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Latest News from Montenegro

31 Oct 14

Montenegro Police Brace for Second Gay Pride

Podgorica's second Gay Pride parade, planned for October, will be go ahead on November 2 amid tight security in the capital.

30 Oct 14

Montenegro Mulls Banning Tabloid Attacks on Activist

State Prosecutor seeks a court ban on the Belgrade newspaper that has resumed its highly controversial campaign against the rights activist and MANS head, Vanja Calovic.

29 Oct 14

Montenegro Pays Milllions For Unlawful Detention

Montenegro has paid out more than 5 million euros in compensation over the last four years to people who were wrongly detained, the Ministry of Justice revealed.

29 Oct 14

Djukanovic Denies Giving Loans to Criminals

Montenegro's Prime Minister said no law was broken when the government some years ago loaned 2 millon euro to Safet Kalic, the alleged boss of the so-called 'Rozaj Clan' drugs smuggling ring.

28 Oct 14

NATO Urges Montenegro to Stay on Track

Top NATO general praises the progress of Montegegro's military reforms - but says the link between the military and the decision-makers needs clarifying.

27 Oct 14

Gay Montenegrins Face Workplace Discrimination

Every third LGBT person in Montenegro has been a victim of homophobia in the workplace and almost half have experienced discrimination, a new survey suggests.

27 Oct 14

Montenegro Rushes Through Anti-Lobbying Law

After the EU criticized its anti-corruption measures, Montenegro is hurriedly pushing through an anti-lobbying law aimed at making decision-making processes more transparent.

24 Oct 14

Brussels to Monitor Balkan Economies Each Year

Balkan countries pledged to send their annual economic plans to the EU at a conference in Belgrade - which also marked the first time that the Serbian capital hosted Kosovo officials.

24 Oct 14

Montenegro Says No to Marijuana as Medicine

Montenegrin ministers have refused to back an initiative to legalize marijuana for medical purposes, saying any such decision requires further medical and legal analysis.

23 Oct 14

Greek Tycoon Saves Montenegro's Oldest Paper

Petros Stathis will most likely be the new owner of Montenegro's oldest newspaper Pobjeda, which has been heavily in debt and struggling to survive for years.

21 Oct 14

Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo to Sign Border Deal

Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania are preparing to sign a trilateral agreement that will mark 'the meeting point of the three borders'.

21 Oct 14

Fugitive Montenegrin Drugs Baron Arrested

Suspected Montenegrin drug king pin Safet Kalic has been arrested in Austria, after more than three years on the run.

20 Oct 14

Montenegrin Serbs Allege Language Discrimination

Serb organisations in Montenegro urged the authorities to end what they said was discrimination against the Serbian language in the country.

17 Oct 14

Montenegro Daily Seeks Compensation for 'Lies'

The founders of the Montenegro's independent daily, Vijesti, have filed a lawsuit against the pro-government TV Pink Montenegro and state-owned Pobjeda newspaper, seeking 660,000 euros in compensation for what it calls a camaign of smears against it.

16 Oct 14

Montenegrin and Albanian Pupils Clash at School

The violence at this week’s Serbia-Albania football match sparked an ethnically-charged fight between Albanians and Montenegrins at a school in Podgorica.


29 Oct 14

Balkans Do Better in 'Doing Business' Report

Most Balkan states have improved their positions in the World Bank's latest “Doing Business” report - some much more than others.