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04 Feb 16

Constitutional Courts Face Crisis Across Balkans

Mounting political pressures and blatant disregard for judgments are undermining the authority of constitutional courts across the region.

29 Jan 16

Kosovo 'Drug Baron' Trial Haunts Bosnian Politician

The arrest of a key Bosniak politician, Fahrudin Radoncic, in connection to a drug trafficking and murder trial has brought his alleged links to the Balkan underworld to light.

27 Jan 16

Childhood Conflict Drama Takes Kosovo to Hollywood

‘Shok’ (‘Friend’), the first Kosovo-made film ever to be nominated for an Oscar, draws on some of its actors’ real-life experiences of intimidation by Serbian forces in the late 1990s.

26 Jan 16

Few but Fanatical – the Kosovo Women Who Go Over to ISIS

Kosovo has been one of Europe’s most pro-American states since the United States helped it break free of Serbian control. Yet in a generational shift in this largely secular country, Islamic radicalisation is making some in-roads among the young. And it’s not only men who have gone east to join ISIS

22 Jan 16

Don’t Give Serbia a War Crimes Pass

During EU accession talks with Serbia, Brussels must press Belgrade to take genuine action to resolve war crimes cases, prosecute senior officials and stop shielding suspects.

21 Jan 16

Oliver Ivanovic: Karate Master Defeated in Court

Kosovo Serb leader Ivanovic’s martial arts skills brought him to politics, and he was once seen as a key figure in Kosovo-Serbia dialogue - but he now faces jail for war crimes against Albanians.

20 Jan 16

Political Graffiti Campaign Startles Kosovo

A series of street artworks mocking national leaders has drawn an array of responses from a country where political graffiti is novelty.

20 Jan 16

Can the New Kosovo Court Keep Witnesses Safe?

Courts have repeatedly failed to safeguard Kosovo war crimes witnesses from threats and violence - now the new Hague-based special court must protect those who testify against powerful defendants.

15 Jan 16

The Forgotten Heroes of Serb-Albanian Comradeship

Boro Vukmirovic, a Serb, and Ramiz Sadiku, a Kosovo Albanian, became Yugoslav icons after dying together while fighting fascism - can reviving their memory promote tolerance in today’s divided ex-Yugoslavia?

09 Jan 16

Kosovo Braces for Escalation in Political Crisis

Although the economy is improving, the political conflict over deals with Serbia and Montenegro is likely to sharpen, making for a rocky 2016.

04 Jan 16

ISIS Holding Albanian Children ‘Hostage’ in Syria

A number of orphans of Albanians killed in Syria remain in camps in the country - and ISIS militants will not allow them to return home. 

30 Dec 15

Fury Over Serbia Deals Left Kosovo Shaken

While a spike in Islamist activity was one headache facing the government, violent protests against EU-brokered deals with Serbia proved the bigger challenge.

28 Dec 15

Kosovo Feels the Pressure Over New War Court

The EU-backed plan to set up a special court to try senior Kosovo Liberation Army officials for war crimes continued to spark angry reactions from its opponents throughout 2015.

24 Dec 15

Life Smells Sweet for Syrian in Kosovo

Syrian refugee Bekri Shishman now runs a successful perfume business in Prizren, but dreams of returning home once the war ends.

23 Dec 15

Zagreb Baker Pays Dear for Kind Heart

A Kosovo-born baker has been giving away bread for 18 years, despite having had to pay thousands of euros in fines.