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19 Nov 13

Macedonians Win Prizes For Collecting Receipts

In a move to cut tax evasion, Macedonia has launched a state lottery for people who collect their receipts from shops and services.

11 Nov 13

Macedonia Economic Growth Exceeds Expectations

Macedonia is expecting to end this year with 3.3 per cent economic growth, considerably higher than the predicted zero growth, the central bank said.

05 Nov 13

Macedonian Public Procurements Taken to Task

A new report has criticised what it deems the insufficient transparency and accountability of Macedonia’s public procurement procedures.

23 Oct 13

Macedonia Upbeat Over Growth Expectations

After years of economic hardship, Macedonia expects to end this year with 2.5 per cent economic growth, a noteworthy achievement, the Finance Minister said.

07 Oct 13

Macedonia's High Jobless Figure Disputed

A recent survey by the State Employment Agency brings the sky-high unemployment figure back down to earth by the use of new methodology.

01 Oct 13

Macedonia Taps Chinese Loan For Motorways

Macedonia plans to use an important Chinese loan to construct two stretches of motorway that will significantly improve the country's transport infrastructure.

16 Sep 13

Kosovo and Macedonia End Trade War

The border between Kosovo and Macedonia reopened at midnight on Saturday as the  neighbours ended their week-long dispute by scrapping trade restrictions imposed on each other.

13 Sep 13

No Deal Yet on Kosovo-Macedonia Trade War

Hopes of a rapid settlement of the trade war between Kosovo and Macedonia remain, although Thursday's planned summit on the issue in Skopje failed to take place.

12 Sep 13

Talks Start on Ending Kosovo-Macedonia Trade War

As Macedonian truckers blockade the Kosovo border for a third day, a meeting of senior officials in Skopje raises hopes of resolving the bilateral trade war.

09 Sep 13

Forum Puts Future of SEE Markets in Focus

The 2013 SEE Private Equity and Venture Capital Forum will provide a platform for discussion of the future of the Southeast European Private Equity and Venture Capital markets.

09 Sep 13

Kosovo-Macedonia Trade War Escalates

The trade dispute between Pristina and Skopje escalated as Kosovo imposed a total embargo on imports of Macedonian products in retaliation for restrictions on some of its exports.

06 Sep 13

Kosovo Embargo Catches Macedonia by Surprise

Macedonia says it will reconsider lifting the ban on imported flour from Kosovo after Kosovo slapped an unexpected embargo on food products imported from Macedonia.

03 Sep 13

Four Companies Bid for Skopje Underground Street

An unnamed Macedonian-Italian consortium has offered the lowest of four bids to construct an underground street in central Skopje aimed at easing traffic congestion.

28 Aug 13

Macedonia Buys New Passenger Trains

Macedonia's antiquated stock of trains is in line for modernisation as it launches a tender for the purchase of six new passenger trains.

19 Aug 13

Serbia and Macedonia Resume Trade Dispute

Serbia is tightening curbs of Macedonian food imports after Macedonia failed to respect a deal to allow the free import of Serbian wheat and flour.


11 Jan 18

China’s Stealthy Advance in Balkans Should Worry EU

While Europe focuses on the threat of Russian penetration in Eastern Europe, it is neglecting the subtler dangers than come from China’s growing influence in the region.

19 Oct 17

EU Mulls Lower Roaming Charges for Balkans

13 Feb 17

Macedonia Pays Dear to Lure Foreign Investors

Politics and Society

23 Jan 18

Most Macedonian Professors Wish to Emigrate

A worrying new survey shows that almost 70 per cent of professors and assistants at Macedonia’s universities are contemplating leaving the country.

Culture and Lifestyle

15 Jan 18

Vevcani Carnival Brings Humour to Macedonian Streets

One of the most famous village festivals held in the Balkans, the Vevcani carnival, took place this weekend in the western Macedonian village of Vevcani.

05 Jan 18

Macedonian Comedy Film Finds Secret to Success

01 Jan 18

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27 Dec 17

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01 Aug 17

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