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22 May 15

Rivals Battle For Fate of Macedonia

A fight for Macedonia’s future takes shape as Gruevski regime slides toward authoritarianism.

21 May 15

Time to Say ‘No’ to Balkan Thugocracies

The whole region cries out for a moral reorientation of politics that will allow a new generation of leaders to emerge.

19 May 15

Pro-Regime Campers Bed Down in Macedonia

Supporters of Nikola Gruevski have set up their own camp in Skopje, rivaling the one established by the opposition.

15 May 15

Twitter and Facebook Demolish Macedonia’s Wall of Silence

As the government tightens control over traditional media, social networks have emerged as a powerful tool for the dissemination of alternative voices.

12 May 15

Macedonian Police Action Leaves Host of Questions

The police action in Kumanovo has claimed 22 lives, eight members of the police and 14 fighters of the armed group. It has also left behind it a trail of unanswered questions.

08 May 15

EU Must Not Remain Silent Over Macedonia’s Agony

It is time Brussels told Nikola Gruevski that the longer he clings on to power, the worse it will be for his country.

04 May 15

Macedonia Opposition Braces for May Showdown

With the announcement of mass protests in the capital in May, the crisis in Macedonia appears to be approaching its climax.

27 Apr 15

Little Dictator Gruevski’s End is Nigh

Time is fast running out for Nikola Gruevski as even his erstwhile supporters wake up to the reality of his corrupt regime.

17 Apr 15

Gordana Jankuloska, Cover for the ‘Real’ Minister

The Interior Minister’s carefully nurtured image as a principled guardian of the law has taken a few knocks thanks to the opposition’s revelations.

10 Apr 15

Macedonia Crisis Reaches Point of No Return

Options are running out for Nikola Gruevski, as the crisis sparked by opposition revelations leaves him with two choices: crack down hard or throw in the towel.

08 Apr 15

Eradicating Corruption Must Be Macedonia’s Priority

The lack of accountability and transparency is at the heart of Macedonia’s repeated political crises.

27 Mar 15

Macedonia's DUI is Heading Towards Perfect Storm

The surveillance scandal in Macedonia is inflicting enormous political damage on the government’ s Albanian partner party.

23 Mar 15

Gruevski Must Resign and Make Way For Transition Process

It is time for the Macedonian Prime Minister to go - any other solution would be like rearranging the deck chairs on a sinking ship.

17 Mar 15

Russia in the Balkans: Perceptions and Realities

The pragmatic interests of the Balkan states – which lie in the direction of Europe - are imposing limits on the Kremlin’s drive to regain influence in the region.

10 Mar 15

Dissenters Challenge Gruevski’s Grip in Macedonia

Critics inside Macedonia's ruling centre-right VMRO DPMNE are starting to make themselves heard - but whether they can effect change within the authoritarian party remains to be seen.