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11 Dec 14

Croatian Winter’s Tale Impresses British Theatregoers

New play about three generations of a family in Zagreb is drawing the crowds in London.

20 Aug 14

Same-Sex Comedy Tickles Sarajevo Festival-Goers

‘Love Island’, by Jasmila Zbanic and Aleksandar Hemon - which tackles the thorny issue of same-sex love from a comic angle - got a warm reception at the Sarajevo Film Festival.

08 Jan 14

Retracing Edith Durham’s steps

It’s hard to find an Albanian who doesn’t know about Edith Durham, the British writer and traveller who spent the greater part of her adult life studying and advocating for Albanians in the early 1900’s.

22 Apr 13

Cheap and Cheery Beers in the Office

If you’re looking for a low-budget, no-frills, ‘Cheers’-style ambient, take a punt on Kancelarija.

18 Mar 13

Diagnosing Kosovo

Hamza and Zizek’s “From Myth to Symptom: The Case of Kosovo” deconstructs the NATO intervention and independence.

11 Feb 13

An Odyssey Into One's Own Lost World

Through the story of ancient hero, this play speaks of all the modern wanderers who flee reality and draw up ‘false maps’ to prevent themselves from admitting they are lost.

26 Dec 12

Viewing Yugoslavia, From Start to Finish

New Exhibition at the Museum of Yugoslav History, ‘Yugoslavia from the Beginning to the End’, presents many of the historical, ethnological and economic diversities that made up the former state.

14 Dec 12

‘One Flew Over the Kosovo Theatre’

This new political comedy from Kosovo, set in the days before the declaration of independence, offers a subversive take on the theme of the Kosovo art world’s dependence on politics.

09 Oct 12

The Watch: Cute Textbook of American Sexual Depravities

Black humour and sensitive tackling of America's social issues and intimacy problems join hands in this smart comedy.

18 Jun 12

Prometheus Will Delight and Disappoint Alien Fans

The long-expected prequel to the Alien saga, by the director of the first of the four films, is a visual feast but with some irritating loose ends in the story.

07 May 12

Here’s One Battleship That Deserves to Sink

New all-American top blockbuster glorifies warfare against alien enemy to the point of nonsense - and not even the super-expensive special effects can redeem it.

03 May 12

No Compromise on Band Brand

Belgrade band Etar seeks to be itself, but also entertain and raise awareness of the scourge of drug addiction.

06 Apr 12

Hunger Games Offer Feast of Top-Class Violence

The teenage fantasy film all too convincingly conjures up a post-apocalyptic America in which human sacrifice has become a horrific state ritual.

12 Mar 12

Goya’s ‘Disasters of War’ at Instituto Cervantes

The Spanish cultural centre is showing an exhibition of 82 plates by Francisco Goya on the horrors of the Peninsular War.

13 Feb 12

Picasso Ceramics in Belgrade

The new Belgrade exhibit "Picasso at the Côte d' Azur" presents (deservedly) lesser known ceramic pieces from the artist's later years.

Culture Policy Focus

12 Sep 17

Belgrade's Nikola Tesla Museum Faces Uncertain Future

The Nikola Tesla Museum’s building must be handed over to the heirs of its pre-war owners, but it’s unclear when plans to rehouse it in a derelict power plant will be realised.

23 Jun 17

Romanian Top Filmmakers Fight for Reform

05 May 17

Bosnian Savours Success on Europe's Catwalks

22 Mar 17

Vanished Mural Sparks Protests in Novi Sad

28 Dec 16

Ringing in 2017, Balkan-style

20 Dec 16

Hidden Treasures of Belgrade’s Museum Scene


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14 Aug 17

Urbanite Belgraders Hug Concrete, Not Trees

Belgraders may be famed for wild partying but they have little interest in exploring wilderness of the natural kind.