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17 Apr 15

Gordana Jankulovska, Cover for the ‘Real’ Minister

The Interior Minister’s carefully nurtured image as a principled guardian of the law has taken a few knocks thanks to the opposition’s revelations.

10 Apr 15

Macedonia Crisis Reaches Point of No Return

Options are running out for Nikola Gruevski, as the crisis sparked by opposition revelations leaves him with two choices: crack down hard or throw in the towel.

08 Apr 15

Eradicating Corruption Must Be Macedonia’s Priority

The lack of accountability and transparency is at the heart of Macedonia’s repeated political crises.

27 Mar 15

Macedonia's DUI is Heading Towards Perfect Storm

The surveillance scandal in Macedonia is inflicting enormous political damage on the government’ s Albanian partner party.

23 Mar 15

Gruevski Must Resign and Make Way For Transition Process

It is time for the Macedonian Prime Minister to go - any other solution would be like rearranging the deck chairs on a sinking ship.

17 Mar 15

Russia in the Balkans: Perceptions and Realities

The pragmatic interests of the Balkan states – which lie in the direction of Europe - are imposing limits on the Kremlin’s drive to regain influence in the region.

10 Mar 15

Dissenters Challenge Gruevski’s Grip in Macedonia

Critics inside Macedonia's ruling centre-right VMRO DPMNE are starting to make themselves heard - but whether they can effect change within the authoritarian party remains to be seen.

06 Mar 15

Brussels Has no ‘Magic Wand’ in Macedonia, Howitt

Former European Parliament Rapporteur says Europe is ready to help resolve the ‘extremely serious crisis’ in Macedonia – but no ‘quick fix’ is in sight.

27 Feb 15

Gruevski Has Made a Nightmare out of Macedonia

A government that conducts spying operations on this scale has not only lost credibility; it has lost the right to govern.

18 Feb 15

The ‘Proof’ is Around You, Mr Hahn

The Commissioner’s latest words on Serbia and Macedonia show that the EU is unfortunately sticking to a policy of turning a blind eye to disturbing developments in the Balkans.

13 Feb 15

Veil of Secrecy Shrouds Macedonia’s Fifth Sector’

The Macedonian secret police may well have been misused for wiretapping purposes; no one has inspected its work for years, experts in security and intelligence issues told BIRN.

06 Feb 15

Macedonia ‘Bombshell’ Will be Published Next Week, Zaev Says

The Macedonian opposition leader told BIRN that his party will start revealing the so-called political ‘bomb’ containing devastating material against the government as soon as next week.

05 Feb 15

Macedonia Must Handle Coup Charge With ‘Integrity’, Melia

As tension escalates in Macedonia over an alleged coup attempt launched by the opposition leader, US State Department official Thomas O. Melia tells BIRN that legal standards must be observed.

03 Feb 15

A Very Macedonian Coup d’Etat

As Gruevski buys time for his repressive regime, the opposition has only one option – to publish its supposedly sensational information and take the consequences.

26 Jan 15

Kezarovski Case Shows Macedonia Has Lost Its Way

In its handling of both the Kezarovski case and the amendments to the constitution, the government of Nikola Gruevski has again shown its true authoritarian colours.