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Latest News from Kosovo

25 May 16

Tito’s Admirers Celebrate His Birthday Across Ex-Yugoslavia

Thirty-six years after the death of Josip Broz Tito, his nostalgic admirers in many of the former Yugoslav states still commemorate his birthday despite criticism of his undemocratic regime.

25 May 16

Kosovo Broadcaster Faces Threat of Eviction

The Kosovo Privatisation Agency has given the country’s public broadcaster, RTK, an ultimatum to leave the building it is using by Wednesday, alleging it is using the site illegally.

20 May 16

Kosovo Jails Hard-line Imam for 10 Years

Zekerija Qazimi, an imam from Ferizaj suspected of recruiting for ISIS and inciting hatred, was found guilty and jailed for 10 years by a court in the town.

19 May 16

Kosovo Prosecution Indicts Ibrahim Rugova’s Son

The Special Prosecution has raised an indictment against former MP Uke Rugova, the son of the late President Ibrahim Rugova, for alleged involvement in a visa scam.

19 May 16

Kosovo Targets Criminals to Win Visa Liberalisation

Arrests and indictments have intensified in recent weeks in Kosovo, where the authorities admit more cases need to be targeted to meet the EU criteria for visa liberalisation.

18 May 16

EU Brings Kosovo Leaders Round Same Table

Kosovo's embattled politicians sat round together at a round table on Tuesday after opposition MPs on Monday participated in the first meeting of the EU-Kosovo Stabilization and Association parliamentary committee.

17 May 16

Fatmir Limaj Demands Compensation After Kosovo Acquittal

Kosovo Liberation Army commander turned politician Fatmir Limaj said he will demand compensation after a court upheld his war crimes acquittal, clearing him of abusing Albanian and Serb prisoners.

17 May 16

New Kosovo War Court Awaits Dutch MPs’ Approval

The new court in The Hague which will try former Kosovo Liberation Army fighters is still waiting for the Dutch parliament’s ratification and for the EU to supply its budget.

17 May 16

Lunacek Urges Kosovo to Ratify Montenegro Deal

The Vice President of the European Parliament, Ulrike Lunacek, said Kosovo should ratify a border demarcation deal with Montenegro if it wants to obtain a visa-free regime with the EU.

16 May 16

Kosovo Court Upholds Fatmir Limaj War Crimes Acquittal

Pristina’s appeals court upheld the acquittal of Kosovo Liberation Army commander turned politician Fatmir Limaj and nine other ex-guerrillas, clearing them of abusing Albanian and Serb prisoners during wartime.

16 May 16

BIRN’s Kosovo War Film Screened in Belgrade

BIRN’s film The Unidentified, which investigates the Serbian commanders responsible for brutal attacks during the Kosovo war, was screened at the BELDOCS documentary festival.

16 May 16

Ghost ‘Terror Group’ Stumps Kosovo Top Prosecutor

Kosovo Chief Prosecutor Aleksander Lumezi laughed when asked about an indictment that charged two men with having joined an alleged terrorist organisation that it appears may not exist.

14 May 16

FIFA Admits Kosovo

FIFA’s annual congress in Mexico City voted 141 to 23 on Friday  to accept Football Federation of Kosovo’s, FFK, application for membership despite strong opposition from Serbia.

13 May 16

Corruption Cases Left to Expire Kosovo, Report

At least 22 corruption cases were left to expire in the Kosovo justice system in 2015, a BIRN report found, and a much larger number of corruption cases were transferred from one year to the next.

13 May 16

Fatmir Limaj Questioned About Kosovo War Crimes

MP and former Kosovo Liberation Army commander Fatmir Limaj, who is already on trial for war crimes, has been questioned by prosecutors in Pristina about another wartime case.


20 May 16

Veseli Gets Chance to Reshape Kosovo Ruling Party

Observers in Kosovo wonder whether the new chief of Democratic Party of Kosovo will make major changes or continue the old policies - but only Kadri Veseli knows the answer.


24 May 16

Foreign Investors Content in Kosovo, Survey Says

A survey of 250 foreign entrepreneurs in Kosovo suggests that while most of their businesses are doing well, they want reforms to strengthen the rule of law as well as political stability.

14 Apr 16

Surge in Remittances Powers Kosovo's Recovery

08 Mar 16

Kosovo Exports Register Meagre Growth in 2015

29 Feb 16

World Bank Probes Role in Kosovo Evictions

Culture and Lifestyle

29 Feb 16

Kosovo Film Makes History Despite Oscars Disappointment

The short film ‘Shok’ (‘Friend’) failed to win an Oscar but the conflict drama made history for being the first movie shot in Kosovo ever to be nominated for a prestigious Hollywood award.

14 Jan 16

Kosovo War Movie Nominated for Oscar