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Latest News from Montenegro

21 Jun 17

Russia’s Strategic Plans Failing in Balkans, IISS Says

London-based think tank says Moscow’s bid to establish bloc of four neutral or pro-Moscow Balkan states has experienced major setbacks in Macedonia and Montenegro.

12 Jun 17

Vucic Set to Skip Opening of Montenegro’s Serbian House

Serbian leader Aleksandar Vucic is unlikely to attend the opening ceremony of Serbian House in Podgorica despite Belgrade authorities backing the 3.5 million euro project.

09 Jun 17

Montenegro Opposition Leaders to Stand Trial in Coup Case

Two pro-Russian opposition leaders in Montenegro will go on trial over their role in an alleged coup plot, although they continue to insist that the case was staged to discredit them.

08 Jun 17

ISIS Threatens Terror Campaign in the Balkans

So-called Islamic State has vowed to decapitate ‘infidels’ and kill Serbs, Croats and Muslim ‘traitors’ in the Balkans in a new threat to the region published in the Bosnian version of the jihadists’ magazine.

06 Jun 17

Russia Threatens Retaliation After Montenegro Joins NATO

Moscow has once again threatened to hit back after Montenegro officially became the 29th NATO member state at a ceremony in Washington.

05 Jun 17

Montenegro Set to Become NATO's Newest Member

At a ceremony in Washington on Monday, Montenegro will hand over an accession document which will mark its final step to joining the Western military alliance.

01 Jun 17

Save the Children Notes Chasm Between Balkan Countries

New Save the Children report highlights big gap in child mortality rates, malnourishment and consequences of conflict between Croatia - at one end - and Albania - at the other.

29 May 17

Angry Russia Expels Montenegro Ruling Party MP

Russia has expelled a Montenegrin MP from the ruling party - as Moscow continues to seethe over Montenegro's plans to join NATO, and over Montenegrin accusations that it tried to overthrow the government in Podgorica.

26 May 17

Montenegro PM Makes Light of Trump's Brusque Shove

After videos of US President Trump shoving aside the Montenegrin Prime Minister at a NATO meeting went viral, Dusko Markovic has shrugged off the incident.

24 May 17

Serbian General Denies Montenegro Putsch Charges

Retired General Bratislav Dikic and five others facing a trial over an alleged coup attempt last October in Montenegro have again pleaded not guilty, saying all the evidence was planted.

23 May 17

Balkan Leaders Offer Condolences After Manchester Attack

Balkan leaders have condemned the bombing in Manchester, which left 22 people dead and 59 injured. 

23 May 17

Montenegro Activists to Mark Wartime Refugee Deportation

On the 25th anniversary of the deportation of Bosniak refugees - who were later killed - activists again urged the authorities to punish the perpatrators and build a memorial to the victims.

18 May 17

Monument of Duke Petrovic Sparks Row in Montenegro

The capital’s plan to honour Duke Mirko Petrovic, father of the last Montenegrin king Nikola, is provoking Serbs in the country and adding new fuel to old fires.

15 May 17

Romania Worst Hit in Balkans by Cyber-Attack

Romania was the Balkan country worst affected by last Friday's global cyber-attack, while Bulgaria reported that one unnamed public institution was affected.

12 May 17

Pilgrims Flock to Ostrog, Montenegro's Healing Shrine

Thousands of believers are joining the annual pilgrimage to Ostrog, a monastery perched high up on a mountain in Montenegro, where people come from far and wide to be cured of illnesses as well as to pray.


08 Jun 17

US Balkan Policy Will Eventually Catch Up With Reality

At some point, Washington will be forced to re-engage with the Balkans and work out a new policy that is in tune with political reality.

01 Jun 17

Montenegro’s Boka Region Seeks More Autonomy

26 May 17

Balkan States Struggle to Meet NATO Benchmark

08 May 17

Balkan Rulers Who Just Won’t Say Goodbye


07 Jun 17

Russians ‘Flock to Montenegro’ Despite Travel Advisory

It seems few Russians have been put off from holidaying in Montenegro, despite Moscow issuing advisories against travel to NATO’s newest member.

15 May 17

Romania Worst Hit in Balkans by Cyber-Attack