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Latest News on Kosovo Elections 2017

11 Sep 17 New Kosovo PM to Revise Montenegro Border Deal

Shortly after being elected as Kosovo's Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj said his government would take a fresh look at the controversial border agreement with Montenegro – whose adoption MPs have postponed repeatedly.

09 Sep 17 New Kosovo Government Gets Parliament Approval

Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj’s new cabinet was endorsed by parliament on a platform of maintaining dialogue Serbia and tackling corruption.

07 Sep 17 Kosovo Assembly Ends Deadlock by Electing Speaker

The 35-day deadlock in Kosovo's parliament over the election of a speaker ended on Thursday when Kadri Veseli of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, PDK, was chosen by a narrow margin.

06 Sep 17 Staying Power of Kosovo’s New Government Doubted

As a disparate group of parties finally form a coalition government in Kosovo, opposition leaders and experts question its strength and durability.

04 Sep 17 Pacolli Dumps LDK Alliance to End Kosovo Deadlock

Kosovo New Alliance chief Behgjet Pacolli on Monday said his party had parted ways with its pre-election ally, the LDK, leaving the door open to join forces with the rival PDK-led coalition and so form a government.

28 Aug 17 Past Feuds Overshadow Kosovo Coalition Talks

While the LDK and Vetevendosje work on forming a coalition agreement that could propel them into government, their bitter disagreements in the past will make this a difficult task.

17 Aug 17 Fixing What’s Wrong With Kosovo Politics

Kosovo’s current crisis is a result of local power struggles and bungled foreign interference – and until people realise that, the political system will remain damaged.

15 Aug 17 EU Urges Kosovo to End Political Deadlock

The European Union said Kosovo MPs should end the political deadlock preventing the formation of a new government because the country has “no time to lose” to press ahead with vital reforms.

14 Aug 17 New Elections 'Risk Damaging Kosovo's Economy'

If Kosovo fails to form a government and has to hold another snap election, it risks damaging its economic outlook by stalling progress and spending unnecessary funds on new polls, experts warned.

10 Aug 17 Kosovo MPs Angered by Latest Parliament Boycott

Kosovo's parliament failed to vote for a new speaker for a fourth time because MPs from the PAN coalition, which won most seats at the last election, declined to attend the session again.

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20 Sep 17

Refugee Experts Downplay Romania’s Migrant ‘Crisis’

Despite reports of a new migration route opening up on the Black Sea, Romanian authorities and international organizations say scare stories have no basis in reality.

19 Sep 17

Albanians Query Wisdom of Slimmed-Down Government

Edi Rama has honoured pledges to cut bureaucracy by radically trimming the size of the cabinet – but some fear the new ‘super-ministries are taking on more than they can handle.

18 Sep 17

Wine Lovers’ Paradise in Vibrant Zupa Region