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Latest News from Montenegro

09 Feb 16

NATO Chief Urges Montenegro to Tackle Corruption

Ahead of accession talks with Montenegro, due to start next week, NATO chief says alliance seeks more results in establishing rule of law and pursuing fight against corruption.

05 Feb 16

Hopes Fade For New Montenegro Crisis Talks

A new round of crisis talks between Montenegrin leaders started on Friday - but none of the offers on the table appears fully acceptable to the opposition parties.

03 Feb 16

Montenegro to Force Troops to Join NATO Operations

Despite popular opposition to the move, the Montenegrin government plans to make military engagement in NATO combat operations mandatory for all members of the armed forces.

01 Feb 16

Montenegro Leaders Plot Ways Out of Crisis

Party leaders are to meet on Monday to plot the way ahead after the outcome of last week's no-confidence vote failed to resolve the political crisis in the country.

27 Jan 16

Montenegro's PM Survives No-Confidence Vote

The government of Milo Djukanovic has survived a no-confidence vote in parliament following a marathon three-day parliamentary debate.

24 Jan 16

Anti-Govt Protesters Rally in Montenegro

Opposition supporters protested in Podgorica on Sunday against the government, ahead of the no-confidence vote against Prime Minister Djukanovic.

24 Jan 16

Montenegro Opposition to Rally Amid No-Confidence Vote

Opposition urges its supporters to join a fresh anti-government protest outside parliament on Sunday ahead of a no-confidence vote against Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic.

22 Jan 16

Guantanamo Ex-prisoners Sent to Bosnia, Montenegro

The US authorities have released two prisoners from Guantanamo and sent them to Bosnia and Montenegro.

22 Jan 16

Montenegro Urged to Probe PM's Family Bank

A European Parliament resolution, to be debated in February, will urge Montenegro to fully probe political corruption cases and alleged money laundering in a bank run by the PM's family.

20 Jan 16

NATO Helps Montenegro Dispose of Yugoslav Weapons

Montenegro is getting technical and financial assistance from NATO to deal with huge amounts of obsolete weapons and ammunition left in the country after the break-up of Yugoslavia.

19 Jan 16

Montenegro to Hike Funding for Political Parties

Political parties in Montenegro have been allocated twice as much state money in the 2016 budget than during the previous election cycle in 2012, despite the fact the country is facing large budget shortfalls.

18 Jan 16

Montenegro Steps Up Maternity Ward Safety Efforts

Montenegro's health ministry is renewing its focus on infection and safety controls in maternity units in the country after a deadly virus claimed an infant's life in a hospital in 2014.

14 Jan 16

Anti-NATO Montenegrins Hold New Year ‘Protest Party’

With the blessing of the Serbian Orthodox Church, anti-NATO activists celebrate Orthodox New Year with protest against joining the Western military alliance.

13 Jan 16

Montenegro Anti-NATO Activists Stage New Year Party

The pro-Russian opposition is holding an anti-NATO party in the capital Podgorica to celebrate the ‘Serb New Year’ with the blessing of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro.

11 Jan 16

Montenegrins Invited to Register Illegal Arms

Montenegro is allowing people to return weapons they hold illegally - or register them - without facing criminal sanctions or any questions about where they got them from.


28 Jan 16

Investor Pledges to Guard Mamula Fort Heritage

A plan to turn an Austro-Hungarian prison camp into a five-star hotel has angered many in Montenegro, but the investor and the state claim they will persevere the site's heritage.