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19 Dec 14

Zagreb Mayor Probed Over Missing 40,000 Euro

Milan Bandic is undergoing a new investigation, connected with the loss of some 40,000 euro on the part of the City of Zagreb.

18 Dec 14

World Bank Tells Croatia to Rationalise Spending

Finance review by World Bank says Croatia needs to cut subsidies, downsize government, scrap some tax exemptions and make more effective use of potential EU funds.

17 Dec 14

Croatia Offers Concession to Protesting Veterans

The Croatian government met one of the demands of ex-soldiers from the 1991-95 war who have been protesting for two months outside the veterans’ ministry in Zagreb.

16 Dec 14

Illicit Outflows Rob Balkan Economies of $100bn

A study by Global Financial Integrity, GIF, says illicit money outflows robbed Balkan countries of the equivalent of more than 100 billion dollars during the last decade.

16 Dec 14

Croatia to Fine Gas Stations Selling Dodgy Fuel

After state inspections found that around 10 per cent of the gas on sale at tested gas stations was poor, a minister said the companies will be taken to court and fined.

15 Dec 14

Croatia Govt Squirms Over Minister’s Ski Jaunt

Photographs of Croatian health minister Sinisa Varga using his official car and driver to go on holiday to a ski resort have sparked divided reactions from government officials.

12 Dec 14

Serb Paramilitary ‘Captain Dragan’ Closer to Extradition

Former Serb paramilitary commander Dragan Vasiljkovic’s court plea to stop his extradition from Australia to Croatia, where he is wanted for alleged war crimes, was turned down.

11 Dec 14

Pusic Replaces Croatia PM at Belgrade Summit

After the Prime Minister declined to go, Croatian Foreign Minister Vesna Pusic is going to Belgrade next week to meet Central and Eastern European leaders, as well as China's Prime Minister.

11 Dec 14

Hague Defendants’ Health Problems Threaten Trials

The Hague Tribunal’s president warned that long-awaited verdicts in the war crimes trials of Ratko Mladic, Goran Hadzic and Vojislav Seselj are being delayed because of their poor health.

11 Dec 14

Croatian Veterans Protest Post-War Suicides

Some 3,000 former soldiers marched through the centre of Zagreb, demanding that the government take action after the suicides of numerous 1990s war veterans.

10 Dec 14

War Criminal Invited to Tudjman Commemoration

The opposition Croatian Democratic Union party invited Branimir Glavas, who is in jail in Bosnia, to events to mark the 15th anniversary of the death of former president Franjo Tudjman.

09 Dec 14

Croatia's Embattled SDP Looks to Greens

Croatia's governing Social Democratic Party, SDP, is sounding out possible future coalition partners among the greens - who are not expressing much interest.

08 Dec 14

Montenegro Urged To Punish Dubrovnik Attackers

On the 23rd anniversary of the deadliest wartime attack on the Croatian city of Dubrovnik, human-rights NGOs urged the authorities to prosecute Montenegrins who took part in it.

08 Dec 14

Four Hopefuls Compete for Croatian Presidency

Croatian voters will have the choice of four presidential candidates on December 28, with incumbent Ivo Josipovic currently leading in the opinion polls.

05 Dec 14

Croatia Presidential Challenger Faces Tough Campaign

Centre-right presidential candidate Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic has officially entered the election race but polls suggest she is far behind her main opponent, incumbent Ivo Josipovic.


17 Dec 14

Ivo Josipovic: Acting and Future president?

Josipovic is still the favourite to win the presidential election and so gain a second term - but he is dogged by the sharply declining fortunes of the party backing him.


18 Dec 14

Montenegro Drops in Forbes Business Ranking

Montenegro has dopped down four places in this year’s Forbes magazine’s list of 'best countries for business,' ranking in 48th place out of 146 surveyed states, although it remains above several EU member states.