Kosovo MPs Declare ‘Liberation War’ Just and Fair

MPs in Pristina approved a resolution defining the Kosovo Liberation Army’s wartime struggle as just and fair after a debate sparked by the war crimes convictions of ten former KLA fighters.

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Snap Election Won't Solve Kosovo's Crises, Experts Warn

After the head of the ruling Democratic Party of Kosovo raised the possibility of snap elections, analysts are divided on whether fresh polls will resolve the various crises facing the country.

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For Serbia’s PM, Kosovo is Just a Campaign Tool

The recent dramas in Serbia over Kosovo should not fool anyone; for Vucic, the ‘southern province’ issue is just a tool in a non-stop election campaign.


Kosovo’s Privatisation Process Obstructed by Serbia

Kosovo’s efforts to privatise state companies from the Yugoslav era have continued to face strong opposition from Serbia, which has been seeking to assert control over key assets in its former province.


Rapper Wounded in Albania-Kosovo Hip Hop Feud

Rappers on both sides of the Kosovo-Albania border are involved in increasingly bitter feuds that some in the media are likening to the 'wars' between hip-hop fans in the US in the 1990s.


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