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Latest News from Kosovo

24 Oct 14

Brussels to Monitor Balkan Economies Each Year

Balkan countries pledged to send their annual economic plans to the EU at a conference in Belgrade - which also marked the first time that the Serbian capital hosted Kosovo officials.

23 Oct 14

Sexist Textbook Angers Kosovo Women's Groups

The University of Prishtina has said it will review its textbooks following an outcry over a Faculty of Law work that describes women rape victims as 'usually immoral'.

23 Oct 14

Kosovo Eyes Breakthrough on Olympic Games

Athletes from the Balkans' newest state may be able to compete in Rio, Brazil, in 2016, after the International Olympic Committee granted provisional recognition to Kosovo's Olympic Committee.

22 Oct 14

Kosovo-Serbia Talks Need Reviving, Report Says

New momentum is needed in the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue after the timeout caused by elections in both countries, a report by Kosovo and Slovak think tanks suggests.

22 Oct 14

Serbian Police Official to Be Jailed in Germany

Former high-ranking Serbian interior ministry official Vlastimir Djordjevic will be sent to a German prison to serve his 18-year sentence for war crimes against Albanians in Kosovo.

17 Oct 14

Kosovo, Serbia Sports Fans Chew Over Football Violence

Sports players and commentators from Kosovo and Serbia on Kosovo TV have debated the causes and aftermatch of the abortive football match between Serbia and Albania, which ended in chaos.

16 Oct 14

Kosovo Mother Reunited with Son taken to Syria

Kosovo PM says intelligence agents tracked eight-year-old down in Syria, where his father was fighting in the war, and brought him back to Pristina.

16 Oct 14

Kosovo Charges Serbia With Delaying Agreements

Kosovo has presented a report to the EU on the Kosovo-Serbia agreements, accusing Belgrade of being unwilling to implement all the accords reached in Brussels.    

15 Oct 14

Serbia Blames Albanian PM's Brother for Football Chaos

The office of Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has accused the brother of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama of causing chaos at a football match in Belgrade.

15 Oct 14

Flag-Carrying Drone Ends Serbia-Albania Match

The Serbia-Albania Euro 2016 qualifier in Belgrade was abandoned after a drone flying an Albanian flag over the pitch sparked a brawl between the teams.

14 Oct 14

Albania Fans Barred from Belgrade Football Match

No Albanians fans will be allowed will be allowed to watch Tuesday's Euro 2016 qualifying match between the Albania and Serbia in Belgrade because of fears of violence.

13 Oct 14

Islamist Graffiti at Kosovo Serb Monastery Sparks Anger

Politicians in Pristina and Belgrade condemned the spraypainting of Islamic State and Kosovo Liberation Army graffiti on the medieval Serbian Orthodox monastery of Visoki Decani.

13 Oct 14

Kosovo War Crimes Prosecutor Joins McCain Think-Tank

The EU’s former chief war crimes investigator Clint Williamson has joined the Washington-based think-tank established by former Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

10 Oct 14

Kosovo Doctors Suspected of Health Scam

A group of doctors has been arrested on suspicion of abusing their positions to divert patients from the state health system to the private sector in return for bribes.

09 Oct 14

EU Raps Balkans Over War Crimes Prosecutions

The latest EU progress report said that Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia are still making unacceptably slow progress in prosecuting war crimes.


24 Oct 14

Kosovo Private Sector Workers Suffering, Union Says

While unemployment has dropped in Kosovo in recent years, many wwho have accepted jobs in the private sector face appalling conditions, a union leader says.

Culture and Lifestyle

25 Jun 14

Kosovars Raise a Pint to Emerging Beer Culture

Kosovo may drink a pittance by European standards, but drinkers and brewers at annual Beerfest say thirstier days are ahead.