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17 Sep 14

Croatia Selling State Assets to Raise Cash

Croatia hopes to raise about 400 million euro from sales of loss-making state companies, hotels, a port and a bank.

16 Sep 14

Floods Start Receding in Central Croatia

Although the situation is getting back to normal, overflowing rivers caused by persistent heavy rain are still flooding parts of Croatia.

15 Sep 14

Floods Hit Croatia Again After Heavy Rains

Croatia deployed hundreds of troops to help shore up defences after the country was hit by serious flooding for the second time in a year.

10 Sep 14

Croatia ‘Proposed Population Swap’ With Serbia, Says Seselj

Wartime Croatian President Franjo Tudjman, not Serbian politicians, proposed that the two republics exchange part of their populations, Serb nationalist leader Vojislav Seselj told the Hague Tribunal.

09 Sep 14

Croatian MEP to Head EU-Ukraine Delegation

After being named president of the EU delegation to Ukraine, Croatian MEP Andrej Plenkovic criticised Russia for its alleged military involvement in the former Soviet republic.

09 Sep 14

Seselj Says Yugoslav Army Ran the War in Croatia

Nationalist politician Vojislav Seselj told the trial of former Croatian Serb leader Goran Hadzic that the Yugoslav People’s Army was in charge of all Serb fighters during the conflict in Croatia.

09 Sep 14

Croatian Spy Chiefs Face Joint Trial in Germany

Former Yugoslav intelligence officials Josip Perkovic and Zdravko Mustac, charged with involvement in the murder of a political emigré in 1983, will go on trial in Munich next month.

08 Sep 14

Catholic Masses for Croatian Pupils Criticised

The Croatian custom of starting the new school year by taking pupils to mass at a Catholic church has triggered compaints from secular campaigners.

05 Sep 14

Croatia's Osijek Divided Over First Gay Pride

Osijek will become the third city in Croatia to hold a Pride parade, but some locals have organised a campaign for a boycott.

05 Sep 14

Croatia Hopes to Emulate Macedonia Debt Write-Off

Macedonia says its scheme to get utility companies to write off the poorest customers’ debts has been successful, and ministers in Croatia now want to launch a similar initiative.

03 Sep 14

Croatia War Veterans Stage New Anti-Cyrillic Protest

Campaigners in Vukovar put large stickers with Croatian flags over Serb Cyrillic lettering on signs on official buildings in renewed protests after their bid to force a national referendum failed.

03 Sep 14

Croatian Property Prices Tumble to 2004 Level

Real estate prices in Croatia have fallen way below those seen before the 2008 recession - and are now back to the level last seen in 2004.

03 Sep 14

Croatia Pegs Military Budget For Next Decade

Croatia will retain its current level of military spending at 1.2 of GDP for the next 10 years, the country's defence council has agreed.

02 Sep 14

Islamic Jihadists Transiting Croatia, Report Warns

Members of radical Islamic groups are crossing Croatian territory to fight in Iraq and Syria, a report by Croatia's Security and Intelligence Agency, the SOA, said.

01 Sep 14

Croatia Threatens Serbia’s EU Path Over Wartime Missing

Zagreb said it could obstruct Serbia and other Balkan countries’ paths to EU membership if they do not provide more information about Croats who went missing during the 1991-95 war.


17 Sep 14

Croatia’s Roma Children Battle to Make the Grade

Few Croatian Roma get a decent education – the only pathway out of their isolated ghetto-like communities - but some are struggling against the odds.


19 Sep 14

Croatia to Sell Off Ailing State Airline

Croatia's government plans to end the years-long financial agony of the state owned-airline company by putting it up for sale.