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03 Jul 15

Croatia Issues Arrest Warrant for Dinamo Chiefs

Minister on Thursday says Dinamo boss Zdravko Mamic is under arrest for refusing to come back to Croatia for interrogation - sparking a heated duel on TV with the man in question.

02 Jul 15

Dinamo Club Chiefs Face Charges in Croatia

Croatian police have searched the homes and offices of the chief of Dinamo Zagreb football club, Zdravko Mamic, suspected of tax evasion and bribery.

02 Jul 15

Peace-Seeking Croatian Policeman’s Death Commemorated

Relatives of Josip Reihl Kir and Croatian activists commemorated the 1991 murder of the police chief who was killed after trying to prevent armed conflict breaking out in the Osijek region.

30 Jun 15

Croats to Rename Airport after Tudjman

Controversial independence leader is likely to lend his name to country’s main airport once a revamp is completed, minister says.

26 Jun 15

Croatia to Take Share of EU Refugee Burden

Milanovic indicates Zagreb is ready to take about a thousand of the 40,000 refugees who reached Italy and Greece recently.

25 Jun 15

Croatia's Adriatic Bridge Plan Alarms Bosnia

Croatian plans to push on with building a bridge over the Peljesac peninsula, to connect the south to the mainland, have again alarmed Bosnia, which sees it as a threat.

23 Jun 15

Serbian Minister Sparks ‘Fascism’ Row With Croatia

In comments likely to infuriate Zagreb, Serbian labour minister Aleksandar Vulin claimed that fascism is on the rise in Croatia after his trip to a WWII concentration camp sparked anger.

23 Jun 15

Serbian Minister Sparks ‘Fascism’ Row With Croatia

In comments likely to infuriate Zagreb, Serbian labour minister Aleksandar Vulin claimed that fascism is on the rise in Croatia after his trip to a WWII concentration camp sparked anger.

18 Jun 15

Croatian Journalist Fired After Article on Opposition Leader

The Croatian daily Novi list is terminating its contract with the journalist Boris Pavelic, which some link to an article he wrote on the accusations surrounding the opposition leader Tomislav Karamarko.

18 Jun 15

Goran Hadzic ‘Too Ill for Trial to Continue’

Lawyers for war crimes defendant Goran Hadzic, who was temporarily released for cancer treatment, asked the Hague Tribunal to stop or suspend the trial because he has not long to live.

18 Jun 15

Germany Scraps Barriers Against Croatian Workers

Germany has lifted the last working limits on Croatian nationals, while new research suggests up to 217,000 Croats will have left for work in Germany and other EU states by 2020.

17 Jun 15

Croatia PM Woos Investors on Pioneering Visit to Japan

Zoran Milanovic is aiming to attract high-level investors during his three-day visit to Japan - the first ever by a Croatian Prime Minister.

16 Jun 15

Croatian MEPs Urge UEFA Leniency Over Swastika

Croatian members of the European Parliament condemned the imprinting of a swastika on the pitch at an international football match last week but asked UEFA not to punish the country’s team.

12 Jun 15

Zagreb Pride Parade Confronts ‘Dangerous Right-Wing Extremism’

The 14th annual Zagreb Pride march will begin in the city centre on Saturday, with supporters gathered under the slogan ‘Anti-fascism without Compromise’.

10 Jun 15

Russian Accuses Croatia of Converting Orthodox

The Croatian Foreign Ministry has rejected Russian accusations that 30,000 Orthodox believers have become Catholic under the pressure of aggressive Croatian nationalism.


23 Jun 15

Alarm Bells for Media Freedom in Croatia

The recent sacking of prominent Croatian journalist highlights renewed threats to media freedom and suggests that the country could be returning to the harsher atmosphere of the 1990s.


02 Jul 15

Croatia Keeps Adriatic Energy Contracts on Hold

Croatia has still not signed ontracts for oil and gas exploration and exploitation in the Adriatic Sea due to unresolved issues with neighbouring countries.