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Latest News on Kosovo Elections 2017

11 Jul 17 Kosovo Parties Resist Haradinaj Bid to Form Govt

The first attempt by prime ministerial candidate Ramush Haradinaj to hold consultative meetings on forming a government was rejected by the acting PM’s Democratic League of Kosovo and the Vetevendosje party. 

11 Jul 17 Elections Fail to Cure Kosovo’s Political Maladies

The recent snap election failed to fix Kosovo's political deadlock, raising questions about the  formation of a new government and continuation of reforms.

26 Jun 17 Vetevendosje Eyes Success in Kosovo Local Elections

After performing strongly in the general election, the opposition movement hopes to replicate this success in October’s local polls.

21 Jun 17 Kosovo LDK Demand PM's Post to Join Coalition

After the opposition Vetevendojse movement invited the LDK to join a coalition, acting PM Isa Mustafa said the LDK’s condition for entering any coalition was holding the PM’s post. 

15 Jun 17 LDK's Stock Grows in Kosovo's Post-Election Muddle

As it remains unclear who will form the government in Kosovo, the LDK appears to hold the key to any future coalition, now that the second-placed party, Vetevendosje, has invited it to join a post-election partnership.

13 Jun 17 Kosovo Faces Dilemma If Ex-Warriors Cannot Form Govt

If the grand coalition led by former Kosovo Liberation Army fighters fails to form a new government, President Hashim Thaci must decide whether to award a mandate to the opposition or push for new polls.

12 Jun 17 Kosovo Ex-Warriors Take Lead in Election Battle

Broad coalition between former KLA fighters won the largest number of votes in Kosovo’s snap general elections, with opposition Vetevendosje snatching a surprising second, and the coalition led by former ruling Democratic League of Kosovo third.

12 Jun 17 Kosovo Ex-Warriors and Vetevendosje Celebrate Elections Results

While the Central Election Commission has yet to announce official election results, the main ‘war wing’ coalition and opposition party Vetevendosje are celebrating their results in central Pristina.

11 Jun 17 Kosovo Citizens to Decide on New Government

Around two million Kosovo citizens will be able to vote in Kosovo’s snap elections on Sunday, following the fall of the government and the dissolution of Parliament.

09 Jun 17 Political Ambition Trumps Party Rivalries in Kosovo

The Kosovo Constitutional Court’s controversial interpretation of coalitions and parliamentary groups has forced the main parties to form pre-electoral coalitions, resulting in the most improbable political marriages.

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20 Jul 17

Serbia in Two Minds Over New IMF Deal

With the economy in relatively good shape, a question mark hangs over whether Serbia needs a fresh arrangement with the Fund.

20 Jul 17

Kosovo War Court President Promises Impartial Justice

The president of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers, Ekaterina Trendafilova, told BIRN the new court has no ethnic bias, will protect its witnesses from intimidation and deliver justice impartially and independently.

19 Jul 17

New Migrants Face Old Terrors on Balkan Route