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Latest News from Kosovo

23 Sep 14

Millions Earmarked For Kosovo Serbs 'Wasted'

Hundreds of millions of euros from the Serbian budget that is supposed to help the Serbs in Kosovo have been misspent, a new TV investigation claims.


23 Sep 14

Croatia Joins Balkan Anti-IS Coalition

Alongside the other Balkan states, Croatia has joined the US-led coalition against the Islamic State militants, although its obligations remain unclear.

18 Sep 14

Gridlock Over Speaker in Kosovo Continues

The impasse over the election of a speaker of parliament in Kosovo continues after the assembly failed to elect a candidate on Thursday.

17 Sep 14

Hundreds of Balkan Jihadists Have Joined ISIS, CIA Says

The latest CIA report says several hundred jihadists from a number of Balkan countries have joined the extremist group Islamic State in the Middle East.

17 Sep 14

Kosovo Police Swoop on Hardline Muslim Leaders

Party leader Fuad Ramiqi is among a number of Islamic leaders seized by police as part of a crackdown on Islamists in the majority-Muslim country.

16 Sep 14

BIRN Film Premieres in Kosovo’s Divided Mitrovica

The screening of BIRN’s road-movie documentary The Majority Starts Here in Mitrovica was followed by a debate examining how transitional justice can address the grievances of the wartime past.

15 Sep 14

Kosovo Albanian Prisoner Recalls Beating by KLA

A witness told the trial of the Kosovo Liberation Army’s ‘Drenica Group’ cell, accused of assaulting prisoners during the 1998-99 war, that he was severely beaten by the defendants.

15 Sep 14

Serbia Repatriates 24 War Victims’ Bodies to Kosovo

The remains of the ethnic Albanians who were killed during the late 1990s war and buried in a mass grave near the Serbian town of Raska were sent back to Kosovo for identification.

12 Sep 14

Kosovo Memorial to Abducted Serbian Journalists Removed

A memorial to two Serbian journalists who disappeared after allegedly being abducted by the Kosovo Liberation Army during the war in 1998 has been removed for a third time.

10 Sep 14

Kosovo Opposition Hand Serbia Talks to Nationalists

Four political parties aspiring to form the new government in Kosovo have handed management of the crucial EU-led talks with Serbia to the nationalistic Levizja Vetevendosja party - well known for its opposition to the dialogue.

09 Sep 14

Belgrade Prosecutes Serbian Fighters for Deadly Kosovo Attack

Three former Serbian fighters, including special police commander Vladan Krstovic, are accused of war crimes during an attack on the Kosovo village of Ljubenic that left 46 ethnic Albanians dead.

08 Sep 14

Kosovo Politician Limaj Faces New War Crime Hearings

Kosovo’s appeals court has reopened the case against former guerrilla commander turned politician Fatmir Limaj and nine other ex-fighters accused of abusing prisoners at the wartime Klecka detention centre.

04 Sep 14

Kosovo Negotiators Hobbled by Strife at Home

Kosovo’s representatives in talks with Serbia do not have the mandate to reach agreements because Pristina still has no government three months after national elections, analysts say.

04 Sep 14

Dutch Hunt for Alleged Kosovo Organ Trafficking Doctor

Dutch police are seeking to arrest doctor Yusuf Sonmez, accused by EU prosecutors in Kosovo of organised crime and people trafficking from a Pristina clinic where organ-trading took place.

03 Sep 14

Kosovo Mother Pleads for Child’s Return from Syria

Pranvera Zena issued her emotional appeal after her husband took their eight-year-old son with him when he went to fight in the war in Syria.


18 Sep 14

Is Serbia Continuing Its Kosovo Cover-Up?

After 45 ethnic Albanians killed in Kosovo were exhumed from a mass grave in Serbia, why has Belgrade not prosecuted officials who ordered the criminal operation to hide the bodies?


09 Sep 14

Kosovo Loses Hope of Getting Adriatic Sea Port

The government in Tirana said that an Albanian port on the Adriatic Sea which had been promised to Kosovo could now be leased to a Chinese state-owned company.

Culture and Lifestyle

25 Jun 14

Kosovars Raise a Pint to Emerging Beer Culture

Kosovo may drink a pittance by European standards, but drinkers and brewers at annual Beerfest say thirstier days are ahead.