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24 Nov 17

Macedonia Parks Language Law to Focus on EU Priorities

Macedonia is postponing adoption of the new language law that aims to extend the use of Albanian, after Brussels advised it to concentrate on speedier adoption of EU-backed reforms.

20 Nov 17

Macedonia's Lonely Church Seeks Bulgarian 'Parent'

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church, BPC, faces a dilemma over whether to accept an unusual appeal from the unrecognised Macedonian Orthodox Church to assume parental authority over it.

17 Nov 17

UN Mediator Schedules New Macedonia ‘Name’ Talks

The long-expected re-boot of the UN-sponsored name talks between Macedonia and Greece will take place on December 11-12 in Brussels.

13 Nov 17

Macedonia Sacks Police For Inaction in Parliament Rampage

Macedonia has sacked 11 police officers, including senior security chiefs, for their failure to stop the April 27 mob assault on parliament that injured some 100 people, including MPs.

10 Nov 17

Kosovo Aids Families of Macedonia Shootout Convicts

The Kosovo government will give 219,000 euro in aid to family members of ethnic Albanians convicted of terrorism or killed during the two-day Kumanovo gunbattle with police in Macedonia in 2015.

07 Nov 17

Macedonia Narrows Down Search for Chief Prosecutor

Macedonia’s search for a new chief prosecutor, who faces the challenge of restoring faith in the discredited institution, has boiled down to two candidates, one of whom should shortly be selected.

03 Nov 17

Macedonia Shootout Verdicts Trigger Protests in Kosovo

People in Kosovo have protested against the heavy sentences issued to those involved in a gunbattle in Macedonia in 2015, as PM Haradinaj said he had called back Kosovo's ambassador for consulations.

02 Nov 17

Macedonia Gives Kumanovo Gunmen Heavy Jail Terms

The Skopje Criminal Court on Thursday gave life sentences to seven of the 37 ethnic Albanian defendants accused of involvement in a two-day shootout with police in Kumanovo in 2015, while most of the rest got long jail terms.

30 Oct 17

Macedonia Opposition Won't Abandon Mayoral Wins

While refusing to recognize the local election results – which saw a debacle for VMRO DPMNE – the opposition party says it will not give up the five seats it won in the polls.

30 Oct 17

Ruling Parties Seal Local Election Victory in Macedonia

Macedonia’s ruling Social Democrats, SDSM, and their junior coalition partners, the Albanian Democratic Union for Integration, DUI, sealed their local election victory on Sunday after a second round of voting. The opposition alleged the results were fraudulent.

29 Oct 17

Macedonia’s Albanian Parties Battle for Electoral Supremacy

The second round of the Macedonian local elections on Sunday will see ethnic Albanian parties compete for dominance and the opposition VMRO DPMNE defend its last remaining strongholds.

26 Oct 17

Macedonia Prosecution Probes Local Election Fraud Claims

Macedonia’s Public Prosecution has started looking into possible electoral irregularities after the opposition leader accused the government of illegally bugging him and his party during the local election campaign.

25 Oct 17

Balkan States’ Passports Rank as Average in Global Survey

An online index that ranks states' passports based on how many countries people can enter with them has placed most Balkan states somewhere in the middle - with the exception of Kosovo.

20 Oct 17

Amnesty Plea for Crowd That Stormed Macedonia's Parliament

After Macedonia's former ruling party called for all those involved in the April 27 storming of parliament to receive an amnesty - members of the current government and legal experts have condemned the proposal.

19 Oct 17

Macedonia Made Huge Payments to War Crimes Convict

The wife of the only Macedonian war crimes convict, Johan Tarculovski, confirmed receiving payments from the government of 5,000 euros a month during the eight years her husband spent in jail abroad.


22 Jan 18

Europe’s New Balkan Strategy Gets Dynamics All Wrong

The Commission’s new enlargement strategy for the Balkans is ambitious - but fundamentally misreads the serious nature of the challenges to democracy in the region.

17 Jan 18

How Rich Are the Balkans’ Top Politicians?


11 Jan 18

China’s Stealthy Advance in Balkans Should Worry EU

While Europe focuses on the threat of Russian penetration in Eastern Europe, it is neglecting the subtler dangers than come from China’s growing influence in the region.

19 Oct 17

EU Mulls Lower Roaming Charges for Balkans

Culture and Lifestyle

15 Jan 18

Vevcani Carnival Brings Humour to Macedonian Streets

One of the most famous village festivals held in the Balkans, the Vevcani carnival, took place this weekend in the western Macedonian village of Vevcani.

05 Jan 18

Macedonian Comedy Film Finds Secret to Success

01 Jan 18

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27 Dec 17

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01 Aug 17

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