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macedonian-family-living-with-wolves-02-21-2017 21 Feb 17 Macedonian Family Living with Wolves

The Ismaili ménage from the village of Leshok, near Tetovo in northwest Macedonia, have welcomed some unusual household members into their family – three domesticated wolves called Alek, Lupo and Luna. The animals, usually considered dangerous, were adopted by the Ismaili’s two years ago and are more playful and gentle than bloodthirsty, having never caused any harm since they became part of the family.

albanian-opposition-commence-sit-in-protest-demanding-pm-resign-02-18-2017 18 Feb 17 Albanian Opposition Commence Sit-In Protest Demanding PM Resign

The Albanian opposition began a sit-in protest in the capital, Tirana, on Saturday demanding that Prime Minister Edi Rama resign over his administration's alleged failures.

Around 100 protesters have occupied the site in front of the prime minister's office on the capital's main boulevard, with a tent having been set up to house them at night.

thousands-demand-belgrade-mayor-resign-in-fresh-protest-02-17-2017 17 Feb 17 Thousands Demand Belgrade Mayor Resign in Fresh Protest

Several thousand people joined the latest protest organised by the Ne Davimo Beograd (Let’s not drown Belgrade) movement to demand the resignation of Belgrade mayor Sinisa Mali after his ex-wife claimed that he had organised the nocturnal demolitions in the Serbian capital’s waterside Savamala district in April 2016.

refugees-in-bosnian-town-lose-hope-in-future-02-13-2017 13 Feb 17 Refugees in Bosnian Town Lose Hope in Future

A dilapidated school in the town of Kladari in central Bosnia and Herzegovina has been turned into a collective centre for refugees, with 15 migrants currently staying at the site despite basic living conditions not being met.

The two school buildings being used do not have a working bathroom, the roofs are falling apart and the hallways leak with water, but many of the migrants staying there have lost the belief that they will ever leave the centre.

the-bosnian-village-with-only-two-residents-02-10-2017 10 Feb 17 The Bosnian Village with Only Two Residents

Janja Corak (88) and Rose Kurlika (94) are the last two inhabitants of the small village of Kotezi in south-eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, but living at opposite ends of the largely deserted town, even they rarely see each other. 

While some of the buildings have begun to crumble, the elderly residents do their best to look after the village and its two biggest features – its mosque and church.

kosovo-serbs-start-new-construction-works-in-mitrovica-02-08-2017 08 Feb 17 Kosovo Serbs Start New Construction Works in Mitrovica

Renovations to the pedestrian zone in the divided Kosovo town of Mitrovica began on Wednesday, days after a controversial two-metre-high wall near the bridge across the Ibar River in the town’s Serb-populated north was demolished.

The renovations, which include a new roundabout and decorative concrete vases, are being built by the municipality of North Mitrovica.

decree-amid-protest-02-06-2017 06 Feb 17 Romania Scarps Corruption Decree Amid Protest

Romania's Social Democrat government on Sunday repealed a controversial decree to decriminalise low-level corruption but that was not enough to keep of thousands of people from taking to the street in protests.

romania-sees-massive-anti-corruption-protests-02-02-2017 02 Feb 17 Romania Sees Massive Anti-Corruption Protests

Thousands of Romanians took to the streets on Wednesday evening to show their discontent against Tuesday's cabinet decree that partially decriminalises abuse of office.

ancient-albanian-town-maintains-centuries-old-charm-02-01-2017 01 Feb 17 Ancient Albanian Town Maintains Centuries-Old Charm

Known as the ‘town of a thousand windows’, the 2,400-year-old Albanian settlement of Berat, 122 kilometres south of the capital Tirana, is most famous for its Ottoman houses cluttered up a hillside and its striking mountain surroundings.

BIRN’s Ivana Dervishi captured the UNESCO listed town’s charm and beauty in this series of photographs.

serbia-and-croatia-pay-respect-to-holocaust-victims-01-27-2017 27 Jan 17 Serbia and Croatia Pay Respect to Holocaust Victims

Marking the International Day of Remembrance of Victims of the Holocaust, state commemorations were held in Serbia and Croatia on Friday with top officials in attendance.

bosnian-ski-resort-draws-visitors-from-across-balkans-01-25-2017 25 Jan 17 Bosnian Ski Resort Draws Visitors from Across Balkans

Skiers carved up the slopes at the Jahorina ski resort, around 34 kilometres south of the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo over the weekend, with all trails open for use and the sunny weather and milder temperatures making for ideal conditions to clip on the skis

orthodox-christians-celebrate-epiphany-in-balkans-01-19-2017 19 Jan 17 Orthodox Christians Celebrate Epiphany in Balkans

Orthodox people in Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia have been braving cold water temperatures and snow to capture a cross as part of the traditional celebration of the Orthodox Epiphany. As part of the celebration for the Epiphany, a cross is thrown into a river or lake and believers - mostly young men- jump into the water after it, hoping to be the first to catch the cross and bring it back to shore.

ice-jams-block-major-central-and-eastern-european-rivers-01-18-2017 18 Jan 17 ‘Ice Jams’ Block Major Central and Eastern European Rivers

‘Ice jams’ have formed in the rivers Danube, Sava and Tisza running through central and eastern Europe with icebreaker vessels brought in to reopen parts of the waterways that have become completely frozen over. 

In Serbia, the country’s only icebreaker headed for the Iron Gates gorge on the Serbian-Romanian border, while two additional vessels from Hungary have been brought in to assist elsewhere.

trapped-migrants-brave-serbia-s-freezing-winter-01-11-2017 12 Jan 17 Trapped Migrants Brave Serbia's Freezing Winter

Migrants keep coming to Serbia but survival is getting tougher as the border with Hungary is now almost impossible to cross without paying the smugglers dear.

balkans-battered-by-extreme-weather-01-09-2017 09 Jan 17 Balkans Battered by Extreme Weather

A bout of extreme weather has hit the Balkans with blizzards bringing parts of the region to a standstill while water shortages and electricity failures have occurred in many areas.