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12 Feb 16

Macedonian Ex-Ministers Suspected of Election Fraud

Former ex-ministers and senior officials are the main figures suspected of organising fraud during past elections, Macedonia's Special Prosecution has said.

11 Feb 16

Macedonia Opposition Chief Joins Angry TV Duel

Macedonian opposition leader Zoran Zaev on Wednesday took part in a heated interview on pro-government TV - where the show's host called him a liar who would end up in prison.

09 Feb 16

Macedonia Mulls Tax on Fatty Foods

A government idea to put an additional tax on fatty foods to dissuade people from buying them has been slammed by the opposition and ridiculed on social networks.

05 Feb 16

Macedonia Opposition Unlikely to Bridge Ethnic Gap

A unified inter-ethnic opposition front that would confront Macedonian strongman Nikola Gruevski in the general election is needed - but unlikely to happen, observers caution.

05 Feb 16

Serbia Urges Unified Solution to Refugee Crisis

At the London donor conference, Serbia's Prime Minister has called for unified international solution to the refugee crisis - which is affecting the Balkan region's stability.

04 Feb 16

Macedonia Special Prosecution Charged With Crimes

Macedonia's Special Prosecution, tasked with probing illegality in high places, has denied wrongdoing after a barrage of criminal charges allege it has pressured potential witnesses.

03 Feb 16

Macedonia's Greens See Red Over Deadly Smog

Macedonian environmental groups have announced more protests and possible blockades of institutions and streets, accusing the authorities of failing to address alarming air pollution.

02 Feb 16

Macedonia's Tighter Borders Revive Migrant Smuggling

Stricter controls on Macedonia’s border with Greece have revived the lucrative business of migrant trafficking - prompting claims that local police and residents are involved.

01 Feb 16

Eurostat Data Reveal Scale of Macedonian Exodus

EU data show tens of thousands of Macedonians left to live in EU countries over the last five years, fuelling fears about a falling population and a 'brain drain'.

29 Jan 16

Ambassadors Demand Action Before Macedonia Votes

Urgent work remains to be done before the EU and US next month can assess whether Macedonia is ready to face credible elections on April 24, the two ambassadors said on Friday.

28 Jan 16

Macedonia Starts Cleaning up Electoral Roll

Three separate IT teams are to cross-reference Macedonian voters' data in order to purge the much problematized electoral roll ahead of the early general elections.

27 Jan 16

Macedonia Hails Slovene Plan to Stop Migrants

Macedonia has welcomed Slovenia's plan for security on Macedonia's border with Greece to be increased in order to stem the flow of migrants moving towards Western Europe.

20 Jan 16

Macedonian Opposition Mulls Return to Streets

Opposition Social Democrats say all options are open, including renewed street protests, after ruling parties on Monday unilaterally pressed on with early elections in April.

19 Jan 16

Macedonia Risks Opposition Boycott Over Early Polls

Ruling parties have unilaterally decided to press on with early elections in April, despite opposition insistance that conditions for fair and free polls are not in place .

18 Jan 16

Disputes Create Doubt Over Macedonia Election Date

Members of the Electoral Commission have expressed conflicting opinions about the country's readiness to hold credibly democratic early polls in April as part of efforts to end Macedonia's political crisis.


08 Feb 16

Kumanovo Gunmen Face Trial in Macedonia

Twenty-nine ethnic Albanians accused of involvement in a shootout that left 18 dead in Kumanovo face terrorism charges at a trial that starts on Tuesday in Skopje.


27 Nov 15

Tirana and Skopje Agree ‘Veggie War’ Deal

Albania and Macedonia take steps to resolve fresh produce 'trade war' after Tirana raises the issue at a regional free trade meeting.

Culture and Lifestyle

31 Dec 15

Ring in the New Year Balkan Style

New Year’s Eve in the Balkans means music, fireworks, food, and more music in city squares under the stars.