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Latest News from Montenegro

24 Jun 16

Balkans Shaken as UK Chooses EU Exit

Initial reactions from the Balkan region to the negative vote on the EU in Britain are gloomy - but concerns about the effects of a 'Brexit' on Southeastern Europe's economies are less dramatic. 

23 Jun 16

Montenegro Takes in Ex-Guantanamo Prisoner

Montenegro has agreed to 'socially rehabilitate' another detainee from Guantanamo camp, from Yemen, under a programe drawn up between the US and its allies.

22 Jun 16

Putin's Bikers to Start Slavic Balkan Tour

Vladimir Putin’s favourite bike club, the Night Wolves, will ride across 12 countries, aiming to strengthen connections between the Eastern European Orthodox peoples and Russia.

20 Jun 16

Balkan EU Prospects Must Remain Alive, Panel Says

There is no alternative to EU accession for the Balkan countries despite the many ongoing setbacks, participants at a BIRN panel organised in Skopje, Macedonia, said.

15 Jun 16

Montenegro Set to Probe Poll Fraud Claims

The special prosecution for organized crime will probe allegations that ruling party committed electoral fraud in the run-up to the October elections - if an opposition motion secures a majority of votes.

14 Jun 16

Montenegro Minister Accused of Undermining Cyrillic

Opposition party says it will seeks education minister's resignation because of what it calls discrimination against the Cyrillic script in schools.

10 Jun 16

Montenegro Military Helicopter Crash Injures Two Officers

A military helicopter crashed in the Montenegrin capital Podgorica on Friday, injuring the pilot and co-pilot, the defence ministry said.

10 Jun 16

Police Secure Montenegrin Resort of Kotor After Violence

Police will maintain a high profile in Kotor to prevent more armed clashes between drug gangs although the interior ministry said that the situation in the town has calmed down.

09 Jun 16

Montenegrin Prosecution Probes Gang Violence in Kotor

The Montenegrin State Prosecutor's Office has set up a special team to deal with a spate of murders, attempted murders and drug-related crimes in the resort town of Kotor.

07 Jun 16

Gang Violence Shakes Montenegrin Resort of Kotor

Police sent anti-terrorist units to the coastal town of Kotor on Monday night to prevent more armed clashes between drug gangs after a series of murders and shootings in recent months

03 Jun 16

Montenegro Offers Reward for Leads on Editor's Murder

The government has agreed to offer a reward for fresh information on the murder of the promiment Montenegrin Dusko Jovanovic who was killed 12 years ago.

03 Jun 16

Divided Montenegro Marks Decade of Independence

Montenegro marks the tenth anniversary of its independence in 2006, still facing old divisions between supporters and opponents of the former union with Serbia.

01 Jun 16

Montenegro Tightens Arms Exports Laws to Meet EU Rules

Montenegro has tightened restrictions on the arms trade to comply with tough EU demands - and to prevent sold weapons from ending up in conflict zones around the world.

31 May 16

Montenegro Under Pressure to Open Secret Files

Opposition parties say if their joint candidate is made inspector of the country's intelligence service, the agency will be depoliticised and sealed Communist-era files can be opened up.

26 May 16

Popovic Link to Summit Sparks Protest in Montenegro

Montenegrin women's rights groups protested against a women's summit, which started in the capital, Podgorica, alleging that the controversial Serbian figure Vladimir Beba Popovic has organised it.


24 Jun 16

Brexit has Brought a European ‘Ice Age’ Closer

Today is Friday, 24th June 2016. It’s a very sad day in the history of Europe.

22 Jun 16

Balkan Countries Brace for British Vote on EU


20 Jun 16

Montenegro Minister Faces Grilling Over Unpaid Taxes

The opposition in Montenegro said it had sought a hearing with the Finance Minister over hundreds of millions of euros in unpaid taxes, which the minister is trying to recover.

16 Jun 16

Montenegro Piles Pressure on Tax Dodging Firms

15 Jun 16

Russians Build Aqua Park in Montenegro Resort