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Latest News from Kosovo

17 Apr 15

US Warns Kosovo: Approve New War Court Quickly

The US ambassador to Pristina said Washington wouldn’t continue blocking Russia’s attempts to set up a Kosovo war crimes tribunal if Kosovo’s parliament doesn’t approve a new EU-backed court soon.

16 Apr 15

Kosovo’s Thaci Given Serbia Arrest Warning

Kosovo foreign minister Hashim Thaci could attend an NGO conference in Belgrade later this month although a warrant for his arrest for alleged war crimes is still active in Serbia.

16 Apr 15

Murdered US Albanians’ Brother Warns Serbian PM

The brother of three Albanian-Americans killed in Kosovo just after the war urged the Serbian prime minister to make progress to resolve the murder before his planned visit to the US.

15 Apr 15

Islamic Extremism ‘Imported’ to Kosovo, Report Says

A report examining why people from Kosovo go to fight alongside Islamic State insurgents said Muslim extremism was a ‘foreign import’ but was boosted by economic hardship in the country.

15 Apr 15

Kosovo Constitutional Court Approves New War Crimes Tribunal

The constitutional court ruled that a new EU-backed special court that is expected to try senior Kosovo Liberation Army figures does not breach any rights or freedoms.

14 Apr 15

EU: No Cover-Up of Kosovo Mission Graft Claims

An EU report into the way its Kosovo mission handled corruption allegations made by one of its prosecutors said the case wasn’t handled properly but there was no cover-up.

14 Apr 15

Serbia Troubled by North Kosovo Violence

Belgrade officials expressed concerns about a recent spate of violent incidents in northern Kosovo and called for attacks on Serbs to be punished.

14 Apr 15

Serb 'Protection Force' Members to Join Kosovo Police

The process of integrating the Serb-run Civilna Zastita (Civil Protection) force in northern Kosovo into the regular police is expected to begin next week.

13 Apr 15

Kosovo Public TV Accused of Censorship

Journalists working for Kosovo's public broadcaster have accused its management of censorship following the controversial sacking of two union members. 

09 Apr 15

Croatia and Kosovo Sign Partnership Agreement

The Croatian and Kosovo foreign ministers met in Zagreb on Wednesday and signed a European partnership agreement, designed to help Kosovo reform its institutions.

09 Apr 15

Kosovo Offers Deal on Serb-Language Diplomas

A deal by which Kosovo will accept diplomas issued by the Serbian university in the north as valid may help Kosovo's ethnic minorities get more jobs - and solve a long-running dispute over higher education.

08 Apr 15

Kosovo Govt Says Over 25,000 Fought for KLA

A government headcount has verified that more than 25,000 people fought for the Kosovo Liberation Army against Serbian forces during the 1998-99 conflict - more than previously estimated.

08 Apr 15

Kosovo Women Justify Male Violence, Survey Says

A survey by UNICEF shows about a third of women in Kosovo say their spouse would have a right to beat them if they burned his meal, refused to have sex, or left the home without permission.

07 Apr 15

Serbian PM Vows to Stop Albanians Uniting

Folllowing a misquoted report of the Albanian PM's TV interview, Serbia's Aleksandar Vucic went on Twitter to say he will never allow Albania and Kosovo to become one state.

06 Apr 15

Kosovo Buries 28 Bodies from Mass Grave

Kosovo’s Prime Minister Isa Mustafa joined mourners in the village of Rezalle at a burial ceremony for 28 war victims exhumed last year from a mass grave in southern Serbia.


17 Apr 15

Age no Barrier for Car Imports in Kosovo

While government claims raising age limit on imported cars will help the poor, experts say Kosovo will get worse pollution, more accidents, and lots of scrap metal.


14 Apr 15

Kosovo Signs French Deal for Brezovica Ski Resort

Kosovo signed a 409 million euro investment deal with a French consortium for its largest ski centre amid worries in the Serb community that local workers will be pushed out.

Culture and Lifestyle

16 Mar 15

British Composer Commemorates Kosovo War Dead

The Kosovo Philharmonic marked its 15th anniversary with the Pristina premiere of an anti-war mass by British composer Karl Jenkins, which is dedicated to victims of the 1998-99 conflict.