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Latest News from Montenegro

17 Oct 14

Montenegro Daily Seeks Compensation for 'Lies'

The founders of the Montenegro's independent daily, Vijesti, have filed a lawsuit against the pro-government TV Pink Montenegro and state-owned Pobjeda newspaper, seeking 660,000 euros in compensation for what it calls a camaign of smears against it.

16 Oct 14

Montenegrin and Albanian Pupils Clash at School

The violence at this week’s Serbia-Albania football match sparked an ethnically-charged fight between Albanians and Montenegrins at a school in Podgorica.

15 Oct 14

Serbia Blames Albanian PM's Brother for Football Chaos

The office of Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has accused the brother of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama of causing chaos at a football match in Belgrade.

14 Oct 14

Montenegro Needs Younger Army, Report Says

Defence Ministry report says Montenegro's military does not meet NATO standard in terms of the size and age structure of soldiers.

13 Oct 14

Montenegro's Rival Orthodox Churches in Land Dispute

The dispute between the Serbian Orthodox Church and its Montenegrin rival, each claining rights to church land, has flared up again over a lucrative deal to lease a coastal territory.

13 Oct 14

Violent Clashes Erupt at Montenegro Refugee Camp

At least 20 people were arrested after a fight broke out between refugees from Kosovo and Bosnia and shots were fired at Montenegro’s largest refugee camp in the capital.

13 Oct 14

Turkish Army to Train Montenegrin Troops

Montenegro has hailed a military deal with Turkey which will mean soldiers from the small Balkan country getting extra training at top Turkish military academies. 

09 Oct 14

EU Raps Balkans Over War Crimes Prosecutions

The latest EU progress report said that Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia are still making unacceptably slow progress in prosecuting war crimes.

08 Oct 14

EU Commission Charts Uneven Progress in Balkans

Most Balkan countries have made some progress on their EU path, but key areas of concern remain organised crime, corruption, the rule of law, the courts, politicized state administrations - and giving a free media room to breathe.

08 Oct 14

Montenegro Gets 10 Million Euro to House Refugees

The Council of Europe Development Bank will provide funds to help Montenegro build houses for wartime refugees who have been in temporary accommodation for over 15 years.

08 Oct 14

Montenegrins Still in Two Minds Over NATO

About 35 per cent of Montenegrins want to join NATO, 45 per cent are against, and 20 per cent don't know, a new survey has indicated.

08 Oct 14

Montenegro Braces For Toughly Worded EU Report

The new EU report on Montenegro will likely be more citical than previous ones, stressing the need for judicial reforms and guarantees of media freedom, sources in Brussels say.

07 Oct 14

Balkan Progress Slow, EU Commission Says

Upcoming EU Progress Reports on the Western Balkan countries will say each of the countries has much to do - though some are clearly making more progress than others.

07 Oct 14

Montenegro Set Finally to Elect Supreme Prosecutor

After long delays and failed votes, Montenegro's parliament on Tuesday was on course to elect a Supreme State Prosecutor - tasked with the challenging brief of tackling organised crime, high-level corruption and war crimes.

06 Oct 14

Montenegro's Capital Finally Gets New Mayor

Months after the local elections, Podgorica is at last to get a new mayor - but opposition parties claim the breakthrough is the result of a political stitch-up.


14 Oct 14

Montenegro Orders Cut in High Internet Prices

Starting from November 1, Montenegro will no longer have the most expensive internet service in Europe, after the regulatory agency ordered the main provider to slash prices.