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02 Oct 15

Croatia President to Meet Orban to Defuse Crisis

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic will visit Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to discuss the refugee crisis and the disputes that have damaged relations.

01 Oct 15

Croatian Supreme Court Frees Sanader on Bail

Former Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader will leave custody on posting bail, after the Supreme Court revoked his first-degree sentence.

01 Oct 15

Pupils Soft on Croatian Fascist State in Survey

A survey of Croatian high school seniors showed that only a minority considers Croatia's Fascist WW2 Ustase state as fascist, while almost half consider homosexuality an illness.

01 Oct 15

Croatia's HDZ Unveils Hints of Election Pledges

The main opposition Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, has unveiled its core ideas for the forthcoming election campaign - though experts are divided on how effective they are.

30 Sep 15

Croatia Mulls Options if Hungary Closes Border

Croatia is preparing for more problems with refugees if Hungary follows up on its plan to completely close the border with Croatia.

29 Sep 15

Balkan Reconciliation a Fragile Process

Marking the 20th anniversary of the Dayton accords that ended the Bosnian war, a conference heard that relations in the region are still easily inflamed.

29 Sep 15

Leadership Credibility Key for Croatian Voters

Voter concerns over the economy, refugee crisis and credibility of political leaders likely to dominate Croatia’s general election, analyst predicts.

28 Sep 15

Croatia to Make Yugoslav Spy Files Public

The Croatian security agency has given documents from the Yugoslav secret services to the state archives with a view to giving the public partial access to the classified files for the first time.

28 Sep 15

Belgrade-Zagreb Row Unsettles Croatian Serb Minority

Representatives of the Serb community in Croatia said that the ongoing dispute between Belgrade and Zagreb over the increased flow of refugees could have worrying consequences for the minority.

25 Sep 15

Croatia Reopens Border Crossings With Serbia

Amid increasing international pressure, Croatia reopened two key border crossings to Serbia on Friday after a row sparked by the influx of refugees threatened a damaging trade dispute.

25 Sep 15

Serbia and Croatia Maintain Border Blockade

Although Serbian and Croatian officials expressed hopes of ending the border dispute, the two countries continued on Friday to block each other's freight and some passenger traffic.

24 Sep 15

Serbia-Croatia Refugee Dispute Escalates Into Trade War

Croatia and Serbia have closed their borders to each other's freight traffic as the row over the huge flow of refugees through the region escalates further.

23 Sep 15

Serbia Mulls Retaliation Against Croatia Border Closure

Belgrade will complain to the EU and may even block Croatian exports if Zagreb does not reopen border crossings, a source close to the government told BIRN on Wednesday.

22 Sep 15

Serbia Denies Funnelling Refugees Into Croatia

Serbian minister on Tuesday rejected Croatia’s claims that Serbia is deliberately sending refugees to Croatia, saying it cannot redirect the routes chosen by refugees.

18 Sep 15

Croatia Border Closure Alarms Balkan Neighbours

Countries across the Western Balkans are drawing up their contingency plans after Croatia shut its border, claiming its capacity to receive people had been exceeded.


28 Sep 15

Serbia-Croatia Row Exposes Balkan Fault Lines

The border dispute between Croatia and Serbia was only solved after Brussels intervened, showing how fragile relations between the two neighbouring countries really are.


21 Sep 15

Serbia Says Border Closures Are Hitting Economy

Serbian leaders have urged neighbouring states not to close their borders against the influx of refugees, saying that their country is suffering significant economic damage.