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Latest Business News from Montenegro

23 Mar 15

Montenegro Plans Showpiece Cable Car Route

The Montenegrin government is seeking international backers to construct an ambitious 15-kilometre cable-car route from Kotor on the coast to the country’s old royal capital Cetinje.

18 Mar 15

Croatia Puts Adriatic Oil, Gas Probes on Hold

The start of oil and gas exploration in the Adriatic will be pushed back by several months owing to concerns raised by Croatia's maritime neighbours.

12 Mar 15

Montenegro Expects Investment Surge in Tourism

Montenegro expects at least 250 million euro of foreign investment in tourism, mainly in large projects on the coast whose construction already started in 2014.

11 Mar 15

Balkan Economies Falling Behind, IMF Warns

The Western Balkan are lagging behind other former Communist transitional countries and need to complete the transformation process that began two decades ago, an IMF report says.  

06 Mar 15

Rule of Law Worries US Firms in Montenegro

American businesses operating in Montenegro do not believe the state of the rule of law is improving, although they still see the country as an attractive destination for investment overall, a new survey suggests.

26 Feb 15

Hotel Plan for Fort Offends Some in Montenegro

NGOs, opposition politicians and some locals in the Bay of Kotor are up in arms about plans to turn a 19th-century Habsburg fortress into a five-star hotel.

25 Feb 15

Montenegro Hails Increase in Tourist Numbers

More tourists visited Montenegro in 2014 than the previous year - and Russians and Serbs were most frequent visitors to the country's resorts, the latest report reveals.

24 Feb 15

Montenegro Plans Rescue for Swiss Franc Borrowers

Concerned by the plight of people who took out loans in Swiss francs, Montenegro plans to adopt a law to help them convert their franc loans into more affordable euro loans.

19 Feb 15

Russian Interest Wanes in Montenegro Real Estate

Significant falls in property prices on the coast are being blamed on declining interest among buyers from Russia - the biggest spenders and highest-profile investors for years.

09 Feb 15

Serbia and Montenegro Profit From Ukraine Flight Detours

The joint Serbian and Montenegrin air traffic agency expects higher revenues from overflight fees in 2015 as many airlines avoid Ukrainian airspace.

02 Feb 15

Serbs, Israelis, Buy Montenegrin Arms Firm

Montenegro has sold 100 per cent of the shares of the state-owned arms company, Montenegro Defence Industry, MDI, to a Serbo-Israeli consortium for 680,000 euros.

27 Jan 15

Montenegro Plans Major State Sell-offs in 2015

Montenegro plans to sell the national air carrier, several state-owned hotels, a leading medical institution, two military companies and much more in 2015, the government has announced.

22 Jan 15

Work Starts on Montenegro-Italy Undersea Cable

The long-awaited construction of an underwater electrical cable that will connect Italy and Montenegro has started on the Italian side of the Adrtiatic.

14 Jan 15

World Bank Revises Croatia's GDP Growth Down

In more bad news for the struggling centre-left government, the World Bank has altered its earlier forecast of Croatia’s GDP growth in 2015, cutting it from 1.2 to 0.5 per cent.

12 Jan 15

Montenegro Limits Foreign Work Permits

The government is to limit the number of foreigners working in Montenegro on the grounds that more jobs need to go to locals.


12 Aug 14

Montenegro Pins Tourism Hopes on August Surge

Tourist chiefs and hoteliers hope an extra-busy August and September will save a poor tourism year – but some say the emphasis on packing in the numbers is wrong.

Politics and Society

29 Mar 15

Violent Football Fans Wreck Montenegro-Russia Qualifier

UEFA Sanctions on Montenegro expected after thuggish fans wreak havoc at Euro 2016 match with Russia.

Culture and Lifestyle

danube-salmon-endangered-by-planned-balkan-hydroelectric-plants 19 Mar 15

Power Dams Pose Threat to Rare Balkan Salmon

Planned hydroelectric power plants on Balkan rivers pose a deadly threat to the survival of the Mladica, known as the Balkan salmon, the NGO Riverwatch says.