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Russia Slams Anti-Moscow Billboards in Montenegro

Russian diplomats made an official complaint about the appearance of billboard posters mocking Moscow in the Montenegrin capital Podgorica.

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Why NATO May Sign up Montenegro This Year

The odds on NATO offering membership to Montenegro this year have greatly increased owing to the game-changing crisis in Ukraine.


Montenegro MPs Row Over Huge Highway Loan

Montenegrin parliamentarians held a heated debate over whether the country should borrow 687 million euros to build a 40-kilometre-long highway section.

Montenegro Press Review - November 27, 2014

Parliamentary committee supports candidates for the Montenegrin ambassador to Macedonia. No one is blamed for the deaths of three pilots in 2011. I will ask for the harshest penalty for the death of a baby in Bijelo Polje, PM says.

Culture & Society


Montenegro to Host McLaren F1 Anniversary Race

In another bid to promote investment and tourism in the country, Montenegro plans to organize promotional Formula 1 races in the country.