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Latest News on Politics and Society from Macedonia

11 Aug 14

Rain-Soaked Balkans Braces for Heatwave

After months of unusually wet weather, the countries of the Balkan region are finally bracing for a heatwave, which is expected to peak on Tuesday.

11 Aug 14

Deadly Bacteria Spark Panic About Macedonia's Meat

Meat sales are in freefall in Macedonia after four people died from a bacterial illness blamed on a local meat product.

08 Aug 14

Macedonia Takes Aim at Locals' Greasy Meals

Like most people in the Balkans, Macedonians love nothing better than biting into a greasy burger. But not for much longer if the government has its way.

06 Aug 14

Price Tag Soars for Skopje's Big Wheel

Macedonia is to pay much more than it originally planned for the construction of a big observation wheel, like the London Eye, in the centre of the capital, Skopje.

05 Aug 14

Refusal to Probe Police Minister Angers Macedonia Opposition

The opposition has accused the Chief Prosecutor of turning a blind eye to corruption, after his office said claims that the Police Minister received cash donations on behalf of her VMRO DPMNE party will not be probed.

05 Aug 14

More Macedonians Apply for Bulgarian Citizenship

Macedonians top the list of foreigners applying for Bulgarian citizenship, which grants them easier access to EU countries, said Sofia’s embassy in Skopje.

05 Aug 14

Macedonia Urges Power Companies to Write Off Debts

As the government calls on utility companies to write off the debts of poorest customers, some critics accuse it of populism.

01 Aug 14

Balkan Citizens Urged to Get Out of Libya

Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia have called on their nationals to evacuate from Libya as violence among militia groups worsens in the conflict-ridden country.

01 Aug 14

Croatia Deports Macedonian Who Poked Rare Seal

A man who prodded a rare seal on a beach near the Pula in the Adriatic has been fined - and deported after it was discovered he was in the country illegally.

01 Aug 14

New Macedonia Lustration Commission Resumes Collaborator Probe

Macedonia’s parliament elected a new team to run the controversial state office for rooting out former secret police collaborators which will check 20,000 people’s files over the next four-and-a-half years.

30 Jul 14

Macedonia Jails Albanian Terrorism Trial Protesters

Six people were jailed for three years each for participating in violent protests in Skopje this month sparked by the terrorism convictions of six ethnic Albanians.

30 Jul 14

Balkans on Freak Weather Alert as Two Die in Romania

Severe weather alerts are in force across much of the region while storms in southern Romania have already caused widespread devastation and killed at least two people.

29 Jul 14

Religious Tolerance Patchy in Balkans, State Department Says

Discrimination against smaller religious communities continues in most Balkan countries, even though governments and laws in general respect religious freedoms, a new US report says.

29 Jul 14

UN Mediator Arrives Empty Handed in Macedonia

After the UN mediator in the dispute with Greece over Macedonia's name reached Skopje on Monday, he admitted that he had not come with any fresh proposals for a solution.

25 Jul 14

Macedonia Jails its Top Archaeologist

A court in Skopje has jailed the former chief excavator, Pasko Kuzman, for three years for his role in the organized smuggling of archaeological valuables from the country.


05 Aug 14

Faith Dries up in Macedonia’s Water

While Macedonia is rich in one of the world’s most precious resources, the authorities are turning a blind eye to widespread contamination and the consequent danger to public health.


07 Aug 14

Rise in Exports Heartens Macedonia

The value of Macedonian exports rose robustly in the first half of 2014 - although the foreign trade gap keeps widening.

Culture and Lifestyle

13 May 14

Drag Queen's Eurovision Win Highlights East-West Divide

While LGBT communities and public in Serbia and Croatia criticised the reporting of their national broadcasters on the May 10 victory of transsexual singer Conchita Wurst at the Eurovision, this year’s voting has highlighted differing attitudes towards LGBT people in Western and Eastern Europe.