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24 Jan 15

Zagreb Finally Sheds its Wallflower Reputation

The Croatian capital is at last becoming a major tourist destination in its own right. Why has it taken so long?

11 Dec 14

Croatian Winter’s Tale Impresses British Theatregoers

New play about three generations of a family in Zagreb is drawing the crowds in London.

21 Nov 14

Vienna’s Albanians Get in on the Mozart Act

Impersonating Wolfgang Amadeus is big business in Vienna - but these days many of the men in wigs are not Austrian but Albanian.

01 Oct 14

Joy and Necessity Fill Belgrade Streets with Music

They are everywhere from the Terazije underground passage, all the way across the Knez Mihailova Street to the Kalemegdan Park, making people happy with music played both for pleasure and money.  

04 Jun 14

Northern Mitrovica Shakes off the Blues

The North City Jazz and Blues festival, held near Mitrovica in Kosovo, is seeking to change the image of a town known nowadays mostly for ethnic conflict.

26 May 14

Saving the Rich Sound of Sevdah

Celebrated Sevdah musician Damir Imamovic talks about past and future of a Balkan musical genre that is in danger of disappearing.

24 Mar 14

Topola, Serbia’s Royal Heart and Soul

In the midst of the hills south of Belgrade, known as Šumadija lies Topola, the hearth of the modern Serbian state and, some say, ‘its very own Provence’.

25 Feb 14

Anti-Red Fresco Gives Montenegrins the Blues

The controversial fresco in a Podgorica church depicting Communist leaders in hell is an unprecedented blend of an ancient art form and modern politics.

20 Jan 14

Serbian NIN Winner Finds Peace After Creative Storm

Goran Gocic, this year's winner of Serbia's leading book prize, speaks about his novel Thai, his creative passion and his next book, dealing with the dilemmas of immigrants in the UK.

17 Dec 13

Omcikus: Paint, Brush and Some Food

In an interview for BIRN, the celebrated painter regrets the modern distortion of the art world, and urges young artists to return to traditional painting and lost human values.

19 Nov 13

Hungry for Change on the Stage

Andrej Nosov's unconventional new play, Hunger, not only deals with the modern world's craving for fulfillment but aims to challenge fundamental ideas about what a play really is.

31 Oct 13

Prisoners’ Art Lifts Lid on Albanian Women’s Plight

A new exhibition highlights the violence that women routinely face in what remains a patriarchal society.

18 Oct 13

Bringing Feminism Alive Through Art

One of the curators of the biggest arts festival in Serbia, Jelena Petrović, discusses the experimental feminist ideology that underpins this year’s exhibition.

16 Sep 13

BITEF Strikes a Political Note

Despite cuts in funds, Serbia’s most important theatre festival boasts a formidable selection of plays, mostly dealing with political issues, festival art director Jovan Cirilov says.

17 Jul 13

Life Begins at Seventy

The life of Timothy John Byford, a Belgrade resident for 40 years whose work entertained generations of young Yugoslavs, is retold in a new book and documentary.


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21 Dec 17

Serbia Must Return Kosovo’s Cultural Treasures

Kosovo needs to step up its campaign to ensure the return of important cultural artefacts that were removed before, during and after the war, and are now being kept by Serbia.


08 Jan 14

Retracing Edith Durham’s steps

22 Apr 13

Cheap and Cheery Beers in the Office

18 Mar 13

Diagnosing Kosovo