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Latest News on Politics and Society from Macedonia

30 Jul 14

Macedonia Jails Albanian Terrorism Trial Protesters

Six people were jailed for three years each for participating in violent protests in Skopje this month sparked by the terrorism convictions of six ethnic Albanians.

30 Jul 14

Balkans on Freak Weather Alert as Two Die in Romania

Severe weather alerts are in force across much of the region while storms in southern Romania have already caused widespread devastation and killed at least two people.

29 Jul 14

Religious Tolerance Patchy in Balkans, State Department Says

Discrimination against smaller religious communities continues in most Balkan countries, even though governments and laws in general respect religious freedoms, a new US report says.

29 Jul 14

UN Mediator Arrives Empty Handed in Macedonia

After the UN mediator in the dispute with Greece over Macedonia's name reached Skopje on Monday, he admitted that he had not come with any fresh proposals for a solution.

25 Jul 14

Macedonia Jails its Top Archaeologist

A court in Skopje has jailed the former chief excavator, Pasko Kuzman, for three years for his role in the organized smuggling of archaeological valuables from the country.

24 Jul 14

Nimetz Upbeat on Fresh Macedonia 'Name' Talks

The UN mediator in the 'name' dispute between Macedonia and Greece, Matthew Nimetz, has said he expects 'substantial progress' from his next visit to Skopje and Athens due next week.

23 Jul 14

Macedonia Appoints New ‘Name’ Negotiator

The newly appointed ambassador to the United States, Vasko Naumovski, will also be Macedonia’s new negotiator in UN-sponsored talks with Greece on its name.

21 Jul 14

€500 Million Loan Raises Queries in Macedonia

Newly revealed plans to raise a record €500 million through a Eurobond have caused divisions in Macedonia, with many querying official explanations for the loan.

18 Jul 14

Macedonia Plans to Set up Tax Haven

Government plans to establish a tax haven that will encourage wealthy corporations to move their operations to Macedonia have won a mixed response.

17 Jul 14

Macedonia Gives Nod to Constitutional Changes

Macedonia's ruling coalition has gained a green light from parliament to press on with constitutional changes, which include defining marriage as a strictly heterosexual union.

17 Jul 14

Macedonia PM Makes New Push For Census

Macedonia's ruling party says the Prime Minister wants to end the logjam over a population headcount, which has been delayed for years by ethnic disputes.

15 Jul 14

Macedonia’s Bosniaks March to Commemorate Srebrenica

Macedonian Bosniaks, including some whose relatives died in the 1992-95 war, held a peace march in Skopje to mark the 19th anniversary of the worst atrocity in post-WWII Europe.

14 Jul 14

Macedonia’s Albanian Opposition Demands Ethnic Rights Boost

An ethnic Albanian opposition party said it would support the Macedonian government’s proposed constitutional changes only if Albanians are granted more cultural and political rights.

11 Jul 14

Macedonia Albanian Protests Pass Off Peacefully

Ethnic Albanians took to the streets again on Friday in protest against the recent conviction of six alleged terrorists.

11 Jul 14

Helicopter Crash Kills Four Macedonian Officers

Four people have been killed after a police transport helicopter crashed on Thursday night near the south-eastern town of Strumica.


23 Jul 14

Private Sector Eyes Role in Macedonian Freight

A new bill - which will allow domestic firms to pay for and organize the transport of their goods on the railway network - is causing alarm inside the state railway company, which fears for the loss of its monopoly.

Culture and Lifestyle

13 May 14

Drag Queen's Eurovision Win Highlights East-West Divide

While LGBT communities and public in Serbia and Croatia criticised the reporting of their national broadcasters on the May 10 victory of transsexual singer Conchita Wurst at the Eurovision, this year’s voting has highlighted differing attitudes towards LGBT people in Western and Eastern Europe.