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04 May 16

Protest Unites Macedonians and Albanians in Tetovo

When Macedonians and Albanians marched side-by-side at an anti-government rally in the ethnically-mixed town of Tetovo, it raised hopes that a common stand against injustice could set the scene for more ethnic unity in the future.

28 Apr 16

Civil Society Must Play Role in Macedonia’s Crisis

An EU-led ‘citizens’ summit’ involving the big parties and the civil movement could revive a much-needed dialogue – whose absence has brought Macedonia to the brink of conflict.

22 Apr 16

Europe Must Be Ready to Punish Macedonia’s Leaders

Following the President’s outrageous pardon, the EU and US must show they are ready to sanction the country’s leaders for failing to keep their promises.

19 Apr 16

Ever-Changing Electoral Systems Fuelled Macedonia’s Crisis

Arbitrary changes to the electoral system, frequent dissolutions of parliament and over-powerful governing coalitions have contributed to the current political crisis in Macedonia.

18 Apr 16

Time to Confront Macedonia’s Little Dictator

As Macedonians take to the streets in protest against their autocratic and corrupt regime, the international community should apply pressure from the outside as well.

08 Apr 16

Boycott Threat Fuels Macedonia Election Uncertainty

The chances of June elections resolving Macedonia’s political crisis have dimmed since the opposition announced plans to boycott them.

07 Apr 16

Macedonia Crisis Makes Foreign Investors Wary

The political crisis in Macedonia is impacting on foreign investment, which has fallen in recent years  – but concerns about transparency have been present for longer.

30 Mar 16

Scale of Balkan Jihadist Extremism ‘Underestimated’

The scale of online radicalisation and Islamic extremism in key Balkan states is likely underestimated, warn experts, as the refugee crisis and heightened security after the Paris and Brussels attacks stretch resources.

29 Mar 16

Ethnic Tensions Complicate Counter-Extremism in Macedonia

Young Muslims are being radicalised online and in mosques resisting full regulation, warn experts, as Skopje weighs security risks posed by returnee fighters amid inter-ethnic tensions and the refugee crisis.

21 Mar 16

What Did Macedonia’s VMRO-DPMNE Buy in Washington?

Macedonia’s ruling party seems intent on ensuring American support in its conflict with the opposition through investing in lobbying activity, but is favourable coverage inside the US ‘Beltway’ evidence the strategy is paying off?

16 Mar 16

Refugees in Greek Camp Determined to Stay Put

Refugees stuck in the Idomeni camp in northern Greece say they will try to cross illegally into Macedonia again - whatever the Greek, Macedonian, or European leaders say.

04 Mar 16

Balkans Brace for Migrant Crisis Shifts

As northern Europe changes it policies towards migrants, Balkan countries cooperate and prepare for new challenges.

02 Mar 16

Peter Vanhoutte, Man on Mission in Macedonia

The EU mediator in Macedonia, Peter Vanhoutte, is not just a diplomat on the job but a man with a real commitment to democracy.

26 Feb 16

Turkey’s 'Soft Power' Risks Backfiring in Balkans

Turkey has long sought to strengthen its position in the Balkans through political, economic and cultural means, but the strategy has limits and is attracting growing criticism.

25 Feb 16

Election Delay Leaves Macedonia’s Crisis Unsolved

By pushing back the election date from April 24 to June 5, Macedonia has only postponed the next phase of the crisis.