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Latest News from Kosovo

22 Jun 17

Kosovo Landmine Victims Demand Serbia Pay Compensation

Kosovo’s Association of Mine-Injured Civilians asked Serbia to pay compensation to people injured in landmine blasts during and after the war, and called on the Pristina government to raise the issue in Brussels.

21 Jun 17

Kosovo LDK Demand PM's Post to Join Coalition

After the opposition Vetevendojse movement invited the LDK to join a coalition, acting PM Isa Mustafa said the LDK’s condition for entering any coalition was holding the PM’s post. 

21 Jun 17

Russia’s Strategic Plans Failing in Balkans, IISS Says

London-based think tank says Moscow’s bid to establish bloc of four neutral or pro-Moscow Balkan states has experienced major setbacks in Macedonia and Montenegro.

20 Jun 17

Senior Kosovo Ex-Guerrillas’ Supreme Court Appeal Opens

Former senior Kosovo Liberation Army members Sylejman Selimi and Sami Lushtaku’s appeal against their conviction for war crimes against civilian prisoners began at the country’s Supreme Court.

16 Jun 17

Panic Over ‘Blue Whale’ Game Spreads to Kosovo

Kosovo Police have called for vigilance over a mysterious online game called Blue Whale - that supposedly pushes teenagers towards suicide.

16 Jun 17

Balkans Remains Key Route for Terrorists, EU Warns

New Europol report warns that the Balkan region remains vulnerable to Islamist terrorism - and remains a well-established route to and from the conflict zones for terrorist fighters.

15 Jun 17

LDK's Stock Grows in Kosovo's Post-Election Muddle

As it remains unclear who will form the government in Kosovo, the LDK appears to hold the key to any future coalition, now that the second-placed party, Vetevendosje, has invited it to join a post-election partnership.

12 Jun 17

Serbian Right-Wingers Protest Against Kosovo Film

Dozens of far-right activists in the Serbian city of Novi Sad tried to stop the showing of a film about life in Kosovo, but police ousted them from the building after they forced their way in.

12 Jun 17

Kosovo Ex-Warriors Take Lead in Election Battle

Broad coalition between former KLA fighters won the largest number of votes in Kosovo’s snap general elections, with opposition Vetevendosje snatching a surprising second, and the coalition led by former ruling Democratic League of Kosovo third.

12 Jun 17

Kosovo Ex-Warriors and Vetevendosje Celebrate Elections Results

While the Central Election Commission has yet to announce official election results, the main ‘war wing’ coalition and opposition party Vetevendosje are celebrating their results in central Pristina.

11 Jun 17

LIVE: Kosovo Snap Elections 2017

Stay tuned for all the latest developments, election results and reactions as Kosovo goes to the polls to elect a new government.

11 Jun 17

Kosovo Citizens to Decide on New Government

Around two million Kosovo citizens will be able to vote in Kosovo’s snap elections on Sunday, following the fall of the government and the dissolution of Parliament.

09 Jun 17

Kosovo Election Could Be Prelude to Power Tussle

While the coalition around the Democratic Party of Kosovo appears likely to win the largest number of votes, analysts say it is far from clear which party will be able to form a government after Sunday's snap elections.

09 Jun 17

Wartime Leaders Play Key Role in Kosovo Election

Former guerrilla leaders of the Kosovo Liberation Army are playing major roles in the current election campaign in the country, despite the looming possibility of prosecutions by a new war crimes court.

08 Jun 17

ISIS Threatens Terror Campaign in the Balkans

So-called Islamic State has vowed to decapitate ‘infidels’ and kill Serbs, Croats and Muslim ‘traitors’ in the Balkans in a new threat to the region published in the Bosnian version of the jihadists’ magazine.


22 Jun 17

Visa Rejection Frustrates Kosovo’s Tennis Stars

Moldova’s refusal to give Kosovo tennis players visas to play in the Fed Cup is only the latest disappointment suffered by the country’s athletes – the result of continued disputes over Kosovo’s statehood.

21 Jun 17

UN Needs to Properly Compensate Kosovo Victims

09 Jun 17

Can We Talk About Education in Kosovo Instead?


27 Apr 17

Ivica Todoric: Croatia's Tycoon Who Wanted Too Much

Ivica Todoric, the man who transformed his flower company into one of the Balkans' biggest business empires, Agrokor, now faces the possibility of seeing the debt-ridden firm go under.

13 Oct 16

Kosovo Auditor Highlights Procurement Failures

Culture and Lifestyle

14 Jun 17

Kosovo Film Ignites Controversy in Serbia

After right-wingers protested against a documentary about Kosovo, director Aleksandar Reljic said it showed that it remains a controversial topic - even though his film aims to promote dialogue and undermine stereotypes.

06 Jun 17

Inside Guide to the Balkans’ Secret Wonders

13 Feb 17

Kosovo-Shot Refugee Film Wins British Award