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Kosovo Catholics Prepare for Easter Celebration

Although only a small minority in Kosovo, the Catholic community is getting ready to participate in full in ceremonies celebrating Easter.

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Crimea, Kosovo: The Art of Getting it Right

You could not make half of it up. As the Ukraine crisis has developed, and with annexation of Crimea by Russia, it was inevitable that Kosovo and the Balkans would get dragged in to the arguments.


European Bank to Support Kosovo Private Sector

The European Investment Bank, EIB, plans to held small and medium sized companies in Kosovo and part-fund key infrastructure projects, the bank's deputy head said in Pristina.

Kosovo Press Review- April 17, 2014

Kosovo ex-fighters against tribunal. New law on elections excludes reserved seats for minorities. PDK remains strongest party.


‘Romeo and Juliet’ Connects Belgrade and Pristina

Actors from Serbia and Kosovo have joined forces to stage a joint production of the Shakespeare play in a bid to promote mutual understanding and connections.