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28 Jul 16

Court Deals Macedonian Lustration Knockout Blow

The highly controversial process of naming and penalizing former secret police collaborators in Macedonia is ending in farce, as the courts annul its decisions one by one.

27 Jul 16

Peace and Justice Remain Elusive in Macedonia

The continuing practice of limiting negotiations to the main parties, to the exclusion of other actors in society, will only further entrench a discredited political leadership.

22 Jul 16

Turkey’s Failed Coup Splits Macedonia’s Turks

The attempted coup in Turkey has revealed hidden ideological splits among the significant Turkish community in the country.

21 Jul 16

Macedonia Parties Trade Blame Over Budget Cuts

Albanian opposition parties have lined up to criticize the proposed rebalancing of budget – while the government blames the political crisis, caused by the opposition.

21 Jul 16

Refugees Make Best of Camp Life in Macedonia

Since the borders closed to migrants in March, hundreds of refugees have been trapped in two camps in Macedonia - where they are trying to rebuild their lives while awaiting decisions on their fates.

20 Jul 16

Nikola Gruevski: Macedonia's Embattled Former PM

Accused of leading a corrupt government that allegedly wiretapped thousands, the head of the centre-right VMRO-DPMNE party is waging a high-stakes battle for his political survival.

14 Jul 16

How to Create Ethnic Cohesion in Macedonia

Most of Macedonian society is ethnically divided, polarised and segregated, and serious attempts must be made to bring communities closer, end discrimination and boost participation in the democratic process.

14 Jul 16

Prolonged Crisis Takes Toll on Macedonia’s Economy

The unending political crisis in Macedonia is damaging the economy, slowing economic growth, deterring foreign investors and increasing the public debt.

06 Jul 16

Balkan Youth Office Aims to Breach Wartime Divides

The newly-approved cross-Balkan youth cooperation office, which aims to restore links between young people whose countries were in conflict during the 1990s wars, hopes to open up a new era of reconciliation.

05 Jul 16

Eastern Europe Must Grasp Its UN Moment

Eastern Europe should not miss the historic opportunity to have one of its own elected as the next Secretary-General of the United Nations - preferably a woman.

16 Jun 16

Macedonia: Central Balkan Nation in Crisis

The current neglect of this small and fragile country by the EU and US undermines democracy and stability in the Balkans.

03 Jun 16

Forget Federalising Macedonia, Says Albanian Party Chief

Ethnic Albanian party leader Ali Ahmeti told BIRN that calls to federalise Macedonia are impractical, and dismissed claims that his DUI is a poodle of the ruling VMRO DPMNE.

02 Jun 16

How ‘I Protest’ Took Flight in Macedonia

One month after President Ivanov’s pardons sparked mass protests, BIRN looks at how the ‘Protestiram’ movement has organised and developed in Macedonia.

31 May 16

Balkans Warned of Challenge of Integrating Migrants

Council of Europe’s Rights Commissioner says Balkan countries face major challenge as they change from transit routes to destination countries.

24 May 16

Macedonians Abroad Support Protests Back Home

Members of Macedonia’s large diaspora are showing their sympathy for the Protestiram movement at home.