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26 Apr 16

Widening Cracks Imperil Croatia’s Ruling Coalition

Worsening tensions in Croatia's new government are likely to end in a major reshuffle - or even new general elections.

25 Apr 16

Croatian Nationalists ‘Exploiting a Romanticised History’

Christopher Bobyn, one of the directors of a documentary that examined the far-right scene in Croatia, told BIRN that nationalists are manipulating history and using the country’s economic problems to win support.

21 Apr 16

Standing Up to Armed Evictions in Wartime Croatia

Evictions of people living in Yugoslav Army apartments during the 1990s war were condoned by the authorities and backed by military police, but some activists were courageous enough to try to stop them.

20 Apr 16

Untold Stories of Croatia’s Wartime Forced Evictions

In the first of a two-part series, people who were violently evicted from Yugoslav Army apartments during the 1990s war in Croatia recall their desperate struggles to win their homes back.

19 Apr 16

Croatia’s Media Policy Concerns EU Ambassadors

Diplomats’ meeting seen as sending a signal to Croatia that its moves to control the media are being followed closely.

13 Apr 16

Croatian Historian Condemns Minister’s WWII Rhetoric

Natasa Matausic, a historian who specialises in Croatia’s World War II history, said the country’s new culture minister Zlatko Hasanbegovic should apologise for past statements praising fascist fighters.

11 Apr 16

Croatian Wartime Unit Celebrates with Fascist Chant

A 1990s wartime Croatian Defence Forces unit named after a WWII Nazi-allied commander celebrated its 25th anniversary by chanting a fascist slogan and calling for it to be legalised.

07 Apr 16

Fallen Croatian Textile Company Weaves New Future

The iconic textile company Kamensko fell victims to the privatization blunders of the 1990s – but some of its former workers are not ready to say goodbye.

01 Apr 16

How Seselj’s Verdict Got History Terribly Wrong

In acquitting Vojislav Seselj of all charges, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia applied flawed logic, a bad understanding of history, and a stunning lack of decency and common sense.

30 Mar 16

The Scandal-Packed Spectacle of Vojislav Seselj’s Trial

Vojislav Seselj’s war crimes trial saw a series of scandals and disruptions, with the Serbian Radical Party leader repeatedly mocking the UN court and refusing to return for the verdict on Thursday.

29 Mar 16

Croatia’s Subsidies Fail to Bring Investors Running

Despite an array of tax breaks, investors remain wary of Croatia - deterred by what some see as a negative entrepreneurial climate and the slow and cumbersome bureaucracy.

28 Mar 16

Croatia's Muscle-Flexing With Serbia Fuels Region’s Tensions

New right-wing government’s threat to Serbia’s EU integration leaves relations with Belgrade in tatters - and adds to nervousness in the region generally.

25 Mar 16

Croatia’s ‘Banal’ Fascism on Display at Israel Match

The Ustasa chant heard at Wednesday’s match, which the PM attended and the media ignored, is the result of the long-term ‘normalisation’ of once outlawed fascist symbols.

23 Mar 16

Creditors Lose Faith in Croatia’s ‘Expert’ Govt

By focussing on ideological and political quarrels and not on investments and reforms, Croatia's new government is alienating international creditors.

04 Mar 16

Croatian Deputy Minister’s Wartime Tabloid Blunders

New Croatian deputy tourism minister Robert Pauletic is known for his teenage successes on TV quizzes, but misleading reports he published as a wartime tabloid editor have largely been forgotten.