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28 Sep 15

Serbia-Croatia Row Exposes Balkan Fault Lines

The border dispute between Croatia and Serbia was only solved after Brussels intervened, showing how fragile relations between the two neighbouring countries really are.

25 Sep 15

Refugee Crisis Reopens Old Wounds in Balkans

Old conflicts are re-emerging and new ones are appearing in the Balkans as a result of the refugee crisis – with the EU looking on helplessly.

25 Sep 15

Truckers Pay Price for Serbia-Croatia Border War

Hundreds of truck drivers have been trapped on the Serbia–Croatia border at Batrovci for days now, victims of the political battle over refugees.

25 Sep 15

Croatia Landmines Pose New Threat to Refugees

Increasing numbers of refugees have been crossing the Croatia-Serbia border, some taking illegal routes through dangerous territory dotted with landmines left over from the 1990s war.

23 Sep 15

Europe’s Inertia Has Made a ‘Crisis’ of an Influx

The EU’s muddled and incoherent response to the arrival of refugees is undermining the goal of open borders and doing real damage to the Balkans.

23 Sep 15

Andrija Hebrang, the Croatian President's Weapon

The once influential politician from the 1990s has come out of retirement to advise the President on the refugee crisis - and use it to attack the government ahead of the elections.

21 Sep 15

African Refugee Finds New Life in Croatia

Prince Wale Soniyiki, a refugee from Nigeria, says his own story shows how migrants can find their place in Croatia - if the country gives them a chance.

16 Sep 15

Europe’s Alarming Drift Over the Balkan Refugee Crisis

It was clear weeks ago that the Balkans needed serious help with the numbers moving through the region – but the paralysis continues.

09 Sep 15

Balkan Nationalists Have Profited from the EU

Zagreb professor Dejan Jovic says EU membership - or the prospect of joining - has paradoxically strengthened the hand of nationalists in the Balkans.

25 Aug 15

Bosnia Croats Keep Old Tattoo Tradition Alive

A Balkan tradition that dates backs millennia - which seemed close to dying out after World War Two - has inspired a new generation of fans, keen to keep up a connection to their ancestors.

19 Aug 15

Balkan Countries Must Take ISIS Seriously

Even if they are mostly just propaganda, Balkan governments must not dismiss any threats coming from ISIS, Middle East expert Janko Scepanovic tells BIRN.

18 Aug 15

Promoting Peace in a Country at War

Croatian activist Vesna Terselic started campaigning for peace when the majority was clamouring for war - and is still doing so, more than 20 years later.

07 Aug 15

Nationalist Commemorations Threaten Balkan Reconciliation

Recent events commemorating the region’s violent past have pitched several former Yugoslav countries into a nationalist frenzy, casting a shadow over hopes for reconciliation.

07 Aug 15

Children’s Killers in Refugee Bombing Go Unpunished

Twenty years after Croatian planes bombed a column of Serb refugees, killing four children and five adults near Bosanski Petrovac in Bosnia during military Operation Storm, no one has been prosecuted.

04 Aug 15

Yugoslavia’s Cherished Pen-Maker Faces Shutdown

Named after a pioneering Croatian inventor, TOZ Penkala once supplied pens and pencils to the entire former Yugoslavia, but is going out of business because it can’t pay its debts.