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06 Nov 13

This ‘Jesus’ offends those only who robbed us

Nemanja Cabric

I don't want greedy clergy and ambitious politicians protecting me from the truth about Serbian’s greedy and very secular society.

21 May 13

Esma: The Demise of a Legend

Harald Schenker

Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin…

05 Apr 13

On Media Literacy

Petrit Saracini

One needs to invest in new, strong mechanisms of content distribution.

05 Mar 13

Of Values and Stones

Harald Schenker

Stones were flying through the streets of Skopje, people were molested and beaten to bits because they are what they are, a wave of destruction was left behind by hooligans. It must be election time again in Macedonia.

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28 Feb 13

A Far-Right Trip into the Fashion World

Nemanja Cabric

A disturbing poster sheds light on the thinking of the far right in Serbia.

19 Feb 13

Can Albania’s Media Be Set Free At Last?

Axel Kronholm

Without reform aimed at easing the current strong outside pressures on the media, the press can never become a force for societal change.

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06 Feb 13

Gay St Sava? No, No!

Nemanja Cabric

What a disappointment! A debate I was hoping to take part in was cancelled. Finally there was something I felt passionate about: St Sava, my favourite saint.

28 Jan 13

Street Life

Elizabeth Gowing

I love Kosovo’s street life – the fact that things happen in the cities’ shared public spaces here.

14 Jun 12

Art and Religious Intolerance

Harald Schenker

The organisers of a festival in Skopje destroyed a work of art already on display, claiming that it hurt religious feelings.

18 May 12

Macedonians Behave! Tourists are coming

Ana Petruseva

The Macedonian government is into massive campaigns. Sometimes it is to advertise how hard it is working, which we all know it does 24/7, but mostly it is to tell its humble citizens the difference between right and wrong, and most importantly educate Macedonians how to behave, as they don’t seem to fit the high standards of the government.  

13 May 12

Butchering the Media

Lawrence Marzouk

Unlike most capital cities in Europe, Pristina is home to the odd wandering cow, grazing on the meagre roadside pasture. 

03 Oct 11

New Universities in the Balkans: European visions, UFOs and Megatrends

Florian Bieber

It’s a stale (and wrong) cliché that the Balkans produce more history than they can consume (quote from Churchill). More recently, it seems like the Balkans are producing more universities than anybody could (or should) consume.

23 Jun 11

A Nameless Warrior and the End of a Shameless Period

Harald Schenker

Placing the statue of Alexander the Great in the centre of Skopje is an unintentional allegory for the end of transition in Macedonia.

18 Apr 11

One small sad story

Irena Jordanova

The project "Skopje 2014" has become a source of frustration among Macedonian intellectuals, particularly those born in Skopje. If you mention the issue the conversation will immediately become disturbing.

12 Apr 11

Turn the Lights On

Christine Bednarz

A friend and fellow expat living in Sarajevo told me he might transfer to a different city next year. “I like Sarajevo but there is hardly any cultural life,” he said, and complained about the lack of concerts and weak alternative music scene.

Culture Policy Focus

30 Apr 15

Serbian Artist Puts ‘Dead Nations’ on Show

Artist Ivan Grubanov, whose first major work was drawings of Slobodan Milosevic on trial, examines the idea of countries that no longer exist in a show at this year’s prestigious Venice Biennale.