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Montenegro Police Chided Over Organized Crime Wave

Montenegro's parliament urged the police to do more to tackle crime gangs a day after a European Commission official said more progress needed to be seen in the drive against orgnized crime.

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The Balkan Muslim ‘Threat’ has Never Materialised

Paradoxically, the Islamist danger is not coming from where once it was most expected - from among Muslims in the Balkans.


Hotel Plan for Fort Offends Some in Montenegro

NGOs, opposition politicians and some locals in the Bay of Kotor are up in arms about plans to turn a 19th-century Habsburg fortress into a five-star hotel.

Montenegro Press Review - February 27, 2015

Parliament adopted new lawa on courts and the prosecution. There are no conditions to declare flu epidemic, the health authorities claim. Montenegro already set to join NATO

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First Balkan Hard Rock Cafe to Open in Montenegro

A UAE-based company is opening the first Hard Rock Cafe in the region in Podgorica, bringing the 'authentic spirit of rock and roll' as well as traditional US cuisine to the Balkans.