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17 Apr 14

PM Bribe Claim Electrifies Macedonian Election

After the Macedonian opposition on Thursday released a phone recording - on which it claims Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski can be heard discussing the illegal sale of a bank to a Serbian businessman for a bribe - the ruling party dismissed the tape, saying the voice was clearly not Gruevski's.

17 Apr 14

Macedonia PM Accused of Bribery Over Bank Sale

Amid a tense election campaign in Macedonia, the main opposition party has claimed that the Prime Minister expedited the sale of bank to a shady Serbian businessman for a hefty bribe.

16 Apr 14

Political Clash Mars Macedonia Election Campaign

Police said they would press charges against six people for instigating a politically-charged clash on Tuesday in Skopje amid the campaign for presidential and early general elections.

15 Apr 14

Macedonia Opposition Blames Poor Result on Fraud

Opposition Social Democrats said foul play was responsible for the convincing lead that the incumbent President, Gjorge Ivanov, obtained in the first round of the Macedonian presidential election on Sunday.

14 Apr 14

OSCE Sees 'Uneven Playing Field' in Macedonia Polls

International observers said there were only minor irregularities during the presidential vote  but biased media coverage and the blurring of state and party activities were significant issues.

13 Apr 14

Ivanov Takes Lead in Macedonia Polls

Incumbent President Gjorge Ivanov is leading the presidential vote count ahead of his main rival Stevo Pendarovski, preliminary results show.

13 Apr 14

Polls Close in Macedonia Presidential Election

Authorities and observers report low turnout and some irregularities as polling stations closed at 7pm on Sunday in Macedonia's first round of presidential election.

13 Apr 14

Polls Open in Macedonia Presidential Elections

A total of 3,480 polling stations opened at 7am on Sunday during Macedonia’s first round of presidential election in which more than 1.7 million people have a right to vote.

11 Apr 14

Macedonia Readies for Pre-Election Silence

The pre-election silence for Macedonia’s first round of presidential elections begins on Friday at midnight and lasts until Sunday’s vote.

10 Apr 14

Court Gives Go-Ahead to Macedonian Disputed Lustration Law

After almost two years of deliberation, the Constitutional Court said there are no problematic provisions in the country’s controversial Lustration Law, aimed at rooting out former police collaborators.

09 Apr 14

Macedonia Parties Misusing Resources for Election, NGOs Say

Parties are blatantly misusing public resources for their election campaigns, NGOs observing the elections said in a preliminary report .

08 Apr 14

Ramadani Urges Albanians to Avoid Syria War

The well known Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadani has told Albanians to leave the fight against Bashar al-Assad to the Syrians and not join militant group fighting in the civil war.

08 Apr 14

Macedonia Election Race Starts on Harsh Note

At the official start of the campaign for early general elections, Macedonia's party leaders traded robust accusations, charging each other with cowardice and corruption.

07 Apr 14

Macedonia To Vote Under Shadow of Giant Cross

One week before the Macedonian general elections, the capital is to get a second giant Orthodox cross, erected by an NGO close to the ruling party.

07 Apr 14

TV Presidential Debate Fails to Switch on Macedonia

A long-awaited TV head-to-head between Macedonia's four would-be presidents on Saturday was widely deemed a turn-off - after candidates bored viewers with their lengthy monologues.


11 Apr 14

Why Macedonia’s Albanian Party Barons Dread Pendarovski

The DUI is not boycotting the presidental election because no ‘consensual’ candidate has appeared, but because Stevo Pendarovski poses a threat to the DUI-VMRO’s divide-and-rule strategy.


19 Mar 14

Macedonia Parks Plan to Sell Power Company

Macedonia has backed away from its earlier plans to sell the state-owned power producing company, ELEM, insisting that for now it is best off staying in public hands.

Culture and Lifestyle

03 Jan 14

Ski Resorts Brace for Winter Getaway

Improved slopes, great food and bargain prices are drawing increasing numbers of skiers to the Balkans.