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Latest Business News from Kosovo

29 Sep 14

Balkan States to Cut Mobile Roaming Charges

Following the EU's example, regulators in four Balkan countries have finally agreed to reduce mobile phone roaming charges, which are much higher than in western Europe.

09 Sep 14

Kosovo Loses Hope of Getting Adriatic Sea Port

The government in Tirana said that an Albanian port on the Adriatic Sea which had been promised to Kosovo could now be leased to a Chinese state-owned company.

28 Aug 14

Balkan Leaders in Berlin Pledge to Work Together

Balkan economy and finance ministers meeting in Berlin have agreed that their countries must jointly resolve economic issues that trouble the region.

21 Apr 14

Corruption Deters Investors in Kosovo, Report Says

As Kosovo tries to attract more foreign money, corruption and bribery remain a key factor deterring companies from investing in the country, a recent report said.

18 Mar 14

European Bank to Support Kosovo Private Sector

The European Investment Bank, EIB, plans to held small and medium sized companies in Kosovo and part-fund key infrastructure projects, the bank's deputy head said in Pristina.

11 Mar 14

Kosovo Economists Query Public Sector Pay Hikes

As the Kosovo government announces major rises in public-sector wages, some economists say the focus should be on creating jobs, not raising the pay of those in employment.

27 Feb 14

Kosovo May Lose EU Green Energy Grant

EU official says Kosovo's failure to close high-polluting power plant puts EU funds set aside for that purpose at risk.

23 Jan 14

Macedonia, Kosovo Forge Ahead With Motorway

After Kosovo issued a tender for a consortium to build a highway to the Macedonian border, Macedonia has signaled it will soon do likewise.

15 Jan 14

Macedonia Tops Balkan Economic Freedom List

The latest Index of Economic Freedom has put Macedonia at the top of the Balkan region in terms of economic freedom.

10 Dec 13

Balkan Economies Recovering, World Bank

The South East Europe region exited recession in the first half of 2013, led by strong growth in exports, a report by the World Bank presented on Monday in Tirana says.

09 Dec 13

Kosovo Urged to Fight Harder Against Corruption

Rights activists accused the Kosovo authorities of a lack of political will to tackle graft during a conference held to mark International Anti-Corruption Day.

28 Nov 13

Britain Urged to Block Kosovo Power Project

A Kosovo NGO has urged the UK not to aid World Bank plans to fund a new coal power plant in Kosovo.

13 Nov 13

Kosovo Shows Interest in Adriatic Pipeline

Kosovo's deputy foreign minister said the country was interested in the planned construction of a gas pipeline across the Adriatic, linking Serbia and other Balkan states.

11 Nov 13

Kosovo Parliament in Logjam Over PTK Sale

After repeated failures to agree on the privatization of the Post and Telecoms company, parliament is in deadlock, which could lead to early elections, experts say.

17 Oct 13

Kosovo Opposition Continues PTK Sale Probe Quest

Kosovo opposition parties vow to press on with demands for an inquiry into the sale of the Post and Telecommunications of Kosovo despite their failure in parliament.

Culture and Lifestyle

25 Jun 14

Kosovars Raise a Pint to Emerging Beer Culture

Kosovo may drink a pittance by European standards, but drinkers and brewers at annual Beerfest say thirstier days are ahead. 

Politics and Society

22 Oct 14

Kosovars' Destructive Obsession with Serbia

For the sake of our own future, we Kosovo Albanians need to liberate ourselves from a destructive obsession with Serbia.