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26 Sep 16

Zdravko Saveski - Not Your Usual Macedonian Politician

A joint list of non-party candidates endorsed by all anti-regime forces in Macedonia is the best way to defeat Nikola Gruevski, a prominent voice in the new leftist Levica party says.

23 Sep 16

Ricardo Gutierrez: State of Macedonia Media ‘Worst in Balkans’

The General Secretary of the European Federation of Journalists, EFJ, says the outlook for press freedom in Macedonia is depressing, condemning the incarceration of the journalist Zoran Bozinovski.

22 Sep 16

Suspicion Shadows ‘Albanian Terror’ Trial in Macedonia

The trial of 37 alleged members and accomplices of an ethnic Albanian terror group that battled Macedonian police in Kumanovo last year has been marred by allegations about false witnesses and police brutality.

13 Sep 16

Eastern Europe Risks Losing UN Top Job Race

The four Eastern European candidates for the post of UN Secretary-General face serious problems - three could be voted down because they are male, while Bulgaria’s Irina Bokova could become a casualty to politics.

08 Sep 16

Macedonia’s Dreams Unrealised 25 Years After Independence

Neither of Macedonia’s two strategic main goals - European integration and NATO membership - have been fulfilled 25 years after it became independent, while ethnic relations with the Albanian minority remain troubled.

07 Sep 16

Macedonia Electoral Roll Check-up Yields Few Results

Although the check-up that was supposed to remove any doubts about the real number of voters in Macedonia has been criticised, the main parties appear to be satisfied with the outcome.

06 Sep 16

Macedonia’s ‘Gulenists’ Fear Turkey’s Long Arm

Publication of a Turkish black list, naming several agencies, schools and companies in Macedonia as ‘Gulenist’, has left members of those organisations deeply worried.

29 Aug 16

Ziadin Sela: Champion of a ‘Binational Macedonia’

As leader of a new Albanian party and mayor of an ethnically-mixed town, Sela’s speeches, including calls for non-territorial federalism in Macedonia, have frequently sparked controversy.

22 Aug 16

Western Failures Give New Life to Old Balkan Ghosts

The EU and US’s failure to better defend democracy and human rights in Turkey, where a government crackdown on opponents is continuing, sends a dangerous message to Balkan political elites.

15 Aug 16

Insiders’ Guide: Hidden Gems of the Balkans

Visiting the Balkans this summer? Get off the beaten track and visit some of the region’s lesser-known beauty spots.

10 Aug 16

Macedonians Trade Blame Over Storm Death Toll

As the country recovers from a terrifying storm, the arguments are only beginning over whether casualties could have been avoided.

09 Aug 16

Gjorge Ivanov: Macedonia’s Marginalised President

Macedonia’s head of state since 2009 is either a modest and upstanding patriot or a cypher of the ruling party.

05 Aug 16

Balkan Athletes Ready to Wave Flags in Rio

Ahead of the 2016 Olympics Parade of Nations set for August 5, Balkan athletes are getting ready for the ceremonial opening march when they will proudly carry their countries’ colours.

03 Aug 16

Harsh Crackdown Leaves Turkey Fearful and Divided

As the government crackdown on alleged coup instigators develops into a broad sweep against the opposition, tens of thousands of Turks find themselves caught in the middle.

03 Aug 16

Ali Ahmeti: The Quiet Man of Macedonian Politics

Despite being accused of slavishly obeying the ruling coalition party, Ahmeti is seen by many as an effective negotiator for ethnic Albanians in Macedonia.