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EPP Cannot ‘Police’ its Balkan Members, Daul Says

As Balkan members of the same centre-right bloc in the European Parliament feud openly with other, EPP leader Joseph Daul says the bloc cannot ‘point fingers’ but does its best to find compromises.




Analysis & Opinion

Europe Must Play a Key Role in the Balkans

Bodo Weber and Kurt Bassuener

Brussels Package Leaves Kosovo Full of Foreboding

Valerie Hopkins, Igor Jovanovic

Bosnian Declaration Will Test Europe’s Resolve

Edward P Joseph and Srecko Latal

Brussels Runs Short of Levers in Macedonia

Sinisa Jakov Marusic, Ana Petruseva

Speak Up Opens Amid Hope and Scepticism

By Ana Petruseva and BIRN team



Cheap, and Far from Free: The Migrants Building Britain

Job restrictions have left Romanian and Bulgarian construction workers underpaid and vulnerable to exploitation, a BIRN investigation reveals.

Sorana Stanescu

Roma Funds Squandered in Romania

As Brussels pressures Bucharest to improve living conditions for its Roma population, thousands of euros paid by the EU and Romanian government to do just that appears to have been wasted on inflated salaries and exorbitant rents and expenses, BIRN can reveal.

Adrian Mogoş

Blood Feuds Sold as Tickets to Belgian Promised Land

Saintly sounding NGOs are selling fake documents about deadly vendettas to Albanians seeking asylum in Western Europe. 

Elvis Nabolli

Border Crackdown Fails to Deter Albanian Migrants

Balkan Insight investigates the world of Albanian illegal migrants seeking a better life in Greece, who aren’t put off by tougher controls of the frontier.

By Gjergj Erebara

IN DEPTH: EU Split on Fast-Track Serbian Membership

As Commission appears to ease up on war crimes, others are voicing alarm.
By Anna McTaggart, with Aleksandar Vasovic in Belgrade and Gjeraqina Tuhina in Brussels (Balkan Insight, 16 March 2007)

IN-DEPTH: Balkans Struggles to Grasp its International Potential

Old habits, local preoccupations and poor capacity leave countries with no foreign policy beyond joining the EU and NATO.
By Anna McTaggart in Belgrade

On the Record: Enlargement Benefits Europe as a Whole

An interview with Jeremy Hill, British ambassador to Bulgaria

By: Albena Shkodrova in Sofia