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yugoslav-army-s-croatian-playground-awaits-makeover-09-08-2017 08 Sep 17 Yugoslav Army's Croatian Playground Awaits Makeover

A luxury hotel chain is expected to renovate the once magnificent but now ruined hotel complex near Dubrovnik, Croatia, which once mainly catered to members of the Yugoslav People's Army.

tirana-activists-protest-violence-against-women-09-05-2017 05 Sep 17 Tirana Activists Protest Violence Against Women

Tens of activists gathered in front of the Ministry of Justice in Albania’s capital, Tirana, on Monday to demand more protection for women who have been victims of violence following the murder of Fildeze Hafizi, a judge from Shkoder, who was killed by her ex-husband on August 31 after years of threats. During the protest, demonstrators threw red paint on the façade of the ministry before embarking on a march towards the Parliament. 

bulgarians-romanians-celebrate-free-movement-with-a-cross-border-run-09-05-2017 05 Sep 17 Bulgarians, Romanians Celebrate Free Movement with a Cross-Border Run

The only cross-border marathon between Bulgaria and Romania, Via Pontica, took place on Sunday, 10 years after both countries joined the EU.

balkan-insight-s-week-in-pictures-09-01-2017 01 Sep 17 Balkan Insight's Week in Pictures

A round-up of Balkan Insight's favourite photographs of the week.

balkan-muslims-celebrate-bayram-holidays-09-01-2017 01 Sep 17 Balkan Muslims Celebrate Bayram Holidays

Along with Muslims all over the world, Balakan Muslims celebrating their most sacred religious holiday of Kurban-Bayram.

ex-yugoslav-states-remember-wartime-missing-persons-08-30-2017 30 Aug 17 Ex-Yugoslav States Remember Wartime Missing Persons

The International Day of the Disappeared, which commemorates missing persons around the world, was marked with events in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo and Serbia, where some 40,000 people went missing as a result of the 1990s wars.

blazes-grip-south-bulgaria-08-28-2017 28 Aug 17 Blazes Grip South Bulgaria

The municipality of Kresna in southern Bulgaria has declared a state of emergency after massive wildfires, which were doused over the weekend, erupted again on Monday and advanced quickly towards the village of Vlahi. 

french-president-macron-visits-bulgaria-08-25-2017 25 Aug 17 French President Macron Visits Bulgaria

At the final stop of his Eastern European trip, French President Emmanuel Macron visited Bulgaria on Friday to seek support for his quest against cheap Eastern labour.

balkan-insight-s-week-in-pictures-08-25-2017 25 Aug 17 Balkan Insight's Week in Pictures

A round-up of Balkan Insight's favourite photographs of the week.

lipska-cave-exploring-montenegro-s-underground-world-08-20-2017 20 Aug 17 Lipska Cave: Exploring Montenegro’s Underground World

Hidden underground, 5km from Montenegro’s Old Royal Capital of Cetinje, is Lipska Cave, the country’s first speleological site valorized for its tourism potential. In the past two years, more than 30,000 visitors have come to explore the 2.5km of underground passages and caverns.

montenegrin-army-joins-firefighters-in-battle-against-blazes-08-16-2017 16 Aug 17 Montenegrin Army Joins Firefighters in Battle Against Blazes

Large fires burning in Lovcen National Park in southwestern Montenegro continue to blaze, with the Montenegrin Army called in to help firefighters who have been deployed from the capital Podgorica and resort town of Budva.

wildfires-rage-across-albania-08-14-2017 14 Aug 17 Wildfires Rage Across Albania

Nineteen fires raging around Albania are threatening cities and towns across the country, including the capital Tirana, with three buildings destroyed over the weekend in the southwestern region of Mallakastra. Armed forces have been called in to help battle the blazes, with Greece also sending over two airplanes to assist.

serbia-s-guca-trumpet-festival-in-full-swing-08-11-2017 11 Aug 17 Serbia’s Guca Trumpet Festival in Full Swing

With an official flag raising ceremony, the 56th annual brass band festival in the western Serbian city of Guca opened on August 9. Over the five-day turbocharged festival, 18 orchestras will compete to be crowned champions, with the prestigious ‘Golden Trumpet’ award to be handed out to the best trumpeter among them.

ikea-opens-its-doors-in-serbia-08-10-2017 10 Aug 17 IKEA Opens Its Doors in Serbia

After years of waiting, IKEA has arrived in Serbia, with the new store in the capital, Belgrade, opening at 10am on August 10. The 30,000-square-metre store will also feature a restaurant, bistro, Swedish food store and a children’s playroom.

real-beat-man-united-in-skopje-uefa-showdown-08-09-2017 09 Aug 17 Real Beat Man United in Skopje UEFA Showdown

Real Madrid beat Manchester United 2-1 in the 2017 UEFA European Super Cup in Skopje on Tuesday, with the biggest-ever sporting event hosted by Macedonia bringing a festive atmosphere to the capital.

tropical-heat-wave-hits-balkans-08-04-2017 04 Aug 17 Tropical Heat Wave Hits Balkans

The Meteoalarm alert service has warned of dangerously high temperatures after a powerful heat wave hit the Balkans on Friday, bringing some of the hottest weather in Europe, over 40 degrees Celcius.