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26 Oct 16

‘Croatian Spy’ Could be Yugoslav General Trial Witness

Former Croatian Serb rebel fighter Cedo Colovic, who was jailed by Serbia for espionage, has been proposed as a witness in a new war crimes prosecution of retired Yugoslav general Borislav Djukic.

25 Oct 16

Croatia Ex-President Warns of Plan to Break Up Bosnia

Former Croatian President Stjepan Mesic warned that Bosnian Serb and Bosnian Croat leaders are cooperating over a shared aim of breaking up Bosnia and Herzegovina, which could lead to war.

25 Oct 16

Slovenia's Border Fence Alarms Migrant Experts in Croatia

Slovenia’s decision to erect a new border fence will strengthen the people smugglers and could lead to more violence, experts on the refugee crisis in Croatia fear.

21 Oct 16

Croatian Activists Demand End to Church Concordats

Secular campaigners plan rally demanding end to deals with Vatican which they say are too expensive and undermine secular values.

19 Oct 16

Croatia Parliament Votes in Plenkovic's New Govt

Croatia's new centre-right coalition government was comfortably voted in by parliament on Wednesday.

19 Oct 16

First Witnesses Testify Against Serb Paramilitary ‘Captain Dragan’

Former Croatian prisoners of war were the first witnesses at the war crimes trial of the 1990s Serb paramilitary commander Dragan Vasiljkovic, better known as ‘Captain Dragan’.

18 Oct 16

Croatia Indicts Yugoslav General for War Crimes Again

Prosecutors accused retired Yugoslav People’s Army general Borislav Djukic of being responsible for deadly attacks on Croatian civilians and property in the Sibenik area during the war.

18 Oct 16

Croatian Town Launches Classes to Keep 'Arbanasi' Alive

The Croatian coastal town of Zadar is starting Albanian classes in a high school, designed in part to keep the tiny Arbanasi community aware of their distant Albanian origins.

14 Oct 16

Croatia Parliament to Meet Before Govt Formed

The Croatian parliament holds its first session on Friday - before the new centre-right government, led by the Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, has been voted in.

12 Oct 16

Croat President Highlights Russian Threat in London

On her first official visit to the UK, Kolinda Gabar Kitarovic said the EU needed to keep an eye on Russia’s ‘aggressive’ actions and on the threat posed by uncontrolled migration.

11 Oct 16

Croatia President Strives to Boost Weak UK Ties

The Croatian President is visiting Britain - but while her meeting with Queen Elizabeth will be full of ceremony, there is little she can do to boost a weak relationship, an analyst told BIRN.

07 Oct 16

Kosovo-Croatia Match Marred by Anti-Serbian Chants

Croatian and Kosovo fans have been condemned for chanting murderous slogans together against Serbs at a World Cup qualifying match in Albania.

07 Oct 16

Plenkovic to be Named Croatia's PM-Designate

After agreeing terms with partners in the future government, the head of the Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, is due to be named Croatia's prime minister-designate.

06 Oct 16

Anti-Abortion 'Prayers' Cause Rumpus in Croatia

Catholic activists trying to change women’s minds on abortion by holding prayer vigils in front of Croatian hospitals have been accused of getting hold of confidential information - and of upsetting patients.

05 Oct 16

Croatian Veterans Ready to Meet Serbian Ex-Soldiers

One of the leaders of Croatia’s war veterans, Josip Klemm, said he was ready to have talks with former Serbian soldiers in order to help find people who are still missing from the 1990s conflict.


24 Oct 16

Pavo Barisic, New Croatian Minister Dogged by his Past

New Croatian minister Pavo Barisic will have to hit the ground running and fend off the slew of accusations being made against him.


14 Sep 16

Croatia, Bosnia to Discuss Key Bridge Project

Croatian and Bosnian officials will meet to discuss the construction of a long-delayed new bridge linking the two countries which is important for the development of Bosnia's Serb-dominated entity Republika Srpska.