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Latest News from Montenegro

29 Aug 14

Merkel Hails Progress in Balkan Cooperation

At the end of the West Balkan leaders' summit in Berlin, the German Chancellor praised leaders for working together more closely - and said their countries are on the right track in terms of eventual EU membership.

28 Aug 14

Balkan Leaders in Berlin Pledge to Work Together

Balkan economy and finance ministers meeting in Berlin have agreed that their countries must jointly resolve economic issues that trouble the region.

28 Aug 14

Balkan Leaders Have High Hopes of Berlin Summit

Regional leaders have high hopes that the conference will attract German investment and support for large infrastructure projects, as well as boosting their EU progress.

28 Aug 14

Vucic Poorest PM in Balkans, Djukanovic Richest

Data on the property and assets of regional leaders reveal that Serbian leaders are relatively poor, while the bosses of Montenegro and Bosnia are among the wealthiest leaders in the region.

26 Aug 14

Ice Bucket Mania Sweeps the Balkans

Local politicians and celebrities from across the region have joined the challenge to raise funds for ALS.

26 Aug 14

West Balkans PMs Flag Up Adriatic Highway

Ahead of a joint meeting with German Chancellor Merkel in Berlin, leaders of Albania, Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro agreed that a highway running through all four countries is their priority project.

26 Aug 14

BIRN Summer School Kicks off in Montenegro

The fifth BIRN summer school of investigative journalism has opened in the Montenegrin coastal town of Becici, bringing together top trainers and journalists.

25 Aug 14

Montenegro Serbs Rally for Russians in Ukraine

Opponents of the Montenegrin government's imposition of sanctions on Moscow over the Ukraine conflict rallied in support of pro-Russian separatists fighting against Kiev’s forces.

22 Aug 14

Montenegro Talks Tough on Rights of Disabled

Montenegro's government plans to toughen the law on discrimination against persons with disabilities and secure their complete access to public areas.

21 Aug 14

Bosnia and Montenegro to Sign Border Deal

Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro are due to sign a border demarcation agreement,  becoming the first two countries in the former Yugoslavia to resolve the issue in full.

20 Aug 14

Montenegro Shifts Kosovo Refugees Into Containers

Refugees from Kosovo in Podgorica - whose camp burned down two years ago - have been re-housed in containers until permanent homes can be found for them.

19 Aug 14

Montenegro Plans to Legalize Gay Marriages

As Montenegro announces it is pushing forward plans to let same-sex couples marry, the pro-Serbian opposition has reacted angrily, calling the plans a 'disgrace'.

18 Aug 14

Montenegro Commits to Finding Wartime Missing Persons

Montenegro is to sign a cross-regional declaration with Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia, committing the country to finding the bodies of 61 people still missing since the 1990s wars.

15 Aug 14

Montenegro Searches For its Last, Lost Lynxes

Hunted to the brink of extinction, and last seen in Montenegro in 2002, a probe has been lauched to see whether any of these majestic wild cats still survive.

14 Aug 14

Montenegro's Only Albanian Paper Pleads for Help

The editor of Montenegro's only Albanian-language newspaper says the government should step in to save it from the bankruptcy proceedings engulfing its owner, the state-owned publishing company, Pobjeda.


05 Aug 14

Transformers Send Green Message to Montenegro

'Tranformers defending Podgorica', an innovative exhibition in the Montenegrin capital, aims to remind people that they can transform anything - waste included - into something useful.


01 Sep 14

Sky-High Roaming Charges to Go in Balkans

Regulatory agencies in the Balkans have finally agreed to phase out mobile phone roaming charges, which are much higher than those in Western Europe.