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Latest News from Kosovo

22 May 15

Serbian PM Cool on President's Kosovo 'Platform'

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic queried the practicality of President Tomislav Nikolic’s new 'platform' on Kosovo, which experts say would complicate Serbia’s path to EU membership.

21 May 15

Kosovo Families Seek Slain Gunmen’s Bodies in Macedonia

The families of Kosovo Albanian gunmen killed in recent clashes with security forces in Kumanovo have left for Macedonia with the goal of identifying and bringing home the bodies.

20 May 15

Families of Kumanovo Gunmen Rally in Kosovo

The families of those killed and arrested in Macedonia rallied in Kosovo on Monday along with supporters, to protest about the lack of information about the fate of their relatives.

20 May 15

Kosovo Appalled by Serbia’s Rehabilitation of Chetnik Chief

Belgrade’s recent rehabilitation of WWII Chetnik leader Dragoljub ‘Draza’ Mihailovic is being seen in Kosovo as the return of support for hardline nationalist ideas in Serbia.

18 May 15

Kosovo ‘Faced Biggest Challenges’ Over Visa Liberalisation

Kosovo faced harsher criteria for the lifting of EU visa requirements than all the other countries in the Western Balkans, a local think tank said.

15 May 15

Kosovo, Macedonia Exchange Information on Kumanovo

The Kosovo and Macedonian governments appear to be cooperating in identifying those killed and arrested in Kumanovo, Macedonia - the scene of last weekend's shootout.

14 May 15

Kosovo: No Dialogue Until Serbia Fulfils Agreements

Pristina said that top-level Kosovo-Serbia dialogue in Brussels will not continue until the agreements already reached during the normalisation talks have been fulfilled.

14 May 15

Former Kosovo Serb Minister Charged with Hate Speech

A former Kosovo Serb minister has been charged with inciting 'national, racial and religious intolerance' - three months after a wave of protests led to his sacking.

12 May 15

EU Helicopter Crashes at Pristina Airport

An EU rule-of-law mission helicopter crashed at Pristina International Airport on Tuesday afternoon, leaving one passenger injured.

11 May 15

Macedonia Violence Worries Balkan Neighbours

Politicians and security chiefs in Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria and Albania have voiced concerns about the weekend clashes in Macedonia and their potentially destabilising effect on the region.

08 May 15

Russia Remembers One of Kosovo’s Last Partisans

As part of the events marking the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, Russia has honoured a 91-year-old Kosovo Serb for his valour in the fight against Nazi Germany.

08 May 15

BIRN’s Kosovo War Crimes Film Screened in Pristina

BIRN's new documentary, which investigates the Serbian commanders responsible for some of the worst attacks of the Kosovo war, was screened for the first time in Pristina.

08 May 15

Kosovo Indicts 32 Suspected Islamist Terrorists

Kosovo authorities indict 32 people for participation in and recruitment for terrorist activities, as battle against Islamist radicalization continues.

05 May 15

Kosovo Eyes Speedy End to EU Visa Requirement

Kosovo politicians sound optimistic that visa liberalization negotiations with the EU will be completed this year, allowing for visa-free travel in 2016, but local experts are less confident.

05 May 15

Kosovo Serbs Say President’s Plan is ‘Last Hope’

Kosovo Serbs hope that President Tomislav Nikolic’s new ‘Kosovo platform’ will finally address the longstanding issue of Serbs who were abducted or went missing during and after the war.


22 Apr 15

EU Hails Balkan Transport Network Deal

Leaders of six Western Balkans countries meeting on Tuesday in Brussels agreed on plans for a regional transport network, to which the EU has pledged 130 million euros.

Culture and Lifestyle

29 Apr 15

Kosovo Singer Gives Old Albanian Sounds New Twist

Rona Nishliu, the singer who represented Albania in the 2012 Eurovision, is returning with a new album of old Albanian songs rearranged to suit her jazz rhythms.