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11 Apr 14

Why Macedonia’s Albanian Party Barons Dread Pendarovski

The DUI is not boycotting the presidental election because no ‘consensual’ candidate has appeared, but because Stevo Pendarovski poses a threat to the DUI-VMRO’s divide-and-rule strategy.

08 Apr 14

Balkans Weigh Impact of Russia-Ukraine Gas Feud

If Russia cuts or curbs the gas supply to Ukraine, some Balkan countries, especially Bosnia and Serbia, could be hard hit, as they lack alternative supply routes.

08 Apr 14

Dice Heavily Loaded in Macedonian Elections

A suspicious electoral roll and a media heavily in favour of the ruling parties are only some of factors undermining confidence in April’s presidential and parliament elections.

27 Mar 14

Victory Unlikely for Macedonia’s Reenergised Opposition

Despite a new leader and a range of new policies, the odds are stacked against the Social Democrats winning the April elections.

26 Mar 14

Ali Ahmeti: ‘Quiet man’ Who Gets What he Wants

The leader of the Democratic Union for Integration is often accused of being slavish to Nikola Gruevski, but has proven an effective negotiator for his party and community.

20 Mar 14

Nikola Gruevski: Technocrat Turned Nationalist

Militancy in the dispute with Greece over Macedonia’s name and identity has proved a successful formula for the authoritarian boss of the ruling VMRO DPMNE party.

20 Mar 14

Zoran Zaev: Embattled Opposition’s Last Hope

The youthful head of Macedonia’s Social Democrats is facing his first election at the helm of the party - up against a ruthless and impregnable-looking opponent.

12 Mar 14

Benefits of Highway to Macedonia Questioned

While the government maintains that the 600-million-euro road is crucial for Kosovo’s economy, some fear it’s a questionable investment.

10 Mar 14

Stevo Pendarovski: a Newcomer With Experience

The Social Democrats’ presidential hopeful may be a first-timer in election terms - but he knows a lot about politics and power.

07 Mar 14

Taxes Silence Libel Appeals by Macedonian Journalists

High court taxes are preventing journalists and editors from appealing defamation rulings against them.

05 Mar 14

Gjorge Ivanov: President in the PM’s Shadow

A modest and upstanding patriot - or a cypher of the governing party - Ivanov is the first Macedonian President to run for second term.

31 Jan 14

Corruption Scandal Spurs Media War in Macedonia

After the revelation of a tendering scandal involving a pro-government journalist, the pro-government media have launched an all-out attack on those they see as their opponents.

23 Jan 14

Smooth Operators: T-Mobile’s Macedonian Adventure

BIRN reveals how an investigation into a telecoms deal yielded a $95 million corruption settlement in the US – while the politicians involved escaped scrutiny in Macedonia.

21 Jan 14

EU Cash Enriches Macedonia’s Shady ‘Youth’ NGOs

Brussels has turned a blind eye to complaints about the way Youth in Action funds are distributed in Macedonia.

13 Jan 14

Macedonia: Fears of Another ‘Lost Year’

Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic membership ambitions are likely to remain stalled in 2014, which will see a presidential election and hopes of a slight economic upturn.