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11 Sep 07

Address by Meddzida Kreso, President of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Esteemed gentlemen, colleagues and respected guests,

Before anything else I wish to express my pleasure at having the honour to attend this event with all of you today and having the opportunity to present to you all the achievements in the work of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina in this relatively short period of its existence.
11 Sep 07

Trial Threat Hangs Over Suva Reka Suspects

As the men suspected of the 1999 killing of 48 civilians are detained, some say Serbia is finally facing up to its past in Kosovo, while others discern a hidden political agenda.

11 Sep 07

Kosovars wake up to the need for a new flag

If Kosovo Albanians get their own state, it will need its own flag. The problem is, many Albanians don’t want one.
10 Sep 07

Kosovo Talks Unlikely to Come to Anything

Fresh discussions over the future of Kosovo appear to be little more than a stalling tactic for all involved.

21 Aug 07

Serbia ready for make-or-break over Kosovo

Days before fresh talks start on the future of Kosovo, Serbia has yet to reveal its own negotiating team and strategy for the talks.

02 Aug 07

Russia's Win-Win Situation in Kosovo

By blocking Kosovo’s independence, Russia reminds the world of its new power; it creates a gulf between Serbia and the West and slows the integration of Southeast Europe into the EU and NATO.

02 Aug 07

Ivanovic: 'Serbia will not become a Soviet republic'

Moderate leader of Kosovo Serbs says Serbia has no reason to fear a Russian alliance; it will join the EU in the end, whatever happens.

02 Aug 07

Serbia Ponders Reprisals if Kosovo is Recognised

Experts say Serbia may downgrade or even sever diplomatic relations with countries that recognise the province unilaterally.

10 Jul 07

IN DEPTH: Kosovo Ponders Voting Before Final Status

With no date for resolving final status, argument for delaying elections until after independence is weakening.
02 Jul 07

Kosovo Stalemate Makes Former Fighters Restive

With no sign of a result to talks on the territory, former fighters wonder if they may need their guns again in future.
26 Jun 07

Moving Beyond Status: Kosovo's Quest for a Democratic State

Preoccupation with final status means little attention has been paid to vital questions concerning good governance.

13 Jun 07

Belgrade Takes Comfort Between Moscow, Washington

Belgrade digs in against Kosovo independence as it draws attention from Moscow and the West.
30 May 07

Time to Mobilise Kosovo Behind Ahtisaari's Resolution

Instead of passively following events in New York, we should show the world our support for the UN envoy’s proposals.
24 May 07

Kosovo Diplomacy in Suspended Animation

The process of reaching a deal for Kosovo seems to be nearing its end - with no deal in sight.
30 Sep 05

Net Closes on Alleged Suva Reka Killers

Ten Serbian policemen accused of having carried out one of the worst massacres in the Kosovo war may soon face justice.