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21 May 15

Bosnia, Croatia Arrest Police in Drugs Crackdown

In an operation coordinated across the region, police in Bosnia and Croatia arrested more than 20 persons suspected of organized crime and drug trafficking, including four policemen.  

20 May 15

World Bank To Help Croatia Privatize Airline

Croatian has signed a contract with the World Bank in order to find a strategic partner to buy or recapitalize the failing state-owned plane company Croatia Airlines.

19 May 15

Stop Pensions for Nazi-Allied Troops, Croatia Urged

The director of leading Jewish rights organisation the Simon Wiesenthal Centre wrote to Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic demanding an end to pensions for veterans of Nazi-allied units from WWII.

18 May 15

20,000 Mourn Croatia’s Dead at Controversial WWII Site

More than 20,000 people came to the town of Bleiburg in Austria to mourn Croatia’s defeated Nazi collaboration forces and civilians killed by Yugoslav Partisans 70 years ago.

15 May 15

Labour May Join Croatia's Centre-Left Coalition

The Labour Party is mulling joining the governing centre-left coalition in the upcoming parliamentary elections - in a bid to unite the left in Croatia in the polls.

15 May 15

Croatian President Mourns at Controversial WWII Memorial

President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic paid tribute at a memorial in Bleiburg in Austria dedicated to Croatian fascist troops and civilians killed by Yugoslav Partisan forces.

14 May 15

Croatian President Slams Chetnik General’s Rehabilitation

President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic condemned a Belgrade court’s decision to rehabilitate WWII Serbian Chetnik leader Dragoljub ‘Draza’ Mihailovic, executed in 1946 for treason and Nazi collaboration.

14 May 15

Croatia Handed Six Tasks to Iron Out Economy

The European Commission will not be tightening monitoring of Croatia's macroeconomic imbalances - but gave Zagreb a list of six economic recommendations to work on.

13 May 15

Croatian President and Govt Tussle over Army

Croatia's right-wing president and left-wing government are locked in a dispute over who commands the military during peacetime - with experts and former presidents all joining in.

12 May 15

Liberland Leader Still Smiling After His Arrest

The president of the self-proclaimed Danube statelet said he hugely enjoyed being arrested and brought before a court in Croatia - and has no intention of abandoning his push for diplomatic recognition.

12 May 15

Croatia Probes Origin of 225 Million Euro in Savings

The Croatian authorities have given 14 Croatian citizens ten days to prove the origin of 225 million euro in savings, deposited in foreign bank accounts.

11 May 15

Croatian President Visits Afghanistan, Vows Support

President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic has begun a previously unannounced four-day visit to Afghanistan, where she is meeting local leaders and Croatian troops serving with the NATO mission.

08 May 15

Croatian Row Deepens Over Assets Declarations

Frustrated government says it will axe the heads of the state agency which ordered the removal of officials’ assets declarations from the public eye.

08 May 15

Zagreb Marks 70th Anniversary of WWII Liberation

Zagreb is holding a series of events to mark the anniversary of its liberation on May 8, 1945, when anti-fascist Partisan forces reclaimed the city from the WWII Nazi-allied administration.

07 May 15

Croatia Cuts State Agencies to Save Money

The Croatian government said it will reduce the number of state agencies from 57 to 48 in order to save around 3.2 million euro from the budget.


06 May 15

A Serbian Village Trying to Forget

Twenty-three years after Croats started fleeing the ethnically-mixed village of Hrtkovci in the Serbian province of Vojvodina, many people prefer not to remember the nationalist rally that sparked the exodus.

18 Feb 15

Blood Ties


21 May 15

Croatia Underwrites New Loans for Indebted Highways

The government has pledged to guarantee new loans taken out by the state-owned highway company, which are needed to cover its existing loans.