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21 Mar 17

Gruevski’s Party has Left Macedonia in Limbo

The former PM and his allies are deliberately misleading the public in order to discredit the proposed coalition led by the Social Democrats and foment ethnic tensions.

20 Mar 17

EU’s Own Credibility is at Stake in Macedonia

In its approach to Macedonia, and the Balkans, the EU has neglected democratisation in the name of stability - and has so betrayed its own values and empowered local autocrats.

17 Mar 17

Teuta Arifi: People Were Against Alliance with VMRO DPMNE

The vice-president of the biggest Albanian party in Macedonia, the Democratic Union for Integration, says a new coalition with Nikola Gruevski’s party was never a realistic option.

15 Mar 17

Pro-Govt Media Inflame Nationalist Hysteria in Macedonia

Pro-government media outlets are becoming ever more violent in their language as they attempt to keep protests going on the streets against the formation of an opposition-led government.

14 Mar 17

Balkan Politicians Seek to Profit from Macedonia’s Troubles

Macedonia’s seemingly benevolent neighbours are using ‘concern’ over the situation there for their own murky games and purposes.

10 Mar 17

Fears Grow that Macedonia's 'Patriot' Protests May Turn Violent

Thursday's rallies against the announced formation of an opposition-led government passed off peacefully - but many wonder what will happen if the opposition acts on threats to form a government without the President's permission.

06 Mar 17

Macedonia’s Crisis has Become Existential

The long-running political crisis in the divided Balkan country has entered a new and more dangerous phase.

03 Mar 17

Ivanov’s Actions Unite Macedonia Albanians in Outrage

Macedonia Albanians say President’s decision not to allow opposition to form a government in alliance with ethnic Albanians is offensive and will heighten ethnic tension.

02 Mar 17

Macedonia President Accused of Exceeding His Powers

While opposition politicians appeal for calm, some legal experts are urging parliament to ignore the President’s veto on an opposition-led government - and elect one on their own.

21 Feb 17

Is Feudal Ex-Yugoslavia Incapable of Reform?

Western Balkan societies remain mired in squalor and resentment because we have not had the courage to demand anything better or confront our feudal, predatory elites.

13 Feb 17

More Work for the Balkan Map Makers?

The 1995 Dayton deal ended a boom time for Balkan mapmakers – but with ‘land swaps’ and frontiers once more up for discussion, they could find their services in demand again.

13 Feb 17

Macedonia Pays Dear to Lure Foreign Investors

Macedonia spent at least 150 million euros on attracting foreign investments over the last decade, a study of budget bills shows – over half the value of the investments that the country attracted.

09 Feb 17

Macedonia’s President - Gruevski's Hostage, or Eminence Grise?

Insider testimonies and some of his own past articles suggest that President Gjorge Ivanov was more like Nikola Gruevski’s ideological guru than the puppet many believe him to be.

08 Feb 17

Russia Never Went Away from the Balkans

If the West now has to compete with Russia for influence in the Balkans, that might not be a bad thing.

06 Feb 17

Macedonia's Ruling Party Lashes out Against the West

The VMRO DPMNE’s party's aggressive attacks on Western diplomats and flirtation with Moscow are the counter-productive acts of frustrated politicians facing likely demise, observers say.