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Latest News on Politics and Society from Macedonia

06 Oct 15

Macedonia Plans to Ban Publishing of Wiretaps

Macedonia's ruling parties have proposed outlawing the publication of any materials related to the illegal surveillance claims that have shaken Nikola Gruevski's government.

05 Oct 15

Macedonia Cuts Business Fines Ahead of Elections

As Macedonia readies to ease the burden of fines on small businesses, some see it as a cynical pre-election move on the part of Nikola Gruevski’s embattled government.

02 Oct 15

Macedonia Parties Haggle Over Election Reforms

Talks on Macedonia’s election reform ‘package’ are expected to wrap up by the October 6 informal deadline set by Brussels - even though deals on key issues are not yet in sight.

30 Sep 15

Macedonia’s Special Prosecutor Reveals Her Team

Macedonia’s new special prosecutor in charge of probing illegal surveillance claims on Wednesday presented her team of deputies, adding that she does not fear for her safety.

30 Sep 15

Macedonian PM's Foes Say Goodbye on the Net

As Macedonia moves into election mode, opponents of Prime Minister are being urged to rename their home wi-fi networks 'Goodbye Nikola'.

29 Sep 15

Macedonia Ministers Warned Sex Lives are on Tapes

As Macedonia gears up for what many expect to be a negative election campaign, the opposition claims it had tapes revealing the sexual affairs of senior officials.

28 Sep 15

Macedonia Govt Plans Biggest Ever Budget

The Macedonian government has proposed the largest national budget in the country's 25 years of independence for next year - surpassing even this year's record breaker.

25 Sep 15

Macedonia Opposition Seeks Media Reform Deal

Opposition says an agreement on reforms to the media must be in place in time for next April's early general elections.

24 Sep 15

Gruevski Plan to Boost Diaspora MPs Rebuffed

Macedonian Prime Minister's proposal to increase the number of MPs elected by the voters abroad meets cold response from opposition parties and NGOs.

24 Sep 15

Macedonia Nowhere on New Greek Govt Agenda

After a resounding win in Sunday's election for Greece's leftist-led government, no major breakthrough is expected in the 'name' dispute with Macedonia.

23 Sep 15

Macedonia's Embittered Albanians Look to New Parties

Macedonian Albanians in Skopje told BIRN that they are fed up with their old politicians and are curious to see if any of the new political formations can bring about change.

22 Sep 15

DUI Defectors to Form New Macedonian Albanian Party

Key members of the main ethnic Albanian party in Macedonia, the DUI, are to split off and form a new party in a sign of growing rifts within the DUI's ranks.

21 Sep 15

Macedonians Urge Amnesty to Ease Jail Overcrowding

As hunger strikes spread in Macedonian prisons, protesters in Skopje demanded amnesties for less serious crimes to combat overcrowding and inhumane conditions in the country's jails.

21 Sep 15

Macedonia Police Slammed for Abusing Refugees

The Macedonian police have physically abused refugees and migrants who have been transiting the country’s territory, campaign group Human Rights Watch said in a new report.

18 Sep 15

Hahn Revives 'Accession Dialogue' in Macedonia

Implementation of the agreement on ending Macedonia's political crisis will be crucial for the next European Commission Report on Macedonia, Enlargement Commissioner Hahn warns.


31 Aug 15

Europe to Fund Balkan Transport, Energy Projects

Following the Vienna summit, the Western Balkans has been promised 200 million euro in co-financing for 10 transport and energy projects, to improve growth and energy security.

Culture and Lifestyle

29 Jun 15

Enthusiasts Keep Alternative Arts in Macedonia Alive

With little money or state support, the fuel of the independent arts scene in Macedonia comes from enthusiast who connect up artists, the community and local businesses over their mutual goal –  presenting an alternative to the cultural mainstream.