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23 Jul 14

Private Sector Eyes Role in Macedonian Freight

A new bill - which will allow domestic firms to pay for and organize the transport of their goods on the railway network - is causing alarm inside the state railway company, which fears for the loss of its monopoly.

21 Jul 14

€500 Million Loan Raises Queries in Macedonia

Newly revealed plans to raise a record €500 million through a Eurobond have caused divisions in Macedonia, with many querying official explanations for the loan.

18 Jul 14

Macedonia Plans to Set up Tax Haven

Government plans to establish a tax haven that will encourage wealthy corporations to move their operations to Macedonia have won a mixed response.

16 Jul 14

Budget Flights Boost Air Traffic in Macedonia

Air traffic has grown exponentially in Macedonia since the arrival of low-cost, or budget, airlines, which the government has stimulated via targeted subsisidies.

15 Jul 14

Macedonian Capital Steps Closer to Gasification

If the tendering procedure goes according to plan, consumers in Skopje may be be able to to start using natural gas for energy within two or three years.

25 Jun 14

Macedonia Buys New Trains from China

Macedonia's antiquated rolling stock is to be modernized after it signed a deal for the purchase of six new passenger trains from China at a cost of 25 million euro.

18 Jun 14

Macedonia Eyes Buying Share of Greek Port

Despite tough tendering conditions, Macedonian companies remain optimistic that if they join hands they can get hold of all-important shares in the Greek port of Thessaloniki.

17 Jun 14

PayPal to Boost Internet Trade in Macedonia, Montenegro

One of the most popular online money transfer and payment services is finally available in Macedonia and Montenegro, where online shopping leaves much room for improvement.

16 Jun 14

Construction Powers Strong Growth in Macedonia

Macedonia’s economy grew by 3.9 per cent in the first quarter of this year, the State Statistical Office has announced, matching optimistic official predictions.

12 Jun 14

Macedonia Names and Shames Worst Debtors

Public enterprises are among the biggest debtors in Macedonia, according to the latest 'shame list' of debtors released by the Public Revenue Office.

10 Jun 14

Macedonia Shrugs Over Halt to South Stream Pipeline

The halt to construction of the Russian-led South Stream gas pipeline poses no immediate threat to Macedonia’s gas supply, experts say.

30 May 14

Macedonia's Spending Hike Fuels Debt Concerns

In the first four months of this year alone, Macedonia spent two-thirds of its predicted budget deficit for the entire 2014, prompting fears of a further unplanned increase in the debt.

27 May 14

World Bank Hails Economic Growth in Macedonia

Macedonia’s economy recovered faster last year than any other in Southeast Europe, the World Bank said in its latest annual report.

13 May 14

Van Hool Revives Macedonia’s Bus Production

Belgian bus manufacturer Van Hool on Monday promoted its new factory in Macedonia, a €25-million investment that will create some 600 new jobs and revive the tradition of making buses in the country.

07 May 14

IMF Checks up on Macedonia's Finances

The International Monetary Fund, IMF, has launched a two-week monitoring mission to Macedonia tasked with determining its ability to repay its external debt.


14 Sep 12

Secret Contracts Hide Cost of Skopje Makeover

With many construction contracts for the revamp of the Macedonian capital still secret - and annexes added to them all the time - the total sum being spent on Skopje 2014 remains a mystery.

Politics and Society

30 Jul 14

Macedonia Jails Albanian Terrorism Trial Protesters

Six people were jailed for three years each for participating in violent protests in Skopje this month sparked by the terrorism convictions of six ethnic Albanians.

Culture and Lifestyle

13 May 14

Drag Queen's Eurovision Win Highlights East-West Divide

While LGBT communities and public in Serbia and Croatia criticised the reporting of their national broadcasters on the May 10 victory of transsexual singer Conchita Wurst at the Eurovision, this year’s voting has highlighted differing attitudes towards LGBT people in Western and Eastern Europe.