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Latest News from Montenegro

03 Jul 15

Kosovo-Montenegro Border Talks Stir Suspicions

Parliamentarians in both Kosovo and Montenegro are unhappy with the behind-closed-doors negotiations on their border - and each government is being accused of giving too much away.

03 Jul 15

Germany Pledges to Extradite Kalic to Montenegro

German authorities say they will return the alleged drugs trafficker Safet Kalic to Montenegro to face charges of money-laundering once his judicial process in Germany is complete.

30 Jun 15

Montenegro Clamps Down on Blood Diamond Trade

Montenegro is taking action to prevent the trade in so-called 'blood diamonds' - sold by rebel groups or their allies to fund wars in conflict zones - as part of the EU accession process.

25 Jun 15

Montenegro Names Organized Crime Dept Chief

Montenegro has named Milivoje Katnic as head of the new organized crime and corruption department, which is based on Croatia's highly praised USKOK unit.

19 Jun 15

Montenegrin Media's Plight Concerns Austrian FM

Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurtz expressed 'regret' about attacks on journalists in Montenegro, on a visit designed to reinforce Vienna's support for the country's EU aspirations.

19 Jun 15

Montenegro Ruling Party To Purge Senior Ranks

Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic plans to get rid of most senior officials in his Democratic Party of Socialists at the party congress scheduled for Saturday.

19 Jun 15

Montenegro Ruling Party To Purge Senior Ranks

Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic plans to get rid of most senior officials in his Democratic Party of Socialists at the party congress scheduled for Saturday.

19 Jun 15

Montenegro Seeks Interpol Help in Plagiarism Row

Montenegrin police have requested international police assistance to probe plagiarism allegations made against the Science Minister, Sanja Vlahovic.

18 Jun 15

Montenegro to Name Special Organized Crime Prosecutor

In the next few days Montenegro will announce the name of the head of the new special prosecution office for organized crime and corruption, which is being set up as part of a drive to improve the country's record in this department.

17 Jun 15

Montenegro Joins Sanctions on Tunisia's Ex-Leaders

Montenegro has again allied itself with EU foreign policy, imposing sanctions on officials of the former regime in Tunisia.

16 Jun 15

Deadly Mines 'Still Being Thrown' Into Montenegrin Sea

Montenegrin police divers have de-activated more unexploded mines in the Adriatic Sea - and warn that such devices are still being thrown into the sea, posing a danger to many.

16 Jun 15

Germany Tells Montenegrins to Stay at Home

The German ambassador in Podgorica, Gudrun Steinacker, has urged Montenegrins not to try to enter Western Europe illegally, following reports of rising numbers of would-be migrants.

15 Jun 15

Djukanovic Sole Candidate for Ruling Party's Top Post

Milo Djukanovic, the head of the ruling Montenegrin Democratic Party of Socialists, will be the sole candidate for the party leadership.

12 Jun 15

NATO Chief ‘Sincerely Regrets Civilian Deaths’ in 1999 Bombing

Jens Stoltenberg’s statement of regret over the loss of civilian lives during the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia provokes mixed reaction in Montenegro.

11 Jun 15

Plan to Net 'Pink Panthers' Mulled in Montenegro

Police from around the world have met in Montenegro to plot further action against the so-called Pink Panther gang of jewel thieves - most of whom come from former Yugoslavia.


01 Jul 15

Montenegro Eyes Tourist Boom From Greek Crisis

Montenegrin Central Bank says Greek financial crisis will not significantly affect Montenegro's economy- and may even may bring more tourists to the country this summer.