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24 May 16

Macedonians Abroad Support Protests Back Home

Members of Macedonia’s large diaspora are showing their sympathy for the Protestiram movement at home.

23 May 16

Macedonia Deputy PM Kept Cypriot Firm Secret

BIRN can reveal that Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Peshevski is still director of an active company in Cyprus, contravening Macedonia’s law on conflicts of interest.

17 May 16

Macedonia Albanians Make Push for Federal State

Discontented with the current Albanian parties working in coalition with Macedonian ones, some Albanian intellectuals say it is time to consider the option turning Macedonia into a federation.

16 May 16

Macedonia Risks ‘Isolation’, Albanian Party Leader Fears

Teuta Arifi, vice-president of the biggest Albanian party in Macedonia and mayor of Tetovo, says both her country and her party face major challenges in the immediate future.

16 May 16

Activists' Enthusiasm Powers Macedonia's 'Colourful Revolution'

High-spirited individuals and their ideas - rather than traditional-style parties - are the driving force behind Macedonia's "Colourful Revolution", members of the movement say.

11 May 16

Protests Unite Ethnic Groups in Macedonian Town

Protesters in the ethnically-mixed town of Tetovo made history last week by waving their different national flags at anti-government rallies - but there is still a long path toward reconciliation.

10 May 16

Macedonia’s Kumanovo Shootout Still Raising Suspicions

A year after 18 people died in fighting between Albanian gunmen and Macedonian police in Kumanovo, locals still believe that the reasons for the violence are being suppressed.

10 May 16

Ziadin Sela, Mayor Aiming to Unite Macedonia's Albanians

The combative mayor and leader of the LR-PDSH says that if constitutional change does not bring about true equality between Albanians and Macedonians, federation must be the next step. 

09 May 16

Besa Movement Takes on Macedonia’s Albanian Establishment

The fledging Besa political movement aims to win more rights and respect for ethnic Albanians in Macedonia and represent those who feel the 'establishment' Albanian parties are out of touch.

04 May 16

Protest Unites Macedonians and Albanians in Tetovo

When Macedonians and Albanians marched side-by-side at an anti-government rally in the ethnically-mixed town of Tetovo, it raised hopes that a common stand against injustice could set the scene for more ethnic unity in the future.

28 Apr 16

Civil Society Must Play Role in Macedonia’s Crisis

An EU-led ‘citizens’ summit’ involving the big parties and the civil movement could revive a much-needed dialogue – whose absence has brought Macedonia to the brink of conflict.

22 Apr 16

Europe Must Be Ready to Punish Macedonia’s Leaders

Following the President’s outrageous pardon, the EU and US must show they are ready to sanction the country’s leaders for failing to keep their promises.

19 Apr 16

Ever-Changing Electoral Systems Fuelled Macedonia’s Crisis

Arbitrary changes to the electoral system, frequent dissolutions of parliament and over-powerful governing coalitions have contributed to the current political crisis in Macedonia.

18 Apr 16

Time to Confront Macedonia’s Little Dictator

As Macedonians take to the streets in protest against their autocratic and corrupt regime, the international community should apply pressure from the outside as well.

08 Apr 16

Boycott Threat Fuels Macedonia Election Uncertainty

The chances of June elections resolving Macedonia’s political crisis have dimmed since the opposition announced plans to boycott them.