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Latest News from Montenegro

28 Aug 15

Vienna Summit Binds Balkan States to Broad Reforms

Summit declaration obliges Balkan countries not to misuse the EU accession process against each other, calls for civil society to play a greater role - and welcomes EU pledge to help resolving outstanding bilateral disputes.

27 Aug 15

Merkel: Summit Has Shown EU's Commitment To Balkans

Austrian and German leaders hail Vienna summit as proof of the EU's commitment to the region, announce support for infrastucture projects and pledge solidarity over refugee crisis.

27 Aug 15

Civil Activists Seek Expanded Role in Balkans' Future

Civil sector groups from six Western Balkans countres urged their political leaders to secure freedom of expression and media independence, also calling for more of a role in their countries' EU integration processes.

27 Aug 15

Balkan Summit Urged to Tackle Bilateral Disputes

Western Balkan countries must step up their efforts to resolve bilateral disputes with EU help, civil society groups on Thursday told the Western Balkans Summit in Vienna.

26 Aug 15

EU Stumps up Aid for Refugees in Balkans

Ahead of the Western Balkan summit in Vienna, which will be overshadowed by the refugee crisis, the European Commision has offered another 1.5 million euro in humanitarian aid.

26 Aug 15

Refugee Crisis to Overshadow Balkan Summit

The refugee crisis is expected to dominate the Vienna summit of Western Balkan leaders on Thursday that will be attended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose country expects to take in a record 800,000 migrants this year.

25 Aug 15

Montenegro to Save Precious Habitat for Birds

Urged by the EU and numerous environmental watchdogs, the Montenegrin government has taken over management of the Ulcinj salt pans, to preserve one of the most important habitats for birds in Europe.

24 Aug 15

Montenegro Lags in Giving Minorities State Jobs

Ethnic minorities in Montenegro remained under-represented in public sector employment, including the police and the judiciary, a new report by a ministry reveals.

21 Aug 15

Montenegro Tightens Law on Seizing Criminals' Assets

Pressed by the EU to toughen regulations on organised crime and corruption, the government has adopted a law on confiscating assets acquired through crime.

20 Aug 15

Montenegro Opposition Plans Wave of Protests

Montenegro's strongest opposition alliance, the Democratic Front, is planning a series of anti-government rallies in September, calling on the government to resign and hold new elections.

19 Aug 15

Montenegro MPs to Debate NATO Membership

Ruling parties have submitted a resolution to parliament backing NATO membership, drawing criticism from opposition lawmakers and anti-NATO groups.

17 Aug 15

Montenegro, Bosnia to Sign Border Agreement

Montenegro and Bosnia are to sign a historic demarcation agreement by the end of August, having agreed to bury their recent dispute over the Sutorina area.

14 Aug 15

Russia Extends Sanctions to Include Montenegro

In response to Montenegro's support for EU sanctions against Russia, Moscow on Tuesday extended a food import ban to include Montenegro.

13 Aug 15

Serbian Students' Petition Alarms Montenegrins

An internet petition calling for the abolition of free tuition for Montenegrin students has caused reactions on both sides of the border.

13 Aug 15

Montenegro Arrests Bosses of Scandal-Hit Resort

Montenegro police on Thursday arrested the mayor of the resort of Budva and four other top officials on corruption charges.


11 Aug 15

Montenegro Airlines Cuts Costs to Tackle Debt

Montenegro's national carrier is implementing new cost-cutting measures having discovered that the company had run more debt than was previously believed.