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opposition-protests-in-kosovo-capital-again-01-09-2016 09 Jan 16 Opposition Protests In Kosovo Capital Again

Thousands of protesters march towards Kosovo's government building, repeating their call to abolish agreements with Serbia and Montenegro.

orthodox-christians-celebrate-christmas-in-balkans-01-08-2016 08 Jan 16 Orthodox Christians Celebrate Christmas in Balkans

Orthodox Christian churches in capitals across the Balkans held liturgies on January 7 to celebrate their Christmas Day, marked according to the Julian calendar, two weeks after the Catholic holiday.

serbia-remembers-ww-2-victims-01-06-2016 07 Jan 16 Serbia Remembers WW2 Victims

A church memorial service and wreath-laying ceremony were held on January 4 in Curug, northern Serbia, to mark the 74th anniversary of the village’s infamous raid in which an estimated 2,500 Serbs and Jews were killed by Hungarian fascist troops.

montenegro-beats-bosnia-in-handball-friendly-01-06-2016 06 Jan 16 Montenegro Beats Bosnia in Handball Friendly

Montenegro’s handball squad has defeated Bosnia and Herzegovina’s team in a friendly match played on January 4 in Montenegro’s southern city of Bar. The final score was 30-26.

in-pictures-2015-in-the-balkans-01-05-2016 01 Jan 16 2015 in the Balkans

These are the Balkan Insight's pick of 2015's most important news pictures around the region. 

raising-deer-at-a-bosnian-ranch-01-05-2016 31 Dec 15 Raising Deer at a Bosnian Ranch

Muhamed Kahrimanovic is breeding deer on a farm that he calls his ‘ranch’ in Sanica, a village in western Bosnia and Herzegovina, and hoping to turn it into a profitable business.

people-in-bosnia-protest-air-pollution-01-05-2016 24 Dec 15 People in Bosnia Protest Air Pollution

Around 2,000 people have taken to the streets of Lukavac in northeastern Bosnia to protest against air pollution in the town. They demand that industrial polluters adhere to the legal provisions, and that the Ministry of Environment and Tourism review the licences and pollution levels of local factories. 

montenegro-s-anti-government-protest-01-05-2016 24 Dec 15 Montenegro's Anti-government Protest

Montenegro's opposition began anti-government demonstrations in September, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, who has held power since the early 1990s. 

albania-opposition-hold-final-rally-for-2015-01-05-2016 23 Dec 15 Albania Opposition Hold Final Rally For 2015

Opposition supporters staged their last anti-government protest for the year 2015 in Tirana on December 21.

serbian-journalists-protest-over-sexist-minister-s-survival-01-05-2016 21 Dec 15 Serbian Journalists Protest Over 'Sexist' Minister's Survival

Journalists rallied on December 21 in Belgrade because the Defence Minister has still not been sacked - despite the Prime Minister's claim that he would go for his sexist comment.

protesters-demand-macedonia-health-minister-s-resignation-01-05-2016 21 Dec 15 Protesters Demand Macedonia Health Minister's Resignation

Several hundred people gathered in front of the parliament in Skopje to demand the resignation of health minister Nikola Todorov, many of them wearing masks reading TodorOFF.

albania-protesters-vent-their-fury-on-bunker-01-05-2016 08 Dec 15 Albania Protesters Vent Their Fury on Bunker

Opposition rally in Tirana turns violent after mob attacks symbolic bunker erected in the heart of the ministerial complex - and stone windows of government buildings.

christmas-magic-in-zagreb-01-05-2016 06 Dec 15 Christmas Magic in Zagreb

Zagreb city centre is lavishly decorated for the Christmas holiday season, with stalls selling refreshments, festive shops and an ice skating rink.

migrants-protest-after-macedonia-shuts-them-out-01-05-2016 22 Nov 15 Migrants Protest After Macedonia Shuts Them Out

Hundreds of migrants have been protesting for several days at Macedonia’s southern border with Greece against Skopje’s decision only to allow them to transit the country if they come from war-torn states.

belgrade-peace-activists-mark-vukovar-anniversary-01-05-2016 18 Nov 15 Belgrade Peace Activists Mark Vukovar Anniversary

Human rights campaigners called on the government to place memorials at detention camps in Serbia where Croatian prisoners from Vukovar were imprisoned after it fell to Yugoslav troops in 1991.

middle-east-and-balkan-war-refugees-share-camp-01-05-2016 04 Nov 15 Middle East and Balkan War Refugees Share Camp

Refugees from the 1990s Balkan wars are now sharing their rundown temporary accommodation in Belgrade with people fleeing more recent conflicts in the Middle East and Africa.