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ceausescu-s-spring-palace-opens-to-public-03-27-2017 27 Mar 17 Ceausescu’s Spring Palace Opens to Public

After being closed for more than 25 years, the spring palace of late Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, his wife Elena and their children Valentin, Zoe and Nicu, which was used as their private residence for the entire period of Ceausescu’s reign (1965-1989), has opened to the public. Built in the 1960s, ‘Palatul Primaverii' (‘Spring Palace’) has 80 rooms, including a nuclear bunker, which was built in secrecy, where the Ceausescu family would take refuge in the event of an assault on the residence or a chemical or nuclear attack.

peace-campaigners-march-for-aleppo-arrives-in-sarajevo-03-22-2017 22 Mar 17 Peace Campaigners’ ‘March for Aleppo’ Arrives in Sarajevo

The “Civil March for Aleppo” arrived in Sarajevo on Wednesday, almost three months after peace campaigners set off from Berlin on their way to Syria by foot to raise awareness of the plight of civilians in the city of Aleppo. After arriving in the Bosnian capital, participants were invited to take off their shoes and dip their feet in red paint before walking onto the city’s old bazaar, Bascarsija, leaving a trail of red footsteps behind them. 

serbian-activists-protest-novi-sad-mural-removal-03-21-2017 21 Mar 17 Serbian Activists Protest Novi Sad Mural Removal

Around 200 citizens gathered in Serbia’s second city of Novi Sad on Sunday to demand answers as to who is responsible for painting over a mural by world-renowned French artist Guillaume Alby, also known as Remed, on a wall in the city three days ago.

bohemian-bosnian-holds-onto-hippie-roots-03-20-2017 20 Mar 17 Bohemian Bosnian Holds onto Hippie Roots

Now 66 years old, Ivica Valenta from the Bosnian city of Travnik still maintains his hippie roots five decades after he joined the counter culture movement that swept the world in the 60s and 70s and found a small, but loyal following in central Bosnia. Travelling on a bike with a trailer attached, Valenta has pedaled his way around Europe, playing guitar and singing on the streets of cities in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and more, as well as further afield to Chile.

western-balkan-leaders-gather-for-bosnia-summit-03-16-2017 16 Mar 17 Western Balkan Leaders Gather for Bosnia Summit

In his welcome speech at the opening of a summit of Western Balkan PMs in Bosnia’s capital, Sarajevo, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denis Zvizdic, said that despite the numerous challenges facing the region and the EU, European integration is still a top priority for the Western Balkans.

montenegrin-mothers-stage-hunger-strike-over-benefits-cuts-03-15-2017 15 Mar 17 Montenegrin Mothers Stage Hunger Strike Over Benefits Cuts

Activists in Montenegro commenced a hunger strike in front of the parliament building in Podgorica on Tuesday, stepping up their ongoing protests against a government decision to reduce state aid for mothers of three and more children. Mothers in Montenegro had threatened to take radical action after their initial protests, which were held for 13 days in a row, went unheard.

croatian-climate-change-activists-stage-protest-on-bikes-03-13-2017 13 Mar 17 Croatian Climate Change Activists Stage Protest on Bikes

Around 1,000 cyclists gathered in Zagreb on Sunday to take part in an environmental rally aimed at raising awareness of sustainable forms of movement and calling for climate change to be curbed.

Organised by Greenpeace Croatia, the Union of Cyclists and Green Action, the rally was part of a wave of related events taking place around the world in recent weeks under the banner of “Break Free” fossil fuel protests.

international-women-s-day-marked-with-marches-across-balkans-03-08-2017 08 Mar 17 International Women’s Day Marked with Marches Across Balkans

As the world celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8, thousands of activists, mostly women, held marches and protests throughout the Balkans, drawing attention to women’s rights and the issues women continue to face today.

jankovic-submits-signatures-for-serbian-presidential-bid-03-06-2017 06 Mar 17 Jankovic Submits Signatures for Serbian Presidential Bid

Serbian basketball legend Dusan “Duda” Ivkovic alongside around 30 Serbian citizens delivered the signatures of support for the candidacy of Serbia’s former Ombudsman Sasa Jankovic in the upcoming presidential election, scheduled for April 2, to the Republic Electoral Commission on Saturday. According to Ivkovic, they had handed over exactly 17,966 signatures - in boxes spelling out the words “We are the people we are waiting for” - which is significantly more than the required 10,000.

baba-marta-day-02-29-2016 01 Mar 17 Baba Marta Day

On March 1, Bulgarians and Romanians welcome spring with a traditional celebration called Baba Marta (Granny March) in Bulgaria and Martisor in Romania. Bulgarians exchange a woven red-and-white bracelet, while Romanian men offer a red-and-white talisman to wives, girlfriends and other female friends.

serbian-ngos-mark-anniversary-of-strpci-train-massacre-02-28-2017 28 Feb 17 Serbian NGOs Mark Anniversary of Strpci Train Massacre

Rights activists from Women in Black, the Humanitarian Law Center and the Youth Initiative for Human Rights on Monday marked the 24th anniversary of the abduction and subsequent massacre of 20 passengers from a train in Strpci in Bosnia in 1993 with a peaceful action in front of the Belgrade railway station.

albanian-villagers-march-for-their-homes-02-25-2017 25 Feb 17 Albanian Villagers March For Their Homes

Around 40 people from the southwest Albanian village of Zharrza embarked on a 126-kilometre protest walk over four days to reach the capital, Tirana, to demand compensation from the government for damages to their homes as a result of recent earthquakes in the area. The villagers have blamed the earthquakes on the drilling being done by Bankers Petroleum oil company, which is operating in the region.

macedonian-family-living-with-wolves-02-21-2017 21 Feb 17 Macedonian Family Living with Wolves

The Ismaili ménage from the village of Leshok, near Tetovo in northwest Macedonia, have welcomed some unusual household members into their family – three domesticated wolves called Alek, Lupo and Luna. The animals, usually considered dangerous, were adopted by the Ismaili’s two years ago and are more playful and gentle than bloodthirsty, having never caused any harm since they became part of the family.

albanian-opposition-commence-sit-in-protest-demanding-pm-resign-02-18-2017 18 Feb 17 Albanian Opposition Commence Sit-In Protest Demanding PM Resign

The Albanian opposition began a sit-in protest in the capital, Tirana, on Saturday demanding that Prime Minister Edi Rama resign over his administration's alleged failures.

Around 100 protesters have occupied the site in front of the prime minister's office on the capital's main boulevard, with a tent having been set up to house them at night.

thousands-demand-belgrade-mayor-resign-in-fresh-protest-02-17-2017 17 Feb 17 Thousands Demand Belgrade Mayor Resign in Fresh Protest

Several thousand people joined the latest protest organised by the Ne Davimo Beograd (Let’s not drown Belgrade) movement to demand the resignation of Belgrade mayor Sinisa Mali after his ex-wife claimed that he had organised the nocturnal demolitions in the Serbian capital’s waterside Savamala district in April 2016.