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20 Sep 07

Romanian President Faces New Impeachment Vote

Bucharest - Romania is to hold a referendum on May 19 to decide whether the President Traian Basescu should be relieved of his office following his suspension last week by the Romanian Constitutional Court, a parliamentary committee ruled on Monday, April 23.
20 Sep 07

Another Srebrenica Trial Starts

Four men charged with crimes against humanity have appeared before the War Crimes Chamber in Sarajevo.

20 Sep 07

Police Clash with Wahhabis in Serbia's Southwest

BELGRADE, Serbia: Serbian police clashed with a group of followers of the Wahhabi Islamic movement in the country’s southwest, killing one of them, Serbia’s Interior Ministry said in a statement released on Friday.

(Balkan Insight, 20 April 07)

20 Sep 07

Kostunica Says Kosovo Plan Has Failed

Vojislav Kostunica, Serbia's caretaker prime minister, has said that a United Nations plan for the future status of Kosovo had failed and urged the international community to focus on the return of 200,000 Serbs instead.
20 Sep 07

Prosecution, Defense Deliver Closing Arguments in Djindjic Murder Trial

Belgrade - Prosecution and defense had started on Monday to deliver their closing arguments at the Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic’s murder trial, bringing to an end the proceedings that lasted for three and a half years.
07 Sep 07

Kosovo Sides to Hold High-level Talks

Brussels_ Senior representatives of Serbia and the Kosovar Albanians will hold talks on 28 September in New York, a European Union source has confirmed.
05 Sep 07

EU Says 'No' to Partitioning Kosovo

Brussels _ The European Commission has dismissed the possibility of partitioning Kosovo, even if Serbia and the Kosovar Albanian leadership agreed on it.
06 Aug 07

Croats and Serbs Trade Accusations over Operation Storm

Belgrade _ While Croats on Sunday celebrated the 12th anniversary of the military operation codenamed Oluja, or Storm, which ended the Serb rebellion in the Krajina region, Serbs mourned the exodus of their fellow countrymen from Croatia.

17 Jul 07

Contact Group to Take over Kosovo Status from UN

Brussels _ The final phase of the Kosovo status process may take place outside the context of the United Nations and under the auspices of the Contact Group, European officials have said.
11 Jul 07

Portugal Sees Ahtisaari Plan As Basis for Kosovo

Brussels_ Portugal’s six-months in the rotating presidency of the European Union will emphasize finding a solution on Kosovo, Portuguese Foreign Affairs Minister Luis Amado said Wednesday.
10 Jul 07

UN Chief Regrets Delays in Resolving Kosovo

Brussels _ The United Nations is calling for a speedy settlement in Kosovo, saying failure may jeopardize the stability of European continent.
04 Jul 07

Del Ponte: Gotovina Was Located by a Phone Call

Brussels _ The Croatian authorities were able to locate the fugitive general, Ante Gotovina, after he made a phone call to his wife, Carla Del Ponte, the Chief Prosecutor for the international war crimes tribunal in the Hague, confirmed.

26 Jun 07

Europe Offers Dialogue on Visa-free Regime with Balkans

Brussels_ Franco Frattini, Vice President of the European Commission for Justice, Freedom and Security, said on Tuesday Balkan states could soon expect easier visas to the Europe Union or a visa-free regime.
22 Jun 07

EU Wants More Talks on Kosovo

Brussels_ EU states agreed to postpone a final decision on Kosovo’s independence, and said talks on the unresolved status of the province should continue.
20 Jun 07

New UN Draft Resolution to Postpone Decision on Independence

New York, Brussels _ The latest US and EU sponsored draft resolution presented to members of the UN Security Council on Wednesday will postpone a decision on Kosovo`s final status for up to four months, diplomatic sources told Balkan Insight.


18 Jan 18

Croatia’s Online Anti-Hate Law Worries Experts

With Croatia announcing new laws on regulating hate speech, incitement to violence and fake news online, some experts fear it may lead to censorship and limit freedom of expression.

17 Jan 18

How Rich Are the Balkans’ Top Politicians?

10 Jan 18

Predrag Lucic – Made Us Laugh, Sing and Cry


23 Jan 18

Chinese Bid to Build Croatia’s Peljesac Bridge Challenged

Austrian construction company Strabag AG filed a complaint against a bid made by the Chinese Road and Bridge Corporation to construct Croatia’s strategically important Peljesac Bridge.

18 Jan 18

US Confirms Backing for Croatia's LNG Terminal