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Latest News from Montenegro

27 Apr 16

Balkan Press Liberty Declining, Freedom House Says

Freedom House report says media freedom in the Balkan region is in decline - with the fast decline noted in Serbia and Macedonia.

26 Apr 16

Montenegro MPs to Grill Anti-Corruption Chief

Parliament in Montenegro has summoned the head of the anti-corruption agency to answer claims that lack of professionalism and political pressure on the agency are delaying its work.

25 Apr 16

Serbian Election Result Creates Few Waves in Region

Apart from an argument in Kosovo about whether Serbia's elections should have taken place on its territory, the election and the victory of the governing Progressive Party have not excited much interest in the Balkans, as the outcome was widely anticipated.

25 Apr 16

New Media Ethics Code Welcomed in Montenegro

The newly agreed code of ethics for the media should improve reporting standards in Montenegro - although the lack of penalties for non-compliance is seen as a problem.

21 Apr 16

Montenegro Extradites Yugoslav Army Officer to Croatia

Montenegro has extradited former Yugoslav People’s Army officer Pavle Pantic to Croatia to stand trial for the shelling of the coastal city of Split during the war in 1991.

21 Apr 16

Montenegro Opposition Parties Accused of Betrayal

The main opposition alliance, the Democratic Front, has accused opposition parties that have agreed to join the interim government of betraying democracy.

20 Apr 16

Montenegro Crime Reporter Charged With Drug Trafficking

Jovo Martinovic, an investigative journalist who has exposed crime networks, war criminals and robberies, has been charged with aiding and belonging to a drugs-trafficking gang.

19 Apr 16

Montenegro's Political Leaders Set to Seal Election Deal

Montenegro's warring politicians are to sign an agreement to ensure fair elections after the resignation of the public broadcaster’s editorial team, which the opposition was demanding to ensure balanced reporting.

14 Apr 16

US Rights Report Highlights Corruption in Balkans

The US State Department's annual report on human rights worldwide, presented on Wednesday, described corruption as an endemic problem all over the Balkans.

13 Apr 16

Montenegrins Vote Online to Stay out of NATO

Thousands of Montenegrins have taken part in an online referendum on the country's military status organised by a pro-Russian NGO - as pressure continues on the government to hold a national referendum on the issue.

12 Apr 16

Financial Crisis Threatens Healthcare in Montenegro

The Montenegrin healthcare system is facing its worst-ever financial crisis because the state cannot afford to buy basic supplies and equipment to ensure public hospitals work properly.

11 Apr 16

Putin's Party to Foster Ties With Montenegro

The party of Russian President Vladimir Putin is sending a delegation to Montenegro to woo the small Adriatic country as it moves towards NATO membership, which Russia opposes.

05 Apr 16

Montenegrin News Magazine Battles Libel Conviction

Montenegrin news magazine Monitor is trying to overturn its libel conviction for linking Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic's sister to a privatisation corruption case.

04 Apr 16

Election Deal Brings Hope of End to Montenegro Crisis

After months of negotiations, Montenegro's ruling and opposition parties are set to sign an agreement on organizing free elections, hopefully ending a prolonged political crisis.

01 Apr 16

Montenegro Plan to Open Public Records Doubted

Montenegro is reforming its Freedom of Information Act in line with EU demands - but some  NGO suspect access to public records will stay limited due to a lack of political will.


28 Apr 16

Montenegro Grants Citizenship to “Office Manager” of Abu Dhabi Sheikh

Montenegro’s government handed honorary citizenship in 2014 to a Libyan-born “office manager” and his wife in what appears to have been an as yet unsuccessful attempt to lure investment from an Abu Dhabi sheikh, Balkan Investigative Reporting Network can reveal.

25 Mar 16

Montenegro Security Services on ISIS Alert

07 Mar 16

Montenegro Square in Line for Fourth Name

04 Mar 16

Balkans Brace for Migrant Crisis Shifts


22 Apr 16

Montenegro Turns Naval Base into Luxury Resort

Construction of a luxury resort with Azerbaijani capital is due to start on Friday in the Bay of Kotor, in a bid to turn the old Yugoslav Army base into a haven for the super-rich.

07 Apr 16

Banks Highlight Risks to Montenegro's Economy

28 Jan 16

Investor Pledges to Guard Mamula Fort Heritage