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11 Sep 07

Roma Scorn Their On-Screen Portrayal

Macedonian Roma don't recognise their life as it is portrayed in an award-winning film.
11 Sep 07

Macedonian Smokers Say Health Drive is a Drag

Bell tolls for the era of the overflowing ashtray in Macedonia, as politicians get tough on puffing in public.
11 Sep 07

Suicides Show Up Macedonia's Grim Jails

Officials blame rising prison deaths on overcrowding, but experts says the malaise is more serious.
11 Sep 07

Macedonia: Reworked History Lessons Cause Storm

A new version of the 2001 conflict, written by both Macedonian and Albanian teachers, triggers controversy.
11 Sep 07

FOCUS: Chomsky Interview Controversy

British newspaper finds itself at the heart of a bitter dispute about Balkans war crimes following interview with high-profile intellectual.
11 Sep 07

Balkan States Wrestle With EU Visa Regime

Sofia, Belgrade and Skopje keen to maintain free movement across their borders, but citizens and tourist agencies are pessimistic.

11 Sep 07

The Credibility of the EU's Enlargement Process at Stake

The EU should seize the opportunity and accept Macedonia as a candidate for membership.
11 Sep 07

Macedonia: Still Some Way to Go

It is heartening that Brussels has shown its faith in Macedonia's European future. But it is now up to the citizens of this country to end the culture of corruption that still holds us back.
11 Sep 07

Macedonia Tilts Towards Kosovo's Independence

After long towing the Serbian line, Skopje is pragmatically adjusting its position to new realities.
11 Sep 07

In Pursuit of Justice: An Overview of Progress in the Transitional Justice System of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Conference Outline

A major conference hosted by the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN, in Sarajevo this month addressed the daunting task of transferring responsibility for prosecuting war crimes committed in the early Nineties to Bosnia's own domestic justice system.
11 Sep 07

Macedonia Fears Upheaval if Road to Brussels is Blocked

Delays to Skopje’s plans to gain EU candidate status will discredit the government and boost the hand of radical nationalists.
11 Sep 07

Public broadcasting faces battle for survival in the Balkans

Survey shows public broadcasters are under-financed, too close to the political elites and are locked into mutually destructive ratings wars with commercial rivals.

11 Sep 07

Address by Meddzida Kreso, President of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Esteemed gentlemen, colleagues and respected guests,

Before anything else I wish to express my pleasure at having the honour to attend this event with all of you today and having the opportunity to present to you all the achievements in the work of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina in this relatively short period of its existence.
11 Sep 07

Macedonia: New Language Law Too Hot to Handle

Government puts off passing an all-encompassing law on the use of the Albanian language, fearing a backlash at the polls.