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Latest News on Politics and Society from Macedonia

18 Dec 14

Brawl Reported at Macedonian Party Congress

Rivalry between party members has been blamed for a mass punch-up that reportedly erupted at a local congress of the junior ruling party, the Democratic Union for Integration, DUI, in Struga.

17 Dec 14

Macedonia Students Mull More Exam Protests

Macedonian students wanr of new protests or of a possible boycott of classes after the Education Ministry snubbed their demand to scrap planned external, state-supervised exams.

16 Dec 14

Illicit Outflows Rob Balkan Economies of $100bn

A study by Global Financial Integrity, GIF, says illicit money outflows robbed Balkan countries of the equivalent of more than 100 billion dollars during the last decade.

16 Dec 14

EU Summit Parks Macedonia Membership Bid

This week's European Council Summit predictably put off discussion on Macedonia’s stalled EU accession bid.

15 Dec 14

Opposition to Macedonia University Reform Grows

Macedonian university faculties have started to join students who are rejecting proposed state-run external examinations for graduates, saying the plan threatens academic independence.

12 Dec 14

Macedonia's New Red Lion Fails to Impress Opposition

Macedonian opposition parties say the government plan to scrap the old communist-era coat of arms and replace the design with a red lion on a yellow shield is nothing more than a political diversion.

11 Dec 14

Macedonia Judges Oppose Ink Marks For Voters

Macedonia's Constitutional Court judges have agreed to discuss calls to scrap the practice of putting a visible ink mark on voters' fingers during elections to avoid fraud.

10 Dec 14

Student Protest Blocks Macedonian Capital

Over 12,000 students opposed to government-planned external, state-supervised exams for graduates attended a mass protest on Wednesday in Skopje.

10 Dec 14

Blasts Shake Two Police Stations in Macedonia

Macedonian authorities confirmed that two explosions shook nearby police stations in the western part of the country on Tuesday night, adding that the sites were not directly attacked.

10 Dec 14

Macedonia Abortion Rulebook 'Traumatises Women'

A new Health Ministry rulebook for counselling during termination could traumatise women by emotionally blackmailing them to continue their pregnancies, gynaecologists warned.

09 Dec 14

Macedonia Scraps Old 'Soviet' Coat of Arms

Macedonia is dumping its old coat of arms - with its typical Communist-era motifs - for a red lion on a yellow shield.

08 Dec 14

VIDEO: Searching for Solutions in the Balkans

Croatia made it across the finish line, but the rest of the Balkan countries seem to be far away from their European future. What kind of new approaches can be explored to ensure that the accession story ends well?

08 Dec 14

Macedonia’s New Monuments ‘Fuel Ethnic Divisions’

The country’s recent monument-building spree is a political project intended to boost the government and feeds ethnic and religious tensions, a new report claims.

05 Dec 14

Republika Srpska Bans Macedonian Meat Products

Bosnia’s Serb-led entity Republika Srpska has banned products from Macedonian meat company Pekabesko because it allegedly found carcinogenic substances in them.

05 Dec 14

Jailed Macedonian Priest 'Fears for Life'

Former Macedonian Orthodox priest Jovan Vraniskovski claimed he has been tortured in the Skopje prison where he is serving a jail sentence for embezzlement.


17 Dec 14

Alpine Bau and ‘the Balkan family’

Alpine Bau “strongman” Dietmar Aluta-Oltyan and his wife Helena were at the heart of the firm’s ruinous expansion into the Balkans, despite widespread confusion over their official roles at the now bankrupt Austrian construction giant.


18 Dec 14

Montenegro Drops in Forbes Business Ranking

Montenegro has dopped down four places in this year’s Forbes magazine’s list of 'best countries for business,' ranking in 48th place out of 146 surveyed states, although it remains above several EU member states.

Culture and Lifestyle

11 Oct 14

Junkyard Art Holds Message for the Planet

Vlado Kostov’s sculptures, all made from scrap metal, are not just interesting artworks; they tell of the need to save planet Earth.