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24 Feb 17

Croatia Experts Oppose Prioritising Jobs for Soldiers

A Croatian MP's call to give volunteer military conscripts preference when it comes to getting public sector jobs has come under fire from the experts.

23 Feb 17

Croatia Risks Losing EU Cash For Anti-Discrimination Plan

Croatia risks losing possible access to 6.8 billion euros in EU funds because the government is behind schedule in passing its national plan for fighting discrimination.

22 Feb 17

Croatian Agency Backs BIRN’s Arms Investigation

Croatia’s statistics bureau has confirmed data showing that 2016 was a record year for arms exports to Saudi Arabia, despite claims by a ministry to the contrary.

22 Feb 17

Far-Right Attacks on Croatian University Condemned

Far-right claims that Serbs are 'taking over' an important university in Croatia have met widespread condemnation and derision.

17 Feb 17

Croatian Serb Leader Targeted by Conservative Activists

Milorad Pupovac, a leader of Croatia’s Serb minority who is also an MP, dismissed allegations of conflict of interest levelled at him by a conservative Christian campaign group.

16 Feb 17

Croatia, Albania Complain of Serbia's Nationalism to NATO

The defence ministers of Croatia and Albania have written to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg to complain about the “nationalistic rhetoric” of Serbian politicians towards Kosovo.

16 Feb 17

Nazi Hunter Warns Against Canonising Croatian Archbishop

Nazi-hunter Efraim Zuroff said that the canonisation of controversial World War II Croatian archbishop Alojzije Stepinac would be “a religious tragedy” because he didn’t condemn fascist crimes.

16 Feb 17

Croatia Unions Urge Govt to Maintain Wages, Benefits

Croatia’s public service unions have begun talks on a new deal with the government by insisting that their current wages and benefits are maintained, as the economy is beginning to recover.

13 Feb 17

Croatian Police Official’s War Crimes Sentence Increased

Tomislav Mercep, a former Croatian interior ministry assistant and unofficial commander of a reservist police battalion, had his sentence for war crimes against civilians in 1991 increased to seven years.

13 Feb 17

Croatian Officials, Activists Condemn LGBT Party Attack

Activists are to rally in Zagreb after a tear gas attack on a nightclub during a LGBT night at the weekend, which was condemned by the government and Croatian politicians.

10 Feb 17

Croatia Minister's Fate Uncertain Ahead of MPs' Vote

The fate of Croatia's Science and Education Minister hangs in the balance ahead of an non-confidence vote initiated by the opposition citing his alleged plagiarism of a scientific paper.

10 Feb 17

Soros Foundation Blames Attacks on 'Illiberal Governments'

As campaigns targeting NGOs linked to US philanthropist George Soros continue in the Balkans, Laura Silber - of Open Society Foundations - said illiberal governments were trying to divert the public from the real issues.

08 Feb 17

Croatian Anti-Military Protest Moved From Ministry

Zagreb police have moved Saturday's planned protest against the militarisation of society away from the Defence Ministry, while a rival group supporting reintroduction of military service will be in front of the building.

08 Feb 17

Croatia Told to Compensate 1990s Prisoner of War

A Croatian court ordered the state to pay compensation to former Yugoslav pilot Tomislav Bozovic for his suffering in the Kerestinec military prison near Zagreb during the 1990s war.

08 Feb 17

Croatia’s Liverpool Player Tells His Refugee Story

Croatian footballer Dejan Lovren is launching a documentary film about his experience as a refugee from the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in an attempt to win public sympathy for Syrian refugees.


22 Feb 17

Croatia’s LGBT Community Spooked by Nightclub Attack

A recent attack on an LGBT club night in Zagreb rekindled fears of persecution and raised concerns that Croatia has not made as much progress on gay rights as some had hoped.

21 Feb 17

Croatia Profits from Syria’s Gruesome War

13 Feb 17

More Work for the Balkan Map Makers?

08 Feb 17

Russia Never Went Away from the Balkans


24 Feb 17

Balkan Retail Giant Agrokor Faces New Troubles

The biggest retail company in Croatia, with a strong presence in the region, faces fresh financial trouble, causing its bonds to drop again.