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07 Dec 16

Balkan War Crime Suspects Maintain Political Influence

Years after the Balkan conflicts, voters in former Yugoslav countries are still electing people who have been convicted of or charged with war crimes, showing how nationalism still distorts the political environment.

06 Dec 16

Architects of Modernist Skopje Decry Retrograde Remodel

The ageing architects behind Skopje’s cutting-edge resurrection from a 1963 earthquake cry copyright foul as their acclaimed modernist creations are engulfed in antiquity.

05 Dec 16

Why Macedonia’s Discredited Rulers Will Win Again

Despite astounding revelations of corruption and malpractice, Macedonia’s two ruling parties are likely to win the early elections in December for a combination of reasons.

01 Dec 16

Undecided Voters Hold Key to Macedonia Election

Swing voters and habitual abstainers together make up a whopping 30 to 40 per cent of Macedonia’s electorate, so whoever can mobilize them will win in December, experts believe.

30 Nov 16

Austria’s Top Diplomat Betrayed Democracy in Macedonia

Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz’s endorsement of the ruling VMRO DPMNE party before the upcoming elections horrified freedom-seeking Macedonians and contradicted the EU’s democratic values.

23 Nov 16

Macedonia’s Ruling Party Missed its Election Pledges

From the 2006 election onwards, the VMRO-DPMNE party has made a habit of issuing flamboyant promises in campaigns that analysis shows were rarely acted on.

22 Nov 16

Macedonia Braces For a Dirty Election Campaign

Despite the parties having signed a code obliging them to behave decently, observers say Macedonia is in line for another bare-knuckle fight that will likely include intimidation, lies and blatant appeals to ethnic fears.

14 Nov 16

Macedonian Media Still ‘Captive’ Ahead of Elections

Only a month before long-awaited early general elections, the main media remain under tight political control, local experts and the EU warn.

11 Nov 16

Macedonia Social Democrats Set Sights on Albanian Votes

For the first time since Macedonia became an independent country, the pattern of voting along ethnic lines in elections is facing a serious challenge.

09 Nov 16

Trump Triumph Celebrated and Mourned in Balkans

While many Serbs, Macedonians and Montenegrins hailed the victory of Donald Trump, many Albanians and Bosniaks are lamenting the defeat of Hillary Clinton.

09 Nov 16

Don’t Expect Balkan U-Turns From Trump Presidency

Serbs may be rejoicing over the Republican candidate’s win, but substantial changes in US relations with the region are unlikely.

07 Nov 16

Macedonians Fear Their Votes Are Far From Secret

Surveys show that many Macedonians suspect the ruling parties have ways of find out how they vote - a perception that is contributing to an atmosphere of fear ahead of December's elections.

07 Nov 16

Graduate Exodus Holds Grim Consequences for Macedonia

The flight of educated youngsters will have a grave impact on Macedonia’s economy, society and demography in the long term, analysis suggests.

03 Nov 16

Macedonia’s Debt is Growing Too Fast for Comfort

It is not the total size of Macedonia’s public debt that is worrying but its pace of growth.

03 Nov 16

Clinton Set to Harvest Most Balkan Diaspora Votes

While most Serbian Americans champion Donald Trump, most Albanians, Bosniaks, Bulgarians and Montenegrins lean towards his rival, Hillary Clinton.