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26 Nov 15

Anti-Schengen Clamour Holds Dangers for Balkans

Growing calls to scrap a border-free Europe - in the wake of the Paris attacks – are a real threat to stability in the Western Balkans.

25 Nov 15

Is Europe Right to Reward the Macedonian Government?

By linking the 'conditional' recommendation for accession negotiations to implementation of the EU-led agreement,  the government is being rewarded for addressing  a crisis for which it was largely responsible.

23 Nov 15

VMRO Quest for ‘Ideas’ Causes Mirth in Macedonia

A plan to invite citizens to submit their policy ideas to the ruling party has had unintended consequences.

20 Nov 15

Refugees Fear Being Trapped in Balkans

Refugees in the Balkans fear borders may be closed - leaving them in limbo in countries that cannot deal with refugees over a longer period.

06 Nov 15

Critical Voices ‘Erased from Macedonian Arts’

Macedonian artists exploring controversial themes disapproved of by the state are being silenced through direct and self-censorship, claim critics.

05 Nov 15

Macedonia ‘on Edge of a Cliff’, Howitt Warns

British MEP and former European Parliament Rapporteur on Macedonia says it might be too late for Macedonia to keep its positive recommendation for a start to EU membership talks.

04 Nov 15

Macedonia Protesting Pupils Say Teachers Locked Them up

Parents and pupils in Macedonia say teachers in some schools acted like ruling party militants, locking pupils in classes to stop them attending protests against education reforms.

29 Oct 15

Macedonia Refugee Camp Braces for Winter

Volunteers working at the refugee camp near the border town of Gevgelija say things are better organised now than back in the summer - but the onset of winter has them worried.

22 Oct 15

The DUI is Now the Macedonian Govt’s ‘Vassal’

Gzim Ostreni says the junior ruling party in Macedonia has swapped democratic principles for corrupt practices, which is why he is striking out on his own.

20 Oct 15

‘Obstructions Won’t Stop’ Macedonia Prosecutor

Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva - in charge of probing illegal surveillance claims - tells BIRN that she will let nothing get in the way of the pursuit of justice.

23 Sep 15

Europe’s Inertia Has Made a ‘Crisis’ of an Influx

The EU’s muddled and incoherent response to the arrival of refugees is undermining the goal of open borders and doing real damage to the Balkans.

22 Sep 15

Private Investors Have Hand in Skopje 2014

While the Macedonian state has stumped up the cash for most of the city’s grand makeover, some monuments, floating galleons and kiosks are investments of private entrepreneurs.

17 Sep 15

Macedonia's Special Prosecutor Faces Tough Challenge

The new prosecutor in charge of probing the illegal surveillance claims that have shaken the government must flex her muscles against a constricting law and a tight timetable.

11 Sep 15

Macedonia ‘Must Charge Politicians Over Telecom Affair’

If the prosecution does not raise charges in relation to new testimony on the telecom affair, it will strengthen suspicions of high-level corruption, the head of Transparency International - Macedonia, Slagjana Taseva, told BIRN.

09 Sep 15

Balkan Nationalists Have Profited from the EU

Zagreb professor Dejan Jovic says EU membership - or the prospect of joining - has paradoxically strengthened the hand of nationalists in the Balkans.