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08 Dec 16

Macedonia Leader Slated for Urging Rival's Assassination

An election rally statement by Nikola Gruevski, leader of Macedonia's ruling party, at which he appeared to suggest his main political rival ought to be assassinated, has been widely condemned.

07 Dec 16

Monitors: Bogus Voters Remain on Macedonia's Electoral Roll

Just days before Sunday's general elections, election monitors warned that there are still non-existent voters on Macedonia's electoral roll that the authorities have failed to delete.

06 Dec 16

Opinion Poll: Gap Narrows Between Macedonia's Parties

Macedonia is seeing one of the tightest electoral races in its history as the gap between the ruling party and the opposition continues to narrow and the number of undecided voters remains high, the latest opinion poll suggests.

06 Dec 16

Maceconia Prosecution at Risk if Ruling Party Wins Polls

The task of the Special Prosecution, SJO, to investigate high-level crime and corruption, must not remain unfinished, observers say, as Macedonia's ruling party pledges to wind it up if it wins the December elections.

05 Dec 16

Macedonia Albanians Stick to Ethnic Issues in Election

Albanian parties in Macedonia are focusing on standard ethnic issues in the December 11 election - while more pressing everyday problems that need solving are being left out, experts fear.

02 Dec 16

Macedonian Parties Fuel Dreams of Pay Hikes

Campaign promises of drastic rises in pay for Macedonia's impoverished workers are far-fetched without a sharp economic upturn, experts warn.

30 Nov 16

Attacks on Balkan Media Unchecked, HRW Says

Journalists across the Western Balkans face a hostile environment that impedes their ability to report in a critical fashion, Human Rights Watch said on Wednesday.

28 Nov 16

Austrian FM Defends Decision to Back Macedonia Ruling Party

After a wave of criticism, Austria’s Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz has insisted that his speech at election rally for Macedonia's ruling VMRO DPMNE party should not be seen as controversial.

28 Nov 16

Trial Starts for Macedonia's Wiretapping Scandal

The trial of seven employees of Macedonia’s secret police charged with deliberately destroying documents to hide their involvement in largescale illegal wiretapping begins at a court in Skopje on Monday.

25 Nov 16

Cops With Fake Diplomas Face Sack in Macedonia

After a number of police officers in Macedonia were sacked for claiming fake diplomas, experts wonder just how many officers with dodgy diplomas are still working in the force.

25 Nov 16

Brussels Urged to Support Balkan Civic Society Groups

The civic society network BCSDN in a new report has called on the European Commission to deepen its commitment to civil society groups and initiatives in the Balkan region.

25 Nov 16

Telecom Firm Insists it is Helping Macedonia Wiretap Probe

Deutche Telecom said its Macedonian daughter company is cooperating with probes by Macedonia's Special Prosecution, as it seeks evidence related to the wiretapping claims that have rocked the country.

25 Nov 16

Macedonia Ruling Party Smears Rivals Using Fake News Sites

As election day looms in December, new news websites linked to Macedonia's ruling party have recently started producing false news reports designed to discredit the opposition.

23 Nov 16

US Film Maker Claims Macedonia Customs Robbed Him

Macedonian authorities say they will investigate claims by a US film director, Rick Ray, that corrupt customs officials stole his equipment and sent him to court on a false pretext.

21 Nov 16

Starting Gun Fires For Macedonia Election

The campaign for Macedonia's December 11 early general election officially got underway on Monday with rallies planned for Prilep, Ohrid, Lipkovo and the capital, Skopje.


07 Dec 16

Balkan War Crime Suspects Maintain Political Influence

Years after the Balkan conflicts, voters in former Yugoslav countries are still electing people who have been convicted of or charged with war crimes, showing how nationalism still distorts the political environment.

22 Nov 16

Macedonia Braces For a Dirty Election Campaign


23 Nov 16

Macedonia’s Ruling Party Missed its Election Pledges

From the 2006 election onwards, the VMRO-DPMNE party has made a habit of issuing flamboyant promises in campaigns that analysis shows were rarely acted on.

29 Sep 16

World Bank Upbeat About Western Balkans

Culture and Lifestyle

28 Sep 16

Sound of Serbian Music May Vanish From Macedonia

After much Macedonian music went off air in Macedonia in a dispute over copyright, Macedonian TV and radio stations now face another ban - on playing music from Serbia.

24 Aug 16

Secrets of Macedonia’s Colourful South

15 Aug 16

Insiders’ Guide: Hidden Gems of the Balkans

05 Aug 16

Balkan Athletes Ready to Wave Flags in Rio

31 Dec 15

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