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Latest News from Montenegro

02 Dec 16

Turmoil in Montenegrin TV Sparks 'Plot' Claims

Pro-government media outlets in Montenegro have accused the opposition - which lost the October general election - of hatching a plot to take over the national broadcaster, RTCG.

01 Dec 16

Montenegro Journalist Rejects Drugs Smuggling Charge

Montenegrin crime reporter Jovo Martinovic has pleaded not guilty to drugs smuggling charges, calling the indictment against him contradictory and unclear.

01 Dec 16

Old Doubts Cling to Montenegro’s New Cabinet

Despite a host of fresh faces in the cabinet, not everyone is persuaded that Montenegro's new government under Dusko Markovic will be that different from the old one.

30 Nov 16

Attacks on Balkan Media Unchecked, HRW Says

Journalists across the Western Balkans face a hostile environment that impedes their ability to report in a critical fashion, Human Rights Watch said on Wednesday.

30 Nov 16

Montenegro Arrests Croatian Serb War Crimes Convict

Montenegrin police arrested Miroslav Jovic, a Serb convicted in absentia in Croatia of committing war crimes against Croats during the conflict in the country in 1991, media reported.

30 Nov 16

Montenegro Albanians Win Payback for Backing Govt

Montenegro’s government will give a mainly Albanian-populated area long-sought municipal status among other concessions after ethnic Albanian politicians helped the ruling party gain a parliamentary majority.

29 Nov 16

Unsolved Bomb Blasts Threaten Montenegro's Security

Several Montenegrin towns and the capital Podgorica have been hit by a series of bomb blasts in recent months, but police have caught none of the perpetrators so far.

28 Nov 16

Montenegro MPs to Vote on New Govt Amid Boycott

Parliament will vote on Montenegro’s new government despite a boycott by MPs from the opposition, which is also threatening protest rallies against alleged election fraud.

25 Nov 16

Brussels Urged to Support Balkan Civic Society Groups

The civic society network BCSDN in a new report has called on the European Commission to deepen its commitment to civil society groups and initiatives in the Balkan region.

25 Nov 16

Montenegro Opposition Slam Coup Plotter’s ‘Witness’ Status in Court

Legal experts and Montenegro’s opposition parties have criticised a court’s decision to grant "protected witness" status to Aleksandar Sindjelic, the main suspect in a plot to kill Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic.

24 Nov 16

Montenegro Accused of Rigging State TV Competition

The sudden cancellation of the competition for a new public TV chief has fuelled claims that the ruling party wants to regain its old influence over the public TV after six months when it was run by the interim administration approved by the opposition.

23 Nov 16

Bosniak Party Holds Key for Montenegro’s Next Govt

The ruling party of Milo Djukanovic has reportedly agreed to cede the Bosniak Party three high-ranking cabinet positions in exchange for its support, ending several weeks of wrangling over the formation of a new government.

22 Nov 16

Vucic to Meet Montenegrin Serbs After Coup Claims

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic will meet leaders of the pro-Serb opposition in Montenegro even though some of them have been accused of involvement in a coup attempt.

18 Nov 16

Montenegro Opposition Plans New Wave of Protests

Montenegro's strongest opposition alliance, the Democratic Front, has announced new street protests aimed at forcing out the ruling party, if it tries to form a new government.

16 Nov 16

Commission Plans Security Checks for Non-EU Citizens

Travelers to Europe from non-EU Balkan states will have to undergo new online security checks before they can proceed, if the Commission’s plan is adopted.


09 Nov 16

Trump Triumph Celebrated and Mourned in Balkans

While many Serbs, Macedonians and Montenegrins hailed the victory of Donald Trump, many Albanians and Bosniaks are lamenting the defeat of Hillary Clinton.


15 Nov 16

Russian Tycoon Sues Montenegro Over Aluminum Plant

The Central European Aluminum Company, owned by the Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska, is suing the government of Montenegro over the KAP aluminum plant's bankruptcy.

29 Sep 16

World Bank Upbeat About Western Balkans