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Latest News from Montenegro

28 Sep 16

Montenegro Urged To Tackle Homophobic Assaults

After hooligans assaulted a minor in Podgorica whose family publicly supports LGBT rights, activists demand the maximum legal penalties for the crime to prevent similar violence in future.

27 Sep 16

Pop Star Zdravko Colic Angers Montenegrins by Backing PM

Popular Balkan singer Zdravko Colic angered many Montenegrins after he publicly supported the party of veteran PM Milo Djukanovic for the upcoming elections in the country.

23 Sep 16

Assassin's Bullet Claims Jailed Montenegrin Gangster

A jailed boss of one the rival drugs clans in the resort of Kotor was shot dead in prison on Thursday while serving a two-year sentence for extortion.

22 Sep 16

Prosecutors at BIRN War Crimes Conference Urge Cooperation

Prosecutors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro, as well as the Hague Tribunal and the EU’s Kosovo mission, told a BIRN conference that states must work together to prosecute war crimes.

22 Sep 16

Montenegro Watchdogs Fear Misuse of Voters' Signatures

Now the deadline for submitting election lists for October's election has expired, Montenegrin watchdogs have aired suspicions about the state's capacity to check on whether the parties' lists of supportive signatures meet the terms of the law.

21 Sep 16

Kosovo Could Restore Serb-Albanian Anti-Fascist Monument

The Pristina authorities will consider restoring a monument celebrating Serb and Albanian anti-fascist cooperation in WWII after a one-man protest by the head of the Union of Montenegrins in Kosovo.

20 Sep 16

Montenegro Rejects Calls for Jailed Reporter’s Release

Montenegro’s government rejected calls to release the imprisoned crime reporter Jovo Martinovic, saying that it cannot interfere with the independent decisions of the judiciary.

20 Sep 16

Bulgaria to Host New EU Border Agency Launch

The new EU Border and Coast Guard agency will be launched on October 6 in Bulgaria as part of European states’ attempt to deal with the refugee crisis.

20 Sep 16

Montenegro Albanians Unite in Elections, Seeking Power

The three main Albanian parties in Montenegro have decided to run together in the October elections in a coalition - which experts say sets a pattern that Albanians in nearby Macedonia would do well to follow.

14 Sep 16

Juncker’s Silence on Enlargement Alarms Balkan Watchers

The decision of the European Commission President not to mention EU enlargement in his annual speech has left Balkan observers feeling concerned and disappointed.

14 Sep 16

US Senators Set to Back Montenegro’s NATO Bid

A proposal for Montenegro to join NATO is likely to sail through the US Senate's Foreign Relations Committee, after President Barack Obama backed it strongly. 

13 Sep 16

Montenegrins Campaign to Revoke Karadzic’s Poetry Award

A petition has been launched in Montenegro urging the authorities to revoke a literary award given to former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic in 1993.

13 Sep 16

Djukanovic Eyes Seventh Term as Montenegro's PM

For the first time in almost two decades, the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists, DPS, will run in the elections alone under its leader Milo Djukanovic - who hopes for a seventh term as prime minister.

08 Sep 16

Fair Trial Sought for Montenegrin Investigative Reporter

Media organizations have demanded the release of the investigative journalist Jovo Martinovic folllowing claims that the prosecution pressured another suspect in the drug-related case to accuse him falsely. 

06 Sep 16

Blast Kills Two in Montenegrin Resort Kotor

Montenegro’s authorities were urged to stop the continuing violence in the resort of Kotor after a bomb blast killed two men in the latest suspected showdown between rival drug clans.


12 Sep 16

Montenegro Minister Frustrated by Kotor’s Gang Violence

In an interview with BIRN, Goran Danilovic, Montenegrin Interior Minister, says the deadly gang violence in Kotor has grown worse because the criminals have enjoyed support in state structures.

04 Aug 16

Clinton-Trump Battle Reopens Old Balkan Wounds

03 Aug 16

Hopes Run High For Balkan Nations in Rio


18 Aug 16

Russians Dominate Foreign Ownership of Montenegrin Companies

Despite Montenegro’s cooling relations with Moscow, every third foreign-run company in the tiny Adriatic country is owned by Russians, the state statistical agency said.