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11 Oct 17

Croatia is Readying to Join Eurozone, Minister Says

Croatia's government and central bank say the time is right for the country to introduce the euro in few years’ time, with citizens already doing most of their calculations in this currency.

11 Oct 17

Croatian Historians Oppose Bans on Fascist, Communist Symbols

A group of historians launched a petition against a government-appointed body that is examining how to deal with the legacy of Croatia’s pro-Nazi and Communist regimes, arguing against banning their symbols.

11 Oct 17

Croatian Parliament to Investigate How Agrokor Failed

After an agreement between the two biggest political parties, the Croatian parliament will set up an investigative committee to shed light on what happened to fallen economic giant Agrokor.

09 Oct 17

Albanians Demand Animal Rights Law After Seeing Cruel Video

Disgusted by footage of a dog being beaten to death, Albanian animal rights activists are demanding a new law against animal cruelty – after Croatia changed its laws on Wednesday.

08 Oct 17

Croatia Marks 26 Years of Break from Yugoslavia

On October 8, Croatia marks the anniversary of the 1991 declaration confirming the earlier proclamation of independence and terminating all ties with the Yugoslav state.

05 Oct 17

Serbian Responsibility for Missing Croatian Civilians Contested

Defence lawyers for former Serbian security chiefs Jovica Stanisic and Franko Simatovic denied a Zagreb official’s claim that all the people who went missing during the Croatian war were civilians.

05 Oct 17

Croats Fear Agrokor Report Will Reveal New Debts

As the state management of Agrokor prepares to reveal the results of an in-depth financial study on Thursday, many fear that it will reveal new, previously hidden, company debts.

04 Oct 17

Croatia ‘Still Searching for War Missing from 1991’

A Croatian official told the trial of former Serbian security chiefs Jovica Stanisic and Franko Simatovic that Zagreb is still searching for people who disappeared as a result of Serb forces’ attacks in 1991.

04 Oct 17

Croatia is Lending the Pentagon its Infrastructure, Minister Confirms

Croatia’s Defence Minister admitted the US military is using its infrastructure following BIRN’s revelation that a small island airport had become a Pentagon hub.

04 Oct 17

Vucic Scraps Croatia Visit as Relations Worsen

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has indefinitely postponed his announced visit to Zagreb, following a recent worsening in Croatia-Serbia relations.

04 Oct 17

Croatian Govt Spending Risks Budget Deficit Hike

With higher benefit payments to 1990s war veterans, the purchase of military jets and debt settlements in the health sector, the Croatian government again risks inflating its budget deficit.

03 Oct 17

‘More Croats than Serbs’ Displaced in Wartime Croatia

A prosecution expert told the trial of former Serbian state security chiefs Jovica Stanisic and Franko Simatovic that the majority of people displaced from war-affected areas of Croatia were Croats.

03 Oct 17

Controversial Major’s Statue Causes Serbia-Croatia Row

A diplomatic row has continued to simmer for four days after Serbia unveiled a monument to a Yugoslav major who blew himself up rather than surrender to Croatian forces during the war in 1991.

02 Oct 17

Catalan Clashes Expose Usual Splits in Balkans

The heavy-handed attempts of the Spanish police to stop a Catalan referendum on independence on Sunday from taking place exposed predictable divisions in the Balkans.

02 Oct 17

US Court Dismisses Croatian WWII Victims’ Lawsuit

A court in Chicago dismissed WWII victims’ relatives’ lawsuit against Croatia, a case marred by allegations of identity theft, after the plaintiffs’ lawyer failed to appear in court.


18 Jan 18

Croatia’s Online Anti-Hate Law Worries Experts

With Croatia announcing new laws on regulating hate speech, incitement to violence and fake news online, some experts fear it may lead to censorship and limit freedom of expression.

17 Jan 18

How Rich Are the Balkans’ Top Politicians?

10 Jan 18

Predrag Lucic – Made Us Laugh, Sing and Cry


23 Jan 18

Chinese Bid to Build Croatia’s Peljesac Bridge Challenged

Austrian construction company Strabag AG filed a complaint against a bid made by the Chinese Road and Bridge Corporation to construct Croatia’s strategically important Peljesac Bridge.

18 Jan 18

US Confirms Backing for Croatia's LNG Terminal