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gruevski-prepares-for-elections-02-09-2016 10 Feb 16 Gruevski Prepares for Elections

Since resigning in January, former Macedonian prime minister Nikola Gruevski has been ever-present in the public at ground breaking ceremonies and promotive events, gearing up for the elections due in April.

protesting-serbian-journalists-hold-mock-oscars-02-09-2016 09 Feb 16 Protesting Serbian Journalists Hold Mock Oscars

Continuing their protests over worsening conditions in the media, journalists handed out mock Oscars to Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic and other politicians in front of the government building.

winter-art-festival-opens-in-sarajevo-02-08-2016 08 Feb 16 Winter Art Festival Opens in Sarajevo

The annual ‘Sarajevo Winter’ festival, which brings art and culture from all over the world to the Bosnian capital, opened onSunday with music and dance performances at the Bijela Tabija fortress.

sarajevo-commemorates-deadly-market-attack-02-05-2016 05 Feb 16 Sarajevo Commemorates Deadly Market Attack

Mourners gathered to mark the 22nd anniversary of the shelling of Sarajevo’s Markale marketplace and to remember the 68 people who were killed in the blast in 1994.

croatian-citizens-protest-against-government-with-a-song-02-01-2016 02 Feb 16 Croatians Sing Adele Hit to Satirise Govt

Around 1,000 protesters gathered in front of the Croatian parliament and government building to watch the Drvena Marija (Wooden Mary) duo sing a satirical anti-government version of Adele’s pop hit ‘Hello’.

albanians-hike-mountain-over-skadar-lake-02-01-2016 02 Feb 16 Albanian Hikers on Mountain Over Skadar Lake
A group of passionate Albanian hikers make it to the peak of mountain Velecik in the Razma region at 1,724 meters above sea level.
croatian-man-makes-friends-with-wild-bird-02-01-2016 01 Feb 16 Croatian Man Makes Friends With Wild Bird

Josip Bezic, a 28-years old man from Zagreb befriended a hawk named Phoenix, and the two became best friends, going everywhere together.

ninja-takes-over-bosnia-02-01-2016 01 Feb 16 Ninja Takes Over Bosnia

Japan's era of shoguns and samurai is long over but Zoran Mijic, a ninja from Banja Luka, has been practicing Ninjutsu for 25 years saying it is a lifelong learning process.

thousands-pour-into-macednia-as-border-reopens-01-28-2016 28 Jan 16 Thousands Pour Into Macedonia As Border Reopens

Macedonia's southern border with Greece has reopened to refugees on Thursday after it was closed for a few hours on Wednesday; authorities claim that the brief blockade was a reaction to the mutual decision of Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia to stem the flow of refugees.

terracotta-chinese-warriors-invade-zagreb-s-main-square-01-26-2016 26 Jan 16 Terracotta Chinese Warriors Invade Zagreb’s Main Square

About eighty terracotta Chinese warrior sculptures appeared on Zagreb’s main Ban Josip Jelačić square on Monday as preparations for Chinese New Year celebrations and the Museum night in the Croatian capital got underway.

macedonia-openes-borders-for-refugees-01-22-2016 22 Jan 16 Macedonia Re-opens Borders to Refugees

After a one-day stand-off on Wednesday Macedonia reopened its southern border with Greece but only to refugees from countries engulfed in conflict and civil war.

Macedonian police confirmed to BIRN that they will let through only refugees from war-torn countries and who have documents from the Greek authorities that clearly state their final destination.

teachers-from-sjenica-fight-snow-to-hold-class-01-21-2016 21 Jan 16 Teachers from Sjenica fight snow to hold class

Two schoolteachers from south-Serbian municipality of Sjenica, Admir Babic and Ramo Halilovic, walk for several hours through thick snow at the Pester plateau to the village of Dunisic to hold classes, so their pupils don’t fall behind during the harsh weather.

people-across-the-balkans-swim-for-the-holy-cross-01-19-2016 20 Jan 16 People across the Balkans swim for the Holy Cross

Orthodox people in Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia have been braving cold water temperatures to capture a cross as part of the traditional celebration of the Orthodox Epiphany.

As part of the celebration for the Epiphany, a cross is thrown into a river or lake and believers - mostly young men- jump into the water after it, hoping to be the first to catch the cross and bring it back to shore.

bosniaks-rally-against-discrimination-in-south-serbia-01-18-2016 18 Jan 16 Bosniaks Rally Against ‘Discrimination’ in South Serbia

Several thousand supporters of the Bosniak Party of Democratic Action rallied in Novi Pazar on Sunday, accusing the Belgrade authorities of ethnic discrimination and demanding autonomy for Serbia’s southern Sandzak region.

turbulent-year-pushes-macedonia-to-the-edge-01-15-2016 15 Jan 16 Turbulent Year Pushes Macedonia to the Edge

Fresh elections and more turmoil await Macedonia in 2016 following last year’s protests, violence and the most severe political crisis since the ethnic conflict in 2001.

serbian-journalists-demand-ownership-of-unsold-media-01-14-2016 14 Jan 16 Serbian Journalists Demand Ownership of Unsold Media

The Association of Journalists, UNS, urged the government on Thursday to implement the law on public information and media, allowing employees to take ownership of state media outlets that have not been privatised.