

28 Jul 16

Montenegro Urges Kosovo to Ratify Border Agreement

Dusko Markovic, the Montenegrin Vice Prime Minister, said Kosovo should ratify the border demarcation agreement reached between the countries without delay.

27 Jul 16

Turkey Eyes Dahlan's Role in Failed Coup

Turkish authorities say they will investigate whether Mohammed Dahlan, a Gulf-based Palestinian opposition leader with Serbian and Montenegrin citizenship, had a hand in the recent failed coup.

27 Jul 16

Arms Exports to Middle East: A Question of Legality

Human rights and arms experts believe some of Central and Eastern Europe’s weapons trade with Saudi Arabia, the region’s principal supplier of weapons to Syria, is likely breaking international law. 

26 Jul 16

Seselj's Radicals to Run in Montenegrin Elections

The ultra-nationalist Serbian Radical Party plans to revive its activities in Montenegro ahead of the October elections, promising a tough campaign against EU and NATO membership.

25 Jul 16

Montenegro Ex-President Marovic Faces Prison

The former president of the now defunct State Union of Serbia and Montenegro, Svetozar Marovic, faces a jail term after admitting guilt in a high-profile graft case linked to his hometown of Budva.

22 Jul 16

Serbian Court Upholds Montenegrin Journalist's Libel Claim

A court in Belgrade confirmed an earlier judgment against the news portal E-novine for defaming the prominent Montenegrin journalist Milka Tadic Mijovic and ordered it to pay her about 8,000 euros.

19 Jul 16

Serbian Ruling Party Makes Exhibition of ‘Media Lies’

Serbia's ruling Progressive Party organised an unusual exhibition of press articles to back its claim that the media is free to lie about the government and that there is no official censorship.

15 Jul 16

Kosovo Sets Date for MPs' Debate on Border

Under conflicting pressures from the international community and local opinion, the Kosovo assembly has tabled a debate on the controversial border deal for August.

13 Jul 16

Montenegro Earns More Cash From Arms Sales

The latest report on the arms trade in Montenegro shows that the value of exports has risen significantly in recent years.  

12 Jul 16

Serbia Urged to ‘Integrate’ Guantanamo Detainees

The US ambassador to Belgrade praised the Serbian authorities for accepting two freed Guantanamo Bay detainees but said they must now be integrated into society.

12 Jul 16

Montenegro Matches UN Sanctions Against ISIS

The Montenegrin government has unveiled sanctions against terrorist groups aimed at disrupting ISIS's and Al-Qaeda's financial, logistical and recruiting operations in the country.   

11 Jul 16

Thousands Mourn at Srebrenica Anniversary Commemoration

Thousands of people gathered in Srebrenica to mark the 21st anniversary of Europe’s worst atrocity since the Holocaust and bury 127 more Bosniak victims of the massacres.

05 Jul 16

Political Leaders Approve Balkan Youth Cooperation Office

Political leaders signed an agreement to set up a cross-Balkan youth cooperation office which aims to restore links between young people whose countries were in conflict during the 1990s war.

05 Jul 16

New Organ Donation System Divides Montenegro

New 'presumed consent' rules, which come into effect next month, offer fresh hope to hundreds of desperately sick people awaiting organ transplants - but some accuse the government of trampling on people's human rights.


27 Jul 16

Making a Killing: The 1.2 Billion Euro Arms Pipeline to Middle East

An unprecedented flow of weapons from Central and Eastern Europe is flooding the battlefields of the Middle East.

26 Jul 16

The Balkans and the Outskirts of Europe

05 Jul 16

Eastern Europe Must Grasp Its UN Moment


06 Jul 16

Montenegrin, Croatian Tourism Surges as Visitors Shun Turkey

Croatia and Montenegro are seeing a spike in holidaymakers, as fears of terrorism drive visitors from old destinations in Turkey and North Africa towards the resorts of the Adriatic.

16 Jun 16

Montenegro Piles Pressure on Tax Dodging Firms