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25 Nov 15

Kosovo on High Alert For Terror Attacks

Authorities have urged citizens to stay away from crowded places after a meeting headed by the PM said risk of attacks was ‘real’.

25 Nov 15

Serbs Sceptical About Patriarch’s ‘Return to Kosovo’ Call

Serbia’s Patriarch Irinej called for Serbs to return to their homes in Kosovo, but those who fled after the war said Belgrade and Pristina must guarantee their safety first.

25 Nov 15

Kosovo Cracks Down on Protesters Ahead of Rally

While the opposition prepares a 'peaceful march' on Albania’s Independence Day in Pristina, the police have arrested a number of those involved in recent violent demonstrations.

24 Nov 15

Serbian Fighter Describes ‘Extermination’ of Kosovo Villagers

At the retrial of 12 former Yugoslav Army troops for war crimes during the 1999 conflict in Kosovo, a Serbian ex-fighter recalled how scores of Albanian civilians were shot and died “like sheep”.

19 Nov 15

Kosovo President Says Violent Protests Unjustified

Kosovo’s president and Western diplomats condemned the violence at Wednesday’s protests sparked by the arrest of an opposition MP for setting off tear gas in parliament.

18 Nov 15

Violence Flares Again in Renewed Kosovo Protests

New protests erupted in Pristina for few hours on Wednesday evening with protesters throwing stones at the government building and burning cars after an opposition MP was detained for setting off tear gas in parliament.

18 Nov 15

Protest Violence Erupts After Kosovo MP’s Arrest

Protesters clashed with police on the streets of the Kosovo capital and threw stones at government buildings after an opposition MP was arrested for setting off tear gas in parliament.

18 Nov 15

Kosovo Police Find Grenade in Constitutional Court

Kosovo police detonated a hand grenade which was found Wednesday morning in the courtyard of the Constitutional Court.

18 Nov 15

Kosovo MP Arrested Over Tear Gas Incident

Kosovo police arrested another opposition MP, Donika Kadaj-Bujupi, on Wednesday, for allegedly setting off tear gas in parliament.

17 Nov 15

Kosovo Detains Three on Terrorism Charges

A Kosovo court on Tuesday placed three Kosovars in custody for 30 days on suspicion that they intended to join Islamic militants in Syria.

17 Nov 15

Kosovo Opposition Force MPs to Flee Parliament

Ruling party MPs were forced to adopt the 2016 budget while barricaded in an alternative hall, after opposition MPs again threw tear gas in the main chamber.

16 Nov 15

Serbia Probes Suspected Kosovo War Mass Grave

Serbia is investigating a potential mass grave site in the southern Raska region, near where the remains of dozens of Kosovo Albanians killed in the 1998-99 war were exhumed last year.

11 Nov 15

Serbia Accuses Kosovo of Mocking Brussels Deal

Serbia says decision of Kosovo court to suspend Brussels agreement is a threat to regional stability - while Kosovo opposition parties have hailed the decision as a partial victory.

11 Nov 15

Ex-KLA Fighter Accused of War Crimes in Kukes

Kosovo's Special Prosecution Office on Monday issued an indictment against for Xhemshit Krasniqi for war crimes allegedly committed in Kukes in Albania.

10 Nov 15

Kosovo Court Defers Serb-Majority Governance Deal

Prishtina’s Constitutional Court suspends implementation of key agreement on Serb-Majority municipality powers between Kosovo and Serbia.


12 Nov 15

Kosovo Says US Firm Will Build Power Plant

The Ministry of Development on Tuesday claimed it had reached an agreement with the US company Contour Global to build the new Kosovo e Re power plant.

Culture and Lifestyle

12 Nov 15

Shakespeare Reconnects Serbian and Kosovo Theatregoers

With a Kosovo Albanian playing Romeo and a Serb playing Juliet, Predrag Miki Manojlovic’s production of the Shakespeare classic is intended to bring Belgrade and Pristina closer together.