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Latest News from Kosovo

17 Oct 17

Kosovo Blames Serbia, EU for Justice Deal Debacle

Pristina blamed Belgrade and Brussels after Serb candidates for judges and prosecutors did not arrive at the Kosovo presidency to be sworn in as previously agreed under an EU-mediated deal.

17 Oct 17

Spike in Measles Cases Causes Concern in Kosovo

Despite the officially high rate of vaccination in Kosovo, Pristina's main hospital is an epidemic of measles cases for the first time since the war ended in 1999, also causing victims.

17 Oct 17

Deal on Unifying Kosovo Justice System Takes Effect

The EU confirmed that on Tuesday the Kosovo-Serbia agreement on unifying the justice system in Kosovo is due to come into force.

16 Oct 17

Russian Minister Says Hague Tribunal ‘Should Be Closed’

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the UN war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia should have been shut down long ago because it is biased against Serbs.

13 Oct 17

Attack on Online Editor in Kosovo Condemned

After the editor of the Pristina-based online newspaper Insajderi, Vehbi Kajtazi, was attacked in a bar on Friday, both the country's PM and media unions condemned the incident strongly.

13 Oct 17

Kosovo Honours US Pilot for 1999 NATO Bombing

Kosovo honoured the US Air Force’s chief of staff David Goldfein, who was shot down as a pilot during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, with the country’s ‘Order of Freedom’.

12 Oct 17

Kosovo Exhumes Body from Suspected War Grave

The body of a suspected Kosovo war victim was exhumed in the village of Suhodoll/Suvi Do near the northern town of Mitrovica after the remains of other bodies were discovered the previous day.

11 Oct 17

Thaci Urges Albania to Grant Kosovars Citizenship

After Kosovo's President, Hashim Thaci, asked Albania to give Kosovo nationals citizenship, to help them escape their 'isolation', Albania's President appeared to give the idea a cool reception.

10 Oct 17

Rama Hires Kosovo Ministers to Boost Albania’s Status

Albania's Edi Rama has given four of the 33 new vice-ministerial posts in his government to Kosovars, in what some experts call a move to reinforce his regional ambitions.

10 Oct 17

Hardline Clerics Savage Kosovo's First Pride Parade

The first ever Pride Parade in Kosovo, due to take place on Tuesday, is drawing fierce opposition and derogatory language from some Muslim clerics and from parties close to them. 

10 Oct 17

Rama Hires Kosovo Ministers to Boost Albania’s Status

Albania's Edi Rama has given four of the 33 new vice-ministerial posts in his government to Kosovars, in what some experts call a move to reinforce his regional ambitions.

06 Oct 17

Activists Announce First Pride Parade in Kosovo

LGBTI organizations in Kosovo announced that the first ever Pride Parade in the country will be staged next Tuesday, urging people to support this 'sensitive' cause.

06 Oct 17

Kosovo Voters Have High Hopes of Capital's New Mayor

With less than a month to go before local elections take place in Kosovo, citizens in the capital, Pristina, say they want to see city services run better.

02 Oct 17

Catalan Clashes Expose Usual Splits in Balkans

The heavy-handed attempts of the Spanish police to stop a Catalan referendum on independence on Sunday from taking place exposed predictable divisions in the Balkans.

30 Sep 17

Macedonian Mayoral Candidates Hold First TV Debates

Mayoral candidates in six Albanian-majority municipalities in Macedonia who are running in elections on October 15 will be quizzed in a unique series of electoral debates.


09 Oct 17

How Did War Criminals Become Serbia’s Heroes?

War criminals who have served their sentences have become active participants in political life in Serbia thanks to the government and media, which have decided to forget what they did and promote them as heroes.


16 Oct 17

Tito's NY Penthouse Opens Doors to Potential Buyers

A real estate agency is ready to show potential buyers the 418-square-metre penthouse apartment on Park Avenue in Manhattan once used by Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito.

03 Aug 17

Kosovo Delays Action to Avert Coal Shortage

02 Aug 17

Croatia's Raised Import Tax Angers Neighbours

Culture and Lifestyle

09 Oct 17

Controversial Drone Stars in Albanian Football Doc

The notorious drone that flew over a sports stadium in Belgrade bearing a map of greater Albania in 2014 takes centre stage in a new documentary on the Albanian football team that will be premiered in Warsaw.

01 Aug 17

Best Balkan Films to Watch This Summer