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culture-in-the-media-pristina-conference 17 Mar 11

Culture in the media – Pristina conference

On March 17 2011, the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN, is organising a conference - Culture in the Media – as part of the  Balkan Initiative for Cultural Cooperation, Exchange and Development programme, BICCED.

pristina-culture-watch-training 16 Mar 11

Pristina Culture Watch Training

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network is organising a training session for journalists - How to write for Culture Watch Online Magazine - as a part of the Balkan Initiative for Cultural Cooperation, Exchange and Development, BICCED, project. The training will be held in Pristina, from March 17 to 18 and will involve journalists from across the region.

journalists-selected-for-pristina-culture-conference 15 Mar 11

Journalists selected for Pristina culture conference

The Balkan Investigative Regional Reporting Network is pleased to announce the journalists who have been selected to  participate in the second round of the Balkan Initiative for Cultural Co-operation, Exchange and Development project.

initiation-of-balkan-culture-watch-strengthening-project 11 Mar 11

Initiation of Balkan Culture Watch Strengthening Project

Balkan Investigative Regional Reporting Network has launched its Balkan Culture Watch Strengthening Project, funded by the European Cultural Foundation (ECF).

bistro-steak-it-or-leave-it 03 Mar 11

Bistro: Steak it, or Leave it

“… But the sex was spectacular”. That post-script rationalisation for an otherwise dreadful date — or relationship —mirror my reaction after a dinner at Bistro Bar.

tingell-tangell-branches-out-to-lunch 02 Mar 11

Tingell Tangell Branches Out to Lunch

Where else in Pristina can you order a main course of a banana sandwich served with peanut butter and fig jam?  Or perhaps you would prefer to dine on potato-filled Burek with hummus on the side.

snowboard-cup-lands-in-kosovo 01 Mar 11

Snowboard Cup Lands in Kosovo

Brezovica will be hosting Kosovo’s first Snowboard Cross competition in March, bringing top athletes and a host of cultural events to the country’s slopes

rolling-flim-festival-rolls-back-onto-stage 01 Mar 11

Rolling Flim Festival Rolls Back onto Stage

Roma remain one of the world’s most discriminated against groups, but a festival in Pristina hopes to tackle this issue through film.

trawling-pristina-for-a-good-fish-shop-taunita 01 Mar 11

Trawling Pristina for a Good Fish Shop: Taunita

On Taunita’s bed of ice there is always a fresh stock of sea bass, sea bream, Kosovan carp and trout, salmon from Norway and calamari from Albania

fish-grill-trout-of-this-world 14 Feb 11

Fish Grill: Trout Of This World

I once had a love in Pristina. Her name was Peshku. She lived across from police head-quarters.

auk-charity-club-putting-a-smile-on-people-s-faces 12 Feb 11

Kosovo Charity Club Putting a Smile on People’s Faces

“Every single person in the world can make a difference by giving a helping hand and a smile to people in need,” said Zylfije Mucolli, an active member of the American University in Kosovo’s Charity Club.

guerrilla-gardening-craze-blossoms-in-grey-pristina 31 Jan 11

Guerrilla Gardening Craze Blossoms in Grey Pristina

Kosovo’s capital is colourful, but only figuratively, strewn with drab concrete blocks and grey thoroughfares. But a growing movement of guerrilla gardeners are adding a splash of colour by planting flowers in tawdry public and private spaces, without permission.

enjoy-a-pizza-heaven-at-napoli 30 Jan 11

Enjoy a Pizza Heaven at Napoli

When it comes to pizza, Pristina is blessed, at least in the sense that you’d be hard-pressed to find a bad, let alone inedible pie in this town.

pamper-yourself-or-hit-the-slopes-at-radika 29 Jan 11

Pamper Yourself or Hit the Slopes at Radika

Hotel Radika offers great access to Macedonia’s best ski resort, a top-class spa and magical views across Lake Mavrovo, making it an ideal destination for a winter weekend

pristina-takes-first-steps-to-stub-out-smoking-in-bars 29 Jan 11

Kosovo Moves to Stub out Smoking in Bars

Five years after the introduction of an antismoking law requiring bars and restaurants to provide large non-smoking areas, some venues are finally acting under threat of massive fines.

Culture Policy Focus

12 Nov 15

Shakespeare Reconnects Serbian and Kosovo Theatregoers

With a Kosovo Albanian playing Romeo and a Serb playing Juliet, Predrag Miki Manojlovic’s production of the Shakespeare classic is intended to bring Belgrade and Pristina closer together.

04 Jun 14

Northern Mitrovica Shakes off the Blues

Politics and Society

22 Jan 18

Kosovo, Serbia Agree to Share Information on Ivanovic

Prosecutors in Serbia and Kosovo have agreed to share information on the investigation into the killing of the prominent Kosovo Serb politician, shot dead last week.

22 Jan 18

Kosovo Imam Denies Inciting Terror in Sermons


06 Nov 17

Threat to Quit CEFTA Stirs Debate in Kosovo

As Kosovo’s government mulls withdrawing from CEFTA, citing its unequal treatment, economists warn that a halt to regional free trade will result in price rises.

19 Oct 17

EU Mulls Lower Roaming Charges for Balkans