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14 Apr 14

US Ambassador to Kosovo Hired by Construction Firm He Lobbied For

EU diplomat criticises way Christopher Dell pushed through deal for Bechtel Corporation to build controversial highway to Albania.

11 Apr 14

Ukraine’s Albanians Struggle To Keep Identity Alive

Far from their ancestral homeland, tiny minority faces dwindling numbers, assimilation and split allegiances between Moscow and Kiev.

09 Apr 14

Iraq Bomber’s Deeds Shake Kosovo Town

Ferizaj residents are grappling with reports that a well bought up local carried out a horrific suicide attack in Baghdad.

04 Apr 14

Crimea, Kosovo: The Art of Getting it Right

You could not make half of it up. As the Ukraine crisis has developed, and with annexation of Crimea by Russia, it was inevitable that Kosovo and the Balkans would get dragged in to the arguments.

04 Apr 14

Ukraine Crisis Leaves Country’s Minorities Torn

In Ukraine’s deep southwest, where Bulgarians, Albanians, Ukrainians and Russians all live intermingled, allegiances are becoming divided.

27 Mar 14

Election Tightens Vucic’s Grip on Kosovo Talks

Kosovo hopes the Progressive Party’s convincing win in the election in Serbia will give it a free hand to speed up talks with Prishtina.

21 Mar 14

War Crimes and Eulex’s Broken Kettle

Kosovo already has an EU rule of law Mission, EULEX; the idea to establish another international criminal tribunal for Kosovo to deal with war crimes is both superfluous and absurd.

19 Mar 14

Train to Serbia Leaves Kosovo Steaming

Rail service to Mitrovica from Kraljevo is an illegal incursion, Kosovo officials say.

12 Mar 14

Benefits of Highway to Macedonia Questioned

While the government maintains that the 600-million-euro road is crucial for Kosovo’s economy, some fear it’s a questionable investment.

13 Feb 14

Belgrade, Pristina Silent on War Crimes Verdicts

The lack of debate about recent convictions for atrocities committed by Serbian forces in Kosovo show that war crimes are still a taboo subject, while victims are forgotten.

13 Feb 14

Victory Poses Dilemma for Kosovo Student Protesters

After student rallies forced out top academics at the University of Pristina, the protest leaders are divided about their next steps.

12 Feb 14

The Bloody Past of Serbia’s ‘Dogs of War’

Many of the Serbian fighters jailed this week for mass killings in Kosovo were battlefield veterans who previously fought in some of the most vicious conflicts in the former Yugoslavia.

11 Feb 14

EU Kosovo Mission Denies Biased Prosecutions

After arrests of Serbs and Albanians sparked protests, the EU rule-of-law mission’s head in Kosovo, Bernd Borchardt, told BIRN that suspects are prosecuted whatever their politics or ethnicity.

06 Feb 14

Economic Renaissance Eludes Impoverished Kosovo

Six years into Thaci era, the economy is growing - but the country has yet to see an about-turn that will have a real impact on poverty.

31 Jan 14

North Kosovo on Edge After Serb Leader’s Arrest

The war crimes arrest of Oliver Ivanovic, a former paramilitary turned political moderate, has heightened the mood of tension among Serbs in Kosovo’s already volatile north.