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28 Apr 15

Croatian Journalists’ Leader Promises ‘Battle for Integrity’

The newly-elected president of the Croatian journalists’ association Sasa Lekovic said he would fight to defend the integrity of Croatian media workers against political pressures and corruption.

27 Apr 15

Croatia Pays Tribute to Jasenovac Camp Victims

Croatia on Sunday marked the 70th anniversary of the last days of the Nazi-style concentration camp at Jasenovac, where at least 83,000 people were killed.

24 Apr 15

Croatia Parliament Confirms New Culture Minister

After the former deputy culture minister was named culture minister by parliament, the opposition expressed dissatisfaction with the whole process.

23 Apr 15

Indebted Croats Plan Protest Rallies in Zagreb

Croats up to their eyes in debt plan to stage a series of protests in Zagreb, on Thursday and Saturday, blaming the government for their plight.

22 Apr 15

Yugoslav Spy Trial Witness Alleges Intimidation

A witness in the trial of two former Yugoslav secret service officials accused of staging the 1983 murder of a dissident in Germany has alleged that the Croatian authorities threatened him.

20 Apr 15

Serbian PM ‘Misused’ WWII Death Camp Anniversary

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic was accused of using a speech he made at a commemoration for victims of the Croatian-run WWII Jasenovac concentration camp for his own propaganda.

20 Apr 15

Croatian Greens Campaign Against Adriatic Oil Drilling

The country's green party, Sustainable Growth of Croatia, has launched a campaign against the government's plan to start drilling for oil in the Adriatic Sea.

16 Apr 15

Freed Croatian Serb Leader Hadzic Arrives in Serbia

War crimes defendant Goran Hadzic arrived in the Serbian capital after being temporarily released by the UN court in The Hague for cancer treatment.

16 Apr 15

Liberland: The Balkans’ Newest Sovereign State

A Czech national has declared independence for the newly-formed state of Liberland situated on disputed territory on the Croatia-Serbia border.

15 Apr 15

Bulgarian President Talks Business on Croatia Visit

Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev met the Croatian political leadership, discussing mutual strategic projects and how to best manage EU funds and join the Schengen zone.

14 Apr 15

Croatian President Slams ‘Irresponsible’ PM

President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic criticised Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic for not attending a meeting about Croatia’s troubled economy, accusing him of ignoring the interests of the state.

13 Apr 15

Ailing Croatian Serb Leader Hadzic Temporarily Freed

The UN-backed war crimes court in The Hague has granted Croatian Serb wartime leader Goran Hadzic, who has cancer, immediate temporary release for treatment in Serbia.

10 Apr 15

Croatia Court Releases Bandic from Custody Prison

Croatia's Constitutional Court on Thursday released Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic from custody, ageering that his earlier detention by the County Court had violated his rights.

09 Apr 15

Croatia Reopens WWII Village Massacre Memorial

A memorial centre commemorating a massacre in the small Istrian village of Lipa in 1944 was reopened at its former school, commemorating the 269 victims of the Nazi-led attack.

09 Apr 15

Croatia and Kosovo Sign Partnership Agreement

The Croatian and Kosovo foreign ministers met in Zagreb on Wednesday and signed a European partnership agreement, designed to help Kosovo reform its institutions.


22 Apr 15

New ‘Balkan Monaco’ Claims Rush on Citizenship

The boss of a new self-proclaimed Balkan statelet maintains that his tax haven on the Danube has received a quarter-of-a-million requests for citizenship.

18 Feb 15

Blood Ties


24 Apr 15

Croatia to Offer Shares in Highways to Citizens

Croatia is dumping its unpopular plan to lease the country's cash-strapped highways to foreign investors - and will instead offer shares in them to Croatian citizens and pension funds.