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Latest News from Montenegro

19 Oct 16

Montenegro Opposition Urge Minority MPs to Join Them

After opposition parties refused to recognize the results of Sunday’s election, they have appealed to minority MPs to join them in a new interim government that would hold another election.

18 Oct 16

Losers and Activists File Charges about Montenegro Election

The special prosecution for organized crime will probe allegations that Montenegrin ruling party committed electoral fraud, but the international observers said polls were ‘generally free’.

17 Oct 16

Djukanovic Wins Montenegro’s Elections Amid Complaints of Violations

Early results of Sunday’s elections in Montenegro showed the ruling party led by veteran Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic won the parliamentary polls, amid rumours of an alleged ’terror’ plot and irregularities.

16 Oct 16

Montenegro Braces For Tight Election Race

Starting from 7am on Sunday, about half a million voters will have a chance to decide on a new government, as the country heads into the most uncertain election in its recent history.

12 Oct 16

UK 'Blocking Montenegro' From Opening EU Chapters

In spite of the fact that Britain is committed to leaving the European Union, the UK is blocking Montenegro from opening two more accession chapters, BIRN has learned.

06 Oct 16

Montenegro Minister Refuses to Sign Electoral Roll

Two weeks to go before parliamentary elections in Montenegro, the Interior Minister has refused to authorise the electoral roll, which will place a question mark over the election's legitimacy.

05 Oct 16

Montenegro NGOs Raise Concerns Over Electoral Roll

After a 111-year-old woman was found still listed on Montenegro's electoral roll, civil society organizations say errors on the register could influence the result of the October elections.

05 Oct 16

Montenegro Hospital Privatisation Plan Angers Doctors

The Montenegrin doctors’ union said government plans to allow foreign private companies to manage public hospitals mean that profit will be put before people's health.

28 Sep 16

Montenegro Urged To Tackle Homophobic Assaults

After hooligans assaulted a minor in Podgorica whose family publicly supports LGBT rights, activists demand the maximum legal penalties for the crime to prevent similar violence in future.

27 Sep 16

Pop Star Zdravko Colic Angers Montenegrins by Backing PM

Popular Balkan singer Zdravko Colic angered many Montenegrins after he publicly supported the party of veteran PM Milo Djukanovic for the upcoming elections in the country.

23 Sep 16

Assassin's Bullet Claims Jailed Montenegrin Gangster

A jailed boss of one the rival drugs clans in the resort of Kotor was shot dead in prison on Thursday while serving a two-year sentence for extortion.

22 Sep 16

Prosecutors at BIRN War Crimes Conference Urge Cooperation

Prosecutors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro, as well as the Hague Tribunal and the EU’s Kosovo mission, told a BIRN conference that states must work together to prosecute war crimes.

22 Sep 16

Montenegro Watchdogs Fear Misuse of Voters' Signatures

Now the deadline for submitting election lists for October's election has expired, Montenegrin watchdogs have aired suspicions about the state's capacity to check on whether the parties' lists of supportive signatures meet the terms of the law.

21 Sep 16

Kosovo Could Restore Serb-Albanian Anti-Fascist Monument

The Pristina authorities will consider restoring a monument celebrating Serb and Albanian anti-fascist cooperation in WWII after a one-man protest by the head of the Union of Montenegrins in Kosovo.

20 Sep 16

Montenegro Rejects Calls for Jailed Reporter’s Release

Montenegro’s government rejected calls to release the imprisoned crime reporter Jovo Martinovic, saying that it cannot interfere with the independent decisions of the judiciary.


21 Oct 16

Paradox of Western Support for Montenegro’s ‘Godfather’

By continuing to bet on Milo Djukanović, the West and the EU risk falling into the ‘stability-versus-democracy’ trap - and discrediting the values they say they wish to uphold.

13 Oct 16

Montenegro Eyes Chance to Oust Eternal Leader


29 Sep 16

World Bank Upbeat About Western Balkans

A new report paints a broadly optimistic picture of economic trends in the Balkan region where growth rates in particular are picking up.