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http://fellowship.birn.eu.com/en/file/show/Eldin Hadzovic.jpg 22 Aug 12

A Vicious Circle

Eldin Hadzovic

As I investigated the condition of children without parental care in Bosnia, I realized that I could only get so far without filling in the bigger picture.

http://fellowship.birn.eu.com/en/file/show/Dimiter Kenarov.jpg 22 Aug 12

Mountain Rescue

Dimiter Kenarov

The wildfire on Mount Vitosha broke out just as the fire of the protest movement, down in dusty Sofia, was slowly dying.

http://fellowship.birn.eu.com/en/file/show/Ana Benacic.jpg 20 Aug 12

The Anonymous Host

Ana Benacic

I asked my friend Sanja to wait in the car while I conducted the interview. “He doesn’t want to speak on the record,” I told her. “I can’t see why I would stay for more than 30 minutes.”

http://fellowship.birn.eu.com/en/file/show/Samir Kajosevic.jpg 20 Aug 12

The Best of a Bad Deal

Samir Kajosevic

Long before the global economy was brought to its knees, good jobs have been scarce in my part of the world.

http://fellowship.birn.eu.com/en/file/show/Aleksandar Manasiev.jpg 20 Aug 12

Grassroots Support

Aleksandar Manasiev

Great players are not the only legends honoured at Glasgow’s Ibrox stadium, home to the Rangers football club.

http://fellowship.birn.eu.com/en/file/show/Arbana Xharra.jpg 17 Aug 12

Mixed-up and Moderate

Arbana Xharra

Outside London’s central mosque, I approached a young woman who was distributing leaflets urging assistance for children caught up in Syria’s war.

http://fellowship.birn.eu.com/en/file/show/Miodrag Sovilj.jpg 17 Aug 12

Squatters’ Rites

Miodrag Sovilj

In the beginning, this story seemed to have many of the ingredients of a classic investigation: Corruption allegations, tycoons,  politicians, puzzles and reams of paperwork.

http://fellowship.birn.eu.com/en/file/show/Aleksandra Bogdani.jpg 15 Aug 12

Another kind of communist

Aleksandra Bogdani

While the former Eastern bloc still has plenty of diehard communists, men like Trifon Cañamares are an endangered species at the other end of Europe.

http://fellowship.birn.eu.com/en/file/show/Sorana Stanescu.jpg 14 Aug 12

Less than minimum

Sorana Stanescu

After meeting migrant workers in London, I studied the receipts from my trip and wondered how some of my interviewees stayed alive.

http://fellowship.birn.eu.com/en/file/show/Eldin Hadzovic.jpg 14 Aug 12

No fit state

Eldin Hadzovic

To make passers-by part with their small change, the street children of Sarajevo will wash cars, perform songs and dances, or simply beg for alms.



Cheap, and Far from Free: The Migrants Building Britain

Job restrictions have left Romanian and Bulgarian construction workers underpaid and vulnerable to exploitation, a BIRN investigation reveals.


The Minority Report: Jobless Ethnic Albanians “Let Down by the State”

Frustration unites members of the minority across the region – but hopes of EU entry may have eased tensions in Montenegro.


Occupy the Military: Squatters Struggle for the Balkans’ Derelict Barracks

Activists and the Serbian authorities fail to find common ground in a battle of ideals and real estate – unlike in Croatia and Slovenia.


Abandoned Twice: Bosnia’s Orphans Left in the Lurch

The fractured state is unable to monitor its orphanages properly, and nor can it provide any decent alternatives to the institutions.


Collective Punishment: How a Socialist Farm Lost its Way to Market

BIRN digs deeper into the sale of a once-successful Croatian farm that went the way of many privatisations in the region – leaving workers jobless and out-of-pocket.


Green Revolution: How Eco-Activism Made Bulgaria Care Again

Environmental campaigners have shown they can fight the system – but how far can they fix it?


Political Football: The Balkans’ Belligerent Ultras Avoid Penalties

Hooligans in Macedonia stoke the embers of ethnic strife, and – like their Serbian counterparts – often escape punishment.


Secrets and Lies: Victims of Albanian Communism Denied Closure

Former political prisoners want truth and compensation – but their quest has become entangled in the country’s murky politics.


‘Want to Work? Join the Party’: Contacts Trump Merit in Balkan Job Market

Governing parties in Macedonia stand accused of reserving desirable public sector jobs for their supporters, driving frustrated youth abroad.


Fissures in the Faith: Rise of Conservative Islamists Alarms Kosovans

Followers of stricter forms of Islam are demanding more rights in Kosovo, provoking a backlash among secularists.

About the project

The recipients of this year’s fellowship are considering subjects as diverse as hooliganism, activism and migration in search for employment – all under the broader theme of “communities”. Read more about the project on the official Fellowship web site >>