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02 Feb 16

Belgrade, Zagreb TV Stations Restore Broken Links

Serbia’s RTS and Croatia’s HRT public broadcasters, both accused of warmongering propaganda during the 1990s, are now making a new series together, reviving their Yugoslav-era links.

28 Jan 16

Croatian President Will be Power Behind PM’s Throne

Without his own party, Croatia's new Prime Minister must rely on the President of the Republic for support.

28 Jan 16

Croatian Activists Target ‘Reactionary’ Culture Minister

Newly nominated Croatian culture minister Zlatko Hasanbegovic has come under fire for his right-wing politics, his criticism of anti-fascists and his alleged lack of experience in the cultural sector.

21 Jan 16

Croatia’s Once Mighty Shoe Firm Finds its Feet

Vogue’s recognition of its Startas sneakers is only the latest sign that the humbled economic giant in Vukovar is on the way back up.

18 Jan 16

Fresh Start Awaits Croatia Under New Leaders

With a new centre-right government and non-party prime minister designate, it could be an exciting year for Croatia in terms of both domestic and foreign politics.

13 Jan 16

MOST Has Put the Church in Power in Croatia

The so-called third way in politics has always been more Catholic than most voters realized - and has got its way with a HDZ and Church-run government

13 Jan 16

Zlatko Komadina: Bidding to Lead Croatia’s Social Democrats

After Croatia’s centre-left Social Democratic Party announced elections for its leadership, the name of party veteran Zlatko Komadina has emerged as the only challenger to acting president Zoran Milanovic.

07 Jan 16

Rising Political Star Seeks Change in Divided Vukovar

Twenty-five-year-old Biljana Gaca grew up in temporary accommodation after her family fled the battle for Vukovar in 1991; now she’s a city councillor trying to tackle her Croatian hometown’s enduring divisions.

06 Jan 16

Croatia’s Serbs Nervously Await New Govt’s Plans

The incoming Zagreb government is promising to improve relations with Serbia, but questions remain about whether the situation will improve Croatia’s Serb minority.

04 Jan 16

‘State’ Parliament’s Return Makes Some Croats Uneasy

The announced restoration of the title for parliament once used by Croatia’s fascist regime looks to some like historical revision.

31 Dec 15

Operation Storm Causes Turbulence for Croatia

2015 was marred by arguments with Serbia over celebrations of the 20th anniversary of Croatia’s victorious Operation Storm, while protesting war veterans caused problems domestically.

30 Dec 15

Croatia’s Election Battles Pushed Economy into Shade

Presidential and parliamentary elections and the refugee crisis pushed the issue of Croatia’s modest economic recovery to the sidelines.

23 Dec 15

Zagreb Baker Pays Dear for Kind Heart

A Kosovo-born baker has been giving away bread for 18 years, despite having had to pay thousands of euros in fines.

17 Dec 15

Balkan Handling of Migrants Worries Europe

The countries on the Balkan refugee route have not tightened up their procedures for receiving migrants since the terror attacks in Paris – and the EU is increasingly concerned.

15 Dec 15

Love Thy Neighbour: The church and the refugees

Priests in the Balkans are among those helping the thousands reaching Europe's shores — even as some of their colleagues raise fears about the arrival of large numbers of Muslims