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Latest News from Kosovo

17 Apr 14

Belgrade Campaigns for Kosovo Serb Politician’s Release

The Serbian government and the political party of detained Kosovo Serb leader Oliver Ivanovic, who is accused of war crimes, have launched a petition demanding his release.

17 Apr 14

Kosovo Appoints Diplomatic Chief For Montenegro

Four years after official Pristina and Podgorica established diplomatic relations, Kosovo has finally appointed a diplomatic representative in Montenegro.

16 Apr 14

Kosovo and Albania Mark Anniversary of 1999 Exodus

Pristina and Tirana commemorated the 15th anniversary of the Kosovo exodus when thousands of ethnic Albanians fled their homes seeking refuge from the conflict with Serbian forces.

16 Apr 14

Jacobson Deflects Query Over Dell’s Bechtel Post

The US ambassador in Kosovo, on Twitter, sidestepped questions about the former ambassador’s employment by the company that constructed the so-called Patriotic Highway, saying former diplomats were not forbidden private sector work.

16 Apr 14

Kosovo Serb Arrested for Post-War Murder

The EU rule-of-law mission has arrested a Serb for an alleged murder linked to violent unrest that rocked northern Kosovo in 2000 after the war with Belgrade’s forces ended.

16 Apr 14

'Culture of Impunity' Grips Kosovo, Report Says

A Pristina-based NGO has criticized Kosovo's institutions and political parties for maintaining a 'culture of impunity' in the country.

14 Apr 14

Kosovo Asks EU to Set Up New Tribunal

President Atifete Jahjaga said she would ask the EU to set up a special court outside Kosovo to deal with war crimes committed in the 1990s, having secured all-party consent.

11 Apr 14

HRW Backs New Kosovo War Crimes Tribunal

Kosovo’s parliament should approve the establishment of a special court, located abroad, to try alleged war crimes and other grave crimes left over from the Kosovo conflict, Human Rights Watch has urged.

11 Apr 14

Kosovo Serb Arrested For Policeman's Killing

Kosovo and EULEX Police on Friday arrested a 32-year-old Kosovo Serb in connection with the killing of a police officer in July 2011.

11 Apr 14

New Book Decries Medicus ‘Injustice’

Economist-turned-author says interest has been extraordinary in her new book, which says her husband and son were unfairly prosecuted in the notorious Medicus organ-trafficking case.

10 Apr 14

Kosovo MPs Outraged as War Memorial Closes

Kosovo MPs have slated the authorities for neglecting a memorial dedicated to Kosovo fighters whose sponsors have now closed it, saying it was vandalised.

10 Apr 14

Kosovo Constitution Still Challenged in North

Six years after Kosovo's independence constitution came into force, authorities in Pristina are still struggling to implement it in the Serb-run north of the country.

09 Apr 14

Kosovo Urges EU to Expedite Visa-Free Travel

Kosovo minister says authorities in Pristina have met all the necessary criteria for visa-free travel to the EU Schengen area - and continued criticisms of shortcomings is unwarranted.

08 Apr 14

Ramadani Urges Albanians to Avoid Syria War

The well known Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadani has told Albanians to leave the fight against Bashar al-Assad to the Syrians and not join militant group fighting in the civil war.

08 Apr 14

Serbia Re-Starts Examination of Suspected Kosovo Mass Grave

Serbian authorities re-started the examination of a suspected mass grave near the town of Raska where it is believed ethnic Albanians killed by Serbian forces in the Kosovo war may be buried.


18 Mar 14

European Bank to Support Kosovo Private Sector

The European Investment Bank, EIB, plans to held small and medium sized companies in Kosovo and part-fund key infrastructure projects, the bank's deputy head said in Pristina.

Culture and Lifestyle

14 Apr 14

‘Romeo and Juliet’ Connects Belgrade and Pristina

Actors from Serbia and Kosovo have joined forces to stage a joint production of the Shakespeare play in a bid to promote mutual understanding and connections.