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22 Aug 14

Croatia Cuts Income Tax to Stimulate Spending

Croatia plans income tax breaks in the hope that middle income earners will spend more cash, raising consumption and creating jobs.

22 Aug 14

Croatian Website Slated for Airing Execution Video

A Croatian website faces potential penalties for airing in full the gruesome video of the beheading of the American journalist James Foley.

21 Aug 14

Croatian Anti-Fascist Street Name Sparks Dispute

The mayor of Split’s backing for the naming of a new street after WWII anti-fascist Partisan fighters has been criticised by right-wing politicians in the Croatian coastal city.

21 Aug 14

Croatia to Lease its Highways to Private Company

Croatia is preparing to lease out its entire network of motorways for up to half a century because its state highway company is deep in debt.

20 Aug 14

Croatia Moves to Toughen Referendum Rules

Embarrassed by the success of right-wing groups in overturning government policy through referendums, the Croatian authorities are changing the rules.

19 Aug 14

Croatia Monitors Africa Returnees for Ebola

Health authorities are monitoring 18 people who returned from West African countries hit by Ebola to ensure the virus does not reach Croatia. 

13 Aug 14

Croatia War Veterans Draw Comfort From Court Ruling

Campaigners against bilingual signs say the court decision vetoing a referendum on the issue is not a total blow to their cause.

12 Aug 14

Croatia Court Vetoes ‘Anti-Cyrillic’ Referendum

Court says referendum on minority rights - effectively centring on Serbian Cyrillic signs in Vukovar - may not take place as the proposed changes would undermine constitutionally guaranteed human rights.

12 Aug 14

Dip in Unemployment Cheers Croatia

The number of unemployed in Croatia has fallen below 300,000 for the first time since July 2012.

11 Aug 14

Rain-Soaked Balkans Braces for Heatwave

After months of unusually wet weather, the countries of the Balkan region are finally bracing for a heatwave, which is expected to peak on Tuesday.

08 Aug 14

Croatia Police Arrest of Rights Activist Condemned

Rights groups say police in Dubrovnik used excessive force while arresting a local activist, Antun Zeravica.

08 Aug 14

Croatian Food Industry Counts Cost of Russian Ban

Croatia’s food industry stands to lose 1.5 of its exports as a result of the Russian ban on food products coming from the EU and the US.

06 Aug 14

Croatian Jet Crash Blamed on Defence Cuts

After a MiG jet crashed-landed on its way back from Knin, the run-down condition of air force is being widely held responsible.

06 Aug 14

100,000 Croatian Nationalists Join ‘Victory Day’ Party

Conservative campaigners and a freed war criminal joined celebrations in the village of Cavoglave on the anniversary of the Croatian Army’s victory over Serb forces in 1995’s Operation Storm.

05 Aug 14

Serbia Mourns Victims of Croatia’s Operation Storm

As Zagreb prepared to celebrate the anniversary of the Croatian Army’s 1995 military operation as ‘Victory Day’, Belgrade officials commemorated Serbs who died during the fighting.


12 Aug 14

Croatia’s Language Dispute Leaves Minorities Nervous

Croatia’s constitutional court will soon decide if there will be a referendum on reducing ethnic minorities’ language rights – a move which could encourage nationalist extremism, experts warn.


12 Aug 14

Arbitration Hearings Start Over Control of INA

The arbitration process to resolve the dispute between Croatia and MOL over control of the energy company INA has started in Paris.