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kosovo-serb-leader-ivanovic-gunned-down-in-northern-mitrovica-01-16-2018 16 Jan 18 Kosovo Serb Leader Ivanovic Gunned Down in Northern Mitrovica

Prominent Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic, leader of the Freedom, Democracy, Justice political party, was killed after being shot four times in an attack outside his party’s headquarters in the northern Kosovo town of Mitrovica on Tuesday morning.

balkan-insight-s-week-in-pictures-01-12-2018 12 Jan 18 Balkan Insight's Week in Pictures

A round-up of Balkan Insight's favourite photographs of the week.

the-stars-of-sarajevo-s-old-bazaar-01-08-2018 09 Jan 18 The Stars of Sarajevo’s Old Bazaar

In a small strip of shops in the heart of Sarajevo’s old bazaar, Bascarsija, five local faces have been attracting the attention of tourists with their charming and quirky small businesses, which range from coffeehouses to a metalworkers and a cupping expert. Meet Reshad Strik, Hussein Girlo, Nermina Alic, Sulejman Hrgic and Haris Lagumdzija, who are keeping the charm of Sarajevo alive.

orthodox-christmas-celebrated-around-the-balkans-01-08-2018 08 Jan 18 Orthodox Christmas Celebrated Around the Balkans

Orthodox Christians celebrated Christmas on January 7, marked according to the Julian calendar, with liturgies held in churches around the Balkans.

legendary-sarajevo-band-crvena-jabuka-plays-new-year-s-concert-01-04-2018 04 Jan 18 Legendary Sarajevo Band Crvena Jabuka Plays New Year’s Concert

Cult Sarajevo-based band Crvena Jabuka (Red Apple) played an open-air concert to thousands of their fans on January 1 in front of the Eternal Fire in Bosnia’s capital, closing out the city’s three-day NYE programme. The legendary band gained regional fame and a devoted following in the late 80s and early 90s.

new-year-s-eve-the-balkan-way-01-03-2018 03 Jan 18 New Year’s Eve, the Balkan Way

New Year’s Eve was celebrated in true Balkan style across the region, with cities from Zagreb to Tirana putting on extravagant firework displays and open-air events, which saw regional and international stars performing to the swathes of jubilant crowds that came out to mark the beginning of 2018.

kosovo-pm-s-tie-statement-inspires-unusual-protest-12-26-2017 26 Dec 17 Kosovo PM’s ‘Tie’ Statement Inspires Unusual Protest

A group of Kosovo citizens tied some 300 ties to the fence of the government building in Pristina today in protest of Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj’s decision to double his and other high government officials’ salaries, which he claimed was justified because his previous monthly income of 1,300 euros was not enough to cover the costs of his wardrobe expenses.

After the salary increase was announced, Haradinaj told Kosovo’s public broadcaster on Saturday “I have to buy a tie, I have to buy a shirt…I have to be on the level of responsibility” - a statement which went viral over the weekend and had Kosovo citizens donating ties, shirts, pens, socks and coins to the Prime Minister in mockery. Meanwhile, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, Halil Matoshi, handed out “Happy Holidays” postcards signed by the premier to protesters.

balkan-insight-s-week-in-pictures-12-15-2017 15 Dec 17 Balkan Insight's Week in Pictures

A round-up of Balkan Insight's favourite photographs of the week.

dozens-of-football-hooligans-arrested-in-serbia-12-14-2017 14 Dec 17 Dozens of Football Hooligans Arrested in Serbia

Serbian police announced on Thursday that they have arrested 26 football hooligans after a derby in Belgrade between longtime rivals, Serbia’s Red Star and Partizan teams, turned violent, leaving at least 20 people injured. A brawl between opposing fans erupted in the stands at the stadium minutes before the game started on Wednesday evening, but the match went ahead and ended in a 1-1 draw.

balkan-insight-s-week-in-pictures-12-08-2017 08 Dec 17 Balkan Insight's Week in Pictures

A round-up of Balkan Insight's favourite photographs of the week.

first-snow-of-season-turns-belgrade-into-winter-wonderland-12-04-2017 04 Dec 17 First Snow of Season Turns Belgrade into Winter Wonderland

Belgrade experienced its first snowfall of the season on Sunday night, covering the Serbian capital in a blanket of white.

romania-marks-national-day-with-military-parade-12-01-2017 01 Dec 17 Romania Marks National Day with Military Parade

Romania’s government celebrated the country’s national day on Friday with a military parade involving over 3,500 Romanian and NATO troops.

albania-celebrates-105th-anniversary-of-independence-11-28-2017 28 Nov 17 Albania Celebrates 105th Anniversary of Independence

Albania is celebrating 105 years since it declared independence from the Ottoman Empire on November 28, 1912, with a large ceremony held in the southern city of Vlora – where the declaration was officially made – and in the capital, Tirana. In Vlora, politicians and high representatives from Kosovo institutions were invited to participate in the historic event.

sarajevo-blanketed-in-snow-after-temperatures-drop-11-28-2017 28 Nov 17 Sarajevo Blanketed in Snow After Temperatures Drop

Sarajevans awoke this morning to see their city covered in glistening powder after temperatures dropped in Bosnia’s capital, bringing the first significant snowfall of the season.

kosovo-students-protest-courts-church-land-rights-11-22-2017 22 Nov 17 Kosovo Students Protest Courts’ Church Land Rights

Kosovo’s Student Democracy Organisation staged a protest at the University of Pristina on Wednesday over the Appeals Court’s decision to grant the Serbian Orthodox Church land ownership rights to a church built in the 1990s within the university campus.
“We will not allow this land to remain to Serbs; this land should belong to the University. This facility symbolizes [Serbian strongman] Slobodan Milosevic’s regime,” said the protest organizer, Mexhit Ramusa.

mladic-genocide-verdict-leaves-some-victims-feeling-justice-unserved-11-22-2017 22 Nov 17 Mladic Genocide Verdict Leaves Some Victims Feeling Justice Unserved

After former Bosnian Serb Army commander Ratko Mladic was convicted on Wednesday of genocide in Srebrenica in 1995, the survivors expressed their satisfaction with the outcome of the trial. However, the victims of massacres in six other municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, for which Mladic was not found guilty of genocide for, were left feeling justice had not been served.