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Latest News from Kosovo

28 Jul 16

Montenegro Urges Kosovo to Ratify Border Agreement

Dusko Markovic, the Montenegrin Vice Prime Minister, said Kosovo should ratify the border demarcation agreement reached between the countries without delay.

27 Jul 16

Kosovo Snubs Turkish Demand to Punish Journalist

Kosovo's officials have rejected a demand from the Turkish embassy for Kosovo to punish a journalist for making satirical comments on Facebook about the failed coup.

26 Jul 16

Kosovo Arrests Iranian on Terror Charges

The Kosovo Special Prosecution indicted an Iranian citizen on terrorism-financing charges for allegedly hiding suspect funds of an Islamic NGO from authorities.

26 Jul 16

Turkey Asks Kosovo to Punish Journalist Over Coup Comments

Turkey's embassy in Kosovo has urged the government to take action against a journalist over tongue-in-cheek Facebook comments he made about the failed military coup in Turkey.

23 Jul 16

Three Kosovo Citizens Dead in Munich Attack

Two young women and a man originally from Kosovo were amidst at least nine victims of an attack in the German city on Friday.

22 Jul 16

Kosovo Minister’s Car Crashes After Paint Attack

Vetevendosje activists on Friday threw paint at the car of Interior Minister Skender Hyseni - after which it crashed - in revenge for the expulsion of several of its activists from the country.

22 Jul 16

Pristina ‘War Grave’ Excavation to Resume Soon

The excavation of a suspected mass grave at Pristina University is expected to resume next week, said Kosovo’s special prosecutor, without revealing if any human remains have been found yet.

21 Jul 16

Kosovo President Lays Wreath at Serbs’ Memorial

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci paid tribute at a memorial to 14 Serbs killed after the war in the village of Staro Gracko/Gracke 17 years ago, but the victims’ families criticised his gesture.

20 Jul 16

Kosovo Court Backs BIRN's Transparency Demand

A court ruling in Kosovo - that obliges the Prosecutorial Council to disclose its disciplinary decisions - is hailed as another victory by BIRN in its quest for institutional transparency.

19 Jul 16

Alleged Coup Leader in Turkey 'Born in Kosovo'

Turkish and Kosovo media said that General Adem Huduti, the alleged leader of the failed coup in Turkey, was born in Kosovo to a Bosniak family.

18 Jul 16

Kosovo Terror Suspects Given Stiff Sentences

Five persons - initially accused of planning to poison Pristina's water supply - have been given heavy jail sentences for planning terrorist acts against the constitutional order.

18 Jul 16

Pristina ‘War Grave’ Excavation Distresses Relatives

Relatives of a man still missing from the Kosovo war said they were waiting with hope and fear for the outcome of an excavation of a suspected mass grave at Pristina University.

15 Jul 16

Kosovo Sets Date for MPs' Debate on Border

Under conflicting pressures from the international community and local opinion, the Kosovo assembly has tabled a debate on the controversial border deal for August.

14 Jul 16

UN Kosovo Mission ‘Violated Human Rights’, Says Probe

A United Nations advisory panel set up to examine complaints against the UN’s Kosovo mission, UNMIK, said the mission violated human rights and did not properly investigate serious allegations of wrongdoing.

13 Jul 16

Kosovo Probes Suspected Mass Grave at University

Forensics officials in Kosovo have launched excavation work on the campus of Pristina University after receiving information that there could be a wartime mass grave at the site.


19 Jul 16

Vucic Reaps Benefits From Guantanamo ‘Favour’

By accepting two Guantanamo detainees, Serbia has obtained a license from the US to continue his ‘balancing’ act with Russia and continue as usual on the domestic front.

08 Jul 16

Serbia Under Fire Over US Albanians’ Murders

01 Jul 16

Kosovo Sporting Heroine Sets her Sights on Rio

01 Jul 16

Kosovo Vows to Halt Serb Refugee Settlement


21 Jul 16

Kosovo Eyes 3.7 Per Cent Growth in 2016

The Central Bank of Kosovo expects significant growth in the economy in 2016, although the widening trade deficit remains a cause for concern.

28 Jun 16

Kosovo Customs Earnings Rise Despite SAA

01 Jun 16

Kosovo Claims Brezovica Project Can go Ahead

Culture and Lifestyle

11 Jul 16

Rita Ora's New Album to Pay Tribute to Kosovo

The Kosovo-born UK pop star plans to include rhythms and sounds from her native country in her next record. 

14 Jan 16

Kosovo War Movie Nominated for Oscar