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03 Jun 13

Visionaries Plan Savamala’s Revival as Art Quarter

It may be a transit zone for truck drivers right now but Savamala was once the beating heart of Belgrade - and will be once again if a group of artists have their way.

21 May 13

Troubled Albanian Museum Sunk by Hoxha Row

Donors spent hundreds of thousands of euro building a new museum in Gjirokastra - but the results were questionable and it ultimately closed over an ideological dispute.

03 May 13

Foltin and the Art of Private Folklore

The band from Bitola describe their approach to music as an irrational process of creating a ‘private folklore’ out of their impressions and dreams, and their latest album as a tonic for apathy and depression.

01 May 13

Turks Bewitch The Balkans With Their Addictive Soaps

Turkish soaps have replaced Latin American shows as must-sees for many TV viewers in the Balkans - tapping into nostalgia for a system of family values that people in the region have lost, and lament. 

24 Apr 13

Clearing the Cultural ‘Mines’ of the Balkan Wars

Kosovo playwright Jeton Neziraj discusses his work on such topics such as nationalism in art, Kosovo-Serbia relations, the links between religion and terrorism, and his new play on the possible independence of Wales.

08 Apr 13

Bosnia’s Dervishes in a Spin Over Rebuilt Tekke

Muslim followers of Sufi-ism await the reconstruction of their ancient ‘tekke’ – a symbol of the revival of the forgotten dervish tradition in Sarajevo.

26 Mar 13

Teaching Serbia to Love Modern Dance

The festival that introduced contemporary dance to Serbia is preparing its tenth anniversary with a prestigious programme.

18 Mar 13

Diagnosing Kosovo

Hamza and Zizek’s “From Myth to Symptom: The Case of Kosovo” deconstructs the NATO intervention and independence.

11 Mar 13

Half a Century of Watching the Movies

At 73, Belgrade’s oldest cinema operator is celebrating 50 years of work - and is as devoted to his job now as he was on day one.

18 Feb 13

Albania Struggles to Protect its Vandalized Heritage

While authorities promise action following the shocking destruction of an ancient fresco by blundering thieves, activists and experts remain skeptical of their pledges.   

11 Feb 13

An Odyssey Into One's Own Lost World

Through the story of ancient hero, this play speaks of all the modern wanderers who flee reality and draw up ‘false maps’ to prevent themselves from admitting they are lost.

30 Jan 13

Battle Rages on Over Bosnian Cultural Icon’s fate

While Sarajevo art lovers celebrate their victory over the Skenderija centre management’s plan to hold a turbo-folk concert, the struggle over the destiny of this emblematic institution is far from over.

25 Jan 13

Secretive Takeover Leaves Macedonian TV’s Fate in Dark

Journalists at Alfa TV fear layoffs and two current affairs shows have been axed since the station - previously critical of the government - was sold in circumstances, and under terms, that remain unclear.

25 Jan 13

Serbs Cherish Memory of Favourite Saint

Legends of the prince-turned-evangelist remain dear to the hearts of Serbs, who mark his day on January 27.

22 Jan 13

Kosovo Textbooks Soften Line on Ottoman Rule

Changes to school textbooks undertaken at the urging of Turkish officials have toned down the language used to describe the imperial experience.


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21 Dec 17

Serbia Must Return Kosovo’s Cultural Treasures

Kosovo needs to step up its campaign to ensure the return of important cultural artefacts that were removed before, during and after the war, and are now being kept by Serbia.


08 Jan 14

Retracing Edith Durham’s steps

22 Apr 13

Cheap and Cheery Beers in the Office

18 Mar 13

Diagnosing Kosovo