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Latest News on Politics and Society from Macedonia

27 Oct 16

Reported Expulsions Overshadow Russian Security Chief’s Serbia Visit

Belgrade newspaper says Serbia has thrown out unnamed Russians in connection with events in Montenegro - where the authorities claim they recently foiled a coup.

27 Oct 16

Macedonia's Ruling Party Tries to Foil Rival Coalition

Macedonia’s ruling centre-right VMRO DPMNE party is trying to stymie the formation of a strong opposition centre-right alliance for the December elections using tempting coalition offers.

26 Oct 16

Macedonia’s Special Prosecution Fends off Joint Attacks

Macedonia’s Special Prosecution, SJO, is meeting fresh accusations of bias, unprofessionalism and even lying from both the regular judiciary and ruling party - which rights groups such the Helsinki Committee have dismissed as absurd.

26 Oct 16

Servers May Unravel Macedonia's Wiretapping Mystery

The Special Prosecution investigation into Macedonia's illegal wiretapping scandal is focusing on three digital systems which could yield the answer to the question of who conducted the mass surveillance.

25 Oct 16

Newcomers Threaten Old Albanian Parties in Macedonia

Polls in Macedonia showing growing support among ethnic Albanians for newly formed parties could deliver surprises in December's general election, observers say.

24 Oct 16

IT Expert to Resolve Macedonia Wiretap Data Standoff

Macedonia's Special Prosecution, SJO, says a foreign IT expert will help it extract the evidence it requires from the secret police headquarters - from which the SJO is barred.

24 Oct 16

Macedonia Ruling Party Set to Stand by Gruevski

Macedonia’s ruling party is likely to nominate its embattled leader Nikola Gruevski for the forthcoming elections in December, defying calls to remove compromised politicians from its candidate lists.

22 Oct 16

Macedonia Prosecutors and Police Tussle Over Wiretap Evidence

Tension between Macedonia's ruling structures and the Special Prosecution, SJO, has heightened after one SJO investigator was arrested - and later released - and while another was thrown out of the headquarters of the secret police, UBK.

20 Oct 16

Macedonian Prosecution Probes €2m Abuses at Ministries

Macedonia's Special Prosecution has launched two investigations into alleged abuses of office at the culture and transport ministries, which it said cost the state budget two million euros.

20 Oct 16

Standoff Over Access to Police Data Rocks Macedonia

Interior Minister says after police officials prevented the Special Prosecution from obtaining access to evidence of secret police wiretapping, the standoff had been resolved - although the Prosecution has yet to confirm this.

19 Oct 16

Macedonia Prosecution Seizes 'Skopje 2014' Documents

Macedonia’s Special Prosecution, SJO, has seized documents from the Culture Ministry linked to the construction of the government-sponsored grand revamp called 'Skopje 2014' - which could lead to a criminal investigation into the whole project.

19 Oct 16

Mystery Macedonian Grave Sparks Intrigue in Bulgaria

Bulgarian media have reported that an old mass grave, found near the house of Macedonian Albanian leader Ali Ahmeti, contained bodies of ethnic Bulgarians, but experts dismissed the claims. 

17 Oct 16

Macedonia Parliament Dissolves for Early Elections

The Macedonian parliament dissolved on Monday head of the much-anticipated pre-term elections in December 11 which are intended to help end the country’s long-running political crisis.

17 Oct 16

EU Sucks Educated Youngsters out of Macedonia

About 100,000 Macedonians have obtained EU passports and left the country in the past ten years, data show, and the trend shows no signs of subsiding.

17 Oct 16

Election of Macedonian Judge in Strasbourg Causes Dismay

The election of Macedonia’s chief prosecutor for organized crime, Jovan Ilievski, as Macedonia’s judge at the European Court of Human Rights has attracted strong criticism at home.


21 Oct 16

Nikola Ivanovski: New Head of Macedonia’s Discredited Court

The newly elected chief judge of Macedonia’s Constitutional Court is unlikely to restore the image of an institution now widely seen as a tool of the political establishment.


30 Sep 16

Macedonia "Rushes" Record Budget Ahead of Elections

Macedonia's government said it is confident that the country can manage next year's largest-ever state budget - whose adoption in parliament arrived earlier than usual.

29 Sep 16

World Bank Upbeat About Western Balkans

21 Jul 16

Macedonia Parties Trade Blame Over Budget Cuts

Culture and Lifestyle

28 Sep 16

Sound of Serbian Music May Vanish From Macedonia

After much Macedonian music went off air in Macedonia in a dispute over copyright, Macedonian TV and radio stations now face another ban - on playing music from Serbia.

24 Aug 16

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15 Aug 16

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05 Aug 16

Balkan Athletes Ready to Wave Flags in Rio

31 Dec 15

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