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Latest Profiles from Macedonia

28 Aug 17

Sergey Samsonenko, Macedonia’s Vanished Sporting Hero

The contentious Russian businessman who flourished under the previous regime in Macedonia has terminated his role as the nation’s sporting patron now his allies are out of power.

08 Jun 17

Marko Zvrlevski: Macedonia’s ‘Puppet’ Prosecutor Faces Dismissal

With a new government in place, Macedonia’s compromised chief Public Prosecutor Marko Zvrlevski, who was seen as a puppet of the former regime, can't hope to stay in office much longer.

08 May 17

Balkan Rulers Who Just Won’t Say Goodbye

Kings may have departed from the Balkan stage but many of the region’s current leaders weild power in monarchical style - clinging to office for decades. Here is the selection of ten politicans who think it is never the right time to bow out.

27 Apr 17

Ivica Todoric: Croatia's Tycoon Who Wanted Too Much

Ivica Todoric, the man who transformed his flower company into one of the Balkans' biggest business empires, Agrokor, now faces the possibility of seeing the debt-ridden firm go under.

21 Oct 16

Nikola Ivanovski: New Head of Macedonia’s Discredited Court

The newly elected chief judge of Macedonia’s Constitutional Court is unlikely to restore the image of an institution now widely seen as a tool of the political establishment.

21 Oct 16

Dime Spasov, ‘Cute’ Macedonian Minister Turned Electoral Liability

The car accident that he tried to cover up has turned the young minister from a showcase into yet another headache for Macedonia’s ruling party.

11 Oct 16

Bilall Kasami: Macedonia’s Anti-Establishment Party Leader

The leader of one of Macedonia’s new ethnic Albanian parties is hoping to ‘redefine’ the country to prevent any ethnic group from holding too much power.

11 Oct 16

Ziadin Sela: Champion of a ‘Binational Macedonia’

As leader of a new Albanian party and mayor of an ethnically-mixed town, Sela’s speeches, including calls for non-territorial federalism in Macedonia, have frequently sparked controversy.

03 Aug 16

Ali Ahmeti: The Quiet Man of Macedonian Politics

Despite being accused of slavishly obeying the ruling coalition party, Ahmeti is seen by many as an effective negotiator for ethnic Albanians in Macedonia.

03 Aug 16

Gjorge Ivanov: Macedonia’s Marginalised President

Macedonia’s head of state since 2009 is either a modest and upstanding patriot or a cypher of the ruling party.

01 Aug 16

Zoran Zaev: Macedonia’s Harbinger of Change

The youthful Social Democrat leader and former businessman dealt the Gruevski government a heavy blow by revealing thousands of Macedonians have been illegally wiretapped.

20 Jul 16

Nikola Gruevski: Macedonia's Embattled Former PM

Accused of leading a corrupt government that allegedly wiretapped thousands, the head of the centre-right VMRO-DPMNE party is waging a high-stakes battle for his political survival.

02 Mar 16

Peter Vanhoutte, Man on Mission in Macedonia

The EU mediator in Macedonia, Peter Vanhoutte, is not just a diplomat on the job but a man with a real commitment to democracy.

18 Sep 15

Katica Janeva, Macedonia’s New Special Prosecutor

From anonymity to being the centre of attention, small-town prosecutor Katica Janeva has emerged from inter-party talks as the new prosecutor in charge of probing the illegal surveillance claims that have shaken the government.

17 Apr 15

Gordana Jankuloska, Cover for the ‘Real’ Minister

The Interior Minister’s carefully nurtured image as a principled guardian of the law has taken a few knocks thanks to the opposition’s revelations.