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Latest News on Politics and Society from Macedonia

31 Jan 15

Macedonia Opposition Leader Charged With Spying

After the Prime Minister on TV accused him of attempting a coup, Macedonia's opposition head, Zoran Zaev, has been charged with espionage and ordered to surrender his passport.

29 Jan 15

Teachers Strike in Macedonia Wins European Backing

European education union chief Martin Romer says strike over new evaluation system is justified, calling planned fines unacceptable.

28 Jan 15

Freedom House Moves Kosovo up - Bosnia, Macedonia Down

The latest report of the US-based watchdog Freedom House on global political rights and civil liberties has moved Kosovo up a notch - and Macedonia and Bosnia down.

28 Jan 15

BIRN Attack ‘Part of Balkan Democratic Crisis’

A new model of authoritarian government is taking hold in the Balkans, which the EU is failing to recognise or address, Florian Bieber said at the LSE.

23 Jan 15

Islamist Terror Threat Draws EU, Balkans Together

New internal security strategy for Europe will involve ever-closer links to security structures in the Western Balkans.

21 Jan 15

Macedonia MPs Back Controversial Amendments

Parliament in Skopje has adopted two controversial amendments to the constitution, on the formation of international financial zones and redefining marriage.

20 Jan 15

Macedonian Journalists Protest Reporter's Jail Term

Protesters on Tuesday demanded the release of the reporter Tomislav Kezarovski, whose jail term was recently upheld by the Court of Appeal in Skopje - albeit with a reduced sentence.

16 Jan 15

Macedonia Court Upholds Reporter's Jail Term

Journalist's associations have voiced dismay after the Court of Appeal in Skopje failed to release the jailed reporter Tomislav Kezarovski but instead cut his sentence from four-and-a-half to two years.

15 Jan 15

Macedonia Courts Student Fury With Exam Law

Students and university professors have announced more protests after parliament went ahead with adoption of a controversial plan to introduce compulsory external, state-supervised exams for graduates.

13 Jan 15

Macedonia Set to Free Jailed Priest

Priest whose jail term has become a bone of contention between Macedonia and Serbia is expected to be out of jail as early as next week.

09 Jan 15

Protesting Macedonian Students Seek President's Aid

Students and professors opposed to a plan to introduce external, state-supervised exams for graduates are urging the President to veto the controversial bill.

08 Jan 15

Paris Terror Attack Victims Mourned in Balkans

Politicians, journalists and ordinary people across the Balkans have paid tribute to the victims of the Islamist terror attack in Paris, which claimed the lives of 12 people.

07 Jan 15

New Report Into Trajkovski's Death Blames Pilots

The 2004 plane crash that killed Macedonia's former President was not an assassination attempt but an accident caused by pilot errors, technical problems and procedural mistakes, investigators say.

07 Jan 15

Macedonia Villagers Fuming Over 11-Day Power Cut

Tempers boiled over in the western municipality of Mavrovo and Rostushe on Tuesday night over an 11-day power outage in the area.

06 Jan 15

Pardon in Sight For Jailed Macedonian Priest

A recent visit to Macedonia by a high-level Russian Orthodox cleric has boosted hopes of a pardon for Jovan Vraniskovski, the jailed priest at the centre of a dispute between the Macedonian and Serbian Orthodox churches.


26 Jan 15

Kezarovski Case Shows Macedonia Has Lost Its Way

In its handling of both the Kezarovski case and the amendments to the constitution, the government of Nikola Gruevski has again shown its true authoritarian colours.


14 Jan 15

World Bank Revises Croatia's GDP Growth Down

In more bad news for the struggling centre-left government, the World Bank has altered its earlier forecast of Croatia’s GDP growth in 2015, cutting it from 1.2 to 0.5 per cent.

Culture and Lifestyle

11 Oct 14

Junkyard Art Holds Message for the Planet

Vlado Kostov’s sculptures, all made from scrap metal, are not just interesting artworks; they tell of the need to save planet Earth.