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02 Oct 14

Kosovo Leads Balkans in Internet Addiction

Kosovars are the keenest internet users in the Balkans, in national percentage terms, a global survey of internet and Facebook penetration shows.

02 Oct 14

FBI Urged to Oversee Macedonia ‘Terrorism’ Case

Macedonia’s main ethnic Albanian political party urged the US Federal Bureau of Investigation to oversee a possible new probe of the terrorism convictions of six Albanians which sparked ethnic unrest.

01 Oct 14

Macedonian Media in Govt's Grip, Research Says

New research says a range of political and financial pressures are constantly undermining the Macedonian media's freedom, independence and pluralism.

01 Oct 14

Balkan Countries Exploiting Planet, WWF Says

New WWF report takes Balkan countries to task about their impact on the world's ecological system and environment.

01 Oct 14

Macedonia's Coal Addiction 'Shortening Lives', Report Says

The extensive use of coal to produce electricity is taking years off people's lives in Macedonia, a new study shows.

29 Sep 14

Move to Ban Gay Unions Alarms Macedonia NGOs

Rights groups have condemned a government-proposed change to the constitution, which not only define marriage in strictly heterosexual terms - but applies to non-marital unions as well.

29 Sep 14

Macedonian PM Dismisses Early Election Reports

Marking the new government's first 100 days in office, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski scotched speculation that he was considering calling another early general election.

26 Sep 14

Macedonia President Voices 'Balkan Caliphate' Fears

The Balkan countries could become an arena for Islamist militants if they are not speedily integrated into European and Atlantic structures, President Ivanov of Macedonia told the UN.

26 Sep 14

Macedonia Gets Tough on Kindergarten Menus

The government is taking the gloves off in its drive to get Macedonian kindergartens to strike margarine, white sugar and chocolate off the menu.

25 Sep 14

Opposition Slates State of Macedonian Prisons

Inmates are dying in Macedonia’s overcrowded and inhuman prisons because they are left without proper medical care, the main opposition Social Democrats have alleged.

24 Sep 14

Macedonia at Bottom of Regional Wage Table

Slovenes and Croats earn the biggest average wages in the former Yugoslavia, while Macedonians earn the least, according to Turkey's Anadolu Agency.

24 Sep 14

Macedonia Ruling Party Threatens Early Election

If the opposition does not end its boycott of parliament soon, Macedonia’s ruling party is considering holding fresh elections in November.

23 Sep 14

Croatia Joins Balkan Anti-IS Coalition

Alongside the other Balkan states, Croatia has joined the US-led coalition against the Islamic State militants, although its obligations remain unclear.

22 Sep 14

Macedonia Criticises New US Ambassador

Macedonia is sending a protest note to the United States after the newly-appointed American ambassador to Skopje called Macedonians “Slavs” during a hearing at the US Senate.

19 Sep 14

Albanians Declare 'Republic' in Macedonia

A small crowd of ethnic Albanians gathered on Thursday in Skope to hear an ex-politician proclaim the 'Republic of Ilirida' - but few Macedonians are taking it that seriously, so far.


01 Oct 14

Cross and Crescent Divide up Macedonia

In the last ten years, Macedonia has seen the construction of hundreds of new churches and mosques - but the race between the two great religions to ‘mark out’ their territories has disturbing consequences.


29 Sep 14

Balkan States to Cut Mobile Roaming Charges

Following the EU's example, regulators in four Balkan countries have finally agreed to reduce mobile phone roaming charges, which are much higher than in western Europe.

Culture and Lifestyle

13 May 14

Drag Queen's Eurovision Win Highlights East-West Divide

While LGBT communities and public in Serbia and Croatia criticised the reporting of their national broadcasters on the May 10 victory of transsexual singer Conchita Wurst at the Eurovision, this year’s voting has highlighted differing attitudes towards LGBT people in Western and Eastern Europe.