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Latest News from Kosovo

31 Oct 14

Probe Demanded Into EULEX Corruption Allegations

The European Parliament’s Vice President, Ulrike Lunacek, said allegations that an official at the EU's Kosovo law mission EULEX took bribes to shut down cases must be investigated.

31 Oct 14

Kosovo Murder Retrial Urged After EU Bribe Claims

The family of three murder victims called for a retrial after allegations that an EU rule-of-law mission judge in Kosovo took a bribe to clear one of the suspects.

30 Oct 14

BIRN Interviews Prosecutor and Judge in EULEX Scandal

EULEX prosecutor Maria Bamieh and judge Francesco Florit spoke in detail to BIRN's Jeta ne Kosove TV programme about corruption allegations which have rocked the EU rule-of law-mission in Kosovo.

30 Oct 14

EU Kosovo Mission ‘Probing Internal Corruption Claims’

The head of the EU’s Kosovo rule-of-law mission rejected one of its prosecutor’s claims that it ignored internal corruption allegations and insisted it was investigating the alleged graft.

29 Oct 14

Kosovo President Ponders Invite to Serbia

The Kosovo President is mulling whether to attend the Trilateral Commission in Belgrade, amid arguments that she should not attend a conference in a country that does not recognise her own.

29 Oct 14

Prosecutor Alleges Corruption at EU Kosovo Mission

An EU rule-of-law mission special prosecutor in Kosovo said that a senior official at the European judicial body took bribes to free suspects accused of serious crimes.

28 Oct 14

Journalist's Stabbing Causes Outrage in Kosovo

Kosovo's main journalists' union has called a protest rally in Pristina following an incident in which a member of the public stabbed a Klan Kosova journalist inside the TV studio.

27 Oct 14

Serbs Urge US to Support Return to Kosovo

Kosovo Serb refugees called for US embassy in Pristina to protect their rights, claiming they are forbidden to return to their houses in Kosovo.

24 Oct 14

Brussels to Monitor Balkan Economies Each Year

Balkan countries pledged to send their annual economic plans to the EU at a conference in Belgrade - which also marked the first time that the Serbian capital hosted Kosovo officials.

23 Oct 14

Sexist Textbook Angers Kosovo Women's Groups

The University of Prishtina has said it will review its textbooks following an outcry over a Faculty of Law work that describes women rape victims as 'usually immoral'.

23 Oct 14

Kosovo Eyes Breakthrough on Olympic Games

Athletes from the Balkans' newest state may be able to compete in Rio, Brazil, in 2016, after the International Olympic Committee granted provisional recognition to Kosovo's Olympic Committee.

22 Oct 14

Kosovo-Serbia Talks Need Reviving, Report Says

New momentum is needed in the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue after the timeout caused by elections in both countries, a report by Kosovo and Slovak think tanks suggests.

22 Oct 14

Serbian Police Official to Be Jailed in Germany

Former high-ranking Serbian interior ministry official Vlastimir Djordjevic will be sent to a German prison to serve his 18-year sentence for war crimes against Albanians in Kosovo.

17 Oct 14

Kosovo, Serbia Sports Fans Chew Over Football Violence

Sports players and commentators from Kosovo and Serbia on Kosovo TV have debated the causes and aftermatch of the abortive football match between Serbia and Albania, which ended in chaos.

16 Oct 14

Kosovo Mother Reunited with Son taken to Syria

Kosovo PM says intelligence agents tracked eight-year-old down in Syria, where his father was fighting in the war, and brought him back to Pristina.


27 Oct 14

Kosovo Mountain Village Faces Educational Identity Crisis

In the village of Restelica, home to an unusual minority language-speaking community, parents must decide whether their children’s future is better served by a Kosovo education or a Serbian one.


31 Oct 14

Kosovo Faces Budget Crisis Over Political Logjam

While Kosovo remains stuck in political deadlock, economists warn that the failure to form a government that can approve the budget risks pushing Kosovo into a fiscal limbo.

Culture and Lifestyle

25 Jun 14

Kosovars Raise a Pint to Emerging Beer Culture

Kosovo may drink a pittance by European standards, but drinkers and brewers at annual Beerfest say thirstier days are ahead.