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17 Apr 15

US Urges Macedonia to Probe Wiretap Claims

A US State Department official said the Macedonian government must address accusations of wrongdoing raised by secretly-recorded tapes of top officials’ conversations released by the opposition.

15 Apr 15

Macedonia Political Crisis Talks Resume in Brussels

A second round of talks is being held between Macedonia’s ruling party and the opposition, aimed at resolving the political crisis in the country sparked by the illegal surveillance scandal.

14 Apr 15

Macedonia Ruling Party ‘Distributed State Jobs to Members’

Macedonia’s ruling party has made a habit of employing its own members at all levels of state-controlled institutions, suggests a new batch of wiretapped conversations released by the opposition.

14 Apr 15

‘Albanian Paramilitaries’ Claim Macedonia Govt Attack

A shadowy group calling itself the National Liberation Army has claimed responsibility for a blast at the Macedonian government building – the second such attack in recent months.

08 Apr 15

Macedonia Tapes Suggest Govt Meddling With Lustration

The opposition released new covert tapes allegedly proving that a judge was named a secret police collaborator for political reasons and revealing government meddling in the lustration process.

08 Apr 15

High School Boycott Spreading in Macedonia

Three days into a boycott of classes by high school pupils, protests against the government's educational reforms are spreading across Macedonia, adding to the government's woes.

07 Apr 15

Free Speech Threatened in Macedonia, PEN Says

The international association of writers has condemned reports of unauthorized surveillance in Macedonia and has voiced concern over freedom of expression in the country.

06 Apr 15

Macedonia PM ‘Agreed Amnesty for War Crimes Suspects’

The opposition alleged that wiretapped conversations reveal the premier’s direct involvement in a political deal to amnesty suspects in four war-crimes cases from Macedonia’s 2001 conflict.

06 Apr 15

Macedonia Pupils Boycott Classes Over New Exams

Macedonian high school pupils launched a boycott of classes in protest against government reforms that will introduce externally-controlled, state-run graduation exams.

06 Apr 15

Referendum Kicks Off Over Iconic Macedonian Mall

Macedonian NGOs at the weekend started campaigning for the April 26 local referendum in Skopje over a much-loved mall that the government plans to transform in Baroque style.

03 Apr 15

Macedonia Opposition Leader Faces New Charges

Police says Social Democrat leader could be jailed for up to 10 years if found guilty of revealing state secrets.

02 Apr 15

Macedonia Opposition Makes Fresh Election Fraud Claims

Social Democrats reveal new tapes that they say unmasks the ruling party's dirty tricks in the 2013 local elections in the opposition-run town of Kumanovo.

02 Apr 15

Macedonia Secret Police Chief To Sue Over Bribe Claims

Macedonia's secret police chief has denied opposition claims that he sought a bribe to smooth the procurement of Israeli surveillance equipment in 2011, announcing defamation charges.

30 Mar 15

Macedonia Journalists Protest After Editor Labelled Informant

Over 50 journalists staged a protest after Macedonia’s Lustration Commission declared that the editor-in-chief of weekly newspaper Fokus was a secret services informant in 1993.

27 Mar 15

Gruevski: Opposition Goal ‘to Destabilize Macedonia’

Prime Minister casts doubt on the authenticity of the taped conversations and says opposition’s only goal is to seize power by fomenting a crisis.


13 Apr 15

Graft and Grey Economy Hindering Balkan Business, EBRD

A new survey from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EBRD, shows that corruption, competition with the informal sector, complex taxes and lack of access to bank loans are the chief complaints of business leaders in the Balkans.

Culture and Lifestyle

11 Oct 14

Junkyard Art Holds Message for the Planet

Vlado Kostov’s sculptures, all made from scrap metal, are not just interesting artworks; they tell of the need to save planet Earth.