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27 Jan 15

Boyhood Memories of Auschwitz, 70 Years On

As the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz is marked, one of its last inmates, Oleg Mandic from Croatia, recalls his imprisonment in the death camp at the age of 11.

24 Jan 15

Zagreb Finally Sheds its Wallflower Reputation

The Croatian capital is at last becoming a major tourist destination in its own right. Why has it taken so long?

19 Jan 15

Hague Tribunal Faces a Dramatic 2015

Verdicts in the high-profile war crimes trial of Radovan Karadzic and Goran Hadzic are due this year, while the controversy over the release of Vojislav Seselj looks set to continue.

15 Jan 15

Grabar Kitarovic Will Take Croatia Back to 1990s

If the HDZ wins the elections this year - which is likely - an era of constructive engagement between Croatia and the Balkan region is likely to come to an end.

13 Jan 15

Croatia Heads Into Rocky Time of ‘Cohabitation’

Grabar Kitarovic’s victory means the country how has a right-wing president, eager to unseat a weak government of the left – a recipe for instability if ever there was.

13 Jan 15

Belgrade’s Last Refugee Camp Endures Another Winter

The New Year has not brought changes for the Serbs who fled the conflicts in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo and still live in a rundown refugee centre on the capital’s outskirts.

12 Jan 15

Josipovic Fell Victim to Curse of Incumbency

A tanking economy, splits on the left and the hostility of the large diaspora combined to snatch a second term away from the election front-runner.

09 Jan 15

The Balkan Muslim ‘Threat’ has Never Materialised

Paradoxically, the Islamist danger is not coming from where once it was most expected - from among Muslims in the Balkans.

06 Jan 15

‘Captain Dragan’ Case Sparks Croatia-Serbia Tussle

Zagreb and Belgrade are competing for the right to put notorious former Serb paramilitary chief Dragan Vasiljkovic on trial for war crimes, as he seeks to avoid extradition from Australia.

06 Jan 15

Croatia 2015: Discontent Grows Over Delayed Recovery

Croatia faces elections at year-end when voters are likely to punish the governing parties for their failure to end the economic crisis.

31 Dec 14

Croatia: Haunted by Old Demons

Prosecutions of former Yugoslav spy masters, wrangles with Serbia over the 1990s war and protests by ex-soldiers meant it was hard for Croatia to forget the past in 2014.

26 Dec 14

Capital Ideas for the Last of 2014

With New Year’s Eve only week away, several of the region’s finest cities are planning to tempt visitors with the promise of a wild night’s fun.

25 Dec 14

Holy Creates Stir on Croatia's Stale Political Stage

Mirela Holy, leader of the new green ‘Walnut’ party, has given Croatian politics a good shake – and looks set to play a key role in the country’s affairs in 2015.

23 Dec 14

Odds Still Favour Josipovic in Croatia

The incumbent president may struggle to win in the first round – but polls suggests that votes cast on the left will outnumber those on the right in the decisive second round.

22 Dec 14

Croatia: Economic Crisis Here to Stay

Continuing gloom about the country’s economic prospects marked the year, which also saw a dip in relations with Serbia and a number of new pushes to call referendums.