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27 Mar 15

Montenegro Protests Over Croatia's Adriatic Oil Probes

Montenegro has accused Croatia of jeopardizing an earlier border agreement between the two countries by allowing oil and gas exploration in the disputed border area near Prevlaka.

27 Mar 15

Croatia Promises to Slash Cost of State Bodies

Croatia's centre-left government on Thursday anounced cuts to state bodies, designed to save the budget around 130 million euro a year.

26 Mar 15

Croatia’s Satirical ‘Feral Tribune’ Celebrated in Print

A new book explores the history of Feral Tribune, a provocative anti-establishment magazine that investigated and satirised the authorities in Croatia for more than two decades.

25 Mar 15

Croatian Culture Minister Quits Over Missing Cash

Culture Minister Andrea Zlatar Violic has sent a letter of resignation to the Prime Minister, admitting irregularities in her use of the ministry's funds.

24 Mar 15

Croatia Leads NATO Balkan Team in Afghanistan

Croatia will be the leading nation in a joint regional military team in the new NATO mission in Afghanistan, which will contain more than 200 troops altogether.

24 Mar 15

‘Naked Island’ Film Revisits Yugoslav Prison Colony

Director Tiha K. Gudac’s documentary was inspired by her grandfather’s experience of being imprisoned at the notorious Communist-era Goli Otok jail camp on a Croatian island.

24 Mar 15

Croatia Minister Faces Axe for Taking Cash

Culture Minister Andrea Zlatar Violic is under to pressure to quit after auditors said she took money out of the ministry's account - in what is seen as a test of the government's ethical claims.

23 Mar 15

Croatian Local Polls Reflect SDP-HDZ Deadlock

No obvious winner in the contest between the governing Social Democratic Party and opposition Croatian Democratic Union emerged in local elections in five towns and five municipalities.

23 Mar 15

Anti-Fascist League Founded in Croatia

The newly-formed Anti-Fascist League will attempt to tackle what it says are the growing pro-fascist and extreme nationalist tendencies in Croatian society.

20 Mar 15

Croatian Law Should Penalise Attacks on War, Judge Says

The President of the Zagreb County Court has called for the Croatian law code to contain jail terms for those denying the defensive character of the independence war - but some call it an attack on free speech.

19 Mar 15

Zagreb Court Prolongs Custody for Mayor

 A Zagreb Court Court panel on Thursday ruled that Mayor Milan Bandic must remain in custody for another month, rejecting an appeal from his lawyers.

17 Mar 15

Croatian President Mends Fences in Germany

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic met her German counterpart, Joachim Gauck, in Berlin on Tuesday, on a mission to rebuild' a partnership that has taken a knock lately.

17 Mar 15

Croatian Police Charge Protesting War Veterans

Police filed misdemeanour charges against war veterans’ leaders who have been staging an unsanctioned sit-in for five months in Zagreb, as well as a group that protested against them.

16 Mar 15

Hague Tribunal Rejects Goran Hadzic Release Plea

The UN-backed court turned down a request for provisional release for medical treatment from former Croatian Serb leader Hadzic, who is on trial for alleged war crimes.

13 Mar 15

Zagreb Braces for Rival Protests Over War Veterans

Nationalist singer Marko ‘Thompson’ Perkovic and the Occupy Croatia movement have called rival demonstrations for and against war veterans who have been holding an anti-government sit-in.


18 Feb 15

Blood Ties

Sons and daughters of men indicted for Balkan war crimes reveal how the accusations affected them - and why they remain loyal to their fathers.


24 Mar 15

Croatian PM Vows to Keep Big Loss-Maker Going

Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said the country must not let one of the biggest state-owned employers in the continental part of the country go under in spite of its losses.