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23 Nov 15

Red Revival: The Fall and Rise of Karl Marx

Meet the academics whose devotion to Marxism cost them their jobs in the 1990s — and the thinkers driving Marx back up the political agenda across Europe today.

21 Nov 15

20 Years after Dayton, Bosnia’s Neighbours Still Worry Bosniaks

The open hostilities between Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia in the 1990s have long given way to friendlier relations - but Bosniaks are still anxious about their neighbours.

20 Nov 15

Refugees Fear Being Trapped in Balkans

Refugees in the Balkans fear borders may be closed - leaving them in limbo in countries that cannot deal with refugees over a longer period.

19 Nov 15

Motherhood on Ice: Women Face Egg-Freezing Quandary

Women in the West are being encouraged to freeze their eggs to have a better chance of conceiving later in life. Will the procedure catch on in Serbia and Croatia?

18 Nov 15

Bojan Glavasevic: Why Croatia Must Reject Hate

Croatia’s assistant war veterans minister Bojan Glavasevic, who lost his father and grandfather in the Serb attack on his hometown Vukovar, tells BIRN he has promoted reconciliation despite nationalist resistance.

11 Nov 15

Local Mayor Becomes Croatia’s New Political Star

Bozo Petrov, head of the surprise winner in the Croatian elections, the Bridge of Independent Lists, MOST, has suddenly become much more than the successful mayor of a small town.

07 Nov 15

Serbia, Croatia Solve Migrant Crisis Together

Serbia and Croatia are now working together to handle the refugee flow - to the dismay of traffickers, taxi drivers and other profiteers.

06 Nov 15

Heritage in Flames: Prosecuting Wartime Cultural Crimes

Kosovo’s bid to join UNESCO has again highlighted the destruction of cultural and religious monuments during wartime - crimes that ex-Yugoslav countries’ courts have largely been failing to tackle.

06 Nov 15

Knife-Edge Result Likely in Croatian Elections

With the governing centre-left and opposition centre-right coalitions running neck and neck, Sunday’s election is the least in predictable in the country’s recent history.

30 Oct 15

Defence Experts Dismiss Croatia-Serbia ‘Arms Race’

Reports of an ‘arms race’ heating up between Croatia and Serbia are more ill-informed speculation than reality, defence experts say.

30 Oct 15

Croatia Campaign Turns Into Bitter Grudge Match

The campaign between the two main candidates in the Croatian election is focusing on personal attacks - with policies far in the background.

27 Oct 15

Denmark Tires of its Croatian ‘Gypsy Boss’

The life and escapades of Gimi Levakovic, patriarch of Denmark’s ‘most criminal family’, have united a nation in outrage.

23 Oct 15

Croatian Opposition Chief Drags HDZ to the Right

With his latest broadsides against civil rights groups and ‘unpatriotic’ theatre directors, HDZ chief Karamarko is pitching for the right-wing nationalist vote in the coming election.

22 Oct 15

Sporting Triumphs Hide Balkan Football’s Malaise

Balkan teams look set to be well represented in Euro 2016 - but many fans are still turning away from a sport that they see as mired in politics and corruption.

05 Oct 15

Retrials Expose Flaws in Croatia's 'War on Corruption'

Croatia’s much-vaunted ‘war on corruption’ appears to falter after Supreme Court overturns second conviction of former PM Ivo Sanader.