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Latest News from Montenegro

27 Nov 15

US and NATO Praise Montenegro's Progress

US and NATO officials welcomed Montenegro’s security reforms ahead of a key meeting next week, when alliance foreign ministers will decide on whether to invite it to join the club.

26 Nov 15

Montenegro's Gays Set New Date for Parade

The third LGBT Pride march in Montenegro’s capital is due to take place on December 13, after being postponed in October when anti-government protests erupted in Podgorica.

26 Nov 15

Balkan States Woo Chinese Investors at Summit

At the '16 + 1' summit, which opened on Tuesday, China is deepening its interest in Southeastern Europe, investing in trade, finance, agriculture and infrastructure projects.

25 Nov 15

Montenegro Opposition Spurns Offer of Dialogue

Initiative to start negotiations on solving the deep political crisis in Montenegro looks doomed after the opposition refused to talk with the ruling parties on reforms.

23 Nov 15

Montenegro Extradites Drugs Trafficking Suspect to Belgium

Belgian millionaire Serge Muller has been extradited from Montenegro to Belgium, where he faces charges of cocaine trafficking and money laundering.

18 Nov 15

Ex-Directors Questioned Over Montenegro Telekom Sale

In an apparent breakthrough in the probe into corruption in the sale of the state Telekom form in 2005,  Montenegro's special prosecution has grilled two former company directors.

15 Nov 15

Montenegro Protesters Take to Streets Again

Anti-government protesters will take to the streets of Podgrica again on Sunday, repeating their call for a transition government to replace Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic.

14 Nov 15

Bavaria PM Links Montenegrin to Paris Attacks

Premier of German region says police suspect man arrested last week on highway with cache of weapons was connected to the carnage in Paris.

12 Nov 15

EU Raps Montenegro Over War Crimes Judgments

The latest EU progress report has expressed concern that Montenegro has not yet prosecuted any senior officials for war crimes during the conflicts of the 1990s.

11 Nov 15

Montenegro Opposition Plans 'Siege' of Institutions

Although police have broken up previous anti-governments rallies in Podgorica, the opposition has announced a new protest aimed at forcing out Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic.

10 Nov 15

Corruption, Justice Top Agenda in Commission Report

The courts, corruption and organized crime remain the EU’s main concerns in the Western Balkans, the Commission’s latest progress report shows.

10 Nov 15

EU Report Charts Uneven Progress in Montenegro

Electoral law reforms, freedom of the media and the fight against corruption will be the main focus areas for Montenegro in this year's EU Progress Report, sources in Brussels said.

04 Nov 15

Balkan Media Freedom 'Non-Negotiable', Hahn Says

Freedom of expression in some EU-aspiring countries is in decline but the EU is ready to counter this threat, European Commissioner Johannes Hahn told the third ‘SpeakUp!’ conference in Brussels.

04 Nov 15

Montenegro Parliament to Vote on MPs' Immunity

Assembly is to discuss prosecution request to lift the parliamentary immunity of three opposition leaders accused of crimes during the anti-government protests in Podgorica.

03 Nov 15

Montenegro Drops Probe Into Journalist's Brutal Assault

The decision to drop the investigation into the assault on the journalist Tufik Softic has raised more concerns over the continuing impunity surrounding attacks on media professionals.


09 Nov 15

Montenegro Work Permit Limit Worries Foreign Firms

Limits on the employment of foreigners in Montenegro - in force from this week - have angered some employers - but the government says it has a duty to protect domestic workers.