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Latest News from Montenegro

16 Jan 17

Controversial Author Claims Tesla for Montenegro

Writer Miroslav Cosovic - whose earlier books annoyed many Serbs - is causing more sparks with his new book, which claims the famous scientist Nikola Tesla considered himself Montenegrin.

13 Jan 17

Serbia Arrests Alleged Montenegro Coup Plotters

Serbian police have arrested two Serbian citizens who were allegedly involved in a plot to overthrow the Montenegrin government on elections day in October.

12 Jan 17

US Senate Committee Backs Montenegro’s NATO Bid

The US Senate's Foreign Relations Committee has approved a resolution supporting Montenegro's membership of NATO, sending it to the full Senate for a vote.

11 Jan 17

US Senators to Vote on Montenegro’s NATO Bid

The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee is to vote on ratifying Montenegro's NATO accession on Wednesday, although some Americans claim that accepting the tiny Balkan country could further damage ties with Russia.

10 Jan 17

Montenegro on Alert Over Rise in Cyber Attacks

The government has vowed to take action after a report revealed a massive increase in the number and sophistication of hacking attacks in Montenegro in 2016 on portals and websites of state institutions.

09 Jan 17

Blizzards and Flu Epidemics Grip Balkans

Heavy snow has left many villages and roads snowed in across the Balkans, while schools are on a prolonged winter break as the authorities try to contain outbreaks of flu.

05 Jan 17

Montenegro Releases Crime Reporter Martinovic

Investigative reporter Jovo Martinovic has been released from detention ahead of his appearance in court on January 19 to answer drugs-smuggling charges, following a campaign by human rights organizations. 

29 Dec 16

Montenegro’s Bosniaks Thwart Njegos National Holiday

Montenegro’s government dropped plans to declare the birthday of Petar II Petrovic Njegos a national holiday after opposition from Bosniaks who accuse the poet-prince of glorifying the killing of Muslims.

28 Dec 16

Montenegro Issues Warrant For Alleged Coup Plotters

Montenegro has issued an international arrest warrant for two Russians and three Serbs who were allegedly involved in a plot on October 16 to overthrow the government.

22 Dec 16

Terror Map Reveals Unresolved Cases in Balkans

Global Terrorist Data, GTD, records a large number of terror attacks in the Balkans between 1970 and 2015, and carries reminder of how many cases remain unresolved.

19 Dec 16

'Coup' Grilling Angers Montenegro Opposition Leader

One of the leaders of the pro-Russian opposition group, Andrija Mandic, accused the prosecution of political bias after he was questioned over the alleged 'coup attempt' on election day.

17 Dec 16

Montenegro Gay Community Marches for Same-Sex Marriages

Dozens of people marched the streets of Podgorica in the fourth Montenegro Pride parade, urging families to show support for their LGBT relatives.

16 Dec 16

Montenegro Police Scrap Threatened Reporter's Protection

Montenegrin crime reporter Tufik Softic says he feels his life is in danger after a probe into his attempted murder was dropped and his police protection taken away.

15 Dec 16

Palestine Court Sentences Dahlan to Three Years' Jail

A court in Ramallah jailed Mohammed Dahlan - whose ties to Balkan politicians secured him Serbian and Montenegrin citizenship - for three years in absentia for embezzling $18 million.

15 Dec 16

Montenegro Gays Urge Families to Attend March

The fourth annual Podgorica Pride LGBT parade takes place in the Montenegrin capital on Saturday with activists urging families to support their gay relatives.


09 Jan 17

Balkans 2017: Economies Will Grow Despite Political Tensions

Most Balkan states will be slightly better off at the end of this year than they were at the beginning - despite the best efforts of the political class to keep tensions on the boil.


27 Dec 16

Serbian Church in Montenegro Slams Planned Dams

The Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro has criticized a plan to built hydropower plants on the river Moraca, claiming it could endanger an ancient monastery in the river canyon.