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Latest Business News from Montenegro

31 Aug 15

Europe to Fund Balkan Transport, Energy Projects

Following the Vienna summit, the Western Balkans has been promised 200 million euro in co-financing for 10 transport and energy projects, to improve growth and energy security.

11 Aug 15

Montenegro Airlines Cuts Costs to Tackle Debt

Montenegro's national carrier is implementing new cost-cutting measures having discovered that the company had run more debt than was previously believed.

17 Jul 15

Russian Tourists Start Returning to Montenegro

Montenegro is likely to see more Russian tourists this summer, after a 40-per-cent drop last year, caused by the devaluation of the ruble and impaired relations between the countries.

06 Jul 15

Balkan States Weigh Impact of Greece’s ‘No’

Officials in the Balkans are weighing up the potential impact of the Greek referendum result on their countries amid warnings that a deepening of the crisis could damage economies in the region.

01 Jul 15

Montenegro Eyes Tourist Boom From Greek Crisis

Montenegrin Central Bank says Greek financial crisis will not significantly affect Montenegro's economy- and may even may bring more tourists to the country this summer.

29 Jun 15

Montenegro Hopes for More Chinese Tourists

After a drastic decline in Russian tourists in 2014, Montenegro is turning to other eastern markets to compensate the loss, with the government hoping for an influx of Chinese holidaymakers.

26 Jun 15

Montenegro Court Blocks Deal to Cut Roaming Charges

An agreement on reducing roaming charges between Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Macedonia could fail after a Montenegrin court called it 'unacceptable' for the country.

24 Jun 15

Montenegro Revives Plan to Sell Passports to Investors

Ministry says foreigners will be able to obtain citizenship in return for directly investing in the undeveloped north of the country - although when the offer will begin remains unclear

23 Jun 15

Bankrupt Mine Workers Block Roads in Montenegro

While the government seeks a buyer for the bankrupt Bauxite Mines company in Niksic, miners have blocked roads in protest over their unpaid wages.

08 Jun 15

Montenegro Expects 2.5 Billion Euro Tourism Boost

The government said it expects at least 2.5 billion euro of foreign investment in tourism over the next five years, mainly in large projects on the coast.

08 Jun 15

Montenegro Earns More From Arms Exports

The latest report on the arms trade in Montenegro prepared by a government ministry notes that the value of exports rose significantly in recent years.

05 Jun 15

Abu Dhabi Fund Loans Cash to Montenegrin Farming

Montenegro plans to expand its agricultural exports and create new jobs in the sector, using a loan of 50 million US dollars from the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development.

01 Jun 15

Montenegrin Capital Struggles to Lure Tourists

Montenegro's capital city aims to attract more foreign visitors, as most tourists currently just pass through Podgorica on their way to coastal resorst or ski centres in the north.

26 May 15

Montenegro Firms Spy Business Opportunities in NATO

A conference on business opportunities in NATO heard that military, food and tourism industries all stand to benefit after 25 local companies were awarded a prized certificate.  

25 May 15

Montenegro’s High Interest Rates ‘Could Cause Recession’

The Montenegrin Central Bank has warned that high interest rates could threaten the country's economic growth and push it closer to a recession.


25 Jun 15

Balkan Economies Brace for Impact of Grexit

Balkan countries are weighing up the likely impact on trade, banks, currencies and investment if Greece is forced out of the eurozone.

Politics and Society

06 Oct 15

Montenegro Activists Defy ‘Unlawful Protest’ Ban

Opposition politicians and activists pledge to continue protests across Montenegro, despite a police ban on ‘unauthorised’ demonstrations outside the capital.

Culture and Lifestyle

uk-comedy-star-backs-foster-care-in-montenegro-10-06-2015 07 Oct 15

UK Comedy Star Backs Foster Care in Montenegro

Nicholas Lyndhurst, of ‘Only Fools and Horses’ fame, has been using his pulling power in Montenegro to promote foster parenting.