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17 Jan 13

Kosovo Minorities Keep Sound of Music Alive

Music remains a precious tradition - an art form as well as a way of life - for many members of Kosovo's Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities.

16 Jan 13

Macedonia’s Costly Media Campaigns Raise Suspicions

While the government says the 20 million euro it spent in five years on various info-awareness campaigns has educated people, critics are deeply sceptical of their value.

11 Jan 13

Serbia Milks its Bloody Vampire Legends

While most Westerners associate vampires with Bram Stoker and Transylvania, Serbia has its own vampire traditions, which canny tour operators aim to capitalise on.

25 Dec 12

Battle for Serbian Arts Pensions Puts Selectors on Spot

The huge number of applications for culture pensions, the small number of winners, as well as unclear criteria for selection, are putting pressure on the commission tasked with the selection.

12 Dec 12

Serbian Culture Pays Price For ‘Fire Fighting’ Strategy

The government’s policy of tackling only the most urgent crises in the field of culture helps explain why the arts in general are steadily sinking into oblivion.

10 Dec 12

Sarajevo Festivals Opt for Quality Over Quantity

While Sarajevo audiences would clearly like more quality cultural festivals, organisers say staging any more would stretch tight funds available.

03 Dec 12

Serbia's Feuding Artists Take Fight to Ministry

Civil war is raging inside Serbia's oldest fine arts guild – but rebel hopes of ministerial action may be disappointed.

30 Nov 12

Serbian Progressives Train Sights on Democrat Media

The ruling Progressives are exerting growing pressure on media outlets long considered a preserve of the Democratic Party.

27 Nov 12

Kosovo Town Slated Over Old Bazaar's Stones

Plans to replace Gjakova’s iconic cobblestones have drawn ire among locals and have prompted ministerial intervention.

23 Nov 12

Bekim Fehmiu ‘Ended Life as He Lived it’

The widow of the Yugoslav-Albanian acting legend recalls her late husband’s film successes, love of tango, pride in his roots - and, finally, the resolve with which he took his own life.

17 Nov 12

Macedonia’s ‘Indiana Jones’ Scorns Retiring at 65

Pasko Kuzman, Macedonia’s excavator in chief, says he is not putting down his shovel until he finds the tomb of Alexander the Great – even if it takes him till he is 99.

15 Nov 12

Macedonian Culture Strategy: Milestone or Wish List?

While officials laud the new strategy for 2012 to 2017 as a breakthrough, many working in the field question whether it is much than a list of good intentions.

12 Nov 12

To Be Yugoslav Now Requires a Footnote

One of the loudest opponents of nationalism, Dubravka Ugresic spoke to Balkan Insight about identity, the media’s responsibility for the conflict and the criminalisation of former Yugoslav society.

09 Nov 12

Occupy the Military: Squatters Struggle for the Balkans’ Derelict Barracks

Activists and the Serbian authorities fail to find common ground in a battle of ideals and real estate – unlike in Croatia and Slovenia.

06 Nov 12

Developers Ravage Albania’s Historic Landmarks

Albania’s shrinking stock of historic buildings is in danger as owners, real estate developers and mayors conspire to get rid of them, and rebuild on the sites.


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21 Dec 17

Serbia Must Return Kosovo’s Cultural Treasures

Kosovo needs to step up its campaign to ensure the return of important cultural artefacts that were removed before, during and after the war, and are now being kept by Serbia.


08 Jan 14

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22 Apr 13

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18 Mar 13

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