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01 Aug 14

Balkan Citizens Urged to Get Out of Libya

Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia have called on their nationals to evacuate from Libya as violence among militia groups worsens in the conflict-ridden country.

01 Aug 14

Croats Deport Macedonian Who Poked Rare Seal

A man who prodded a rare seal on a beach near the Pula in the Adriatic has been fined - and deported after it was discovered he was in the country illegally.

01 Aug 14

Croatian Company Hopes Giraffe Will Take it Higher

A private company’s plans to install a pet giraffe on the premises - to raise its public profile - has drawn as cool response from Zagreb zoo.

31 Jul 14

Summer Storms Rip Through Croatia, Montenegro

More storms, downpours and cyclone-style winds are buffeting the Western Balkans.

31 Jul 14

Croatia Puts Flood Bill at 200 Million Euro

Floods that hit the region in May caused Croatia damage worth around 200 million euro, officials say, and the figure is still rising.

30 Jul 14

Balkans on Freak Weather Alert as Two Die in Romania

Severe weather alerts are in force across much of the region while storms in southern Romania have already caused widespread devastation and killed at least two people.

30 Jul 14

Croatian Tourism Dips Worryingly in July

As reports emerge of a disappointing drop in visitors in many areas in July, some blame the bad weather and others, management issues.

29 Jul 14

Religious Tolerance Patchy in Balkans, State Department Says

Discrimination against smaller religious communities continues in most Balkan countries, even though governments and laws in general respect religious freedoms, a new US report says.

28 Jul 14

Croatia’s Adriatic Islands Get Seaplane Service

The first Croatian seaplane operator opens its routes along the country’s coast and to its islands in the Adriatic Sea in the middle of August.

24 Jul 14

Goran Hadzic Denies Mass Expulsion of Croats

Former Croatian Serb leader Hadzic told his war crimes trial that he was not responsible for the mass expulsion of Croats from Serb-dominated areas of Croatia during the 1990s war.

24 Jul 14

‘Shame’ Crime Draws Protests From Croatian Journalists

Union says planned new crime code, which still defines shaming as an offence, will encourage self-censorship and curb free speech generally.

21 Jul 14

Germany to Try Top Yugoslav Spy for Murder

The start of the trial of former intelligence agent Josip Perkovic for his alleged involvement in a political assassination in 1983 has been scheduled for October.

17 Jul 14

Strasbourg Rules Against Ljubljana Bank and Slovenia

Ruling holds important implications for several hundred thousand former clients of the defunct bank in former Yugoslavia who lost millions in savings.

17 Jul 14

Croatia Unions Push For Referendum on Outsourcing

On the back of the success of right-wing groups in forcing a referendum on gay marriage, unions in Croatia are bent on forcing a referendum of their own, on outsourcing services in the public sector.

16 Jul 14

Merkel Hails Balkans’ EU Progress in Dubrovnik

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, attending a summit in Dubrovnik, said the countries of Southeast Europe have a strong ally in Berlin.


03 Jul 14

Why Balkan Countries are Wrong About Gay Marriage

Authorities in the region should realise that defining marriage in the constitution as a union between a man and a woman is not only pointless, but actually harmful.


30 Jul 14

Croatia External Debts Hits All-time High

Debt level now exceeds country’s GDP, and the upward trend looks set to continue.