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02 Sep 14

Islamic Jihadists Transiting Croatia, Report Warns

Members of radical Islamic groups are crossing Croatian territory to fight in Iraq and Syria, a report by Croatia's Security and Intelligence Agency, the SOA, said.

01 Sep 14

Croatia Threatens Serbia’s EU Path Over Wartime Missing

Zagreb said it could obstruct Serbia and other Balkan countries’ paths to EU membership if they do not provide more information about Croats who went missing during the 1991-95 war.

29 Aug 14

Merkel Hails Progress in Balkan Cooperation

At the end of the West Balkan leaders' summit in Berlin, the German Chancellor praised leaders for working together more closely - and said their countries are on the right track in terms of eventual EU membership.

28 Aug 14

Balkan Leaders in Berlin Pledge to Work Together

Balkan economy and finance ministers meeting in Berlin have agreed that their countries must jointly resolve economic issues that trouble the region.

28 Aug 14

Balkan Leaders Have High Hopes of Berlin Summit

Regional leaders have high hopes that the conference will attract German investment and support for large infrastructure projects, as well as boosting their EU progress.

28 Aug 14

Vucic Poorest PM in Balkans, Djukanovic Richest

Data on the property and assets of regional leaders reveal that Serbian leaders are relatively poor, while the bosses of Montenegro and Bosnia are among the wealthiest leaders in the region.

27 Aug 14

Croatian Media 'Confusing Public' on Gay Marriage

The right-wing pressure group, 'In the Name of the Family, has accused the media of blurring the difference between 'gay marriage', which does not exist in Croatia, and civil partnership, which does.

26 Aug 14

Ice Bucket Mania Sweeps the Balkans

Local politicians and celebrities from across the region have joined the challenge to raise funds for ALS.

26 Aug 14

West Balkans PMs Flag Up Adriatic Highway

Ahead of a joint meeting with German Chancellor Merkel in Berlin, leaders of Albania, Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro agreed that a highway running through all four countries is their priority project.

26 Aug 14

BIRN Summer School Kicks off in Montenegro

The fifth BIRN summer school of investigative journalism has opened in the Montenegrin coastal town of Becici, bringing together top trainers and journalists.

25 Aug 14

Croatia Anti-Fascist Street Naming Thwarted

A proposal to name a new street in the Croatian city of Split after WWII anti-fascist Partisan fighters was withdrawn after opposition from veterans’ associations and right-wing politicians.

25 Aug 14

Croatian Weapons ‘Could Arm Iraqis Against Islamists’

Croatian arms donated to the US government could end up in the hands of Iraqi forces and Kurdish troops fighting Islamic State insurgents, Zagreb has hinted.

22 Aug 14

Croatia Cuts Income Tax to Stimulate Spending

Croatia plans income tax breaks in the hope that middle income earners will spend more cash, raising consumption and creating jobs.

22 Aug 14

Croatian Website Slated for Airing Execution Video

A Croatian website faces potential penalties for airing in full the gruesome video of the beheading of the American journalist James Foley.

21 Aug 14

Croatian Anti-Fascist Street Name Sparks Dispute

The mayor of Split’s backing for the naming of a new street after WWII anti-fascist Partisan fighters has been criticised by right-wing politicians in the Croatian coastal city.


25 Aug 14

Vukovar Battle Anniversary Highlights Croatia Divisions

As Croatian war veterans commemorate victims of the longest battle of the 1991-95 conflict, ethnic tensions in war-traumatised Vukovar remain troubled after a campaign to limit Serb minority rights.


29 Aug 14

Croatia to Slap Taxes on Savings and Property

Croatia's centre-left government has decided to tax people's savings and property in the latest measure aimed at cutting the yawning budget deficit.