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28 Nov 17

Minister Denies Croatia’s Role in Bosnian War

Croatia’s interior minister said he expects the Hague Tribunal will acquit six former Bosnian Croat officials because Zagreb wasn’t involved in the Bosnian war - contrary to the UN court’s previous findings.

28 Nov 17

Prayers for Bosnian Croat War Crimes Defendants Criticised

Controversy has erupted over a prayer meeting in support of six Bosnian Croat wartime officials whose final verdicts for crimes against humanity will be handed down by the Hague Tribunal this week. 

24 Nov 17

Ex-UN Peacekeeper Accuses Croatia of Harbouring Criminals

A former soldier with international peacekeeping forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina has appealed for Croats accused of committing wartime crimes in Stolac and Capljina to be sent from Croatia to Bosnia to face trial.

21 Nov 17

Yugoslav Troops Accused of Killing Croatian Villagers

Serbia’s Humanitarian Law Centre filed a criminal complaint against Yugoslav People’s Army troops and Serb Territorial Defence fighters for allegedly killing 48 Croatian civilians in the villages of Skabrnja and Nadin in 1991.

20 Nov 17

War Rape Victim Sues Croatian Ministry

A Serb woman raped in Kuline prison in the town of Sibenik in 1993 is suing the Croatian War Veterans’ Ministry for refusing to grant her the status of a wartime victim of sexual violence, which would give her compensation.

18 Nov 17

Croatia Commemorates 26 Years Since Vukovar’s Fall

Thousands of Croatians, led by war veterans, victims’ families and politicians, gathered in the eastern town of Vukovar to commemorate the 26th anniversary of its fall to Yugoslav troops and Serb paramilitaries.

17 Nov 17

Serbian Security Service ‘Deployed Arkan’s Paramilitaries’

An expert witness told the Hague trial of Jovica Stanisic and Franko Simatovic that the Serbian State Security Service, which they ran, was able to deploy paramilitary boss Arkan’s forces - a claim rejected by the defence.

14 Nov 17

Balkan EU States Move Towards Common European Defence

Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece and Romania signed a declaration of intent to join the EU Permanent Structured Cooperation, PESCO defence project, a move towards a common European defence system.

09 Nov 17

Serbian Security Chief Denies Controlling ‘Scorpions’ Fighters

Former Serbian State Security Service chief Jovica Stanisic’s defence told the UN court in The Hague that he never controlled the Scorpions paramilitary unit which committed crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

09 Nov 17

Pension Reform Plan Encounters Opposition in Croatia

Penioners groups and some economists have slated Croatia’s announced reform of the pension system, saying penalising early retirement will not resolve the basic problem.

08 Nov 17

UN Court Screens Video of Serbian Unit Shooting Bosniaks

At the trial of former Serbian State Security chiefs Jovica Stanisic and Franko Simatovic in The Hague, prosecutors played a video of paramilitaries from the Scorpions unit murdering men from Srebrenica in July 1995.

08 Nov 17

Serbian State Security ‘Controlled Scorpions Paramilitary Unit’

An ex-member of the Scorpions told the trial of former Serbian State Security chiefs Jovica Stanisic and Franko Simatovic that the wartime paramilitary unit was “sponsored” by Belgrade.

07 Nov 17

Croatian Agrokor Owner Turns Himself in to London Police

Ivica Todoric, founder and owner of ailing Croatian company Agrokor, turned himself into police in London and was promptly arrested, according to a European arrest warrant issued against him.

03 Nov 17

Croatian Agrokor Probe May Uncover Privatisation Abuses

The Croatian committee probing the country's ailing giant Agrokor is seen as likely to shed fresh light on the irregularities that marred the privatisation processes of the 1990s.

02 Nov 17

Key Figure in Trump-Moscow Claims Taught in Croatia

Joseph Mifsud, a central figure in the alleged connections between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the Kremlin, once taught at a private university in Dubrovnik in Croatia.


18 Jan 18

Croatia’s Online Anti-Hate Law Worries Experts

With Croatia announcing new laws on regulating hate speech, incitement to violence and fake news online, some experts fear it may lead to censorship and limit freedom of expression.

17 Jan 18

How Rich Are the Balkans’ Top Politicians?

10 Jan 18

Predrag Lucic – Made Us Laugh, Sing and Cry


18 Jan 18

US Confirms Backing for Croatia's LNG Terminal

During the Croatian Interior Minister’s visit to Washington, US officials said Croatia’s planned gas terminal on the island of Krk enjoy's America's 'full support'.