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the-armed-man-played-in-kosovo 16 Mar 15

British Composer Commemorates Kosovo War Dead

The Kosovo Philharmonic marked its 15th anniversary with the Pristina premiere of an anti-war mass by British composer Karl Jenkins, which is dedicated to victims of the 1998-99 conflict.

kosovars-raise-a-pint-to-emerging-beer-culture 25 Jun 14

Kosovars Raise a Pint to Emerging Beer Culture

Kosovo may drink a pittance by European standards, but drinkers and brewers at annual Beerfest say thirstier days are ahead. 

romeo-and-juliet-connects-belgrade-and-pristina 14 Apr 14

‘Romeo and Juliet’ Connects Belgrade and Pristina

Actors from Serbia and Kosovo have joined forces to stage a joint production of the Shakespeare play in a bid to promote mutual understanding and connections.

pioneering-kosovo-soap-gets-viewers-thumbs-up 28 Mar 14

Pioneering Kosovo Soap Gets Viewers’ Thumbs-Up

Kosovo’s first homemade soap opera woos viewers with tales of love triangles, blood feuds and corruption.

the-tragedy-of-bogujevci-exhibited-in-belgrade 18 Dec 13

Art Show on Kosovo Massacre Angers Hardline Serbs

An art installation dealing with Serbian war crimes in Podujevo, Kosovo, is going on show in Belgrade, in a bold move to open up a franker discussion about the Kosovo conflict.

kosovo-s-bekim-fehmiu-honored-with-post-stamp 06 Dec 13

Kosovo Honours Much Loved Actor With Stamp

In honour of Bekim Fehmiu, who died in 2010 and whose ashes were scattered in Prizren, the Post and Telecoms of Kosovo have introduced a postage stamp bearing his likeness.

switzerland-puts-balkans-in-focus 08 Oct 13

Switzerland Puts Balkan Culture in Focus

This year’s Culturescapes festival will take art, music, films, theatre, dance and literature from the Balkans to Switzerland and also bring Swiss culture to the region.

dokufest-prizren-let-s-talk-about-sex 30 Aug 13

DokuFest Gets Prizren Talking About Sex

True to its slogan, ‘Breaking Borders’, the 12th DokuFest in Prizren, Kosovo, this year broke ranks on issues of sex and gender that still remain a taboo in most of the Balkans.

kusturica-west-kicked-out-majority-of-serbs-out-of-kosovo 30 Apr 13

Kusturica: West Kicking Serbs Out of Kosovo

Serbian film director says landmark Serbia-Kosovo deal concludes international community's job of creating monolithic ethnic communities in the Balkans.

kosovo-organ-trafficking-inspires-kusturica 02 Apr 13

Kosovo Organ Trafficking Inspires Kusturica Film

Renowned Serbian film director Emir Kusturica has announced that his new movie will deal with human organ trafficking, the focus of a current high-profile trial in Kosovo.

fellows-for-2013-selected 29 Mar 13

BIRN Fellows for 2013 Selected

The jury in the Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence has selected 10 participants for this year’s programme.

balkan-art-treat-on-venice-biennale 14 Feb 13

Balkan Artists Prepare For Venice Biennale

This year's international art exhibition in Venice will see a number of interesting projects from the Balkans - and Kosovo will have its own pavilion for the first time.

kosovo-rolling-film-festival-kicks-off 13 Dec 12

Kosovo Rolling Film Festival Kicks Off

Festival’s third edition brings Roma into focus through cinema.

first-culture-watch-award-goes-to-vranje 29 Nov 12

First Culture Watch Award Goes to Vranje

The first ever Culture Watch Award for analytical and investigative reporting on cultural issues in the Balkans went to Valentina Milenkovic from Vranje.

final-bicced-culture-conference-in-belgrade 28 Nov 12

Final BICCED Culture Conference in Belgrade

The closing event of the three-year project “Balkan Initiative for Cultural Cooperation, Exchange and Development”, BICCED, started on Thursday in Belgrade's Youth Centre.

Culture Policy Focus

04 Jun 14

Northern Mitrovica Shakes off the Blues

The North City Jazz and Blues festival, held near Mitrovica in Kosovo, is seeking to change the image of a town known nowadays mostly for ethnic conflict.

18 Mar 13

Diagnosing Kosovo

Politics and Society

29 May 15

Kosovo Postpones Vote on Wartime Crime Court

The Kosovo parliament postponed a vote on amendments to the constitution whose aim was to enable the formation of a special court on the wartime crimes of the Kosovo Liberation Army.


22 Apr 15

EU Hails Balkan Transport Network Deal

Leaders of six Western Balkans countries meeting on Tuesday in Brussels agreed on plans for a regional transport network, to which the EU has pledged 130 million euros.