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12 Sep 14

Devout Muslims Change Face of Kosovo Neighbourhood

In the Vellusha area of Prishtina, men in beards and women in full veil are a common sight, as hard-line Muslims stake a claim to part of the Kosovo capital.

12 Sep 14

Court Rulings Deepen Kosovo’s Political Crisis

Two Constitutional Court decisions have worsened Kosovo’s post-elections stalemate, and there’s no end in sight.

27 Aug 14

Court Rulings Leave Kosovo in Political Deadlock

The Constitutional Court ruling on the speaker'e election has failed to resolve the political deadlock that has left Kosovo without a government for nearly three months.

13 Aug 14

An End to Suspicions About Kosovo’s ‘Just War’?

Human rights campaigners hope that a new special court to prosecute suspected post-war crimes against humanity by Kosovo Liberation Army fighters will finally deal with allegations about abductions and organ trafficking.

06 Aug 14

The Criminal Consequences of Kosovo’s Post-War Disorder

An EU prosecutor’s accusations of ethnic cleansing by Kosovo Liberation Army commanders after the war in 1999 offers uncomfortable truths for the West as well as Kosovo itself.

23 Jul 14

The Problem with the Kosovo War Rape Petition

A campaign in Kosovo urging the UN to investigate wartime rapes shows the failure of local institutions to do anything themselves, highlights prejudiced attitudes towards victims and cannot bring justice.

18 Jul 14

EU Shrinks Kosovo Rule-of-Law Mission

The EU’s rule-of-law mission, EULEX, is cutting personnel and reducing its role in war crimes and corruption cases, but some are not sure if Kosovo can deal with sensitive prosecutions itself.

17 Jul 14

Vetevendosje Drives Hard Bargain in Kosovo

Hardline party says it will only back Ramush Haradinaj’s coalition if it can take charge of talks with Serbia.

04 Jul 14

Albanians Endure Isolation in Serb North of Kosovo

Isolated Albanian villagers say they are neglected by the Pristina authorities, cut off from their ethnic kin and vulnerable to political unrest in the Serb-dominated surrounding areas.

03 Jul 14

Kosovo Opposition Lines Up Against Thaci

Hashim Thaci’s ruling Democratic Party of Kosovo is convinced it will succeed in forming a new government, but it’s unclear how it will get the votes, with the opposition united against him.

20 Jun 14

Kosovo Stands at a Critical Juncture

The political system might begin to open up if the coalition gets its chance to form the new government – but don’t expect the PDK to surrender without a fight.

20 Jun 14

Kosovo Villages Back Rival Native Sons

Loyalty runs deep in the hometowns of Ramush Haradinaj and Hashim Thaci, amid uncertainty over which of these two will run Kosovo’s next government.

19 Jun 14

Recount Keeps Kosovo Election Result Hanging

With votes still being counted and the possibility of court challenges, it has yet to become clear who will lead the next government.

12 Jun 14

A Challenge for Kosovo: Justice for All

If Kosovo is serious about its European future, whoever forms the next government faces a big job to improve its justice system and human rights record.

12 Jun 14

Vintage Look Comes to Kosovo Capital

In a city where modern brands are practically obligatory, a second-hand retro-style boutique - based on the idea of a 1920s Parisian salon - offers a refreshing alternative.