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17 Nov 15

"Diploma Factories": Kosovo and Albania Churn Out Graduates with Few Prospects

More and more young people are getting university degrees but many end up jobless or in low-skilled work.

13 Nov 15

Fr. Sava: Time to Go Forward and Start Dialogue

Sava Janjic, the Abbot of Visoki Decani Monastery, says Serbian heritage needs to be settled within the Brussels dialogue before any further discussion on UNESCO status.

12 Nov 15

Serbia’s UNESCO ‘Victory’ Has Exposed its True Face

Belgrade’s brutal and offensive campaign against Kosovo’s membership bid, comparing it to ISIS, has reminded Europe and its own neighbours of how little the ‘new’ Serbia has changed.

12 Nov 15

Shakespeare Reconnects Serbian and Kosovo Theatregoers

With a Kosovo Albanian playing Romeo and a Serb playing Juliet, Predrag Miki Manojlovic’s production of the Shakespeare classic is intended to bring Belgrade and Pristina closer together.

06 Nov 15

Why Real Journalists Scare the Balkan Elites

Jeta Xharra, head of BIRN Kosovo and guest at the Speak UP 3 conference on Freedom of Expression and Media in the Western Balkans and Turkey, organized by the European Commission on November 4, recalls the progress and the persistent challenges facing investigative journalists since the last conference in 2013.

06 Nov 15

Heritage in Flames: Prosecuting Wartime Cultural Crimes

Kosovo’s bid to join UNESCO has again highlighted the destruction of cultural and religious monuments during wartime - crimes that ex-Yugoslav countries’ courts have largely been failing to tackle.

06 Nov 15

Opposition is Pulling Kosovo Into the Unknown

The government may be arrogant but the opposition’s radical tactics risk polarising society to an unprecedented degree, as well as stirring ethnic tension.

05 Nov 15

Wartime Allegations Return to Haunt Kosovo’s Limaj

Guerrilla turned politician Fatmir Limaj could face his third war crimes trial for brutal abuses at the Kosovo Liberation Army’s Klecka detention camp after a court decided to hear a motion for retrial.

30 Oct 15

Indie Artists ‘Held Back’ by Kosovo Culture Policy

As artists and promoters struggle to survive, experts warn the independent arts scene will suffer without long-term financial support.

28 Oct 15

Festival Struggles to Revive Troubled Kosovo City

Pec's/Peja’s Anibar animation festival needs more cash and support to rebuild its decaying arts and film scene, organisers say.

28 Oct 15

Kosovars Lose Hope in Germany’s New Camps

Stripped of their right to claim asylum, the German authorities are placing Balkan refugees in camps from which deportation home is the only likely outcome.

23 Oct 15

Rama Must End the Agony Over Remzi Hoxha

It is time that the Albanian government solved the fate of my father, Remzi Hoxha, a Kosovar Albanian activist who vanished and was almost certainly murdered 20 years ago.

19 Oct 15

Pristina University Key to Economic Recovery

University of Pristina must push ahead with education reforms despite protests so Kosovo’s fragile economy improves.

12 Oct 15

Kosovo Serb Rift Creates Headache for Belgrade

Open rift in main Serbian coalition in Kosovo poses a challenge for Serbia, although it is unlikely to derail Serbia’s key policies in Kosovo.

06 Oct 15

Serbian Fears About Kosovo’s ‘Army’ Are Myth

The Serbian elites are busy hyping the dangers of a Kosovo army – but a glance at Kosovo’s recent security review reveals them as fantasies.