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Latest News from Montenegro

28 May 15

Balkans Features Low on Global Terrorism Map

The Balkan states are among the safest countries in the world in terms of the risk of terrorism, a new global risk map intended for investors says.  

28 May 15

Foes of Montenegrin Independence 'Planned to Kill Bishop'

Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic claimed that opponents of the country's independence in 2006 planned to assassinate the leading Serbian bishop, to discredit the independence idea.

27 May 15

Montenegro's Top Independent TV Faces Bankruptcy

Following a court request to declare TV Vijesti bankrupt as a result of its tax debts, its editor-in-chief has accused the government of being vindictive towards independent media outlets.

27 May 15

Italy Backs Montenegro's NATO Aspirations

Italian President Sergio Mattarella, on a visit to Montenegro on Tuesday, said that Rome considers the country ready to join the NATO alliance.

26 May 15

Montenegrins Battle to Save Endangered Dolphins

A group of Montenegrin scientists are battling to protect the habitat of dolphins in the Albanian part of the Adriatic Sea, warning that the species is vanishing at an alarming rate.

25 May 15

Montenegro Plans to Tighten Asylum Law

Following a very sharp increase in the number of asylum seekers, Montenegro plans to strengthen its control measures including giving police powers to detain illegal migrants.

22 May 15

Montenegro Opposition Offers SDP Role in New Govt

As the two governing parties in Montenegro quarrel ever more openly, the opposition Democratic Front is busily wooing the junior ruling Social Democrats.

19 May 15

Montenegro Newspaper Slates Freeing of Blast Suspects

The daily Vijesti has accused the police and the prosecution of succumbing to political pressure after a court decided to release the suspects for a bomb attack on the paper in 2013.

19 May 15

NATO Holds Door Open for Montenegro

Parliamentarians from 19 NATO member countries and 17 associate parliaments, meeting in Hungary, pledged support for the expansion process, saying NATO must remain open to new members.

18 May 15

Montenegro Prosecution Urged to Probe Arms Firm Sale

An anti-corruption watchdog has filed criminal charges against Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic following an investigation by BIRN into the privatisation of the country’s largest arms exporter.

18 May 15

Montenegro Urged to Regulate Non-Resident Voters

The Montenegrin opposition demanded that tens of thousands of people be removed from the electoral roll before the next elections because they have been living abroad for too many years.

15 May 15

Bosnia, Montenegro End Dispute Over Borders

Relations between the two neighbours have started returning to normal after Bosnia's parliament rejected a resolution claiming a slice of land in Montenegro around the village of Sutorina.

13 May 15

Montenegro Urged to Restore Conscript Army

The head of the pro-Serbian NOVA party said growing concerns about security issues in the Balkans suggested that Montenegro needed to bring back compulsory military service.

12 May 15

Montenegro PM Complains of ‘Masochistic’ Coalition

Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic expressed his harshest ever criticism of his governing allies, the Social Democratic Party, saying that their longstanding coalition was a painful relationship.

11 May 15

Macedonia Violence Worries Balkan Neighbours

Politicians and security chiefs in Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria and Albania have voiced concerns about the weekend clashes in Macedonia and their potentially destabilising effect on the region.


14 Apr 15

Drugs, Diamonds and Bullets: Balkan Arms Firm Linked to Criminal Investigations

The Montenegrin government sold its multimillion euro defence firm to an Israeli-Serbian consortium linked to businessmen embroiled in criminal investigations into alleged drug smuggling, money laundering and arms trafficking, BIRN can reveal.


26 May 15

Montenegro Firms Spy Business Opportunities in NATO

A conference on business opportunities in NATO heard that military, food and tourism industries all stand to benefit after 25 local companies were awarded a prized certificate.