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balkan-insight-s-week-in-pictures-11-17-2017 17 Nov 17 Balkan Insight's Week in Pictures

A round-up of Balkan Insight's favourite photographs of the week.

postal-workers-stage-protest-over-wages-11-13-2017 13 Nov 17 Serbian Postal Workers Stage Protest Over Wages

Thousands of employees of Serbia’s public postal service company, Posta Srbije, staged a protest walk on Sunday in the capital, Belgrade, starting from the main post office in the city centre and ending in front of the Serbian Government Building. The workers are demanding that their wages be increased, and to be reimbursed the deduction in their wages that was introduced in November 2014. They have also commenced collecting signatures of employees who would support the termination of work in all post offices until their demands are met.

serbia-names-park-in-honor-of-alexandrov-choir-11-10-2017 10 Nov 17 Serbia Names Park in Honor of Alexandrov Choir

Serbia named a central Belgrade park in honor of Alexandrov ensemble, also known as Red Army Choir, whose 64 members were killed in a plane crash in 2016.

The conductors of Alexandrov Choir and Serbian Army ensemble „Stanislav Binicki“ unveiled the plaque with the park’s new name, after which the Russian choir performed in the park.

Serbia’s Minister of Culture Vladan Vukosavljevic said at the ceremony that Serbia and Russia are „not sitting on two chairs but together, on the throne of Slavic culture“.

the-first-autumn-rainfall-in-mostar-caused-floods-and-traffic-collapse-11-08-2017 08 Nov 17 Floods in Bosnia’s Mostar Highlight Infrastructure Woes

The first autumn rainfall in the Bosnian city of Mostar caused flooding overnight in several locations and numerous traffic pileups, highlighting the longstanding problems the city has with its infrastructure, which was unable to cope with the deluge.

construction-of-serb-refugee-settlement-in-kosovo-restarts-11-06-2017 06 Nov 17 Construction of Serb Refugee Settlement in Kosovo Restarts

Despite objections from Kosovo central authorities, a project funded by the Serbian government to build a settlement for 300 Serb returnees in the northern Kosovo town of Zvecan is going ahead after it was halted in July 2016 following protests from residents.  When the project was announced, it caused anger among Kosovo officials who claim it is an attempt to extend Belgrade’s political influence in Kosovo.

balkan-insight-s-week-in-pictures-11-03-2017 03 Nov 17 Balkan Insight's Week in Pictures

A round-up of Balkan Insight's favourite photographs of the week.

balkan-insight-s-week-in-pictures-10-30-2017 30 Oct 17 Balkan Insight's Week in Pictures

A round-up of Balkan Insight's favourite photographs of the week.

serbian-journalists-expect-answers-from-pm-10-26-2017 26 Oct 17 Serbian Journalists Expect Answers from PM

Serbian journalists and media associations gathered under the informal “For Media Freedom” group handed leaflets to MPs with their questions for Serbia’s Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic, and government ministers as they entered the parliament on Thursday morning. 

The media activists want answers from the Prime Minister and ministry heads, who will appear in parliament later on Thursday to answer questions from MPs, on why they refuse to meet with representatives of the For Media Freedom group, and why pressure and attacks on journalists in Serbia often go unpunished.

montenegrin-opposition-stage-protest-march-in-podgorica-10-25-2017 25 Oct 17 Montenegrin Opposition Stage Protest March in Podgorica

Montenegro’s strongest opposition force, the Democratic Front, organized a protest rally on Tuesday to mark the second anniversary of the anti-government protest on October 24, 2015, when a clash between police and demonstrators turned violent.  

balkan-insight-s-week-in-pictures-10-22-2017 22 Oct 17 Balkan Insight's Week in Pictures

A round-up of Balkan Insight's favourite photographs of the week.

serbia-puts-on-military-show-to-mark-belgrade-liberation-10-20-2017 20 Oct 17 Serbia Puts on Military Show to Mark Belgrade Liberation

To mark the 72nd anniversary of the liberation of Belgrade from Nazi German occupation during WWII, the Serbian Armed Forces showed off their capabilities with a grand military display in the capital, Belgrade, which included presenting six MiG-29 jets that Russia has donated to Serbia. The highest state and military leadership attended the event, with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, Russia’s and Serbia’s Defence Ministers, Sergei Shoigu and Aleksandar Vulin respectively, Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and Serbian Patriarch Irinej among the guests.   

serbia-celebrates-73rd-anniversary-of-belgrade-s-wwii-liberation-10-19-2017 19 Oct 17 Serbia Celebrates 73rd Anniversary of Belgrade’s WWII Liberation

Ahead of the main event on October 20, commemorations started today in Serbia’s capital, Belgrade, for the 73rd anniversary of its WWII liberation from Nazi German occupation at the end of WWII. Crowds gathered in the city centre on the eve of the historic date to watch a march in which actors dressed in soldier’s costumes took part alongside a delegation from the Alliance of Associations of the National Liberation War Veterans of Serbia (SUBNOR), Belgrade City Manager Goran Vesic, Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin, and the President of the Belgrade Assembly, Nikola Nikodijevic.

macedonia-s-ruling-party-celebrates-convincing-win-at-local-polls-10-16-2017 16 Oct 17 Macedonia's Ruling Party Celebrates Convincing Win at Local Polls

Macedonia's ruling Social Democrats, SDSM, won a convincing victory Sunday night during the first round of local elections, widely regarded as a key test of the new government’s popularity.
The party won the mayoral races in 37 out of a total of 81 municipalities in the first round and have a convincing lead in another 13 municipalities. The SDSM, which won only four mayoral seats last time, is also close to clinching victory in Skopje, the main prize at these elections. The right-wing opposition VMRO DPMNE party of former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski suffered a crushing defeat. It won only in three rural areas near Skopje and has a slight lead before the second round, set for October 29, in six more municipalities.

balkan-insight-s-week-in-pictures-10-13-2017 13 Oct 17 Balkan Insight's Week in Pictures

A round-up of Balkan Insight's favourite photographs of the week.

thousands-greet-erdogan-in-serbia-s-novi-pazar-10-12-2017 12 Oct 17 Thousands Greet Erdogan in Serbia’s Novi Pazar

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is currently on a three-day visit to Serbia, arrived in the western city of Novi Pazar on Wednesday, where thousands of citizens turned out to welcome him.

in-the-name-of-love-kosovo-holds-first-pride-event-10-12-2017 10 Oct 17 'In the name of love': Kosovo holds first Pride event

Hundreds participated in Kosovo's first ever Pride parade in the capital, Pristina on Tuesday, despite a wave of threats and derogatory language on social media after the event was first announced. The celebration, "In the name of love", was marked by music, short speeches, and the usual exuberant waving of rainbow flags. Only a few people opposed the event aimed at promoting gay rights in the Muslim-majority country. Young people held anti-LGBT signs as supporters of the parade marched through Mother Theresa Square. The event was backed by Kosovo's president, Hashim Thaci, Minister of European Integration Dhurata Hoxha, and several other ambassadors and civil society leaders. Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, who opened the Week of Pride, did not participate in the event.