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Latest News from Montenegro

03 Aug 15

Montenegrin Gay Activists to March in Niksic

Activists said they will stage the first Pride parade in the town of Niksic in September, after police banned two previously planned marches over concerns that there could be violent clashes.

30 Jul 15

Montenegro Urged to Respect Kosovo’s Yugoslav-Era Border

Kosovo MP Ramush Haradinaj said that the country has to insist on its Yugoslav-era border in demarcation negotiations with Montenegro, which has been accused of claiming more land.

29 Jul 15

Oil Firms Quit Croatia Over Montenegro Border Row

Austrian and US energy companies announced they have backed out of oil and gas exploration and exploitation in Croatia’s Adriatic Sea due to a maritime border dispute with Montenegro.

29 Jul 15

Montenegro Evenly Divided Over NATO Membership

For the first time in Montenegro, about as many people support the idea of the country joining NATO as oppose it, a new survey suggested.

29 Jul 15

ISIS Poses Threat to Balkans, Ministers Say

The interior ministers of Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia said that ISIS was a real threat which could be fought only by cooperation between regional security services.

28 Jul 15

US Criticises Balkans over Human Trafficking

All Balkan countries except Macedonia do not meet minimum standards in combatting human trafficking and some fail to punish the perpetrators adequately, the US State Department said.

24 Jul 15

Montenegro Names New Intelligence Agency Chief

The Montenegrin government on Thursday named a new intelligence agency chief, Dejan Perunicic, as Western pressure builds on the country to clean up the service.

23 Jul 15

Balkan Countries See Police as Corrupt, Report Says

Only around 5 per cent of people in the Western Balkans see the police as an uncorrupt force, research by five civil sector organizations shows.

21 Jul 15

Montenegro to Keep Track of ISIS Threat

Montenegrin intelligence service data have revealed that six Montenegrin nationals are currently fighting alongside ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

20 Jul 15

Montenegro Arrests Serbian Wartime General

Montenegrin police arrested general Borislav Djukic on a warrant issued by Zagreb accusing him of involvement in blowing up a dam during the 1991-95 war in Croatia.

16 Jul 15

Kosovo Neighbours Pledge to Work Harder on Returnees

Representatives of Kosovo's neighboring countries met in Pristina to coordinate efforts on returning around 20,000 persons displaced from the Kosovo war who are willing to return.

15 Jul 15

Pro-ISIS Video Calls for Balkan Caliphate

New video published briefly by unknown authors on YouTube calls for the conquest of Serbia, the creation of an Islamic caliphate in the Western Balkans and the destruction of democracy.

14 Jul 15

Balkans Floods Germany With Asylum Requests

More than 78,000 of the 180,000 asylum requests lodged in Germany this year come from the Western Balkans, almost three times higher than the last year, data show.

14 Jul 15

Montenegro Opposition Pledges Fresh Round of Protests

Montenegro's strongest opposition alliance, the Democratic Front, is planning a new series of anti-government rallies in September, calling on the government to resign and hold new elections.

13 Jul 15

Nuland Tries to Break Deadlock in Macedonia

The US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland, reached Macedonia on Monday, part of a Balkan tour aimed at resolving several key disputes.


17 Jul 15

Russian Tourists Start Returning to Montenegro

Montenegro is likely to see more Russian tourists this summer, after a 40-per-cent drop last year, caused by the devaluation of the ruble and impaired relations between the countries.