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Latest News from Montenegro

27 Feb 15

Montenegro Police Chided Over Organized Crime Wave

Montenegro's parliament urged the police to do more to tackle crime gangs a day after a European Commission official said more progress needed to be seen in the drive against orgnized crime.

27 Feb 15

Serbia Promises Imminent Strpci Abduction Indictments

Twenty-two years after Serb fighters seized 20 passengers from a train in Bosnia and killed them, the Serbian war crimes prosecution said that indictments will be issued in the coming days.

27 Feb 15

Number of Alchoholics Causes Concern in Montenegro

Health ministry data suggest about 5 per cent of the population of Montenegro have a problem with the strong stuff - far more than was suggested in a WHO report three years ago.

26 Feb 15

Balkans Told to Curb Flow of Asylum Seekers

After the European Commission revealed that the number of false asylum seekers from the Balkans rose by 40 per cent last year, Brussels has called for more decisive action to curb the numbers heading westwards.

25 Feb 15

Amnesty Gives Balkans Mixed Verdict on Rights

Balkan countries still struggled to address a range of human rights concerns in 2014, a new report by Amnesty International says.

25 Feb 15

Montenegro to Extradite Arms Smugglers to US

After spending nearly three months in custody in Podgorica, Montenegro is extraditing three suspected arms traffickers to the United States where they face charges of trying to sell weapons to FARC terrorist in Colombia.

24 Feb 15

Montenegrin SDP Back Off From 'Crisis Government'

Opposition leaders have failed to persuade the junior ruling Social Democratic Party to abandon the government and join with them to form a 'transitional' administration.

23 Feb 15

Montenegro Probes Multi-Million Euro Police HQ

The Montenegrin parliament set a two-month deadline for the state prosecutor to find out if corruption was involved in a 13-million-euro deal to build a new police headquarters.

23 Feb 15

Montenegro Urged to Close Rundown Refugee Camp

European rights officials are to urge Montenegro to shut the largest refugee camp in the country, where Roma displaced from Kosovo by the late 1990s war are still living in desperate conditions.

23 Feb 15

Montenegro Urged to Solve Border Disputes

A European Parliament resolution, to be debated on Monday, praises Montenegro's good neighbourly relations - but urges it to resolve all remaining border disputes with neighbours.

20 Feb 15

Montenegro Lags in Employing Minorities

Ethnic minorities in Montenegro remained very under-represented in public sector employment, a new report by a government ministry admits.

20 Feb 15

Montenegro Opposition Slates Mayor's Diplomatic Post

The government's bid to make the former mayor of the capital Montenegro's new ambassador to Slovenia is proving controversial.

19 Feb 15

Report Lifts Lid on Montenegro's Dirty Hospitals

An inspection of public healthcare institutions across Montenegro has uncovered major problems with hygiene.  

18 Feb 15

Montenegro Adopts Controversial Surveillance Law

MPs have backed a new law, which allows intelligence agency direct insight into all databases without the need for court approval, amid criticism that it undermines human rights.

18 Feb 15

Serbia FM Hails Improved Ties to Montenegro

On a visit to Montenegro, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic downplayed old rifts, saying current relations with Montenegro were 'totally relaxed'.


27 Feb 15

Strpci: Last Stop on a Fatal Journey

Twenty-two years ago, Serb paramilitaries stopped a train in Bosnia, seized 20 passengers and killed them – and only now is there a possibility that most of the suspects will face justice.


26 Feb 15

Hotel Plan for Fort Offends Some in Montenegro

NGOs, opposition politicians and some locals in the Bay of Kotor are up in arms about plans to turn a 19th-century Habsburg fortress into a five-star hotel.