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Latest News from Kosovo

22 Sep 16

Prosecutors at BIRN War Crimes Conference Urge Cooperation

Prosecutors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro, as well as the Hague Tribunal and the EU’s Kosovo mission, told a BIRN conference that states must work together to prosecute war crimes.

22 Sep 16

BIRN Launches Interactive War Crimes Verdict Map

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network has launched a unique database of the publicly-available final verdicts delivered in 348 war crimes cases by courts in the former Yugoslavia and by the UN tribunal in The Hague.

21 Sep 16

Kosovo's Vetevendosje Rallies Supporters in Albania

Leaders of Kosovo's Vetevendosje party rallied supporters in Albania - declaring that the campaign against ratification of the Kosovo-Montenegro border deal would continue.

21 Sep 16

BIRN Hosts Conference on War Crimes Prosecution

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network will host a regional conference on Thursday at which prosecutors and experts will discuss progress and difficulties in prosecuting war crimes in former Yugoslav countries.

21 Sep 16

Kosovo Could Restore Serb-Albanian Anti-Fascist Monument

The Pristina authorities will consider restoring a monument celebrating Serb and Albanian anti-fascist cooperation in WWII after a one-man protest by the head of the Union of Montenegrins in Kosovo.

20 Sep 16

Kosovo Students Protest Against Serbian Church

Kosovo students have been protesting against a Serbian Orthodox Church that stands on the Pristina University campus, claiming that it is a symbol of Slobodan Milosevic’s repressive regime.

16 Sep 16

Kosovo Expels Two Reporters Held in Detention

Kosovo has expelled a Russian and a Ukrainian journalist on Friday after police found them in the country without visas.

16 Sep 16

Pristina Students Demand Orthodox Church Demolition

A group of students at Pristina University has demanded that a Serbian Orthodox church that stands on the university campus should be demolished or turned into student facilities.

16 Sep 16

Paper License Plates Leave Kosovo Drivers Frustrated

Owing to a bureaucratic bungle, drivers from Kosovo can now only obtain vehicle license plates made of paper, which only Albania will accept - although Wednesday's agreement with Serbia on reciprocal use of licence plates should improve matters.

15 Sep 16

Kosovo War Court Prosecutor Promises ‘Fearless’ Probes

The chief prosecutor at the new special court set up to try former Kosovo Liberation Army fighters for crimes during and after the war promised he would conduct his investigations fearlessly and independently.

14 Sep 16

Juncker’s Silence on Enlargement Alarms Balkan Watchers

The decision of the European Commission President not to mention EU enlargement in his annual speech has left Balkan observers feeling concerned and disappointed.

13 Sep 16

Kosovo Delays Vote on Wesley Clark Coal Scheme

A Kosovo parliamentary commission postponed voting on whether to send a government decision to grant extensive coal research licenses to a company chaired by retired US General Wesley Clark for parliamentary approval.

09 Sep 16

Serb Census in Northern Kosovo Faces Obstacles

While a draft proposal for a census of Kosovo's northern, Serbian-dominated municipalities awaits parliament's approval, a Kosovo Serb leader has warned that the community may refuse to take part.

05 Sep 16

US Lawyer Appointed Kosovo Special Court Chief Prosecutor

US lawyer David Schwendiman has been appointed as the chief prosecutor of the new Hague-based Special Court which is expected to try former Kosovo Liberation Army fighters.

05 Sep 16

Kosovo Massacre Trial Delayed Again in Belgrade

The trial of ten former Yugoslav Army troops for a massacre of 118 Kosovo Albanian villagers in 1999 was postponed a second time after witnesses from Kosovo did not appear in court.


22 Sep 16

Suspicion Shadows ‘Albanian Terror’ Trial in Macedonia

The trial of 37 alleged members and accomplices of an ethnic Albanian terror group that battled Macedonian police in Kumanovo last year has been marred by allegations about false witnesses and police brutality.

01 Sep 16

Turkish Upheaval Causes Divisions in Kosovo

25 Aug 16

Kosovo War Ex-Prisoners Fear Arrest in Serbia


05 Sep 16

'Shadow' Economy Thriving in Balkans, Study Shows

New survey blames high rate of people working in hidden economy in Balkan region on mistrust in state institutions - and unfair tax systems that penalise those on low incomes.

21 Jul 16

Kosovo Eyes 3.7 Per Cent Growth in 2016

28 Jun 16

Kosovo Customs Earnings Rise Despite SAA

01 Jun 16

Kosovo Claims Brezovica Project Can go Ahead

Culture and Lifestyle

15 Sep 16

Rapper Wounded in Albania-Kosovo Hip Hop Feud

Rappers on both sides of the Kosovo-Albania border are involved in increasingly bitter feuds that some in the media are likening to the 'wars' between hip-hop fans in the US in the 1990s.

15 Aug 16

Insiders’ Guide: Hidden Gems of the Balkans

10 Aug 16

Kosovo’s Dua Lipa Set to Sing in Albania