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24 Oct 14

Macedonia Demands Sacking of ‘Communist Police Informers’

The Macedonian state office tasked with rooting out communist-era informers has asked for them to be sacked from their jobs, but critics say suspects are being targeted for political reasons. 

23 Oct 14

Journalists Demand Freedom for Jailed Macedonian Reporter

Macedonian and international journalist's associations demanded 'Justice and Freedom' for the jailed reporter Tomislav Kezarovski ahead of Friday’s hearing before the appeal court.

22 Oct 14

Macedonia Dismisses NGO Claims About Cost of Dam

Macedonia's Finance Minister has dismissed ecologists' claims that Macedonia may have to pay much more than it originally planned for a hydro power plant set in a natural park.

21 Oct 14

Macedonia Offers Incentives to Tourists From Region

Macedonia plans to offer subsidies to tourists coming from neighbouring Bulgaria, Serbia and Bosnia - as long as they come by plane and stay at least a week.

20 Oct 14

US Praises Macedonian Law to Jail Militants

Increased jail terms for Macedonians who fight alongside foreign paramilitary groups will aid the global battle against terrorism if the law is properly implemented, a US diplomat said.

16 Oct 14

Macedonia Bans Toxic Old Cars to Curb Pollution

As air pollution levels in the Macedonian capital soar again, the authorities say they will outlaw old vehicles that fail to meet pollution standards.

15 Oct 14

Serbia Blames Albanian PM's Brother for Football Chaos

The office of Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has accused the brother of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama of causing chaos at a football match in Belgrade.

15 Oct 14

Macedonia Names Top Historian as Communist Informer

The most prominent historian from Yugoslav-era Macedonia and the country’s early independence years, Ivan Katardziev, denied allegations that he was an informer for the Communist secret police.

15 Oct 14

Macedonia Urged Not to Rush Constitutional Changes

The Venice Commission has advised Macedonia not to push through constitutional changes while opposition MPs are boycotting parliament.

14 Oct 14

Macedonia Hails Debt Cancellation Campaign

Government says drive to get banks and utility companies to write off the debts of the poor has helped thousands of people.

13 Oct 14

Macedonia Opposition Urges Budget Transparency

The opposition called for new measures to boost budget transparency, help ordinary people understand public finances and ensure that Macedonia does not plunge into serious debt.

11 Oct 14

Macedonia Authorities Say Briton Did Not Die of Ebola

Lab results from Germany show the Briton who died in Macedonia on Thursday was not infected with Ebola.

10 Oct 14

Macedonia Downplays Ebola Link to Briton's Death

Macedonia health authorities have downplayed earlier reports that a Briton who died in Skopje may have had the deadly Ebola virus, adding that no autopsy has yet been carried out.

09 Oct 14

Briton Dies in Macedonia, Authorities Suspect Ebola

The Macedonian authorities say they suspect a 56-year-old British national has died of Ebola but will not be able to confirm it until they get results from Germany.

09 Oct 14

Macedonia Court Throws out Abortion Challenge

Judges reject claim NGOs’ complaint about changes to abortion law, saying they merely regulate the procedures.


23 Oct 14

Macedonia ups Tempo on Rail Link to Bulgaria

With work on the first section now in progress, Macedonia has issued a project call for the third and final stretch of its long-awaited rail spur to Bulgaria.

Culture and Lifestyle

11 Oct 14

Junkyard Art Holds Message for the Planet

Vlado Kostov’s sculptures, all made from scrap metal, are not just interesting artworks; they tell of the need to save planet Earth.