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22 Apr 14

Controversial Ex-Yu Facebook Group Pops Up Again

A Facebook group, featuring half-naked photographs of underage girls from all over former Yugoslavia, and which was shut down, has reappeared.

22 Apr 14

Croatia Extradites Yugoslav Spy Chief to Germany

Zdravko Mustac, wanted for his alleged involvement in a political assassination carried out by the Yugoslav secret services in 1983, has been sent to Germany to stand trial.

17 Apr 14

Croatia President: All War Crimes Must Be Punished

President Ivo Josipovic said that many war crimes still remain unprosecuted, sending the wrong message to Croatian society and to future generations.

17 Apr 14

Bob Dylan Hate Charge against Croats Dismissed

A Paris court has dismissed a case against the US musician, which accused him of incitement to hatred over a 2012 interview in which he was quoted comparing Croats to Nazis.

16 Apr 14

Croatia Dismisses Ex-Yugoslav Spy’s Extradition Appeal

The Croatian supreme court rejected an appeal against extradition by former intelligence agent Zdravko Mustac, who is wanted in Germany over his alleged involvement in a political assassination.

15 Apr 14

Croatia Vows to Aid Wartime Sex Abuse Victims

The Croatian authorities have launched new draft legislation aimed at providing financial and psychological help for people who were raped or sexually abused during the 1991-95 war.

10 Apr 14

Croatian Anti-Cyrillic Activists Say Govt Ignoring Them

Croatian war veterans, who want a referendum to limit minority rights and end official use of Serbian Cyrillic script in parts of Croatia, accuse the government of ignoring their initiative.

09 Apr 14

NGO Wants Zagreb Streets Named After War Victims

An initiative backed by various intellectuals has been launched in Croatia to name some streets after victims of Croatian forces in the 1990s conflict.

09 Apr 14

Bosniaks and Croats Unveil Joint Plan For Mostar

The two main Bosniak and Croat parties in Mostar said they would work together on economic issues in the city, putting aside their political disputes over the voting system.

08 Apr 14

Alleged Assassin Appeals Extradition to Germany

Zdravko Musac, wanted in Germany for alleged involvement in a murder related to the Yugoslav secret services, has appealed Monday's ruling by a court in Varazdin to extradite him.

07 Apr 14

UN: Croatia Refugees No Longer Need Protection

The United Nations has recommended that people who fled the 1991-95 war in Croatia should no longer have refugee status now the country has joined the EU.

04 Apr 14

Balkans Rank Midway in Social Progress League

New report says countries from the Western Balkan region rank just above mid-way in the world when it comes to general wellbeing and social progress.

01 Apr 14

Croatia Rejects Serbia’s ‘Groundless’ Genocide Lawsuit

Zagreb told the International Court of Justice that Belgrade’s claim that Croatia committed genocide against Serbs during the 1991-95 war “lacks any basis” and cannot be proved.

30 Mar 14

Fellows for 2014 Selected

The 10 participants for this year’s Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence have been chosen.

28 Mar 14

Former Yugoslav Agent Faces Extradition to Germany

A court ruled that ex-spy chief Zdravko Mustac, wanted in Germany for his alleged involvement in a murder carried out by the Yugoslav secret services, can be extradited.


04 Apr 14

The Cynicism of the Croatia-Serbia ‘Atrocity Olympics’

By stubbornly pursuing doomed genocide lawsuits against each other, Croatia and Serbia entered a legal suicide pact that cost taxpayers millions and perpetuated pernicious narratives about the past.


25 Feb 14

Croatia Invites Bidders for Adriatic Oil and Gas

Minister says Croatia stands to earn 500 million euro a year from exploration of undersea energy reserves.