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Latest Business News from Montenegro

28 Jul 14

Montenegro Marina Gets New Luxury Hotel

The continuing expansion of super-yacht marina Porto Montenegro is to be given a further boost with the opening of a new luxury hotel this week.

27 Jun 14

Illegal Booking Sites Threaten Montenegro’s Tourism Income

Montenegro loses hundreds of thousands of euros a year to illegal hotel reservation sites which offer accommodation without paying taxes in the country, tourism official warned.

25 Jun 14

Corruption Hinders Balkans Energy Sector Progress

Rampant corruption has raised costs, wasted opportunities for sustainable energy and distorted the market, says a new report by a group for environmental NGOs.

17 Jun 14

PayPal to Boost Internet Trade in Macedonia, Montenegro

One of the most popular online money transfer and payment services is finally available in Macedonia and Montenegro, where online shopping leaves much room for improvement.

16 Jun 14

Floods and Ukraine Crisis Threaten Montenegro Tourism

Montenegro's tourism authorities have expressed concerns that the recent floods in the region and the crisis in Ukraine could reduce much-needed income from holidaymakers.

11 Jun 14

Montenegro Sells Bankrupt Aluminium Plant

The deeply troubled KAP aluminium plant was sold on Tuesday for 28 million euros to a local company that has promised to bring in outside investment.

12 Mar 14

Montenegro Sued Over Aluminium Plant's Losses

The Central European Aluminum Company, CEAC, owned by the Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska, has filed a request to the international court for arbitration against the government of Montenegro over the KAP aluminum plant's bankruptcy.

05 Feb 14

Montenegro Borrows 700 Million Euro for Highway

Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic said that the country will take the huge loan to help finance the first phase of construction of the cross-country Bar-Boljari highway.

15 Jan 14

Macedonia Tops Balkan Economic Freedom List

The latest Index of Economic Freedom has put Macedonia at the top of the Balkan region in terms of economic freedom.

08 Jan 14

Montenegro Airlines Cuts Costs to Tackle Debt

The Montenegrin national carrier has implemented further cost-cutting measures after it discovered that it had even more debt than it previously believed.

13 Dec 13

Montenegro Sets New Date for Highway

After selecting a Chinese consortium to build it, Prime Minister says work on long-delayed highway should start in February.

10 Dec 13

Balkan Economies Recovering, World Bank

The South East Europe region exited recession in the first half of 2013, led by strong growth in exports, a report by the World Bank presented on Monday in Tirana says.

15 Oct 13

Montenegro Starts Work on Luxury Resort

Montenegro's Prime Minister on Monday attended the launch of building work on a luxury new seaside complex at Lustica Bay.

10 Oct 13

Montenegro Aluminium Plant Declared Bankrupt

Montenegro’s troubled industrial giant, the Podgorica Aluminum Plant, has been officially declared bankrupt and will be sold off to repay its huge debts to creditors.

07 Oct 13

Montenegro Takes on Another 100 Million Loan

Montenegro is due to take on another 100 million euro in credits from commercial banks to cover the budget deficit, reserves and refinance its existing obligations.


16 Nov 11

Balkans Loom Large in Italy’s Green Energy Goals

Italy’s need to meet its EU carbon reduction target underpins its ambitious investments in the energy sector in the Balkans and North Africa.

Politics and Society

30 Jul 14

Balkans on Freak Weather Alert as Two Die in Romania

Severe weather alerts are in force across much of the region while storms in southern Romania have already caused widespread devastation and killed at least two people.

Culture and Lifestyle

jamiroquai-opens-exit-festival-in-montenegro 15 Jul 14

Jamiroquai Opens Exit Festival in Montenegro

UK band to open world famous musical festival, which for the first time is being held this year in two locations.