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Latest News from Montenegro

30 Jan 15

Montenegro, Bosnia at Loggerheads Over Border

Montenegro and Bosnia are no closer to overcoming a border dispute over the Sutorina area, in the hinterland of the Adriatic, to which both countries lay claim.

28 Jan 15

Montenegro PM: Bosnia Claim to Coast Destructive

Ruling out international arbitration on the issue, Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic said Bosnian attempts to revise border issues would get nowhere - but were damaging the image of the region.

28 Jan 15

BIRN Attack ‘Part of Balkan Democratic Crisis’

A new model of authoritarian government is taking hold in the Balkans, which the EU is failing to recognise or address, Florian Bieber said at the LSE.

27 Jan 15

Montenegro Commemorates Bosnian War Hero

A memorial was held in Podgorica on the anniversary of the death of Srdjan Aleksic, a Serb who was murdered while trying to save his Bosniak friend’s life during the war in 1993.

22 Jan 15

Converting Franc Loans Will Cost Croatia, Bank Says

Converting loans connected to Swiss franc and other foreign currency loans into kuna loans would cost Croatia 73 per cent of its current foreign currency reserves, bank chief warns.

22 Jan 15

Bosnia-Montenegro Border Row Heats up

In light of the fresh dispute over borders, Montenegro's President has refused to appoint a new ambassador to Bosnia, while Bosnia is reportedly contemplating countermeasures.

20 Jan 15

Staff Layoffs Alarm Montenegro Media Union

Montenegro's Media Union has expressed concern about the number of journalists who lost their jobs last year, blaming the economy but also media owners' wrongdoings.

19 Jan 15

Montenegro ‘Failing to Protect Its Airspace’

Nine years after independence, Montenegro still lacks the basic capacity to protect its airspace and must rely on assistance from NATO countries, a local watchdog group said. 

16 Jan 15

Montenegro Refugees Rally Against Kosovo’s Thaci

Serbs and Montenegrins who fled the Kosovo conflict rallied in Podgorica against visiting Foreign Minister Hashim Thaci to express anger at his wartime role with the Kosovo Liberation Army.

15 Jan 15

Montenegro Police Probe Prison Riot

Police are investigating a mass brawl that broke out in the prison in the capital, Podgorica, which left police officers and prisoners injured.

15 Jan 15

Pro-Yugoslav Montenegrins Oppose ‘Nazi’ Cemetery

Government plans to build a cemetery for German soldiers killed in World War II in Montenegro insult the country's history and anti-fascist traditions, a group of protesters say.

15 Jan 15

Bosnian Claim to Adriatic Alarms Montenegro

The government in Podgorica has expressed concern about a Bosnian initiative to reclaim a slice of Montenegro's coast that some say should belong to Bosnia.

13 Jan 15

Thaci Visit Angers Serbs in Montenegro

Imminent visit by former Kosovo Liberation Army chief to Montenegro has upset the Serbian Orthodox Church, pro-Serbian opposition parties and some NGOs.

13 Jan 15

Montenegrin Journalist's Assault Trial Opens

The trial began on Monday of a reported activist of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic's party, accused of threatening and assaulting a prominent journalist, Marko Milacic.

12 Jan 15

Balkan Leaders Join Paris Unity Rally

Political and religious leaders from Tirana to Zagreb joined other dignitaries from across the world in Paris to march in solidarity against the attacks in France that killed 17 people.


28 Jan 15

Pupil in Hijab Causes Storm in Montenegro

As a teen’s decision to don a hijab in class causes controversy in Montenegro - pitting arguments about religious freedom against worries about Islamic militancy - BIRN has spoken to her father.


27 Jan 15

Montenegro Plans Major State Sell-offs in 2015

Montenegro plans to sell the national air carrier, several state-owned hotels, a leading medical institution, two military companies and much more in 2015, the government has announced.