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30 Jun 16

US, EU Envoys Expected to Revive Macedonia Talks

Senior US and EU envoys are expected to launch a diplomatic offensive in Macedonia in early July, aimed at hammering out a new deal on resolving the country's deep political crisis.

29 Jun 16

'Special Court' Gathers Momentum in Macedonia

There are no legal obstacles to forming a special court department that would handle cases instigated by the Special Prosecution, legal experts say, as the idea gains support in Macedonia.

28 Jun 16

Macedonian Protesters Predict 'Hot' Summer

Anti-government protests and guerilla actions will continue during the hot summer months, supporters of the 'Colourful Revolution' say, as politicians mull a fresh election date.

27 Jun 16

Macedonia Starts Fresh Electoral Roll Check

A working group initiated by the Electoral Commission will soon start a fresh verification of Macedonia's problematic electoral roll, after a previous attempt to cleanse the list failed to resolve concerns.

24 Jun 16

Balkans Shaken as UK Chooses EU Exit

Initial reactions from the Balkan region to the negative vote on the EU in Britain are gloomy - but concerns about the effects of a 'Brexit' on Southeastern Europe's economies are less dramatic. 

23 Jun 16

President Says 'War' Being Waged Against Macedonia

President says his controversial pardons for top politicians, which he later retracted, had prevented a civil conflict instigated by foreign 'enemies' bent on destabilizing Macedonia.

23 Jun 16

Macedonia Opposition Mulls 'Freezing' Role in Parliament

Macedonia's opposition is considering 'freezing' its participation in parliament in support of calls for guaranteed protection of the Special Prosecution, tasked with probing high-level crime.

21 Jun 16

Tensions High at Mass Protest in Macedonian Capital

Tens of thousands of people showed up at the massive anti-government rally in Macedonia’s capital Skopje on Monday evening - which took place amid high tensions after the authorities missed a deadline to meet key demands.

20 Jun 16

Macedonia Braces for Tense Rally After Missed Ultimatum

Police deployed in force in the Macedonian capital ahead of an anti-government rally set for Monday evening - which takes place after the authorities missed a deadline to meet key demands.

20 Jun 16

Balkan EU Prospects Must Remain Alive, Panel Says

There is no alternative to EU accession for the Balkan countries despite the many ongoing setbacks, participants at a BIRN panel organised in Skopje, Macedonia, said.

17 Jun 16

Macedonia Braces as Protesters' Deadline Looms

Anti-government protesters in Macedonia say that if the authorities have not met their key demands by Saturday, they can expect more trouble.

15 Jun 16

Macedonia to Count Cost of Paint Ball Protests

The government has ordered an evaluation of the damage done to official buildings and monuments as a result of protesters' paint balls - further annoying the protesters themselves.

14 Jun 16

Macedonia Minister Quits For 'Health Reasons'

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski - whose voice was heard in wiretapped recordings describing Nikola Gruevski’s policies as 'insane' - resigned on Tuesday.

14 Jun 16

Macedonia Parties Signal Readiness for Fresh Talks

Against a deadline set by the anti-government protesters, Macedonia's parties are considering a fresh round of leaders' meetings this week to discuss ways out of the ongoing political crisis.

10 Jun 16

Survey: Macedonians Lose Faith as Crisis Escalates

People are losing trust in Macedonia's institutions as political instability increases, according to a new opinion poll carried out by the International Republican Institute.


16 Jun 16

Macedonia: Central Balkan Nation in Crisis

The current neglect of this small and fragile country by the EU and US undermines democracy and stability in the Balkans.

02 Jun 16

How ‘I Protest’ Took Flight in Macedonia

24 May 16

Macedonians Abroad Support Protests Back Home

23 May 16

Macedonia Deputy PM Kept Cypriot Firm Secret


07 Apr 16

Macedonia Crisis Makes Foreign Investors Wary

The political crisis in Macedonia is impacting on foreign investment, which has fallen in recent years  – but concerns about transparency have been present for longer.

27 Nov 15

Tirana and Skopje Agree ‘Veggie War’ Deal

Culture and Lifestyle

31 Dec 15

Ring in the New Year Balkan Style

New Year’s Eve in the Balkans means music, fireworks, food, and more music in city squares under the stars.

19 May 15

Five Balkan Countries Competing in Eurovision